tagInterracial LoveMatch Met Ch. 03

Match Met Ch. 03


Surprise! Earlier then you thought huh? Lol!


"2 minutes until we start rolling!" Sawyer called fiercely, walking through the set toward the news anchors. They sat in their chairs, prepping with makeup and lint rollers. Sawyer held a warm cup of hazelnut coffee in his hand. He took a quick sip and fell in love with the taste. After the 20th time, Carla had finally gotten it right; regular sugar but extra, extra cream.

"Your seat's ready." His assistant Carla whispered. She was so timid and shy; she was perfect for her job. Sawyer wanted someone easy to please and ready to serve. He gave her a mere nod and then headed up a few steps into his work area. He opened the door and strolled inside. During the duration of those steps, he morphed into his working character. He became someone who was focused, attentive and irritable to those who crossed his path. Luckily he had his job for over 5 years, and those who knew him, knew he wasn't to be tested in this state.

The small area was dimmed low but the panel of little screens gave off enough light. The screen curved around a U shaped desk and illuminated a plush computer chair. He took his signature seat and put on the headset.

"Rolling in 5, 4, 3, 2..." Within an instant the news anchor was reading the teleprompter in her perfect diction and enticing voice. Sawyer took another swallow of his coffee and leaned back in his chair. After a few minutes of hearing her talk, they switched to the male anchor.

"Focus camera D." Sawyer said. In an instant, the perspective was now from a different angle. The anchor was twisting his head at a slight slant, giving everyone an ideal view of his profile and the undersized animated box that held a picture of his topic in the top right corner.

After a half hour, Sawyer got a text that set his jeans vibrating. He took out his phone to see it was his half brother.

Bad accident on Boxwood rd. Just hppnd 2 mins ago.

Sawyer was on it before he could finish reading the text. He pressed a button on his control keyboard panel and punched in another headset.

"Get someone out to Boxwood Road to look at an accident. I want this done within the next five minutes." He said. He could only imagine the chaos happening behind the set to get someone on the road. The female anchor was speaking again, and he paged the teleprompter manager but didn't speak.

"After the break we'll be taking a look at the upcoming snow storm, the turkey convention in Archmere, an 80 year old woman who defended herself in a robbery—"

Sawyer intercepted.

"Accident on Boxwood road." He said quickly. The teleprompter now held those words for her to read off.

"And new information about an Accident on Boxwood Road, right after this." The camera man cued the commercial and the smile fell right from the woman's face. Sawyer threw off his headset and ventured down the steps to get some facts on the accident he just promised the entire state of Rhode Island he'd have information on within the next 5 minutes. Carla was already on her way to meet him.

"What's going on with this car I sent out?" He asked, stalking through the backstage area. He passed a camera man and stopped him.

"You're using too much exposure on them. I want to see that background better—tell everyone so they make sure the cameras are on the same levels. If they aren't, I'm holding you responsible." He said. Then with a light nod of his head, the young man was dismissed. He approached Tim, the one in charge of the vehicles. As if already knowing what Sawyer had on his mind, he spoke.

"We have a reporter on the site now, they're ready." He said.

"Are there photos? Do we have a clear view? " He griped in an agitated voice.

"We have pictures and I sent out a chopper to view the accident from bird's eye view." Will said, trying to calm him before his temper escalated. Although Sawyer was pleased with his proactivity, you'd never know it. He turned on his heels and headed back to his office without a word. Carla followed him up until he reached the steps of his office. When the door closed behind him, she sighed out in relief.


Sawyer was finished work at around 7:30. He opened the back stage door that let out to the parking lot. The crisp freezing air hit his face and he pulled his hat down a little further on his head. He started his car with his automatic starter and made his way toward it. While his little VW warmed up, his mind roamed over various topics.


No matter when or where he had an extra moment to think, he couldn't help but use it on the beautiful girl. She was everything he could ever ask for in a woman, yet he ruined his chances of ever getting her. He couldn't believe that he thought treating such a wonderful person like that would get him on their good side. He unconsciously took a deep sigh of regret and his breath smoke filled the air.

