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I left work and walked across the car park to the small massage therapist's room that was attached to the end of our building. After a stressful day at work, with customers and bosses yelling at me and demanding attention I felt drained, tired and tense. I popped my head around the door and saw Gail sitting at reception, a book of pencilled figures in her hands, glasses perched on her nose. She was in her early 40's, not unattractive for her age and slim, standing at about chin height. She had shoulder length blond her and a friendly and open face. A photo taken some years ago sat by her reception, of her, her husband and a young daughter and she was fairly attractive then. She owned and worked the small business herself. Age had taken away the striking, wolf whistle beauty, but left an honest, natural attractiveness. She looked up and smiled.

"Hi James, you look well and truly beat. Hard day?"

"Don't even ask. I just want to go home and forget it. I just came by to let you know I've closed everything else up. You're the last to go."

"No problems. Come hear a second. Let me do you a favour."

"Sure" I said. I sat down on her chair and she stood behind me and probed at my shoulder muscles with her fingers. As soon as she touched them the stress seemed to disappear. After thirty seconds she was done.

"Wow, that was awesome. How'd you do that?"

"It's easy. I hope it stays off your shoulders long enough for you to find some peace. Have a good night."

"Thanks, you too." I said and left.

But within days I was just as tense and I decided to employ her services again. I made an appointment with her after work, to get a neck and back massage. She gave me a cheap rate and left me feeling revitalised and refreshed. I began seeing her once a week, revelling in the way she revived me. Then a friend suggested I try a full body massage, said they were amazing. I felt a bit unsure about it but my friend explained that they were far from sexual, and were all about letting things soften and relax, "Not about getting things hard!", as she put it with a laugh. So, hesitantly, I decided to give it a shot.

"Okay, I'll be back in a few moments. Get undressed and make yourself comfortable." Gail said, and pressed play on a tiny, cheap black CD player in the corner.

Soft relaxing sounds of the beach drifted through the room as she slipped out and closed the door. I sat in a chair by the CD player and undid the laces in my polished black dress shoes and eased them off my feet. My socks came next, then I stood and pulled my blue polo top off and undid the button of my black pants and unzipped the fly. Stepping out of them I laid them over the chair and then pulled off my trunks and tossed them on top. It felt strange standing there naked in the small room, but it wasn't uncomfortable as the air was warm and the music relaxing and I was glad to be out of my work clothes. I grabbed the small white towel from the side table, folded in half as she'd told me and climbed up onto the massage table, twisting back to lay the towel over the cheeks of my arse and looking in the mirror directly behind me to make sure everything was covered. I saw I'd put it to high and that she would have been able to see quite a lot and, embarrassed at the thought, I adjusted it a lot lower. I then put my head face down into the hole in the table and closed my eyes.

Instantly I felt the stress begin to ebb from my mind, the music was having an amazing effect, but my muscles were still tense and I patiently waited for her to come back. I had begun to doze such was the power of the music when I heard a light rap on the door and a voice call out, "Are you all set in there Daniel?"

I snapped awake in an instant and called out in the affirmative. I was a little nervous at being virtually naked in the room with her, and hoped her attentions didn't cause anything to stir and embarrass myself. I'd never had a full body massage and had no idea of how they worked or what you were supposed to do. But I figured worrying was what had landed me on the table in the first place, that thinking too much was causing my stress so I thought I'd better just go with the flow.

She gently opened the door and closed it behind her. Efficiently she crossed to the table and took up a tube of some sort of oil. It was strong smelling, but not in an unpleasant way. I guessed it was some sort of specialist massage oil. She then squirted it into her hands and put the tube over my shoulders and added a little more. I felt a tingle as it slowly slid down my skin and followed my spine down to the base of my back, pooling slightly in the nook that was created by my back ending and the muscles of my arse rising.

My senses were heightened by the fact that I had my eyes closed and I could hear and feel everything, every little movement she made. The fabric of her clothes gently rubbed as she moved over my right shoulder and her hands made slick, wet noises as she expertly rubbed them together and went to work.

