tagIllustratedMature Mary Attracts More Attention

Mature Mary Attracts More Attention


Mary's life had suddenly come dramatically alive in her 50th year. Although reaching that landmark wasn't something she was looking forward to, events over the last few months had really grabbed the mature wife and grandmother and shaken her up more than she could ever have imagined!

She was 49, and was happily ensconced in a long, uneventful marriage that gave her almost everything that she wanted....almost! She lived with husband Eric in a beautiful little bungalow down a quiet country lane in the Hampshire countryside, not far from the beach, and Mary enjoyed the way her life had gradually evolved. She had financial security, a little part-time job at the local school, a reliable if predictable husband, and she knew her children and grandchildren weren't far away if there was an emergency.

But suddenly, in the last two months or so, Mary had been taken on a bit of a roller coaster ride. Bert, the old widower who lived a few doors down the lane, had slowly but surely seduced the shy, mature Mary until, on one glorious occasion, on a hot summer's day after Mary had enjoyed a wonderful swim down in the bay, the 69 year old Bert had enjoyed her stunning, shapely body over his kitchen table.

Mary couldn't say that she didn't enjoy it, because she did......it was one of the most exhilarating and unexpected events in her life, and she had actively participated fully. It was a fantastic fuck and Mary had devoured every body shaking stroke!

This had been more than a month ago, but she still remembered it as though it were yesterday. She and husband Eric had sort of taken over as unofficial carers for Bert, who had lost his wife some years previously. They ran errands for him, Eric mowed the lawn or took him into town now and again, Mary cleaned and took him in a dinner each day, and they just generally made sure that the old man was OK.......and Bert was definitely more than OK!!!

Slowly, Bert had teased Mary about her beauty, her long, sexy legs, the way all the other older men in the village discussed her sexy figure with admiration, and this in turn had excited Mary even though she was always embarrassed and shy whenever Bert brought up the subject. It had given her a new lease of life in her hum-drum days, and she looked forward to visiting Bert each day.

It had excited her so much that on occasions she let Bert 'accidentally' have a glimpse of her legs while they talked, or she bent over more than was necessary while doing the chores, and she had even allowed the old man to take some risqué photographs of her, with her skirt raised or just wearing one of her sexy bikinis.

It all seemed very harmless, even when Bert and a couple of his friends caressed her bottom and legs in the quiet snug of the local pub one lunch-time, but it really excited the attractive wife, and when Bert finally cornered Mary against the kitchen table that summer's afternoon, she didn't really have the strength or the willpower to put up any resistance. And who could blame Bert?

Mary was still an attractive and sexy woman, although she wouldn't say so herself. She was about 5'9, with short, neat hair, a slim figure with wonderful legs and a superb ass and, just occasionally, she wished that husband Eric would take more notice of her or even be more sexually aggressive towards her. But he was a devoted husband who worked hard, and Mary didn't think her life was going to change much now that she was nearing that 50th milestone. Anyway, she had no time to dwell on all that now.

She and Eric were going to have a week away together. It was their turn to visit relatives.......there were two other children and grandchildren to see, and Mary wanted to see her married sister as well. The relatives were scattered across various counties in East Anglia and the Midlands, so they had decided to stay in a plush hotel in Northampton for 4 nights......from there they could visit a different place each day, see all the relatives, and still have some peace and quiet to themselves in the evenings.

So, Eric booked the hotel and off they went. Eric had also arranged to also see an old work-mate that he'd not seen for over 10 years, and so Charlie and his wife would join them for evening meal at the hotel on the last night, Thursday evening. Both Mary and Eric were looking forward to this well-earned break, trying to recharge their batteries, and perhaps have some quality time together.

For Mary, it was perhaps a chance to get away from the guilty feelings she had about betraying her husband with old Bert down the lane. She wanted to make it up to Eric, to have some time for romance when he wasn't so tired after all those hard days at work. They would see relatives each day, Mary told herself, but she would try and pamper Eric in the evenings, make him feel special, enjoy some slow meals and some fine wine together and Mary had even.......she blushed when she thought of it.......she had even packed some items of clothing that might bring a smile to Eric's face....perhaps more than a smile!!