But along with the sigh came realization. He apologized more than once, and that was pretty much all he could do to make up for his behavior. Sawyer was done begging. He was done feeling bad about something that could've happened. He'd made his mistake and he tried to make up for it but Kiana wouldn't accept his efforts. He still couldn't believe she had gotten him to even think of expressing regret. That wasn't him at all. He was naturally cold hearted, straightforward and confident in everything he did. Sawyer wouldn't lose himself over someone he couldn't even have. He was definitely back to his old ways—for good.

His phone rang in his pocket and he checked the I.D.

"What's up?" Sawyer answered, finally putting the key in his ignition.

"Hey, since its Lindsey's last day here Alison was going to make dinner for everyone. You coming by?" His half brother Declan asked. Sawyer didn't have anything else better to do, but he didn't entirely want to spend his time with them. Declan could sense his hesitation, so he used some more words to coax him.

"It's her last day, don't be a dick." He said a little more hushed, obviously trying not to be heard by other people in the room. Sawyer skipped the turn to his apartment and took the one to Declan's house.

"Alright. I'm on my way." He said bitterly. He hung up the phone and let the Indie music fill the chilled space. He liked spending time with his siblings but there were just sometimes where he'd like to be alone. Since Lindsey was going back home to Arizona tomorrow, he felt compelled to spend more time with her.

Declan, Lindsey and Xavier were all close to Sawyer. They had been the best of friends throughout their younger lives. Although they all have different mothers and were no more than 1 year apart in age, their father made sure to keep them in one another's company. Sawyer was somewhat glad; it left no room for animosity. Especially considering the fact his father and mother had been together for over 35 years and divorced around the time Lindsey, the youngest was born. His father was the perfect definition of a 'Rolling Stone' as his kids liked to tease.

But Sawyer was angry with his father; his hatred grew as he did. He got used to seeing his mom worried yet still acting as if they were the perfect family. His dad came home at a different hour every day; sometimes early in the morning, right before he went to bed or even waiting for him when he got off the bus. How his parents lasted 35 years was astounding to him. After he graduated from high school, his dad disappeared for over 6 months. He returned high off drugs and in terrible shape. Now he hung out on the streets and searching for anything to smoke.

Sawyer pulled up to his brother's house and could hear the laughter going on. He walked up the porch steps and opened the door. Everyone was sitting at the table and he took off his jacket to hang it up.

"Alison, he's here!" Declan called for his wife, ready to eat. Sawyer went to the bathroom to wash his hands up, never being the one to put anything towards his mouth with dirty hands. When he was done he sat next to Lindsey and got ready for the food.

"Thanks for that text." Sawyer told Xavier. Xavier had short buzz cut black hair and deep grey eyes like their father. He looked the most like him out of all his siblings.

"No problem." Alison placed a large dish of shrimp, chicken and crab Alfredo on the table. Her husband seemed ready to dive in, but he knew better.

"Grace." Alison stated, reaching her hands out to those around her. Sawyer linked hands with Lindsey and Xavier.

"Thank you for bringing everyone to this table today Lord, bless them all as well as the food we're about to eat. Amen."


When everyone was full of food, they moved to the living room. A TV show played quietly in the background but they were all immersed in conversation. Sawyer sipped on his iced tea idly, not too in the mood to converse.

"Has anyone seen dad?" Lindsey asked. Everyone was silent for awhile. She knew he was on and off drugs but she missed him the most out of everyone.

"It's been a month since he came by." Alison told her. There was about 5 minutes worth of silence before someone spoke again.

"You still stalking that chick?" Declan asked. Alison was nestled into his side on the couch. They both gave Sawyer a smile. He groaned. They were beginning to get on his nerves.

"I didn't even know you liked black wom—"Lindsey cut Xavier off.

"Maybe it isn't about her skin color." She said, getting defensive on the Kiana's behalf.

"Alright I'm going." Sawyer said, leaning in to hug Lindsey. It was obvious she didn't want him to leave but he wasn't in the mood to be in anyone's company.

"Aw Sawyer don't go." Alison said, trying to make him stay.

"Goodnight, thanks for dinner." He said right before he closed the front door and stuffed his hands into his pockets on the way to his car.


