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Peter had been on the tennis team all through high school as well as playing regularly during his freshman and sophomore year at college. Though he wasn't a scholarship player he was very competitive with all but the very best players on the team, putting him just below the top five in his bracket.

However, during his senior year in High School he had injured his back a couple times and as a result had scheduled several sessions with a massage therapist. The therapy had greatly helped his condition but he also found he just really liked the physical sensation of getting a massage. The therapy sessions had been partly covered by his parents insurance and they had covered the rest of the cost for him out of pocket.

After re-straining his back in college Peter looked into getting a massage near campus. Upon discovering the prices starting at $60 or more an hour he immediately began searching the Internet for any other options.

One possibility that popped up during his search was a web site that was set up for massage exchanges. While he didn't have any formal training himself, he had given some neck and back rubs to family members and a couple of old girlfriends in the past, and they had all seemed to like his techniques well enough. With this in mind he gave the exchange site a once over.

You could get a free membership, though you couldn't do much with it. He filled in the screen for a new user id, password, and his email address. He used "TennisGuy" as his id and received a confirmation email from the site within a minute.

Once logged on with his new id he was prompted to fill in a profile sheet. There were some privacy and notification settings, and then some personal information. The first item under the personal information was which massage style(s) did one prefer: 1) Therapeutic/relaxation, non-sexual, massage and/or 2) Sensual Massage. While Peter found the previous massages he had received somewhat sensual, after all someone was touching his body, they were in no way erotic. Peter was more than a little intrigued by the thought of a sensual massage so he thought, 'Why Not,' and checked both boxes.

It then asked for his massage experience and training, which were zilch. It asked for his gender, Male, and his partner preference, which he marked as either Male or Female. It then asked for age, height and build. He entered 20 for age, 5'10" for height, and selected "slender" from the drop down list as the closest body match for him. It then asked whether he could host a massage. With a shared dorm room, that was a definite no.

The site also had a place for him to upload a photo, but he decided to hold off on that, wanting to remain a little more anonymous until he knew more about how the massage exchange site worked. It also asked him for his location zip code.

The last thing it prompted was for him to fill out a "More about me" section where he could enter additional information about himself and what we was looking for in a massage. Peter explained that he was a college student and tennis player, and that he really didn't have much experience with massages, but was eager to learn.

He saved his profile information, and was then taken to a screen where he could search the site for other members. He could narrow his search by location and picked 10 miles or less from his zip code. The search allowed him to specify other criteria as well, but he just left them blank and clicked on the search button.

About 40 profiles displayed and he skimmed them over. It looked like about 75% were men and maybe half the entries were from "older" adults. He also noticed that most members had selected both therapeutic and sensual style massage preferences, just like he had. Most of the profiles did not have a picture, but many of them indicated they had a "private" gallery where you could request a "pass" to see their photos.

Some members indicated that they had considerable massage experience and 3 of them were even professionals. One profile that looked promising to Peter was MDG27615. It was a woman whose profile indicated she was in her 30's, 5'4", "average" build, 10 years massage experience, she could host and lived close by. In her "About Me" section, she indicated that she had professional massage training and even a massage table at her house.

Peter's free membership did not allow him to send an email, but he could request a "pass" to her private gallery at no charge, so that's what he did.

Two days later, Peter got an email from the exchange site indicating that he had received a message. The massage was from MDG27615. "Peter, I usually only exchange with more experienced members, but I like your profile. Could you please upload a photo of yourself to your private galley and send me a pass? I like to see who I am going to exchange with before setting up a meeting. Thanks, Melissa". The message also contained a "photo pass" link. Peter clicked on it and a picture of who he assumed to be Melissa displayed. She was nice looking, with a fresh face, long dirty blond hair and a big smile. She was leaning up back against a massage table that was visible in the background.

Peter picked out a photo stored on his computer of himself playing tennis. He thought he looked pretty good in the picture and uploaded it to his profile. He responded to Melissa's note and clicked the "include photo pass" button. "Thanks for the reply Melissa. It looks like you have a great setup. I uploaded a picture, as you requested. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Peter".

