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Liz slid between the cool immaculately white sheets. Her soft raven hair damp and clinging to her neck, and her body still hot from the run in from the car. Her heart still pounded and her breath came in short gasps from the stresses of her day and the mad dash to the spa. She had been very late. Her weekly massage appointment was on the far side of town from her office, and Liz was a very busy woman.

Liz was an entrepreneur. Several years ago, she had decided to add a new depth to her life by creating a business from the ground floor. For a while, that business was really more of a sideline to her life -- as most startups are. But through commanding intelligence, extreme dedication, and incredible hard work and long hours, Liz had made something of her fledgling company. "Martha's Joyous Situations" (named after Liz's mother, Martha) had become a wonderful reflection of its founder; a person who had created not only a thriving business, but a beautifully strong woman at the same time.

Besides running her rapidly growing business and tending to its clientele, Liz was also a mom. Her teenage boys were of course not home during the days. But she nonetheless had driving duties to deliver them to their various activities, meals to make, their undone chores to complete (for who else would?), and a myriad of other tasks to make sure that her family was well taken care of.

A weekly visit to the quiet solace of the spa's massage therapy room, and the bodily relaxation that it offered, were not too much to ask.

Yet this was not the first time Liz had been late for her appointment. In fact, her long time masseuse Marcus had had to scold her on numerous occasions. "My time is valuable too, missy" he would intone. "I have other clients, and other duties beyond sitting and waiting for you to catch up to your clock."

So when she burst through the door of the salon, already 33 minutes late for her massage, it was not a complete shock when the receptionist informed her that Marcus had left the building. Liz would be seeing Sam today instead, and if Liz didn't like it the receptionist would be happy to collect Liz's fee for missing the appointment and reschedule her for another day.

Liz knew that she would rather have the greenest newbie masseuse rub her down than nothing at all, so she acquiesced. The receptionist suggested Liz find her normal room and get on the table and Sam would meet her there. So off Liz ran -- the normal pace of her life.

As the sheets settled upon Liz's naked body, she began already to feel her breath slow. The simple act of unwrapping her now naked body, and moving into that face down position on the table, gave her brain the signals to slow her body. The sheets lightly cleaved to Liz's skin in places where the sweat from the strain of the day still lingered. But Liz was relaxing now and anticipating the sensations of the massage that was to come.

As Liz lay face down in on the table, her face entombed in the ring at the top, she began to drift. Only the slight sound of the door as it clicked open kept her in the present. Sam had finally arrived.

The "music" was already playing from the small radio in the corner (if you could call the green and lush forest sounds "music"). And Sam dimmed the lights to add a relaxing ambiance to the scene. Sam's hands adjusted the sheet that covered Liz so as to be able to begin the work of relaxation.

The first thing Liz noticed about Sam was the small hands of her new masseuse; much different than Marcus' large muscular fingers, yet just as strong. And as Sam approached, Liz also caught a scent -- lightly redolent of patchouli and vanilla -- that somehow intrigued her.

As Sam began the ministrations to Liz's neck and shoulders, Liz let out a small sigh. Those first few touches were always the most intense for Liz as they signaled the beginning of a link between therapist and client. Liz nearly lived for those moments. And though she knew somehow it was wrong, that first touch also often aroused her.

True to form, and in keeping with the fact that she was a highly sexual woman, Liz's body began to respond. Her nipples began to harden slightly. And then a bit more as the feel of the soft sheet manipulated her as a lover's fingers. Liz tried to think of other things as she knew no good would come in the direction her body was trying to take her. This was a massage, one she was paying for and not one given by her lover. Her body flushed as she experienced a mild embarrassment over her body's mutiny.

Sam's solid hands continued to minister to the temple that was Liz's body. Liz made sure she was always in fantastic shape. Her incredible female curves were normally only found on girls who had seen less of the world. She was in all ways a gorgeous and desirable feminine vision. And it seemed that Sam was exploring the view with every cell of those well trained fingers.

Liz's quiet moans seemed to belie the fact that his was meant to be a "therapeutic" massage. It was obvious that she was falling into the trap laid by her libido. And yet Sam's hands continued their course. As Sam's skilled limbs made their way to Liz's legs, she began to note that comforting familiar tingle between her legs. Her pussy began to slowly warm and moisten. "My god", thought Liz, "this is going to be a problem!"

