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Masturbate For Me


It’s the height of the summer. You live in a large old farm house, which has a swimming pool in the garden. I’m currently lodging in your house whilst at uni. This is the first spell of hot weather since I moved in and both of us have our first day off work, study and me uni. In all the time I’ve been staying, we haven’t had many dealings with each other; largely because I’m leaving when you’re in and vice versa.

You’re sunbathing in the garden taking advantage of the glorious weather. I’ve decided to have a swim and sunbathe too. I’m in the pool before you’ve arrived home from shopping. You come into the garden in a swimsuit. This is the first time I’ve seen you in such attire.

I knew I was in trouble. As you were getting ready, to sunbathe on the lounger, I started to get hard as a rock, from admiring your swimsuit. Unfortunately, I posses a smaller than average cock, which has always caused me a lot of embarrassment; but fortunately on this occasion I thought my excitement would go unnoticed. You turned to face me as I got out to say “Hi”, but saw my hardon and got very angry.

You said, "What the hell is that thing? You little pervert”. I was stunned and embarrassed. You thought it over for a minute and said, "Here I am letting you use my pool, and I find you perving over the sight of me in a swimsuit! The only way you are staying out here is if you get rid of that." I was speechless for a minute and then realised what you meant. I started for the house but you said, "Where do you think you're going?" When I tell you that I was going into the house, you said "You are going to take care of it here where I can make sure you do it. I don't want you going into the house, running it under cold water to make it soft and then coming back in here and offending me again."

I guess I didn't really have a choice. I started to sit on the other sunbed you said, "You can stand there and do it. I don't want you squirting all over the bed, or even worse, getting that sticky stuff on me. It's obvious that you can't control yourself." I was very embarrassed and pulled my trunks down and slowly started to stroke it and as I looked up, you were staring right at me. You said "You had better stroke that thing fast. I don't want to be offended again by the sight of that" I looked at you, in your swimsuit and knew it wouldn't take long to shoot my little load. You noticed me staring at your body and said "That's pretty small, is that as big as it gets?" I sheepishly tell you that this was it. You continue, "That looks like a little boys penis, but I suppose you hear that a lot." I admitted that I did and that I was a source of amusement to anyone who saw it. You said "Well, it's kind of cute, bring it over here. It's so small, I can't get a good look that far away."

Even though I was completely humiliated, I was also too excited to disobey you. You looked at my cock for a minute and then started talking to me to get me even more excited. You said, "You look like a little wanker. Do you like wanking like a little boy? How about if I call you my little dirty wanker? We could play a game where you are my little slave. Why don't you call me Mistress? Does the little wanker want to squirt for his Mistress?"

I knew I wasn’t the biggest, but I never expected a reaction like this. She was so scathing and didn’t hold back on her opinion of my cock. Yet I couldn’t deny the abuse was a turn on.

At first, I was too shocked to say anything, but you continued, "Come on little wanker, let's see you squirt your little load. Can the little wanker squirt for his Mistress? Can you squirt like a big boy?" Almost against my will I started to play along and told her that I wanted to squirt for you, that I would be your little wanker slave. You kept saying, "Do you want to squirt like a big boy? I want to see my little slave squirt like a big boy" Then you said, "Little boys's have to clean up their own mess. When you squirt, you'll have to clean it up. Can you squirt for me?" I wasn't sure what you meant, but I was beyond to point of controlling myself. You was right, I was a little wanker and the idea of being your slave was a real turn on.

I finally had enough and started to grunt and groan. I knew I was coming soon and began to wank faster and faster. I couldn’t believe I as standing there masturbating in front of her. I was sweating and my face must have been red both from embarrassment and exertion. Since I had moved closer to you, at your request, I began to squirt my load, most of it landed right on your leg. I must have shot about five times and when I was done, I could barely stand up. You looked up at me and said "Time for the little slave boy to clean up his mess." As I reached for the tissues, you said "No, you can clean it up with your tongue." By this time I was too drained to argue and I just got on my knees and licked my cum off of your leg.

You looked over at me and stroked my hair and said "Now you can stay out here" It was the first time I masturbated for you, but definitely not the last.

The rest of the day past without incident or reference as to what happened earlier.