An hour later Peter got his reply, "Wow, you look great in your picture. Is that really you? I have time at 1:00 PM Wednesday or Thursday of this week. It usually takes around 2 hours to do an exchange. Let me know if one of those times works for you. My address is: 4808 Maple Street. Melissa."

Peter didn't have any afternoon classes Thursday so he wrote back to confirm that Thursday would be best for him and he would see her at 1:00 PM. Peter was kind of excited at having his first massage exchange. Melissa and Peter hadn't discussed the massage itself, and as Melissa had indicated she liked both massage styles, he wasn't exactly sure what type of massage he had just agreed to. He felt a little excited at the prospect that he might be getting a sensual massage.

Thursday arrived and after lunch Peter took the short five minute drive over to the address Melissa had given to him. It was a small modest house that looked to be over 50 years old. There were a couple of small riding toys in the yard, indicating the presence of small kids. He walked up to the porch and rang the bell. A few moments later, the woman in the picture, opened the door. They looked each other over. Melissa was wearing a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and her hair was tied behind her. She wasn't skinny or fat, but had the nice curves of a woman who took care of herself. She smiled at Peter as she looked him over too.

"Hello Peter. You are right on time. It's nice to meet you. Come on in the house," Melissa said.

"Thanks for seeing me. I guess I am a little nervous, as this is the first exchange I have done."

"I think you will really enjoy it, I know I do."

They made a little "small talk" and Peter learned that Melissa was a stay at home mother with a 5 year old in kindergarten and a husband out at work. She used to work for a massage studio, but now only gave professional massages on occasion. She led him to the back of the house and opened the door to a small bedroom that served as her massage studio. There was a massage table in the middle of the room and the lighting was dim, as it was only lit by a few candles set about on a couple of small tables. One of the tables had a small stack of towels while another had a large bottle that appeared to contain massage oil. Soft music also played from a small stereo.

Melissa said, "Since you have never done this before, I suggest I massage you first. You can put your clothes over on the chain and then lie face down on the table. I am going to warm up the massage oil and return in just a moment."

Melissa left the room, and Peter began to shed his clothes as he had done on previous massages in the therapist office. Once he was done he went to lie down on the table. That's when Peter noticed the first significant difference between this and his previous massages. There were no extra linens on the table for him to drape himself with. "I guess I am getting the sensual massage," he smiled to himself. He lay face down on the table naked and adjusted himself so that his face fit in the head cradle comfortably.

Peter heard Melissa walk back into the massage room and close the door.

"Are you comfortable Peter," she asked?

"Yes, this is just great, thanks."

Melissa looked over the male specimen laid out on her massage table. She could tell from the picture Peter posted that he had an athletic build. He had short brown hair, a smooth back, and a nice round bottom, which still showed fading summer tan lines.

Melissa poured some of the warm massage oil into the palm of her left hand, rubbed her hands together so that both of them were coated, and then lay them on Peter's neck. With her strong experienced fingers she kneaded the oil onto his stiff neck, shoulders and the back of his scalp. She had a firm confidence in her strokes that Peter could sense. He could feel himself relax. The soft music and candle lighting set the mood as the she worked on his tight muscles. Her fingers worked over his head, tugging gently on his hair. She caressed his ears between her fingers and then slid her hands back to his shoulders.

Melissa poured out more warm oil onto his back and spread it out using her palms. "Is the pressure OK," she asked?

"It feels great, but you could probably press a little harder for my taste."

"No problemo!"

Melissa ran her hands up and down the length of his back, smoothing out the knotted muscles she encountered along the way. Peter was enjoying every moment of it. Melissa was every bit as good as the "pros" he had visited back in high school. After spending ample time on his back Melissa paused for a moment. Then Peter felt the sensation of massage oil being poured onto his ass. This was new for him and it felt both ticklish and sensual at the same time.