As if Sam had read Liz's mind, and wanted to play with it, Sam moved her hands up Liz's smooth and shapely thighs. Every masseuse has a difference in how modest they are, but Sam obviously was comfortable with touching Liz's body. The attentions of Sam's hands touched Liz in areas that only increased her arousal. Liz thought that Sam must be able to feel the wetness spreading down her legs by now.

And perhaps that was true.

Sam requested that Liz flip over onto her back. And as Liz's relaxingly stimulated brain turned her over, she was astounded by two senses at once. Both the visual of Liz's first glimpse of Sam, and the sound of Sam's voice -- of a husky, yet high register -- hit Liz's brain simultaneously. And Liz realized that "Sam" must really be "Samantha".

Liz felt her body flush with an excitement verging on orgasm, though tinged with a modicum of embarrassment. Liz had never been sexually active with a woman before. Sure, there were those drunken kisses and a touch of hand to breast with Jesse in college back in South Africa. But Liz had never before considered that another woman could truly turn her on. Not that sexual play with a woman was offensive, it just never crossed Liz's mind.

Until now.

There was no denying Liz's body's reaction to the touch of Sam's sweet fingers. Liz's breasts were almost sore from the hardness of her nipples. And her mound was awash with her sweet juices, now flowing freely.

And Sam was absolutely stunning. A tall, long haired blonde woman, perhaps in her early thirties, Sam was exquisite. Her features were those of a tanned goddess, not a blemish to be found. And the skin-tight top that Sam was wearing did little to hide the fact that she had amazing, firm, round breasts. Being fit as any masseuse should be only added to the attractive package that was "Samantha" (as Liz's mind now preferred to think of her).

And that voice! A blend of Deborah Winger in the husky quality of it, but a slight hint of an accent -- maybe Australia? Liz could not imagine where this 50 minute hour might take her. Fortunately for Liz, Sam had a better imagination.

"At the risk of being rude," quipped Sam, "I can't help noticing that you, um, perhaps were enjoying your massage?"

Liz was not sure she could speak. When she did, her voice was trembling just a bit but was confident nevertheless. "You might say that. What was your first clue?" Liz realized that perhaps the "confidence" she was used to practicing in business may have come off as flip in this venue. So she added, "though my body obviously was trying to tell you something", and she flashed a languid smile.

"It does seem to be saying something loudly and clearly" replied Sam. "The question is, would it request I continue or leave it alone?"

"Maybe you should ask it?" replied Liz. And with that, the game was on.

Sam's mouth began the questioning as it came down lightly upon Liz's lips. That first kiss sent a tingle down to Liz's toes and all the way back up. Liz shuddered at the sensation that this beautiful young woman's lips had planted in her. Now Liz reached up and laced her hands behind Sam's head, staring into the deepest blue eyes. "I've never done this with a woman before" Liz admitted. Sam merely nodded and said nothing, though her smile spoke volumes.

Liz pulled Sam closer and returned the kiss, this time with a little more force. Their lips parted tenderly as their tongues lightly reached for the other. There was a shared taste of mint and clove, like an exotic cocktail relished on a warm private beach. Their tongues entwined like long time lovers separated for months, searching for the keys to each other's soul.

But obviously this was not enough for the new found paramours. By now, both of their bodies were in desperate need of satiation. They had felt the hunger that only the intermingled flesh of two women can feed. Liz felt at a disadvantage until Sam began to remove her clothing.

First, Sam reached over and locked the door, gingerly separating from her playmate. On her return, Sam began by raising her tight fitted blouse and very short shorts, exposing the brilliant breasts beneath and the rest of her incredible body.

There was no bra to stand in the way of Liz's first view of Sam's rather voluptuous breasts. And they were incredible. Liz was compelled to taste them. Liz pulled Sam down to her and found one of Sam's nipples with her tongue. Liz slowly swirled her tongue around the warm, orange areola, and took little nibbles of the now strikingly erect nipple. Sam groaned with pleasure, and gasped at the slight sting of Liz's teeth. Liz was shocked by how easily she seemed to fall into the embrace of another woman's body. But as with any shock, this was also an electric sensation.

Sam's hands continued to wend their way across Liz's body, her massage now one of passion rather than of therapy. Sam felt Liz's breasts beneath her fingers, and pulled at Liz's nipples. The room was now many degrees warmer than it had been, and the sounds of the lovers' breathing began to fill the space.