And for Eric it was a chance to wind down and have time with his attractive wife. He wanted to enjoy her company in a relaxed atmosphere, and he was looking forward to introducing her to his ex colleague, Charlie.......Eric thought that Mary would be impressed by Charlie! And perhaps there was another reason that Eric was looking forward to the short break!!!!

They were in the plush hotel on the outskirts of Northampton by mid afternoon on Monday and their room was magnificent. Eric had really picked a wonderful place. The room was really spacious with a large en-suite bathroom, and the view from the bedroom window looked out right across the grounds where there were beautiful trees, a large lawn and even a superb lake with ducks swimming and waddling about.

It was now June and the weather was warm and sunny, and Mary and Eric were able to enjoy afternoon coffee out on the hotel patio. They couldn't have been more relaxed, and Eric was even more relaxed later when he saw how his wife was dressed for evening meal. She looked wonderful.

'My God, Mary, you look stunning,' he told her as she came out of the bathroom. 'I didn't think you still had it in you,' he laughed.

'You cheeky devil,' Mary came back, but she gave Eric a kiss on the cheek. 'I thought I would make the effort...after all, we don't get much chance at home now, do we, with us both working so hard. Anyway, let's go and have a nice meal and perhaps a few glasses of wine,' and she turned and allowed her husband to admire the wonderful view of her body in the smart attire.

She had put on a black, tight jumper, worn with some amazing shorts. They were also black, and very tight around Mary's shapely bottom, and she finished off the outfit with black tights and bright red shoes with very high heels. She looked fantastic, and she blushed a little as she knew her husband would be taking in the sexy vision.

As they took their seats in the hotel restaurant, Eric had a wry smile on his face which Mary didn't fail to notice.

'What's so funny, then, Eric? Do I look strange?'

'On the contrary, you little rascal. I was watching some of the other diners looking at you as we crossed the room. They were definitely looks of admiration at your outfit, and I could see some of the men having a good look at your legs and tight bum in those shorts. You've really been looking good for the last month or two......I mean, better than usual. Any particular reason?' and Eric looked into his wife's eyes across the table.

For a moment, Mary's heart shuddered a heavy beat. What did Eric mean? Could he possibly have any idea of what.....oh my God!......no, no, she told herself. Put it out of your mind. There was no way that her little indiscretion could have found its way back to her husband. She tried to stay calm.

'Well, thankyou for the compliment, darling. I don't know why. Perhaps it's because we're more contented now. The children are happy and settled, we've both got nice jobs that we enjoy and.......and.......I don't think there's any particular reason. I try and always look smart and....and....if you enjoy it, then so much the better.' Eric just smiled again.

'Well, I most definitely do enjoy it, and I'd like you to keep looking smart and appealing when we have time to ourselves this week...........especially when Charlie and his wife come and join us on Thursday evening. I've always told him that you are an attractive woman, and I wouldn't like him to think that I've been leading him on.'

'Well, I'll do my best. What have you told him, then?' Mary was blushing a little at the thought of her husband discussing her with his work colleagues.

'Nothing really. He's a bit of a ladies man on the quiet, and I'd love to show him that my wife is a gorgeous woman who knows how to dress in a sexy but smart way. He's a go-getter, very ambitious, very confident, and that's why he left the company......to move on to higher things, I suppose. I'm sure you'll like him, Mary.'

'Well, we'll have to see, won't we? You really want me to pull out all of the stops when Charlie and his wife come over, do you? You know I'm quite reserved, so what do you mean.... 'sexy but smart?' she grinned. She thought the dangerous moments had passed, and breathed a little easier now.

'Oh don't worry about it now,' smiled Eric. 'It's only Monday evening and we've got until Thursday to sort it all out. Let's enjoy the meal and have an early night after that long drive.'

The couple had a few glasses of wine with their meal, enjoyed more conversation and then made their way to their room. They were certainly tired but Eric had not failed to notice the other diners again ogling his attractive wife as they left the restaurant. He lay on the big double bed and enjoyed the pleasure of watching his wife undress, and Mary, in turn, enjoyed the attention. It was certainly different from when they were back at home, when Eric was usually snoring within a few minutes of hitting the pillow.

