tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMasturbation in the Woods

Masturbation in the Woods


I suppose all these stories start off describing who the main character is, so I guess that is where I'll start. This story is about me and a very strange afternoon I had, which I feel like sharing with those who have deviant minds such as myself. I suppose you'll be wanting to know what I look like. I am 19 and I am 5 ft 1, so I am quite small, but I guess you could say I am pretty curvy. That's why I have been going for afternoon jogs lately, I'd like to tone up a bit. So now we have that out the way I will move onto my story.

This afternoon I was out for a jog and generally I like to run for about an hour. It was a typical hot Australian afternoon, so I was sweating. I also needed to pee. Badly. Considering I was about half way around my usual circuit and my house was about half an hour away in either direction I was getting a little panicky. I was running through suburbia and there was no where private I could hide, until I remembered that if I took a detour I would pass a scrap of undeveloped bushland with thick grass and tall gum trees that would hide me from view. So as I entered this bushland I realised that the grass wasn't as thick as I remembered because there hadn't been much rain lately. So I wandered around in the bush for a while searching for the perfect place to drop my daks.

Eventually I came across a rather large area of grass with a clearing in the middle. I knew I had to be careful around here because a lot of kids ride their dirt bikes through the area, because there were some ant mounds and fallen logs to do jumps on. I have to admit I was pretty nervous because I can't say I pee in public often, or ever really. Anyway, I look around just to make sure no one can see me, and when the coast is clear I pull down my pants, baring my below area to a couple of birds in a tree a few metres away. Finally I can crouch down and release! It feels good. In fact, it feels very good, because once I finish I realise I can feel some grass tickling my clit. Now I have to admit, I have been single for a very long time, so I have had to make best friends with my right hand. To be honest with you I love to masturbate. I do it at least twice a day, but lately I haven't had the chance. So it didn't really take much to make me horny. And I was really excited about doing it out in the open. I have always loved exhibitionism, I love reading about it, and I especially love watching exhibitionism porn. But I have never been brave to masturbate in a public place! But still I found my hand creeping down, nestling between my moist pubes. I could feel a slight breeze on my pussy, which excited me even more because it made me realise I was outside in a pretty public place. A shiver ran through my body. I ran my middle finger up the moistness between my legs and began to circle my clit. Instantly it felt amazing. I was so wet already!

It felt so good I put my hand up my shirt to play with my nipples. Now this absolutely drives me insane, and my body began to spasm with ecstasy. My frigging increased, around and around my clit. I removed my hands from my breasts which were now hanging free released from my bra, and the cool breeze on my nipples excited me even more. My hole ached to be filled. I dipped my other hand deep in between my legs. Still flicking my clit, only gently now, to draw it out longer, I pushed my fingers further into my vagina. I started pushing harder and harder to replace the penis that wasn't there. This just felt so amazing to feel pebbles under my arse and hear the birds sing while I was getting myself off. I lay down because my legs couldn't withstand crouching anymore because the pleasure was too great. I stopped for a second and took off my shirt and bra, because I wanted to feel truly naked, and to be honest, the idea of someone watching from the nearby road was making me so horny!

I was so close to bringing myself off. I wish I had more hands so that I could touch myself all over, my breasts, my wet hole, my clit, my anus. Instead I pushed as much of my hand into my vagina as I could. It felt good. But all of a sudden, even in this ecstatic state of mind, I heard a twig crack. I knew someone was watching. But I didn't care! I wanted them to watch. Again I swirled around my clit, slowly at first, trying to make this last as long as possible. And I suppose I was also putting on a bit of a show. I didn't want to look who it was, I liked the idea of the watcher being anonymous. I couldn't help it, I was so bloody horny now that I was about to orgasm. I pushed my hands further into my body, frigging my clit as fast as I could. A long moan escaped my lips. I started gasping and twitching, and I knew this was going to be a spectacular orgasm.

My body started having spasms, and wonderful waves of pleasure ran through my body. It felt so good. It felt like ages that my body twitched and my juices flowed. I lay there in the earth my fingers firmly shoved up my vagina with my legs waving in the air.

Eventually, the wonderful orgasm subsided and I lay there spent and out of breath. My pussy was practically oozing. I don't think I have ever been so horny before. Then I remembered, I had an audience. I grabbed my t-shirt and covered my breasts and sat up. At first I couldn't see anyone, but then over in the distance I saw a little puppy dog. I laughed, thinking that exhibitionism doesn't count when it isn't people who are watching. So I got up and put my clothes on, less shy that what I was when I first entered the small clearing. As I looked over towards the puppy again my heart started racing. A man was standing there next to the dog. The corner of his mouth curled up, in a sort of smile.

I could'nt speak. I was kind of scared too, as much the idea excited me 2 minutes ago.

He kept staring at me, and eventually he spoke. All he said was; "nice show!" nodding his head up and down.

My face was flushed, not only from the satisfied warmth spreading from my pussy, but from the sheer embarrassment that someone had actually watched me frig myself. Now that my horniness has disappeared and I was satisfied, I felt a small amount of shame inside me. I didn't want to stick around and talk to him about it, so all I could think to do was run! I don't think I have ever completed my jog that fast in my life!

So basically that's it. I still get horny when I think about it actually. In fact I can feel my pussy swelling and becoming slippery. I might go have another go at it!

I hope you enjoyed my story.

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