When I woke up the next day, I could barely look you in the eye. I tried to put my cloths on as fast as possible and leave, but you had none of that. You insisted that I stay for breakfast. Since it was a Saturday and I didn't have to work, I stayed before going shopping. You’re quite a good cook. We had a great breakfast and talked for several hours. Although I started to feel more at ease, I was still conscious of the fact that the day before I had masturbated on to your leg and been made to lick it off. You never mentioned it and I was too embarrassed to say anything.

Over the next few weeks the hot weather continued. And with me having a long summer break I spent every spare moment in the pool and garden. If ever you joined me and you saw my little hard-on you would make me masturbate, and then lick it up. I was starting to think that maybe on day I would have sex with you. We would always end up the same way - my hand wrapped around my cock, wanking on your leg and me kneeling down and licking your leg clean.

Finally, one afternoon you said, after suspecting that I thought I might have sex with you, you said "I'm sorry, I just don't feel like having sex with you. Look, you're a nice guy and I enjoy our time together and watching you wank. Why do you want to ruin it by having sex? Besides, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but with that little dick of yours, I'm not sure I would feel anything." you giggled when you told me that and even though I was humiliated, I couldn't think of anything to say. To my surprise, the comment also excited me, though it humiliated me! I'm sure you could tell I was enjoying it. My hard cock sort of gave the game away. “Mistress doesn't like to see her little slave sad. That's right, play with your little thing. Make it squirt like a big boy!"

After I came you put my over your knee and spanked my bare bum. "Aaaaaaaaahhh!!! ooooooohh!!!" I screamed. The pitch of my voice rose to a squeal at that first stroke!

"Owww!!! thank you Ma'am."

"You're squealing like a little girl!" You scolded. "Maybe I'll dress you up in some of my panties and spank your little bottom like a naughty little girl, hmmm? Would you like to feel the sting of my hand over your panties?"

"Yes Ma'am!" I blurted out without thinking. "I'll do anything Ma'am!"

"Mmmmm!!!" you said seductively. "You've said that before! Your right you will do anything I say! You're going to obey me or else! I'll wallop your backside good! From now on I'm going to spank you on a regular basis. I'm going to take you over my knee and give you a dose of my hand every Friday afternoon! You're going to get a spanking every week whether you've behaved or not. I'm going to teach you some discipline! And if you whine about it or hesitate I'm going to make you wear my panties when I punish you!

What I soon began to realize was that she planned to discipline me regularly for her pleasure ... and for mine! My hard cock had shown you that I enjoyed being punished and dominated at the hands of a strict woman.

"Do you want to go over your Mistresses knee?" you asked enticingly.

"Yes, Ma'am," I said.

"Do you like it when you cock touches my bare thighs?" you asked.

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied ... a little ashamed but excited.

"I know little boy. I can feel you humping my thighs when I spank you. You're not just dodging my spanks. You're enjoying it. Well I'm going to show you how to please a woman. Every time you come on my thighs I'm going to make you lick them clean. I'll show you what to do with that tongue. And every time you come spank you more."

"Do you like it when I spank you?" She asked.

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Do you want me to spank you even when you're a good boy?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Do you want me to teach you discipline?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Will you obey my every command?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Will you submit to me when I decide to punish you?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Will you submit to whatever punishment I decide to give you?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Good. I've seen those magazines you've been hiding in your room. Do you want to serve a Mistress? Do you want to be my slave, my own personal 'whipping boy'?"

"Yes, Ma'am"

"Do you want me to train you to be my slave?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Would you like to address me as 'Mistress'?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. You will continue to address me as "Mistress"

"You are free to leave any time if you don’t like it slave." You told me.

Although I found it humiliating, the idea of serving you was too good. So I stayed. The amount of times you disciplined me in the garden too; as if hoping someone would see.

I was in the garden again. You were on the sunbed.

After a few minutes, the doorbell rang. I started to get up and you looked at me and said, "Stay there." You went to the door and it was your friend Christine. She came into the garden and didn't look at all surprised when she saw me. She said, "Is this the little slave? The little wanker you were telling me about?" You said "Yes and you're just in time. Little slave strip for us. NOW”

So I did. I stood there naked and extremely embarrassed.