Her touch was amazing. She expertly went to work on all the muscles of my back, starting high up at my shoulders and neck and then slowly working her way down. Every muscle was grabbed and untied by her fingers and palms. She constantly commented every time she found a particularly tight area, concentrating on each as she found them and gently easing the tension and strain all over my naked back. It felt like I was melting into the table and I drifted away on a raft or relaxation, the sounds of the beach sending me on my way. I needed have worried about any concerns of my sexual arousal; I was too out of it to even think about that sort of pleasure.

Or so I thought. She ended that part of the massage by standing right by my head and putting a hand on either side of my body, gripping fairly tightly, thumbs at my back and fingers around the sides. She then used the lubrication of the oil to slide her hands slowly down each side, from up under my arm, down over my rib cage and down the sides of my stomach. But her fingers were long enough to reach a fair way around, all the way to my front and I felt a lightning response to her hands as she reach my stomach, sensitive in its nakedness, and then went further down to my hips and the towel placed over them. Despite the warmth of the air and the oil I could feel my skin stand on end, tiny goose bumps rising all over my bare flesh. She repeated it three times and each time the same response occurred. I was wide awake now and worried at how my body was reacting. I could feel my penis begin to swell and move. But after the three there were no more and she walked down to the end of the table, applying more oil to her hands before beginning to work my feet.

As I was face down, the soles of my feet were facing the ceiling and she began needing them with her thumbs. She applied a fair amount of pressure, pushing them hard up the middle of the soles. I'm a ticklish guy but in her hands my feet were obedient puppies, and the pressure was further relaxing my whole body. She worked the heels, the toes, the arches, everything, all the while I could hear the wet, slick sounds of her lubricated fingers working at my skin. I was lucky she had lubed up well as I think she would have pulled a fair few hairs out of my legs.

Up the ankles she went, loosening up the joints there before moving on up to my calf muscles. Here she spent a fair bit more time, kneading the think muscles like an olden day housewife kneaded dough. At each new part of my naked body that she'd begin to work, she would start off slow, getting the muscles warmed up before really attacking them and punishing the stress out of them.

My knees were the next to get her attention. She used her other fingers more, getting in and around my knee caps and using her thumbs to probe the soft part at the back. She'd now been working on my legs for about fifteen minutes and she was up to the meaty part, the long, broad, muscles of my thighs.

First she moved around the table to start on my right. Standing right by my arse, her hands barley inches from the cheeks, she went to work. Her hands were right where the towel ended and her workings actually started to move it. She wrapped both hands over the muscle then gently clenched her hands, almost fondling my right thigh. She'd clench and release, clench and release, getting the muscle soft, like putty in her hands. Then she started to knead it and this is when the towel started to move. Some of her techniques would cause a cheek to wobble and the towel would shift ever so slightly. It began to ride up and I could feel it, the new naked skin exposed as it felt the air. Centimetre by centimetre the right side of the towel came up until it was riding right on top of my arse, and I was sure the bottom of one of my cheeks was visible.

But she seemed to not notice, continuing on that one thigh for a good five or six minutes. As I began to get embarrassed at how much she might be able to see I heard a quick "Woops" and she discreetly pulled the thick towel back down again, hiding all.

"Sorry" She said, and I gave a nervous laugh and said, "Thanks. I was worried how high it was going there." This was someone I saw every day. I couldn't help but think that whenever she looked at me from now on she'd know what nearly half of the right hand side of my arse looked like. She patted me on the bum and said jokingly, "Perhaps I should have let it go. Nice arse."

My ears burnt red. This woman was probably old enough to be my mother and she thought I had a cute butt? She was married for Christ sake. She wasn't allowed to say stuff like that! I let out a small laugh and tried to find that inner peace I had a few moments ago.

She'd finished on my right thigh, leaving it feeling like warm butter and she moved around my head to start on the left. After operating with-out incident the first half of my massage was done. "I'll give you a couple of moments to roll over. Back in a bit." She said and left the room.