They made slow love on the big bed. Eric enjoyed being between his wife's soft thighs once more and Mary loved the sensation of being fucked without the feeling of guilt on her conscience. Occasionally, she thought of her husband discussing her with his old colleague, Charlie, and 'he's a ladies man,' and 'dress in a sexy but smart way.' As she reached a wonderful orgasm....the first time with her husband for many a month, Mary thought that she might enjoy meeting Charlie and his wife.

They were both asleep within minutes and Tuesday and Wednesday were spent visiting the children and grandchildren in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. They were joyful, noisy, happy occasions and Mary and Eric got back to their hotel on both nights feeling really tired but contented. Thursday would be a quick visit to Mary's sister in Leicestershire for lunch, and then back to their hotel to await Charlie and his wife for the evening.

On the drive back from Leicestershire, after seeing Mary's sister, Eric had suddenly said,

'Well, that's the relatives all taken care of, isn't it? They all seem pretty well and happy, so we can relax a little this evening, our last evening, can't we? I told Charlie to get to the hotel with his wife about 7o'clock. That gives us a few hours for a rest and to get changed.' Mary was smiling and ran her hand up her husband's thigh as he was driving.

'And perhaps we might have time for a little cuddle in our room before they get here, shall we?' Eric knew exactly what she meant, but was now way ahead of his wife.

'I don't really know about that, Mary,' he grinned. 'I think it all depends on how sexy you are looking for the meal with our guests this evening. I mean, if you are wearing something that I really can't resist, then it might be impossible to resist your advances later on tonight. What about that?' He had put the ball back into Mary's court.

'Oh, that's not fair, is it, Eric? You really want me to dress up sexily to meet your friend and his wife, and sort of tease you, and then maybe you might fancy me enough to make love to me again later on? Is that what you mean?' and her hand went higher up his trousers until she was feeling Eric's cock through the material. It was hard and rigid and Mary knew that the talk was turning him on.

'That sounds wonderful, darling. Yes, I'd love you to do something like that. I told you Charlie was a ladies man......and seeing you looking sexy and smart does something for me as well......as you can feel, Mary!!' Mary grinned again.

'We'll have to see what we can do, then, won't we? It's a good job we're a long way from home.'

'Exactly right, Mary. We're a long way from home, nobody knows us, and tomorrow we drive back to Hampshire and then back to work next week......and we make sure old Bert is still alive and kicking, don't we?' Mary tried not to react to the mention of the name Bert! Eric continued.

'So, I'm sure you have an outfit that both Charlie and I will enjoy.' The journey continued with both Eric and his wife inwardly smiling to themselves, and they enjoyed tea on the hotel patio at the end of the journey.

Mary showered first and then when Eric came out of the en-suite bathroom, Mary was sitting in front of the dressing table putting on her make-up. Eric almost stopped in his tracks at the vision......she looked fabulous and had surpassed even Eric's expectations.

She had a little lacy top on which curved around her shapely breasts, and her tight skirt was wonderfully short, giving just a hint of the hold-up nylons clinging to her long legs. To accentuate her legs even more, Mary was wearing black shoes with, at least, 5 inch heels, and these made her at least 6' tall.

She looked incredible and Eric's cock began to twitch under his towel as he gaped, open mouthed. Mary was also applying mascara and dark eye-liner, and the soft, pink lipstick made her face provocative as well as stunningly attractive.

'My God, Mary. Is it you? You look stunning. Charlie is going to be impressed, I can tell you!'

'It's not too much, is it?' she grinned. 'You did say you wanted me to look sexy and smart......just like this, do you mean? You said that Charlie is a ladies man......and it does make me feel, well.....you know! I thought that we've had such a lovely week, seeing all the relatives and relaxing, that I'd try to make an effort this evening, just to please you,' and Mary fluttered her long eye lashes in such a provocative way.

'Oh, you certainly do that, you sexy woman.'

Eric was about to make a grab for his wife when his mobile phone rang at the side of the bed. After a brief conversation, the call ended and Eric turned to his wife.