Liz was on such an aroused edge from her own thoughts and Sam's touch that, much to her surprise, Liz actually came when Sam's fingers first touched her wet pussy lips. It was an orgasm to be sure, but only a minor tremor compared to what Liz knew was to come. Liz's body arched and she let out a bit of a muffled scream as she continued to lick and suck on Sam's breasts, biting just a bit harder.

Sam too knew that there was much more to be experienced in this room, and she continued gently parting Liz's closely shaved pussy lips. Liz was now so wet that her love juices were creating a pool between her legs and dampening the sheets. This lubrication only intoxicated Sam all the more as she inserted first one, then another finger into Liz's tight box. Sam began slowly moving her fingers in and out of Liz's moist hole, making sure that she pressed up and in so as to best stimulate Liz's sensitive G spot. Liz groaned and wiggled, pushing herself down against Sam's probing fingers.

Very slowly, Sam began to increase the pace of her finger fucking motions. She even managed to slip a third finger into Liz's hole, eliciting a gasp of excitement from her "client". Sam pushed up and in, then back out, then back in, exerting a sweet pressure upon that now engorged G spot. Sam's fingers were long, and by inserting three of them at once she was able to cause Liz's imagination to envision a huge cock penetrating deep inside her. Oh to have her trove of plastic and latex love toys at her disposal at this moment!

As Sam's fucking intensified, so did the sounds emanating from Liz. And the motions of Liz's body, pressing as it was against the invasion of Sam's fingers, only served to intensify the feelings and lust for them both. Liz's breathing became very shallow, and her breaths came much more quickly. The sweat from her exertions harmonized with the moisture from Liz's pussy. Liz's groans and pleadings began to reach a fever pitch that signified her impending orgasm. Liz came, bucking her hips and arching her back with such force that she nearly knocked Sam backwards.

And yet Liz still was not sated. And more desperately than her own desire, Liz felt the deprivation of not yet having been able to see and hear Sam come.

Sam gently slid her fingers out of Liz's pussy, feeling her way up Liz's lips and toward her clit. Liz's clit was distended and exposed from its protective hood, almost rising to meet Sam. As Sam leaned down to bring her mouth to Liz's pussy, Liz saw her chance.

Liz reached her arms around Sam's hips and grabbed her, pulling Sam down on top of her. The two women, now acting as one body, faced opposite directions. Each now had her pussy directly over the other's face. This position alone was nearly enough to bring both women to shuddering orgasms. Such incredible tight feminine attributes so close. Yet obviously there was more to be done.

Both women tucked into the dripping wet pussy in front of them as a man in the desert to water. Each tongue burrowed deeply; licking, sucking, and reaching to taste the sweet juices of her lover. While Liz enjoyed having a fully shaved pussy, only a landing strip as a reminder of the pubic hair that once grew there, Sam did not comply with this fashion. Sam's pubic mound was covered in a well-trimmed, soft downy fuzz of light colored hair; proving that she was a true blonde. Liz was aroused by the color and scent of the inside of Sam, so much so that Liz felt she wanted to insert her entire face into Sam's pussy.

Both women devoured their partners, and both bodies truly became a circle of one. Tongues darted in and out of moist holes, engorged and exposed clits were licked and sucked, and juices dripped down chins.

Though each woman was now gasping for breath in her own world of pleasure, breathing was also difficult as each ground their dripping love boxes into the other's face. But there were no sounds nor feelings of displeasure. Quite the opposite. If either woman had been still in this world, she would have wondered how it was that no one in the salon heard the cries and screams of passion. And both would have been glad of the locked door.

It seemed like forever, and it seemed like a moment. Both women rose and rose in the heights of her fever and climbed toward the peak of her orgasm. Amazingly, they both, in the same moment, became rigid as the force of their orgasms overwhelmed them. They pushed into the other, tasting, smelling, and inflamed with the center of sex enveloping their faces. And finally, exhausted, sated, they relaxed, spent as never before.

Sam rolled onto her side and flipped end over end, as Liz adjusted to make room for her on the massage table. They grinned at each other. A shared smile between naughty girls who have created a wonderful secret. Sam reached out and wiped a trickle of love sweat from off of Liz's face. She stared into Liz's eyes lovingly as she imparted, "same time next week?"

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