Peter had a well-defined ass and Melissa was looking forward to this part of the massage. Melissa had worked on many men and women in the years since she had first done massage training 12 years ago. Most clients were older, and many were in poor physical shape. She enjoyed massaging her husband too, but he was now 40 and weighing in at 200 pounds and didn't have much tone to his figure anymore. Like most massage therapists, Melissa loved getting massages too, but they were a luxury she could not often afford. This eventually led her to research alternatives, such as the massage exchange web site. Like Peter, she had also been intrigued at the idea of a sensual massage. Other than her husband she always acted the professional and used draping on her customers.

Melissa pressed her palms deeply into the large muscles of Peter's athletic behind. It was firm, but gave way under the deep massaging pressure she applied. Peter loved the sensation as she dug deep into his sore muscles. With no draping in the way she could work over the entire area unencumbered.

"You looked to be in excellent condition," she remarked.

"Well, thanks, I play tennis about 14 hours a week".

"You have some tight muscles here and there, but over all you feel great."

As she continued, Peter felt her moves come closer and closer to his butt crack and he wondered how far she would go there. His question was quickly answered as she paused once more and he felt her pouring the warmed oil between his ass cheeks. He felt the excess oil slowly dribble down, between his legs and over his balls. Using the side of her hand Melissa slid over the "valley" she had just oiled and he involuntarily flinched as it passed over his hole. Her hand trailed down between his legs and he felt her fingers brush lightly against balls.

Melissa enjoyed watching Peter as he responded to her touch. She could see his smooth balls that peaked out between his legs. She watched as the oil she applied dripped over them and onto the sheet below. Melissa smiled to herself as she heard a small sigh escape his lips when she just barely ran a fingertip over his sac. She trailed over his crack a number of times, alternating from one hand to the other. Each time she would finish the stroke with just the faintest caress of his rocks.

Peter could feel his penis start to harden as she teased him. Now her strokes were pausing at his anus pressing against it before moving on. These were new erotic sensations for him. He groaned as his body responding by squirming against her hand.

Melissa poured out more oil and began to work on his legs. Her fingers continued to occasionally stay over his balls when she came near the top of his leg. She worked her way down each leg and then over the soles of his feet. Every muscle on his body was lean and strong and Melissa felt a little flush with excitement handling such a good looking young guy. Melissa went back over the tightest parts of Peter's back and neck and leaned down and whispered in his ear that it was time to turn over.

Peter had calmed down a little since Melissa had stopped teasing his ass, but he could feel that he was sporting a semi, that she was sure to notice. He didn't know what she would think of that, as he wasn't familiar with the etiquette for a massage like this. He was relieved to see that she had turned her back to him, as she was retrieving some more oil, as he moved to turn onto his back.

Melissa turned back around and gazed over his body. He lay back with his eyes closed and had serene look on his face. His chest was smooth and his abs, while not "chiseled' were nicely defined. A little trail of hair led down from his belly button to a neat brown bush of hair that surrounded his cock, which rested to the side across his left leg. She could see that he was cut and his balls were smooth. All in all it was a nice body to work with.

Melissa moved to the head of the table and began to massage his pecs. She moved in a circular pattern and slowly moved her hands downward until she was massaging his chest. With her finger tips she played with his nipples and immediately Peter could feel his cock twitch and begin to straighten as it reacted to her touch. As she continued lower her palms pressed into his abs. Melissa eyes were now fixed on his "package" and she watched as his penis hardened before her. Peter could feel himself grow and it caused his cock to slide across his leg from its earlier sideways position, to point directly back up at him. He opened his eyes and saw Melissa looking down at him, following the transformation that he could feel and she could watch. Melissa caught herself licking her lip, and felt a small tingle between her legs as she admired this "boys" manhood.

