tagBDSMMaster's Angel Ch. 01

Master's Angel Ch. 01


Angel checked her reflection in the mirror for the thousandth time. Master would be there to inspect her soon; He would expect her to be exactly as commanded. Legs and pussy smooth. Makeup flawless, with whore-red lips. Naked and kneeling, waiting for His next command. It had been weeks since she had seen Him as He had been away on business. He had told her when they spoke on the phone this morning that He had a surprise for her this evening. She was nervous and unsure. She suspected that His surprise would terrify her further, but she was determined to please Him. The sound of a car pulling into the drive makes her heart leap then gallop off. She moves to the door to kneel at the ready for Him, trying to breathe through her nerves. Using the key she had given Him when He collared her, He enters the house.

At first, He doesn't say anything, just examines the room as if to make sure she had kept her home neat as He had commanded. His feigned indifference makes Angel begin to quiver like a nervous horse, her breathing quickening and tears pricking her eyes. Finally, He moves to her, placing a hand on her bent head. It was a small gesture, but it unleashed a torrent of emotion in Angel. Before she had consciously even decided to move, she was pressing a kiss to His shoes and rubbing her face against His leg. He allows her display for a moment.

"Stand." He commands sharply. She nearly tips over in her haste to obey, it had been too long.

"Let me see." He adds, making her fall instantly into inspection position- standing straight, hands behind her head, legs spread wide with her chin up and eyes down.

"Good girl," He murmurs, feeling her pussy which was smooth but soaked for Him. She had been thorough in making herself ready, but His inspection still made her fearful she would fail to please Him in some way. She was far from skinny, her stomach was not flat, her hips were wide and her breasts were generous. She would never be a size 2, though Master had always insisted He found her beautiful she was still insecure.

"You've done well, my Angel." He murmurs, patting her ass affectionately.

"Thank you, Master." She whispers fervently, her nerves spilling over into her voice.

"Are you ready for your surprise, pet?" He asks, roughly shoving two fingers inside her and making her whimper.

"Yes, Master." She keens, trying to stay in position despite the delicious pleasure-pain His rough fingers cause. She was soaked, it shouldn't have hurt at all but she had been permitted no penetrative release for the many weeks Master had been away.

"I see you've been a good girl, so wet and tight. Do you want me to bend you over and fuck you right here?" He asks, shoving His fingers in roughly again and loving the expression of desperate pleasure on her face. Her mouth opens and closes silently several times before she is able to form any sort of reply.

"Yes please Master....please." she manages, gasping as He thrusts His fingers even harder. He chuckles and removes His fingers, sucking her juices from His fingers.

"My little slut," He says softly, affectionately, stroking her cheek with tenderness.

"Put this on." He commands suddenly, withdrawing from her completely and shoving the bag she hadn't noticed in His other hand at her. The sudden lack of His touch sends a rush of tears to sear her eyes. She forces herself to dig out the contents of the bag.

It was a white lacey teddy that would hug every one of her ample curves with matching white silk stockings. There was even matching fuck-me heels in the bottom of the bag. She put them on as quickly as she was able then resumed inspection position, wobbling slightly on the hooker-heels.

"You look delicious, Angel, the others will be jealous of your beauty." He commented after He had looked her over thoroughly. Others? She thought with despair....surely Master didn't mean to share her, did He? A fresh rush of tears hit her eyes, a few escaping to roll down her cheeks. They seared her cheeks which were already hot with her shame.

"Oh, don't cry, little Angel. Would I ever cause you lasting harm?" He asked, fingers rubbing her clit and His hot breath against her ear. She trembled with shame and arousal.

"N-no Master." She responded, still quivering under His gentle touch. Suddenly, His grip was harsh at her throat. It did not cause true pain; it was merely a warning that He was serious.

"Tonight we are going to the Black & Blu Club. You will be placed on display and you will be on your best behavior or else you will be punished...severely. Do you understand, pet?" He asked, voice deceptively soft.

"Yes Master." She responded, her submission apparent despite her continued trembling.

"Put on your coat." He commanded, releasing her.

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