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Mass Effect: The Ass Effect


John Shepard walks through the corridors of his ship. He heads toward Miranda Lawson's office. The doors open and he steps inside.

"Shepard, I'm glad you're here, I wanted to thank you again for helping me protect my sister," Miranda says to John.

"Anytime Miranda, I always look out for my crew," John replies.

Miranda retorts "I can't believe Niket sold me out like that after all I have done for him."

"You couldn't have known that he would do that you," John says to Miranda trying to comfort her.

"It's hard trying to figure out who to trust now, certainly not my father after his misguided and selfish meddling, However I am strong because of what he did to me," Miranda explains to John.

John replies, "Well Miranda you are strong because of what's inside you; you shouldn't let anyone lead you to believe otherwise."

"I don't know if you truly mean that but, thank you for saying it," Miranda replies to John.

"Miranda I'm here if you need to talk," John says to Miranda.

With that he steps out and leaves her office, he goes into the medical bay and speaks to Dr Chakwas about the new med bay upgrades that have just been installed. In addition dealing with other crew members and of course preparing for fight against the Collectors.

After returning from Tuchanka passing rite which earns Grunt his place in a clan and helping Mordin Solis track his old apprentice Maelon down and realising the fall from grace which has occurred with his former student.

After talking with Joker, John heads toward his cabin when Yeoman Chambers stops him to inform him that Miranda is waiting inside his cabin, she tells him it is something urgent.

John steps out from the lift into his cabin. Miranda is lying on the bed, wearing nothing but a smile.

"I've been waiting for you John," Miranda purrs in a seductive manner.

"Got here as quick as I could Miranda," John replies.

"Well I need to properly thank you for what you have done for me," Miranda says to John.

With that Miranda rises from the bed and sexily strolls over to John and then they lock lips and in a passionate manner. Miranda then pulls of John's shirt then drops to her knees. She pulls his pants of and takes his cock into her mouth. She lovingly and appreciatively sucked expertly away.

"You certainly know how to give thanks Miranda," John says to her.

She says nothing, simply looks up and continues.

She then gets up and turns around and bends over with her hands on a steps inside the cabin.

"Fuck me in the ass!" Miranda instructs John.

A request he happily obliges her. Her eyes almost pop out of their sockets when he sticks it well in and begins to slide it in and out slowly but sure widening her cute pink asshole. John furthers the circumference of her asshole at a steadily rising tempo, which entices her to moan louder and louder.

Out of her ass goes John and into that pussy. She loves sex on every single orifice however favours the ass above all else. For the moment Shepard thought of nothing but the beautiful woman he was pounding.

"Aaaah," Miranda began to shout as she felt an imminent climax.

Soon though Miranda came like never before and her juices exploded and gave Shepard a warm feeling all over. Then he took his cock out of her pussy and put into her asshole, which was rather gaping at that point in time.

His rapid pumping brought him to edge, which at that point, Miranda got off John's cock and to her knees; she took his load as it exploded into her mouth with force. Miranda lapped it up as best she could, but it didn't stop a little bit from dripping down her chin.

"Thanks Shepard," Miranda gasps whilst catching her breath.

"My door is always open to you Miranda."

"Hmm I think maybe mine is more so, thanks to your um talent."

John gives her a cheeky grin as the elevator doors shut taking her back to the crew deck. Miranda then hits the showers and whilst there she gets a visitor.

"Samara, I didn't see you there."

"Pardon my intrusion Miranda."

"Oh not at all, come and join me."

With that Samara sheds her uniform but leaves her head gear in place. The two get cosy in the shower soaping each other up and doing a little back scratching. Samara's exposed nude blue skin felt cool to the touch despite the piping hot water pouring from the shower head above them. Her sleek elegance extended from her elegant legs to her sleekly curved tentacle head. Her breasts were firm and more than a nice handful in Miranda's hands.

Her vagina was similar in context to a Miranda's apart from being blue. Miranda admired it for a little while as the water ran over it. The continued to fondle, stroke, and caress one another as the water streamed down and the evident steamed rose from their bodies.

"I have never been intimate with human female before."

"Truth be told Samara, neither have I."

"I had the impression you and Commander Shepard were intimate with one another."

"There is not much, which escapes you Samara."

"It is simply what you humans would call woman's intuition."

"I suppose your right, would I be correct in assuming that Asari would have a heightened sense of such a thing, Justicars in particular."

"Yes, you would be correct in that assumption Miranda."