Sawyer left work and headed to his car. It was 8 o'clock and there was somewhere close to 5 inches of snow on the ground, along with hard winds in the air and close to freezing temperatures. A State of Emergency had been called just minutes ago so he'd have to hurry and get home. He used his gloved hand to wipe away a piece of snow from his window and got in the car. After successfully getting out of the parking spot without being able to see a thing, he did a hard stop at the stoplight and the snow remains fell off his window.

He was happy to see no one was on the roads, so he could go as fast or slow as he wanted. After a few minutes, the windows were cleared and Sawyer was making his way home. But something caught his eye on the sidewalk and by the curves in her hot pink coat he had dreamed of countless time, he already knew who it was.

He pulled up along the bus stop before he could process what he was doing. Sawyer rolled down his front window and spoke.

"You need a ride?" He asked. Kiana stole a look at her wrist watch; the bus was 15 minutes late. She huddled up inside her coat and gloves a little more.

"No, the bus is just a little late. Thanks though." She said, giving him a weak smile. Sawyer shook his head before she had even finished her statement.

"The bus isn't coming, there's a State of Emergency." He told her. He didn't think he'd ever see Kiana again and a piece of him wished he never had. While he stared into her brown eyes, he realized how easy it was to fall for her from the beginning. But she said it herself; she didn't want him. And as far as he was concerned, he didn't want her either—at least that's what he was trying to tell himself.

"Shit." She said to herself. She didn't have many other options then to go with him. She threw her bags a little bit further over her arm and headed for his car. Sawyer rolled the window back up and couldn't believe he had this woman in his car. Kiana sat inside and melted into the heater.

Sawyer peeled back onto the road and could see Kiana shivering in his side eye vision. He shot a glance at her and his heart skipped a beat.

He passed the highway exit to get to his house.

"Where are we going? You didn't even ask me where I lived." She said.

"I'm not driving over that bridge to take you home." He stated in a cold, dominating voice. Kiana was furious.

"Are you serious? Why didn't you say that when you picked me up?" She complained. Kiana gripped the door handle when he accelerated to 80 miles an hour and took a hard stop at a stop sign.

"Shut up or get out." He said looking her right in the eyes. Kiana threw him the most menacing stare she could but he was throwing it right back at her. After a few minutes of hearing the engine run, he could do no more than guess she was going to ride with him. For the rest of the ride Sawyer drove a little too fast for it to be a blizzard or a state of emergency. He parked on the corner of an apartment building and stepped out. Kiana followed his lead and struggled with getting her bags back over her shoulder paired with the foot of snow.

Sawyer contemplated helping her with her bags, but then he changed his mind. He opened the front door to the apartment and headed up the first flight of stairs—not even caring where Kiana was. He opened his front door and left it open for her. When Kiana finally got into the apartment, she was pissed. He literally left her outside. Sawyer was starting the electric fireplace while Kiana quickly took off her cold jacket and shoes.

Sawyer traveled to his room as soon as it was running. Kiana finally had a moment to sulk in her emotions. She was almost sure he wanted nothing to do with her; she missed her chance with him. She took a seat on the huge couch and snuggled up with herself. She took a glance around and saw all the theatre like accents in his house. There were at least 3 expensive cameras lying around, he had a bookcase full of Shakespeare, Feodor Dostoievski, Andrew Marvell, John Donne, and Edgar Allan Poe. He was obviously into show business. She looked on the walls and saw the photographs and wondered if he had taken the pictures. Many of them were landscape shots with sunsets or thunderstorms.

Kiana was dozing off on the couch when Sawyer's bedroom door opened. He exited in boxer briefs that made Kiana's pussy pulse. His dick was a pouch between his legs and his happy trail was slim right above his belly. He wasn't ripped, but there wasn't much fat on his body either. He placed a comforter, pillow, loose boxers and a tee-shirt on the back of the couch before turning back around and strutting back to his room.

"You're a terrible host." Kiana whispered, meaning it to only be for her own ears. But Sawyer caught wind of her sweet voice.

"What was that?" He asked, turning back around and standing in the door way of his room. His expression was one of a mother who caught her child mumbling under their breath in a disrespectful way.

"I said you're a terrible host." He scoffed and turned around, back to his room. Kiana sighed in defeat, and couldn't wait to go home to never deal with this man again.