Melissa applied more oil to her hands. Peter could feel himself shivering a little at the anticipation of Melissa next touch. She placed her hands on his left shoulder and proceeded down his arm, kneading his muscles as she went. When she reached his hand, she laced their fingers together and spread his palm out. Then she took his fingers, one at a time, and using the thumb and index finger of her other hand fondled them, starting from the base and working her way to the tip. As she repeated this procedure on his other arm, Peter calmed back down and relaxed.

She brought her hands back to his body and pressed on his thigh. She kneaded it with her hands and she traveled up his leg until the back of her hand began to brush up against his sac. As she moved around to massage the opposite leg, the palm of her hand lightly passed over his erect member. Peter felt a jolt travel through his body at the sensation.

After moving up the other leg, Melissa slid her hand under his shaft and pressed her palm into his pubes. She scratched and worked the massage oil into his bush with her fingers. If it was possible, Peter felt his cock swell even harder as she continued. With Peter's hard-on resting on the back of her hand Melissa raised her hand up which bent his stiff shaft upward until it was pointed to the ceiling. She moved her hand away and his cock slapped back down against his tummy. Next Peter felt her fingers on his balls. She gently tugged at his sac and raked her finger nails across them.

Melissa was enjoying herself. She noticed Peter spread his legs wider as she teased him, inviting her to take greater liberties. She worked her fingers between his open legs and lightly probed his ass again as he pushed back against her touch. Another moan escaped Peter's lips as she toyed with him. She grabbed the massage oil once again and this time let it flow out directly onto his hard penis. She took her time and slowly moved the dripping bottle over its length. Peter was shaking in anticipation of her next move.

After placing the bottle down, she took both hands and wrapped her slender fingers around his erection. The oil squeezed out between the gaps in her fingers and Peter gasped as she touched him there for the first time. She pressed her fingers along the length of his shaft, exploring his hardness. In her mind, Melissa couldn't help but make a mental comparison of Peter's cock. His member was about the same length as her husband's, around 6 inches, but he wasn't quite as thick. His penis had a beautiful mushroom cap head and his shaft was straight and smooth. Her husband's cock was never this hard.

For Melissa the thrill of giving an illicit hand job, in her own house, was almost too much to stand. She slowly stoked his length and kneaded her fingers into the softer end cap of his erection.

Peter loved the feel of her hands wrapped tightly around his cock. Tingling radiated from the tip of his hard-on throughout his entire body. He took a deep breath as the sensations poured over him. As it became almost too much, she released her grip and massaged his abs again. Next he felt her hands on his chest and with long lengthening strokes reached down to his hips. Once again she grabbed his stiff member and bent it towards the ceiling. She alternated between slow and fast strokes, sometimes using one hand on his shaft while the other rubbed lightly on his balls.

For Melissa it was like being a senior in High School all over again, sneaking off to give a boy his first hand job. The silence was broken as Melissa began quietly telling Peter, "Your cock is so hard and the skin is so smooth. I want you to cum for me."

Peter moaned with pleasure at her encouragement. Soon Peter began to thrust his hips up to meet her downward strokes and was quickly approaching the point of cumming. She could feel him getting close and began to jerk him faster, never breaking her rhythm. As Peter was about to cum he moaned and said "NOW!" She pointed him towards his chest and he shot his first load hitting himself on the chin and neck. She continued to milk all the cum out of his cock, letting it run over her hand until he was soft again. She giggled and said, "That was fun!"

Melissa grabbed a clean towel from the side table and ran it lightly over his chest, neck and back down to his groin cleaning up the "mess" Peter had made.

Peter said, "You looked like you enjoyed yourself."

"I think we both enjoyed it"

"I've never had a massage like that before. That was awesome."

"Why don't you grab another clean towel to wipe the rest of yourself off and use the bathroom while I get ready for my massage."

"Sounds like a plan."

After Peter left the room, Melissa began to disrobe. As she removed her panties, she realized they were very damp. She was excited at the thought of exposing herself to him and feeling his hand on her as she got onto the massage table. She lay face down and got herself comfortable.

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