Matty Meets Kimmy Ch. 05


"I'm gonna need a minute before we can go for lunch baby," I replied as I continued to breathe heavily.


After lunch, Matt and I took a stroll through the mall then returned to my place. He hung out a while, watching television while I did my laundry.

I was on my laptop, waiting for my clothes to dry.

"Hey babe," I called, "Come have a look at this."

Matt made his way over to me and looked over my shoulder to the laptop screen.

"Aneros huh?" he mused.

"Yeah, from what I've read, it's the best, and it doesn't look too intimidating does it?"

"I guess not," Matt replied as we browsed the prostate massagers.

"So what do you think?" I asked, wanting more of a response.

"I'd be willing to give it a go, wanna stop by the adult store tomorrow and pick one up?"

"Okay," I gleefully responded.

Matt left around seven to go get ready and I hopped into the shower.

Stepping into my room, I removed my robe and slipped on the bra and panty set I had picked up earlier in the week; sexy black lace with rose red ruffle bordering. Next, I pulled my little black dress out of the closet and stepped into it; a sleeveless black lace dress that ended above my knees. I tightened the skinny leather belt that cinched the dress at the waist. I hopped around the room getting the zip at the back of the dress up then put on a little makeup and fixed my hair. After applying a little pink lipstick, I dabbed some perfume to my neck and chest and then slipped on my black stilettoes. Topping it off with little pearl earrings and the diamond necklace Matt had given me; I walked out into the living room and waited for him.

Just around minutes to eight, I heard a knock at the door. I smiled; Matt knew very well that he didn't need to knock and could've walked right in. I walked over and opened the door. I was met by his handsome smiling face.

"Wow baby, you look incredible," he complimented.

I blushed and scanned him up and down; he was a picture of perfection. He wore a tight fitted white dress shirt with a slender black tie, his cuffs folded up to his elbows. His shirt was neatly tucked into a pair of skinny black slacks that ended over his shiny black dress shoes. His face was clean shaven and his hair combed to the side. I could smell a hint of the cool essence of his cologne in the air.

"You're looking pretty charming yourself babe," I replied as Matt leaned in and gave me a peck on the cheek.

"You ready to go?" he asked.

"Uh huh," I replied, stepping out into the hallway with Matt and locking the door behind me.

We were quickly seated at the quite extravagant Italian restaurant. It was such a romantic place, dimly lit, each table with a single burning candle.

"Wow hun, how did you manage last minute reservations here?" I queried.

"Who said I made last minute reservations?" Matt retorted.

"You mischievous little schemer," I replied, realizing Matt had this night planned all along.

We began to dine once the food had arrived.

"So what are you thinking for this summer?" I asked before placing a forkful of delicious linguini in my mouth.

Matt sipped on his wine and looked to me,

"Well you're not going down to Miami right, and Adam and Summer are heading home, so I guess I'll stick around and keep you company," he replied with a teasing smile.

"Aww, you're such a thoughtful boyfriend," I sarcastically replied.

"So you wanna do anything special? We could take a weekend cruise or something."

"Maybe, that sounds like it could be fun. There's something else I was thinking about, Adam and Summer will be gone, we'll have both apartments to ourselves. I was thinking we could maybe live together for the month, see how it feels. What do you think?" I asked.

"Wanna shack up huh?" Matt teased.

I looked at him and laughed,

"Seriously babe," I urged, wanting a real response.

"I'm fine with it sweetie," he replied.

"And what if I get on your nerves after two weeks? You won't want to kick me out?" I halfheartedly joked.

Matt reached out and grabbed the tips of my fingers with his hand,

"Never baby," Matt confidently replied as he stared directly into my eyes.

We both smiled and then went back to our meals.

After dinner, Matt and I took a stroll on the beach. I clung onto my shoes with one hand, while the other was wrapped around Matt's waist. Matt had his arm around my shoulder as we walked watching the waves roll in.

Back at my place, we kicked off our shoes and Matt took me into the living room. He walked over and switched on the stereo. Matt shuffled channels till he found something he liked, and then turned to me. Clasping my hands in his, Matt pressed his body against mine and we slowly danced circles in the living room.

"I had a really nice time tonight," Matt whispered.

"You say that like the funs all over," I replied sultrily.

I watched Matt smile then he leaned in and gave me a brief kiss. We continued to dance, Matt spinning me round as I giggled.

"Can I just say again how absolutely stunning you look," Matt whispered before planting light kisses on the curve of my neck.

