tagGroup SexMassaging Scott and Nikki

Massaging Scott and Nikki


Scott and Nikki are sipping Merlot, lying side by side on the bed, naked except for the fluffy white towels covering their buns. Nikki, the bold one, turns her head and kisses Scott, and says, "So, are you ready for Harry to do us?"

Scott looks over his shoulder at me and shyly nods his head.

I can't believe I'm about to do this, give a massage to a married couple I met online. But, we've swapped erotic emails and pictures, and when your emailed stories get a couple so hot that she tears off her husband's pants and gets down on her knees and sucks his cock while he reads your latest email describing the dirty, sexy things you'd like to do to both of them -- well, at some point you quit being strangers, you're friends, and it's OK to meet in person and live out some of those fantasies.

I take off my boxer shorts, and then I rub pikake-scented massage oil on my hands and sit on the foot of the bed between Scott and Nikki while my eyes slowly adjust to the candlelit dimness. They gaze into each other's eyes, Scott looking a bit anxious, Nikki content as a cat in a sunbeam on a cold day. I lift one of Nikki's feet and drip more oil on it, then start rubbing her foot, kneading the sole and ankle and arch. She closes her eyes and moans. Scott flicks his eyes at me, and I think I detect a flash of jealousy, but he loves Nikki and is willing to do anything to give her pleasure. I don't want him unhappy, so I take one hand off Nikki's foot and lift one of his feet and start massaging it. He closes his eyes and sighs with pleasure. Nikki opens her eyes and gives him an amused glance, then says, "I knew you'd love it, sweety." She tousles his hair affectionately.

I let the feet I'm holding drop, then drip more oil on their unrubbed feet and massage those, too. They're both moaning and sighing. Nikki spreads her legs a bit, and I take the hint and move behind her and start rubbing up both her legs, starting at the calves and moving up to the baby-soft skin behind her knees. I gently apply pressure to her inner thighs, and she responds by spreading her legs wider so I can kneel between them. I take the towel off her butt, and my cock starts getting hard at the sight of Nikki's sexy round athletic buns parting for me and revealing her trimmed pussy. I glance at Scott and our eyes lock. He gives me a smoldering look -- the anxiety has been replaced with lust at the sight of his wife getting oiled up by his friend. He nods his assent, so I rub up Nikki's sexy toned thighs. She arches her ass up at me and looks over her shoulder at me, her pupils wide open in the flickering candlelight. I tease her by running my fingers close to her pussy without quite touching it, and then run my hands up the crack of her sweet, sexy buns and tease her crinkled hole in the same way. She arches even higher, so I start kneading and rubbing her butt, a feminine layer of plumpness over hard muscles.

Scott scoots closer and starts passionately kissing Nikki. She puts a hand on the back of his neck and runs her fingers through his scalp. She starts wiggling her ass at me, and between that and the glistening oil on her cheeks I'm so hard and ready to fuck her. I want to move up between her outspread legs and stick my cock in her sweet pussy, which is all wet now, and I know Nikki would love that -- Nikki's a wild one, she's up for anything -- but I know Scott would hate me if I betrayed his trust like that. I respect him and want to please him. I reach over and affectionately grip his shoulder, applying gentle pressure, and he looks at me and says, "Lick her. Lick that wet cunt." I give him a playful slap on his towel-covered ass, and he grins at me. He loves to let Nikki indulge her wild side, it brings them closer, and he enjoys watching her giving other men blowjobs, having lesbian sex, getting her pussy licked -- anything but another man fucking her pussy or ass.

I lean my face close to Nikki's glistening cunt and breathe in her intoxicating scent -- God, she smells so musky and good -- and then I rub a little oil on her pussy lips and slide a finger inside. Her cunt is warm and inviting, gripping my finger, and I slide in and out a few times until Nikki moans louder and says, "Lick me, dammit. Quit playing around."

I remove my finger and lightly flick my tongue over her pussy lips, and her body jolts with the shock of first contact. I slide my tongue onto her clit and rapidly flick my tongue onto it. It's a moving target -- Nikki is starting to move her hips and groan. She's getting closer to cumming, so I slide my tongue back down her lips and over to her asshole and start slowly rimming her. I know she loves that, because Scott has told me in our emails what makes her hot. I start fingerfucking her pussy again, sliding all the way into her warm depths and then pulling out until my fingertip is barely inside her, teasing her with the prospect of reentry, rubbing her pussy lips until she moans and it's time to penetrate her again. I take my free hand and slide it up Scott's legs and under the towel covering his ass and give his hard cheeks a squeeze. I look over the top of the perfect ass I'm licking and see Scott's startled face. This wasn't on the agenda. Our eyes meet, and I decide to go for it. I slide my hand between his body and the bed until I touch his hard shaft. I'm afraid he's gonna punch me, but then he turns on his side a bit so he's facing me, giving my hand access, and I stroke his cock and start rubbing his precum around his cockhead. He closes his eyes and sighs with pleasure.

Nikki is thrashing around pretty good now, so I pull my finger out of her cunt and lick around her clit in slow circles, and she cries, "Oh my god, I'm cumming. Ahh -- aahh -- AAAAHH!" She grinds her clit into my tongue and shakes her hips as she orgasms, and it's all I can do to stay on target and keep licking until she shudders and moves her sweet ass away and says, "No more. Please. Enough." Scott is starting to buck his hips, fucking my hand, and I can feel he's close, so I let go, give him a chance to cool off. Not yet.

