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Master Coach


Jackie slowly walked into her trainer's office. She was 5'7, 19 and had a tight body with long brown hair. She was completely naked swinging her ass like she was taught. Jackie was on all fours as she walked into Matt's office where he was naked. She had just finished her workout with him and had to masturbate twice before she could come in again.

He looked at her and smiled. He was 5'11 had short brown hair and a 7 inch dick. She looked at him with lustful eyes.

"I finished my workout coach" she muttered, "can I go now coach?"

he loved it when she called him coach.

"Yeah go but I have some rules for next time you come for your workout. You are going to go to the store and buy tight short shorts; they will be two sizes too small and will show off your pussy lips and your little tits. Got it slut?" he laughed, "you will not wear a bra or underwear and you will not get wet at all, if I see and pussy juice on your shorts you get punished. Understand"

"yes coach" she moaned as he inserted beads into her ass.

"Whatever you say coach."

Jackie got dressed and left. She knew she was to keep the beads in and wear them until next time. She remembered the first time she met matt. It was amazing.

She called for a personal trainer and was told to go to his house. When she got there she was told to first take off her bra and underwear but leave her outer clothes on. While she worked out he would help her and he would give her small touches. He would pinch her tits or spank her ass and she loved it. Eventually he had her take off her shorts and but had her leave her shirt on. She did as she was told and she was told to do a bridge. As she raised her body she felt his meat penetrate her. 

"Don't you dare fall down this is your workout now stay up." Coach told her as he rammed into her.

She could barely keep herself up. Soon she fell and he smiled. 

"Now it gets fun" He laughed. 
He then pulled out two jump ropes, tied each hand to each foot and he brought his dick to her face. 
"You're bad at this, we need to practice. So here is your choice, you either suck me off then swallow or you get punished. Which is it?" he asked.

 "I...uh," Jackie stuttered, "I want to suck your dick Matt."

"Wrong answer, you will call me coach, not matt, now you get punished." Coach grinned.

Jackie was still recollecting as she walked down the street of how he had punished her. She was on her way to her next session as people stared at her tiny attire. She was covered, but every curve was visible. Especially her now rock hard nipples. She was also still wearing her beads. She kept thinking of what this session would be like that she went into an alley and began to fantasize as she stuck her hand in her tight little shorts. Jackie imagined how bad she was and rubbed her pussy lips then slowly slid one finger in her snatch. Then slowly another and she began to masturbate wildly in the alley. When she was done she was sweaty and her crotch was soaked. She knew she would get punished for this.

The first time he punished her, she loved it. Coach first pulled the jump ropes off of her and retied them so she was tied to the wall. He then pulled out a vibrator and put it right below her pussy lips and another right up against her ass. He then turned them on. Jackie was horny all over again but if she tried to rub against the vibrators, coach would move them away and turn them off. It went on for almost an hours until Jackie could barely contain herself but Coach never allowed her to cum.

"Please fuck me or let me cum. please matt please!" Jackie begged. 

"You little slut, I said call me coach." He said and he went up to her flipped her around and began to spank her firm little ass.

Over and over he slapped and slapped until Jackie began to love the feel so she stuck he ass out for more. Then Coach stopped again.

"You obviously haven't had a good exercise routine set up and you seem to be begging for more so I will untie you and you will get dressed and come back in a week." Coach instructed her. That had been 6 months ago.

Now Jackie was in front of his house, no panties or bra, tight clothes, and a soaked crotch and anal beads. She had been bad and gotten wet, now she would get a workout, now she would be punished. Jackie was so excited that she forgot herself and began to let her fingers slip into her pussy and began pulling on the beads again even as she was walking up the steps to his house. She needed to workout.

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