I curled my fingers around the locks of Matt's hair behind his head as I fought to stifle my moans. A slow song came up and Matt and I moved our bodies in teasing unison. Matt's lips found mines and I pressed my hips hard against his. I could feel the length of his hardon, pressing against my thigh. I lowered my hand to Matt's waist, hooking my fingers into his belt and trouser waistband,

"Come with me," I whispered, pulling him as I headed to my bedroom.

Matt helped me unzip the back of my dress before I sat him down on the edge of the bed. I stood before him, between his legs as I removed my earrings and necklace. I giggled when I felt Matt's warm hands on my knees, slowly moving up my thighs. I teasingly swatted away Matt's hands just as he was reaching the apex of my thighs. Smiling down at him, I slowly slid my dress off my shoulders, letting it pool around my ankles. I saw the desire in Matt's eyes as he cast his gaze on me,

"You like? I bought it this week, just for you baby," I cooed.

Matt placed his hands on my hips, gently rubbing my skin. He looked up at me,

"You look incredible babe," he replied, "Do you mind giving me the view from the back?" he asked.

I happily turned around and looked over my shoulder. I felt his hands on my ass, gliding over the lace fabric. I reached behind me and unclasped the hook on my bra. Turning to face Matt, I let the lace half cups slip from my breasts and fall to the floor. I leaned over and unbuckled Matt's belt. He raised his hips as I pulled on his trousers and boxers, watching in delight as his beautiful cock sprung free.

"Somebody's excited," I teased.

Matt pulled me onto him and kissed me,

"When it comes to you, I'm always excited babe," he replied.

My naked breasts pressed against Matt's shirt as we kissed. I could feel his hand slowly rubbing circles against my pussy, over my panties. I held onto Matt, my hands around his neck as I sat on his lap, my legs splayed on either side of his body. I felt Matt pulling my panties to the side, then, the head of his penis pressing against me. Matt groaned into my mouth as I sunk down onto him. Once inside me, Matt let go of his grip on my panties and wrapped his hands around me. I sucked on Matt's tongue as he held me tightly, helping me rise and fall on his cock.

"I love you so much baby," Matt whispered between kisses.

The only response I could muster were soft whimpers as Matt thrust his cock into me.

We had stopped kissing now. I was holding Matt's head against me by the neck, our foreheads pressed together as we stared into each other's eyes. Our warm breaths melded as we panted against each other's faces.

"I wanna cum with you baby," I moaned.

Matt continued staring at me as he raised and lowered his hips in quick succession.

"Mhmmm mhmmmm, tell me when baby," I urged, "I'm so close," I informed, feeling Matt's shaft grind against my clit with every thrust.

"Now baby!" Matt groaned.

I felt him push hard into my and his cock begin to spasm. I let myself go, my pussy clenching down on Matt's cock. I groaned in delight, my clit throbbing uncontrollably.

"Ohh fuck Matty!" I cooed.

I writhed around on Matt's lap, grinding my convulsing pussy down on his exploding cock.

We kissed again as our juices mixed deep inside me. Matt lay down, pulling me with him. I felt his soft penis slip from me, and a rush of our cum leak out onto his groin. We lay there for a while before I rolled off Matt and fetched a warm damp bath towel. I affectionately tended to Matt's groin, wiping his skin clean. After using the bathroom, I wiped my vagina and removed my panties. Matt removed his tie and shirt as I crawled my naked body into bed. He laid his head on my naked chest and I tenderly patted his hair,

"Nervous about tomorrow?" I asked.

"Not really," he whispered, "I know you'll take good care of me."

I smiled and kissed the top of Matt's head.


The next morning, Matt and I had apparently exchanged our positions. I was awoken by the warm sun on my face and slowly opened my eyes. I found myself resting my head against Matt's shoulder. I quietly looked up to Matt. He looked so peaceful; there was a soft smile on his face which caused me to smile as well. I looked over to the clock on the wall; we had to meet Adam in a little while for breakfast. I lifted the sheet off mine and Matt's naked bodies and was about to wake him up when a tempting thought entered my mind. I grinned as I slinked my way down to Matt's torso. Staring at his limp penis I admired the smooth skin around it; there was the slight hint of stubble growth, tiny black dots of emerging hair. I took his soft penis in my fingers; he looked so small now compared to the rigid shaft that filled my pussy the night before.