I roll off Nikki and lay to one side of her, cuddling her as her orgasm subsides, and Scott does the same on her other side, sandwiching her. She rolls over on her side and presses her ass against my hard cock, spooning with me, and puts her arms around Scott and pulls him against her. I peer over her head, and they're gazing softly into each other eyes. I lay my head back down and enjoy the cuddling and the warmth of Nikki's back against my chest. I reach around and squeeze a breast, the back of my hand brushing against Scott's chest hair. I idly knead the nipple, still hard from her orgasm. We all lie together, luxuriating in Nikki's afterglow, in no hurry to do anything about my hard cock, and, I assume, Scott's too.

Eventually, Nikki rolls over and sits on the side of the bed, then arches an eyebrow at us. She looks at each of us with her bedroom eyes, her eyelids heavy, and then in a husky voice says, "Why don't the two of you come and stand in front of me?"

We both go around to her front. My cock has softened, but Scott's is still semi-hard. We crowd close to her, our pricks inches from her soft plump lips. Nikki puts a hand on each of our hips and nudges Scott and me closer until our hips and legs touch. My cock twitches at the feel of his warm skin against mine, and I sneak a peek at his face. He gives me an amused, wry look. She slides her lips over Scott's cock while rubbing precum around my cockhead. I'm getting hard again. It's exciting to watch her give Scott a blowjob, watch her lips slide all the way down his shaft until it's buried deep in her throat. He leans his head back and groans.

Then it's my turn. Nikki licks the tip of my cock, laps at the sensitive underside, until I can take no more of this teasing. I put my hand on the back of her head, grab her silky hair, and shove my cock inside her wet, warm mouth. I fuck her face a bit, and then Nikki slides off my shaft and smiles at Scott.

"Kiss him," she says.

Scott's mouth drops open in shock.

She bats her heavy-lidded eyes at him. "For me? Please?"

Scott gives me a questioning look.

I shrug, and then laugh. "You heard her. She's the boss."

Scott dithers for a moment, then leans in and gives me a quick peck on the lips.

Nikki's eyes narrow in amusement. "That's sweet of you, honey. But that's not the head I was talking about you kissing."

Scott's eyes widen. "You've got to be fucking kidding."

Nikki laughs. "You've got the 'fucking' part right. Go on. Let him fuck your face a bit. You'll love it. I promise." She stands up and puts a hand on Scott's shoulder and presses down.

Scott stares at me. I put a hand on his other shoulder and press too. Nikki's eyes crinkle as she flashes me a wicked look.

Scott slowly bends over, his cheeks blushing. He gives the tip of my cock a tentative lick with the tip of his tongue. Nikki steps behind me and presses against me, her soft breasts squished against my back, her trimmed bush scratching against my buns. She peeks around me, places her hands on Scott's cheeks, and slowly pulls his face onto my cockhead. I'm breathing harder as my shaft slips between his lips while Nikki's body presses closer and heats my back and legs.

Nikki releases Scott's cheeks, and steps to our sides. Scott glances up at his boss -- his wife -- and then slowly takes more of my shaft into his mouth until his nose is nestled against my pubic hair. He pulls out and then gives a few short strokes, just the head of my cock going in and out of his mouth.

Nikki says, "You can stop now." Scott pulls off and straightens up, and then she whispers in my ear, loud enough for Scott to hear her, "Your turn."

I look at Scott. "Hey, she's not MY boss. You OK with that?"

"Bend over and suck it before I change my mind."

I lean over and stare at the cock glistening with precum inches from my face. Scott steps closer, and his cockhead presses against my lips, and then I open up and let him slide inside me. I run my tongue along his shaft as it presses deep into my throat, and then he grasps my hair and starts to roughly fuck my face. I'm bent over, getting fucked by a man's cock, and I love it. I wonder what else Nikki has planned for us. Scott starts to grunt and thrust faster, and I wonder if he's going to shoot his cum into me.

"That's good," I hear Nikki say, in between mouthfuls of cock. "Now pull off that dirty little cocksucker's mouth and let me finish."

Scott's cock pops out, and I straighten up, though perhaps "straighten" isn't quite the right word anymore, considering.

Nikki squats before us, and then we stand and offer our hard cocks to her. She alternates between us, sucking us both so hard and so deep, occasionally rubbing our cocks together. I feel the cum boiling in my balls, and I glance over at the face of the man whose cock was inside me just minutes ago. His face is tightening, and I know he's close to cumming too.

Nikki strokes both of us as her mouth flits back and forth between our cocks, then she presses our dicks together so I can feel the warmth of his shaft against mine. I reach down and cup one of her ripe breasts, her nipple hard with excitement. Nikki shakes her head back and forth, her tongue rapidly sliding over both our cocks.

She opens her mouth wide and somehow wraps her lips around both our cocks. I grab her head and thrust, and then Scott's hands cover mine and he's helping me force our cocks inside her waiting mouth.

"I'm cumming," I say. "Oh sweet god, here it comes."

Scott has his eyes shut tight. "Aah. Ungh. Arrrrgh.

Scott and I both shoot our cum into her mouth. I can feel his dick twitching and spurting while I gasp for oxygen during the most intense orgasm of my life.

It's over now. I'm getting my breath back. Nikki stands up and kisses Scott, then turns and kisses me, and I can taste our cum on her tongue. She thrusts her tongue deeper, then looks me in the eye and says, "Go on. Swallow my man's cum."

I do it. At that moment I'd do anything she asks. Anything.

She grins at me. "You like the taste of cum." It's not a question.

I softly stroke her hair, the taste of another man's sperm in my mouth, and wonder what wickedness Nikki is plotting behind those lovely, nasty eyes.

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