After an hour of studying, she raided Sawyer's kitchen for something quick to eat. She decided a turkey sandwich would be great for when she got out the shower, so she made it hastily and sat it on a plate. While the water warmed up, she went through his bathroom cabinets. He didn't have much medicine. But he did have a lot of combs, floss, toothpaste and Listerine. He was obviously a perfectionist; you could see it by how tidy and placed his apartment was. Everything had a certain purpose for its location. The clean cut way he dressed would only confirm it.

When she was finished showering, she grabbed one of his towels and wrapped it around herself. It was the longest one he had, but it only covered 1/3 of her thigh. She didn't have any intention on seeing him for the rest of the night so she'd be fine.

When she went into the kitchen, the plate that held her sandwich before her shower only held crumbs. Kiana was livid.

"What the fuck?" She said to herself. "Sawyer!" She called. She was too heated to notice she only had on her towel. She took a few steps out the kitchen to see him appearing from behind his room door, chewing on something she could only guess was her sandwich. There was a little more than half left in his hands.

"What?" He asked with a mouth full of food. If only Kiana knew how much it took for him to respond. His dick was stirring each extra second he looked at her. The tiny green towel worked in her curve's kindness, and showcased what he already knew she had. Her skin was glossy from her shower, the deep chocolate brown seeming a little darker. And her face—she was nude and he didn't think he had ever seen her so naturally stunning.

"You ate my damn sandwich!" She exclaimed, pointing her open palm toward the ceiling but in the direction of his hand. Sawyer gulped and sighed simultaneously, stepping closer to her.

"I ate my sandwich." He growled, looking down on her. He knew too well that Kiana wouldn't back down. But neither would he.

"I made it." She stated.

"I bought everything in this house. Even that towel you're wearing... you should be lucky I'm not telling you to take it off." He said, smirking and looking her up and down at the same time. He tried to envision her expression as he gazed at her broad hips and couldn't stifle his chuckle when he imaginged correctly; irritated as ever.

"Get out of my face; I can't even stand to look at you." Kiana mumbled, tightening her fist to subdue her rage. Sawyer of course, stepped closer to her and their faces were now only an inch apart. He puckered his lips at her and topped it all off with a bright smile.

"You're an ass." She snarled. Just to spite her, he brought the sandwich back up to his lips and proceeded to take another bite. His lips wrapped around the bread and he fought back a smile as he watched her.

"Not enough mayonnaise sweetheart." He complained. Kiana was sure steam was exiting her ears and horns were growing out her crown. She hadn't been this angry since she'd first met Sawyer. As if it were reflexes, she knocked the entire sandwich out his hand and onto his linoleum floor. It sounded with a loud thud and the contents spilled onto his cleaned floor. She was sure his stickler trait was giving him a hard time coping with the mess she made right beside his foot.

Now it was Sawyer's turn to scowl while Kiana tried to hide her grin. Just as a chuckled was about to leave her lips, Sawyer framed his hand around the back of her neck and forced their lips together. Kiana struggled against his hold, pushing at his chest, gripping his blond hair and trying to turn her head away from his but he held her too tightly. He enveloped her into a hug that restricted her body of anything.

Sawyer kissed her because he was sure she'd hate it and her anger was his only drive. But confusion filled his face when her rigid, unresponsive lips began to work against his own. They went plush and moved rhythmically onto his face. She was enjoying it. Sawyer pulled away and gave Kiana a look that made her unbelievably self conscious.

"What?" She asked. Her lips were so swollen and red. Kiana couldn't explain how it felt to be held so tightly. After all the stress, and needing to be strong on her own, she had someone to support her for once. Even if for only 8 seconds. The kiss was a symbolism of relief. Her rage had subsided and lust took its place. She wanted more from him. As if Sawyer read her mind and wanted nothing more than to fulfill her request, he leaned back in.

He took her lips much more delicately then he had the first time. She responded immediately and raised her hands to cradle the back of his head. Sawyer bathed in her touch and the smooth feel of her lips. He slipped his tongue out of his mouth and into hers. Kiana whined at the electricity she felt when their tongues clashed inside her mouth. He seemed to caress every inch of her mouth, taking his time to enjoy her affection for once.

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