Once she was out I grabbed the towel and pulled it off, exposing myself to the room. A quick turn later and I was on my back, my flaccid cock facing the ceiling. It was as relaxed as the rest of my body, having forgotten about the little incident earlier, and was laying down alongside my sack. After a vain two second look at my package in the mirror opposite me I placed the white towel over myself and settled back to relax.

The music had stopped and when she came in she slipped another one in and pressed play. This one sounded like waterfalls and birds, and I thought perhaps it was supposed to sound like a jungle. What ever it was it had the same effect as the last CD and I began to drift off. She had brought in with her another small towel and this one she placed over my eyes. It was small, warmed and scented and covered my face from my eyebrows to the end of my nose. But I could still see out from underneath and I watched as she grabbed more oil and then went to my feet to begin again.

Her touch was amazing and I watched as she worked, head bent down, at my feet. I could see her arse in the mirror and enjoyed watching it for a few moments. It strained the fabric of her sporty tracksuit and I began to imagine what she looked like naked.

She moved on up my shin bones to my knees.

I kept on imagining. Her blonde hair would fall down to rest on her naked white shoulders. Her skin would fall away down her chest before rising out into two full, beautiful breasts, by my amateur guess a full, borderline c/d cup, with dark rosy pink nipples on top. For a mature woman her breasts were full and perky, not sagging at all. A slight hang to each side only adding character to their beauty, her bra seeming to struggle to keep them tight and up front. I wondered if her daughter was now my age. If Gail was this hot at +40, imagine what the daughter would be at 21?.

I snapped out of my imagination as she had reached my thighs. She oiled them up and I felt a trickle of the stuff slide down around my thigh and under the towel. It pooled alongside my thigh and I felt it touch my balls where one had rested on the table. The sensation, along with the memory of the pictures I'd just been making in my head, began to awake my soft cock.

As all the muscles of my thighs were underneath and had already been seen to she didn't spend long on them, finishing with my right and walking around to my left. I desperately tried to stop but the naked images of her wouldn't leave my mind and my mind's eye started to look down past her breasts, as my real eyes watched them while she worked. I could see her smooth white skin roll down over a belly that had a little padding but was still in fine shape, down to her hips and into her pussy. My cock was now moving, swinging around with each heartbeat and I looked down and to see it move under the towel. I watched helplessly as it now had swung all the way up to lay against the flat of my stomach, but still not fully erect. I clenched tight my eyes and begged to what ever divine intervention might be out there to let it stop there. I couldn't see her face so I couldn't tell if she'd noticed. I'd definitely seen it move under the towel. But she moved on without comment and I began to hope I'd been lucky.

I thought too soon. Because now she was working on the naked skin of my upper body and I had no hope of keeping those seven and a half inches under control. My heart had begun to beat faster and I watched her move around to stand behind my head, leaving me to watch her from the mirror. I wasn't sure if she knew I could see out from under the towel over my face, but I suspected she couldn't.

As soon as her fingers touch my shoulders my cock twitched and a rush of blood sent the shaft and head rising into the air. The towel rose with it and my own nipples became erect and hard. I looked from my cock to the mirror to find her face not concentrating on her hands at my shoulders, but looking down my body to what was awakening under the towel. She seemed to lose concentration and her hands now just casually caressed up over my chest and back to my shoulders and my nipples sparked every time her fingers touched over them. Seemingly unsure of what she herself was doing, I watched her as she began to edge backwards and bend slightly whilst keeping her hands on me, to get a peak at what was under the towel. She was obviously trying to do it without my noticing but I knew, and the thought send my cock even harder, it was throbbing. My heart thudded in my chest. What was happening? It had lifted the towel and I could see it clearly and I knew she must have been able to as well.

I was about to say something, to cover my embarrassment, but I didn't know what to do. But she solved the problem for me by stepping around to my right arm to begin there, having obviously seen her fill. Or maybe I had imagined it all. Questions raced through my mind. Had she seen it? Was I imagining things or had she actually bent lower to watch my cock as it got bigger? And why was she only using one hand on my arm now?