'That was Charlie....his wife has got a terrible migraine and sends her apologies, but Charlie is on his way. OK?'

'Oh God, Eric. She's not coming? It's going to be a bit strange, isn't it, you two drinking and eating and me sitting there like a wallflower? Shall I stay here and just let you two have a boys' night out with so much to talk about?' Eric was having none of it.

'Certainly not, gorgeous. You look really stunning, and you're not going to waste it by staying here. Besides, I'm sure you'll find Charlie delightful company.......and I know he's going to just love you and the way you look. End of discussion. I'll be ready in 10 minutes, and then we'll go down to the bar for a drink.'

Within 15 minutes, Mary and her husband were walking into the bar and...surprise, surprise...., heads turned again to get a longer look at the glamorous wife with legs to die for. She did look sexy, but smart and cultured at the same time. They sat on stools at the bar and Mary had a brandy and lemonade to stiffen her nerves. She only drank this occasionally, but it was the last night, they didn't have to leave the building, and Mary was casting caution to the wind, perhaps also being a little nervous at the anticipation of Charlie's arrival.

Suddenly, she could see her husband catch the eye of someone entering the bar and she turned to see a distinguished looking man, smartly dressed, coming towards them, smiling. It was obviously Charlie. He was in his 50s, about 6 feet tall, broadly built with strong shoulders, and his hair was dark with a tinge of grey, swept straight back. He wore an expensive sports jacket, open necked button down shirt and his trousers were immaculate. Mary was impressed already.

Eric rose from the stool and the two men shook hands and slapped each other on the back. The introductions went on for some while Charlie paid particular attention to Mary.

'So this is your beautiful wife you've always told me so much about, Eric. Well, I must say, you haven't been exaggerating.' As he shook Mary's hand, he turned her hand over and gently kissed the middle of her palm, prolonging the act to send a mild shiver down Mary's spine. Well, she thought, he's certainly a gentleman and he smells so wonderful.......she already felt relaxed in Charlie's company.

Mary had another brandy while the men enjoyed a pint each and talked over old times, but both Mary and Eric could see that Charlie's interest was concentrated on the mature woman whose skirt had drifted up her thighs while she sat on the stool. It made Mary blush but it also excited her, knowing that this handsome man was enjoying her figure, right in front of her husband.

They soon went to their table where Mary was allowed to sit down first. The two men sat on the opposite side of the table to Mary, as both wanted to hold her attention, as well as devour the beauty and sexiness of the mature wife. The doors to the restaurant were open onto the patio as it was such a warm and sunny evening, and they began to enjoy their meal as well as the convivial conversation.

Obviously, Eric and Charlie had a lot of catching up to do, but they didn't bore Mary at all, mainly because one or other of the men always came back to teasing her or including her in the talk, but it was mainly Charlie who kept Mary's attention.

As, finally, the meal was drawing to a close, and Mary was on her third brandy, Charlie suddenly enquired,

'So, Mary, you must have been a model some time in your life with those wonderful legs and that shapely figure. You think I didn't notice them, didn't you? Were you a model?' Mary smiled and blushed all over her face. She was flattered and excited at the same time......Eric had been right.....Charlie certainly was a ladies man and knew how to make a woman feel important.

'Oh no, I couldn't have been a model, just an ordinary house-wife, bringing up a family like millions of other women.' Eric just smiled at the exchange, but Charlie wanted to keep up the attack.

'I don't really believe you, Mary. A smart woman with your looks could easily have been a model.....not just when you were younger, but even now! Don't you think so, Eric? You have such a gorgeous wife, you lucky thing!' Mary was still blushing and took a large gulp from her brandy glass as she waited for Eric's reply.

'Yes, I am lucky,' Eric started. 'And I think she would have made a great model. In fact, I think you're right Charlie, she'd be very good now, wouldn't you, Mary? She can be persuaded to pose in front of the camera when she is in the right mood, and her defences are lowered, isn't that right, darling?' The thoughts of posing for pictures again made Mary shiver, her mind going back to old Bert and the way he was secretly building a small album of her in risqué poses!

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