I took Matt between my lips and into my mouth. I toyed with Matt's soft member, running my tongue along his soft skin. An almost inaudible sigh escaped Matt as I felt him begin to swell and straighten in my mouth. Matt continued to grow until I felt is full hardness in my mouth. I began to slide my mouth up his shaft and then back down, then back up. I let Matt's cock slip from my mouth and stared down at his erection beneath me. Looking up to his face, I saw that Matt's eyes were still closed. I wrapped my dainty hand around Matt's shaft and placed my mouth on the head of his cock. I lowered my mouth on Matt once again, stroking him as I slid my mouth back to the tip. Bobbing my head up and down, I could hear that Matt's breathing had gotten heavier. After a few seconds, I let Matt slip from my mouth once again. I continued slowly stroking him with my hand as I lowered my mouth, taking his smooth balls in my mouth. I suck on him hard, loving his shaved skin.

"Babe?" Matt whispered.

After licking Matt's balls for a few seconds I raised my head and looked to his face. I was still stroking him as I stared at him staring back at me. We exchanged smiles,

"Just relax baby," I cooed before lowering my mouth to his shaft once again. I licked his shiny bulbous head, tightening the grasp on my stroking hand. A few more seconds was all it took. I watched as the tip of Matt's cock began to spurt his creamy white semen. I immediately took his entire shaft deep into my mouth, sealing my lips around him. I sucked hard as I felt his cum leaking into my mouth. Matt groaned, and I directed my eyes to him, watching as he pressed his head back onto the pillow, his eyes shut tightly. I myself was moaning now. Matt's cock was rock hard as it twitched in my mouth. A burst of semen hit the roof of my mouth as Matt gently raised his hips to my face. I felt his hand on the back of my head, holding me in place as he convulsed in me. He finally let go and I slid my mouth up his still hard shaft. I swallowed his seed then began to lick his shaft, watching him soften before my very eyes. After cleaning him to my satisfaction, I crawled to Matt's side.

"Thanks for the wonderful wakeup Kimmy," he whispered.

"No problem baby," I replied as I pecked him on the lips, "Come on, we have to meet up with Adam in a bit," I added as I rolled out of bed.


"So what time is Summer's flight landing tomorrow?" I asked.

"Eight AM," Adam replied as he took a bite off a strip of bacon, "She has class at noon actually," he explained.

I nodded my head and sipped on my coffee.

"So Kim and I have decided to just stick around here for the summer. . .shack up in one of the apartments," Matt stated.

We all chuckled.

"You aren't trying to steal my roommate are you Kim?" Adam asked.

"Maybe . . ." I tentatively replied, smiling over at Matt.

After breakfast we said goodbye to Adam and hopped in the car. Matt turned to me on the way home,

"So do you wanna stop by the sex toy store?" he asked.

I grinned at him and nodded, I was so happy he was the one that suggested it as I now felt I wasn't forcing him to do something he didn't want to. We pulled into the parking lot and entered the brightly lit store. We smiled at the woman behind the counter; we had become accustomed to her, seeing her the couple of times we stopped by to pick up lube. We made our way over to the toy section and began to peruse the selection.

"Aneros. . .over there," I pointed.

We walked over and looked at all the different models.

"How about this one baby?" I asked, holding up the most slender looking model. . . the "Eupho."

Matt took the toy and read the information on the packaging.

"Well it doesn't look too intimidating," he mused.

We looked around a little more but came back to the eupho,

"I guess this is the one," Matt decided.

"Do we need lube?" I asked.

"No, I think we have a bottle at both our apartments," Matt chuckled.

We began to walk to the cashier when I grabbed Matt's hand,

"Matt, if you don't mind, I'd like to pay for it."

Matt looked at me and smiled,

"That's okay Kim, I don't mind," he replied.

"Please baby, I want to," I insisted.

Matt handed me the plastic packaging,

"Okay sweetie, thanks."

We walked up to the counter and I handed the woman the toy.

I paid and she handed me a plastic bag containing the toy,

"Have fun you two," she smiled.

Matt and I thanked her then left.

Once in the car, Matt turned to me,

"So what do you want to do now?"

I looked at the clock on the car radio,

"Wanna hit the beach?" I suggested halfheartedly.

"Nahh, too far," Matt replied.

"Okay....hmmm, we could go to the pool."

Matt seemed to be deep in thought,

"Maybe," he hesitantly replied.

"What about going to a movie?" I asked.

"Okay, I'd be up for that."