I turned my head slightly to see more of the mirror and my heart slammed in my chest with what I saw. One hand was doing its job, massaging the muscles of my upper arm. But Gail had the other at the front of her pants, her fingers stroking between her legs as I watched in the mirror! She was so turned on by my erect cock that she was getting herself off right in front of me, thinking I couldn't see a thing!

I couldn't take doing nothing any more. She was standing at my shoulder and I suddenly pulled my arm up from where it was hanging relaxed off the table, up between her legs, without moving my head. She gasped and stood frozen, caught, as I reach up behind her legs and gripped the elastic at the top of her pants and pulled them down, exposing her panties to the room. Still with my face under the towel I watch her from the mirror. She hadn't moved, like she was uncertain of what was going on or where it was taking us. Her eyes watched the towel at my face, unsure, whilst I slipped my hand up under her panties and grabbed the swelling of a cheek. It was my turn to massage. I forgot all my inhibitions, about her age, that we saw each other every day, and just let my cock do the thinking.

I clenched and released her arse, caressing and rolling my hand all over them. It seemed Gail had decided to do the same as her hand began to work again, this time out of sight, the thin material of her white panties bulging with the movements of her fist underneath. I had to see her mature slit and I left off caressing her cheeks to pull her panties down as I had done with her pants. They came away down her thighs to reveal a small, trimmed, manicured nest of pubes perched atop a hungry, aroused, pink opening. All this I watched through the mirror. Her fingers were stroking herself from the top of her pubes, sliding down and into her slit and then back up again. Already wet, she was leaving a slick trail through the tiny, dark black curls.

I couldn't stand watching from the mirror any longer and I sat up and let the towel drop from my face as I looked her in the eye. I sat their uncertain with what she'd do. She looked back at me, then her eyes dropped down to my lap for a fraction of a second to where my cock was still mostly covered by the towel. And everything happened at once.

I brought my hand up between her slit and pushed her own out of the way. She stepped her legs out of her pants, pulled off her underwear and then spread her legs wider and I probed my fingers into her, finding the opening to her warmth inside and sending two fingers up at once. She almost doubled over with pleasure and I felt a wave of her own natural lube drench my fingers and hand. She was standing a little back from the table and, still sitting up, I used my other arm to reach over and pull her chest towards my face. She knew what I wanted and pulled at her top, raising her arms to slide it off for me. Then she unclipped her bra and freed her glorious, soft, white supple globes, tossing the under garment to the floor along with the rest of my inhibitions.

I opened my mouth wide and swallowed a mouthful of her left breast, nipple and all. She tasted amazing and I teased and probed her hard dark-pink bud with my wet tongue, sliding it over and around the areola. My fingers were sliding in and out of her opening and I caressed her walls inside. She was ready in moments and suddenly I felt her whole body tense and release and a feminine moan escaped her beautiful lips. Her legs were trembling and she clamped her thighs together but I kept working. I didn't want to change position as I couldn't pull my mouth away from her flesh, she tasted so good. I let my teeth gently sink into one of her tits and she grabbed the back of my head in one hand and forced my face further into her. I wanted so much just to swallow it whole and I sucked as hard as I could down on the nipple, opening my mouth as wide as it would go, drawing it into the back of my throat were I worked it with the back of my tongue.

I could now fit three fingers inside her and I kept their motion going, past a second, smaller climax. My cock had still been covered by the towel in my lap and her eyes fixed onto it hungrily. She placed a firm hand on my chest and pushed me back away from her breasts to lay down on the bed. I turned my head to her pussy, barely inches from my face, and gripped her arse with both hands to pull it closer. Gail made things easier for me by cocking her leg up over my face, resting it on the table while I strained my neck and sucked down on her clit that was now right on top of me.

Gail had picked up the towel from over my cock and I heard her gasp, once at the size of it, and a second time as I sent my tongue probing from between my lips and deep into hers. I drank greedily at her juices as they continued to flow and used every trick I knew to get her towards coming again.

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