"After almost a thousand years roaming the universe, searching for adventure, my daughter, the cause of Justice, sensing people's intentions or thoughts through their actions and conviction has become one with my conviction and the Code I follow."

Miranda heads to her office then to her bed and then Samara enters. They once again undress each other. Soon again their hands were all over one another in a slow but sensual manner.

Samara massages Miranda's asshole and soon inserts her cool alien fingers one by one into Miranda's beckoning asshole.

"Oh my god, that feels so damn good," Miranda cooed.

Miranda moved her ass up and down as Samara continued her out of this world fingering of Miranda's already widened asshole. All the while Miranda continues to massage her wet and dripping pussy continuously working toward a biotically induced orgasm as the blue glow of the harnessed dark energy both Miranda and Samara possess makes for an explosive release when Miranda orgasms and shoots her vaginal fluids. Samara happily laps up cum out of Miranda's gorged and well-worn pussy.


John speaks with Chambers.

"I might do more than that Kelly," said John in a seducing manner.

"That's an enticing thought," Chambers said rather enthusiastically.

"Let us catch you in my cabin," John suggested whilst whispering to Chambers.


"Miranda would like to join us, she has a thing for you," John whispered into her ear.

After returning from the Citadel and reuniting Thane with his son and allowing Garrus revenge and closure over the betrayal of Sidonis, John waits in his cabin. Then the door parts and in walks Kelly and Miranda.

"Shall we begin Shepard," Miranda enquired.

"Certainly," John replied.

Thereafter, Miranda moves in close to Kelly and caresses her body sending a shiver through her entire body. Miranda then kneels to the floor and slides off Kelly's pants, she then seductively rises and grabs her shirt and slowly tugs it off from her body. Kelly now stands there in her lace black underwear and looks rather seductive.

Kelly now returns the favour and slowly unzips her outfit and slides it off. Then Miranda and Kelly stand facing one another with their clothes on the floor and their underwear still cosseting their curvaceous and slim bodies.

Kelly then steps behind Miranda and unclips her bra and it soon falls to the floor unveiling her luscious breasts, soon her panties follow suit. Miranda delights in Kelly's hands feeling every part of her body. Soon Miranda is returning the favour and smoothly slides of Kelly's panties and unfastens her bra to unveil her equally impressive breasts.

They then turn their attention to John. Kelly steps forth and drops to her knees and slips John's pants off to unveil a formidable member, her eyes light up in response. Miranda removes his shirt and begins to kiss him in a passionate manner. While Kelly remains on her knees and takes John's member into her mouth a sucks slowly but steadily away.

All the while she has two fingers buried in Miranda's pussy rotating and slide back and forth inciting a favourable reaction from Miranda. John proceeds to ram Kelly's head on his cock and enjoy the sound of her gagging as each thrust of his cock makes contact with the back of her throat.

Then Miranda kneels and begins to encapsulate John's balls with her mouth and licks them lovingly and gently. Kelly then removes her mouth for Miranda to engage in John's cock. She carried on the sucking, which provided much pleasure for all involved.

The ladies then stand up and move to the bed and usher John towards them. Miranda and Kelly stand at the edge of the bed and bend over offering their pert asses to John. John begins with Kelly; he manoeuvres his cock behind her and slides it in to her awaiting asshole. Kelly reacts in delight as her asshole begins to become stretched.

"Ooooh, fuck me harder John," Kelly moaned.

His paced increases steadily and Kelly's moans of ecstasy are evidence of this event. Whilst this was going on Miranda had lay back on the bed and smoothly and slowly fingered her asshole with one hand and her pussy with the other, her biotic induced blue aura heightened her sensations. Her orgasm shoots through her and audible confirmation of this is clearly heard.

Soon John pulls out from Kelly and beckons Miranda toward him. She offers up her pert and delicious asshole for a second round. John wastes no time and rams it in and thrusts in a fashion that is enthusiastic to say the least. Miranda takes quite a pounding and she enjoys every single minute of it. All the while Kelly brings about her own orgasm and it pierces the air with her moans of delight.

Miranda's breasts bounce and jiggle as John's cock thrusts deep inside her asshole and fills her with pleasure and Miranda soon drops to the bed in an exhausted heap but gets up again to tastes John's cum.

Miranda and Kelly both entice the cum from John's penis and then it shoots in streams against their faces and John is left highly satisfied as he watches the ladies lick the cum of each other's faces.

John checks his rifle one last time and prepares for the mission he was rebuilt for and soon gives forth orders to ensure as many as possible make it back, that includes his now captured crew.

John and his team then head of into the unknown of the Collector Base.

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