I whipped out my cellphone and began looking up showtimes as Matt drove to the Cineplex.


After the movie, Matt and I exited the theater. We had to squint our eyes in the bright sun. We stopped by a sushi bar and picked up some take out. Once back at my place, Matt and I sat on the couch and ate lunch.

"So what was that this morning about stealing Adam's roommate?" Matt asked as I took his empty plate from him.

We walked over to the sink and I began to wash up the dishes. Matt jumped up and sat on the counter beside the sink, drying the dishes as I handed them to him and placing them in the tray.

"I dunno, I was just thinking out loud. Haven't you ever thought about moving into a place, you know, just me and you?"

"I guess, I have, I mean we practically already live together, I'm always over here, and if I'm not here, you're at my place," Matt replied.

"Well maybe spending a month in the summer all by ourselves will be a good thing, we'd see what it's like living together for a while," I reasoned.

"I suppose you're right," Matt agreed as he took the dripping ceramic bowl from my hand and wiped it dry.

I was almost done with the dishes, I held out a soaped up white plate and grabbed the slender rubber hose attachment on the sink. I held the nozzle infront the plate and pressed down on the lever. I guess I wasn't expecting the force of the water to be that strong. I almost jumped as a jolt of water shot out, ricocheting off the plate and across to Matt. The stream of water struck him on his side, making a wet circle on his black t-shirt, right over his ribcage. I immediately released the lever, stopping the water and looked up at Matt. He was staring back at me and I started to giggle.

"Something funny babe?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, it was an accident," I laughed.

Matt hopped down and stood behind me, wrapping his arms around me. He grabbed the nozzle from my hands, pointing it straight up at me.

I wriggled in his grasp,

"You wouldn't dare," I warned.

"I wouldn't would I?" Matt teasingly replied.

I watched as his fingers began to tighten on the lever,

"Matthew, no!" I firmly stated.

Matt's fingers loosened around the lever and I felt him let go of me. Standing beside me he held out the nozzle to me,

"Okay, here you go," he calmly stated.

I reached out to take the hose from Matt but before I could grab it, he squeezed the nozzle and water came shooting out, right against my chest.

I squealed and laughed as the cold water struck me,

"Matthew!!" I yelled as I grabbed his hand, turning the stream of water on him. We fought back and forth, both of us getting wet in the process. Eventually we transitioned into play fighting as we both released the hose and wrestled each other to the floor. Matt and I tossed and tangled on the floor for a few minutes. Finally I managed to pin him beneath me. I was straddling his hips, holding down both his arms against the floor. I smiled victoriously down at him. I lowered my face just above his. Water dripped off the tip of my nose down onto Matt's forehead.

"Give up?" I teasingly asked.

Matt smiled up at me, instead of answering, he tried to raise his head and kiss me. I pulled my head back before he could kiss me and held him down by the hands,

"Nuh uh mister. . .do you give up?" I repeated as I mischievously wiggled my hips, grinding my crotch against Matt's groin.

"Okay I give up," Matt whispered.

I giggled; knowing that at any time Matt wanted he could easily overpower me and have me. I released Matt's arms. The second I did that he rolled me over, pinning me beneath him. We both laughed as Matt lowered his mouth to mine. We couldn't help our chuckling as we kissed and rolled around on the floor. Matt's hands roamed over my back, over my damp t-shirt, slowing inching down to my butt. Grabbing my butt cheeks firmly, Matt pulled me hard against him; I could feel him pressing his erection against my abdomen. I was about to remove my t-shirt when Matt's phone started ringing. We both groaned as our lips separated. Matt climbed off of me and picked up his phone off the table.

There was a brief conversation then Matt hung up.

"That was Adam, his car broke down at the library, he needs help with a jumpstart."

Matt helped me up from off the floor,

"And we were just getting to the good stuff," I complained.

"I know," Matt replied and kissed me. "Wanna come with?" he asked.

"No, I think I'll stay here and clean up our mess," I replied.

Matt quickly got changed into dry clothes and took off.


About an hour later, Matt was back.

"Was everything okay?" I asked as he joined me on the couch.

"Yeah, he left his headlights on so it drained the battery. Gave him a jumpstart and he was good to go."

I watched Matt's weary face and brushed the hair above his forehead,

"You look tired, you should go take a nap," I suggested.

"That actually sounds like a great idea," Matt replied as he sighed, "Wanna come join me?" he asked.

"I will in a bit, I have a couple things to do," I replied.

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