You looked at Christine and said, "Can you believe how small his dick is? It's barely any bigger even when it's hard." You both laughed. Christine said "Can you even feel it when he sticks it in?" You laughed even more and said, "Who said he sticks it in? I just have him pull on it 'til he squirts his little mess. I even get him to clean it up - with his tongue!"

You both sat on the sunbeds and made me stand between you. I was OK until you got out the suncream. "We can't have the little boy getting sunburnt." You said while you started spreading the suncream all over my dick, you pulled it a few times and I started getting stiff. Christine started to laugh and said, "You weren't kidding about how small it is. It’s the smallest I’ve seen. I think calling it four inches is being very kind. Can you make him play with it? Maybe it will get bigger." Now it was your turn to laugh, "That's what I thought too, but this is as big as it gets. Of course I'll make him play with it." I turned bright red when you said, "It's harder to get him to stop than to start."

You looked at me and when I started to look away said, "Come on little slave boy. Wouldn't you like to play with your little stiffie?" When I didn't make a move, you grabbed my hand and said "Little boys need to do what they are told." You guided my hand to my cock and started to move it up and down. You looked at Christine and said "I guess this little one needs something to get him going." With that, you pulled off your top to reveal two large breasts. "Don't worry little boy, I think you'll like this. You just keep pulling on your little stiffie and try and make your mess. Can you make a little mess for Mistress?" I was starting to get red in the face and as Christine saw my balls tighten up she said, "He isn't going to come already is he?" You said "Probably. He can’t control his dirty thoughts But not yet he won’t"

You grabbed my hand and pulled it away. You then took off your panties and throw them at me. “Sit. Here put them on. You see Christine, he wears these too”. You both laughed as you handed me the panties

I was now laying on the sunbed my little hard on throbbing to my pulse when you decided to give me the panties to put on. I was so frustrated. You told me to lie on the bed.

I was lying there while you talked (as if I wasn't even in the room), discussing me when I noticed that if I rocked back and forth, my newly suncreamed dick felt heavenly sliding around in the panties against the cloth on the sunbed. I tried to rock slowly so they wouldn't notice, but after a few minutes Christine looked up and said "Is that bad little boy trying to make a mess in his panties? He's going to squirt his nasty little load in your panties!"

I was so horny, I couldn't stop. You looked over at me and said "I know how to take care of bad little boys." You laid a towel on the floor and took off my panties. "Christine" you said, "why don't you come over and help me? I know how we can keep this little boy from making a big mess!" You knelt down next to me and Christine slowly lifted my legs so that they were back over my head. This put my dick right above my mouth!

You gently took my hand and told me to start stroking my little dick. You said "Is the little slave boy going to squirt for his Mistress? Mistress is not going to let little boy make a mess. When you are ready to squirt, let Mistress know."

As I lay on my back, I looked around and could see your bare breasts and Christine's cleavage. She was wearing a tank top with no bra. She was leaning over to hold my legs and I could see her firm round large breasts stretching the fabric of the tank top. Her nipples were hard as rocks and clearly visible through the thin material.

Christine leaned over even further to look at my little dick and balls. She said, "Can I touch them?" When you said yes, she reached over and grabbed one of my balls between her thumb and index finger. As she rolled them around, she said, "These sure are small. I don’t think I’ve ever seen smaller on a man! It's a wonder that he can squirt any goo at all." Then she looked at me and said, "Can you make a big mess like a big boy? Do you want to squirt a big boy load? I’m used to men with big cocks."

As you joined in and said things like "Can you squirt your load for Mistress? Can the little boy squirt a nice big load?", I felt my balls tighten up. You grabbed both my balls and said, "You better swallow the whole mess. Open your mouth wide while you squirt. Mistress wants to see you swallow all of your little load." I finally started to squirt and had my first taste of cum. Even thought it was bitter and slippery, with both of my balls in your hands, I was afraid to not swallow.

Between watching these beautiful women's breasts, and hearing the abuse, I must have squirted five times. When I was finally done, I could barely move. You put the panties back on and I just rolled over and went to sleep.

The last thing I remember was you telling Christine "I hope he liked the taste of that cum, because that won't be the last load he eats."

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