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Mature Office Affair


You know those late nights, when you have to stay after hours at the office to finish a critical project? Long after everyone else has gone home to their families, but there is no end in sight for yourself? I had been living like that for a couple of weeks, and I was ready to blow it all off and head to the nearest bar for a beer or three. But instead, I got up from my desk and headed down the hall to the break room, hoping that that a cold cola would get me back on track.

As I approached the break room, I heard music coming from one of the offices at the far end of the hall. An open door allowed light to leak into an otherwise dark hallway, and beckoned me closer. I realized quickly that the light and music came from Deanna's office, and the realization perked me up.

Deanna was the 50ish executive secretary of the company president who always had a beaming smile to go with her lush body. I was 28, and had never been attracted to a mature woman before, but in the three months I had been working there, I realized that Deanna was something quite special. She was no more than 5 feet tall, and her body was voluptuous to say the least. Her blonde hair was cut short and cute, and she kept a constant tan that accentuated her soft skin. Deanna's breasts were her most amazing attribute, and the low-cut blouses she seemed to prefer (and made my eyes bug out of my head every time I saw her). Her hips and lets were curvy and sexy, and her buttocks swayed and bounced when she walked in high heels.

Deanna's desk faced the door, so she looked up and beamed one of those great smiles when she saw me in the doorway. "I didn't know anyone else was here tonight. Morgan said these contract revisions had to be in the lawyer's hands at 8 o'clock tomorrow, so that means I get to spend lots of time in the word processor," she said. "Yeah, I've got tons of work to get caught up on too if I want to be able to get out of town this weekend," I answered. She nodded and added, "The only really bad thing about this kind of work is how cramped my shoulders get after so many hours crouched over a keyboard. I just feel knotted up and sore."

There was no way I was going to resist an opening line that, not after the months I'd spent watching her and fantasizing about her. But I knew I had to be careful, because she was married, and her oldest son worked for the company also, in a different department. If I misinterpreted her meanings or got indiscreet, it could end up biting me in the ass, as well as cost me my career. "What you really need," I started, being very cautious with my words, "is to get home, have a nice glass of wine, and have your husband massage out those knotted muscles."

She laughed and said, "Fred wouldn't touch me to save his own life. He hasn't touched me in more than 3 years except to hand me the TV remote."

"That doesn't sound like much of a marriage."

"You're right about that. It isn't much of a marriage anymore. We don't have sex -- ever. He even sleeps in a separate bedroom, and I haven't even seen him naked in forever."

I swallowed hard and took a deep breath to ready myself to step out on the proverbial limb, "Well, if you ever need a shoulder rub or anything, all you have to do is ask me."

"Seriously? Do you mean it?"

"Absolutely -- anytime at all."

"Well then, I'm asking you to rub my shoulders. Right now."

Deanna slid her chair back from her desk a bit and spun it to her left. She turned her head to watch me as I stepped behind her chair. She was biting her lower lip slightly, and gripping the armrests of her chair. She faced away from me as I let my fingertips rest on her upper arms, and I could see her face reflected in the glass of the painting on the wall in front of her, eyes closed and breathing through parted lips.

I let my fingers move up her shoulders to her lower neck. She really was knotted and tense, so I used my fingertips to caress and massage the muscles in her shoulders. As I did this, I allowed myself to peer over her shoulder at the splendor of Deanna's cleavage, full and tanned and sexy. Her dress had wide shoulder straps, but had a very generous neckline that made my head swim and my cock swell.

I massaged Deanna for several minutes, working on her upper arms, shoulders and neck. "How is it so far? Is it what you needed, or do I need to change what I'm doing?," I asked cautiously. Deanna didn't bother to answer, she just reached up to her right shoulder and slid the strap off and pulled her arm through. That little act revealed the lacy baby blue shoulder strap of her brassiere. I traced the outline of the strap with my fingers across her back and shoulder, then let my fingers slide down the swell of her breasts until I reached the top of one very large bra cup.

I could see Deanna's face, reflected in a mirror she kept on the wall. Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted slightly, her breathing shallow and ragged. When I brought my lips to her neck and kissed the tanned flesh she gasped and her nipples poked through the front of her dress. My tongue traced a line from her earlobe, down her neck and across her sweaty shoulder. My left hand tugged her chin around to my face so that I could press my lips against her full mouth while I slid my right hand down and under her dress and into her bra cup. Our tongues met and danced as I groped Deanna's heavy boobs with both hands, feeling her nipples digging into my sweaty palms.

She pulled back and winked at me, then nodded towards the door. I quickly scooted over, then closed and locked the door. When I turned back to Deanna, I saw that she was staring at me and smiling, while pulling the dress shoulder strap off of her left arm before tugging down the front of her dress. I knelt at her feet and watched her face peering at me from between her brassiere cups as I slipped my hands behind her curvy legs, sliding my hands from her ankles to her knees, caressing her calves and reveling in their warmth.

Deanna leaned back in her chair and spread her thighs slightly, forcing my eyes and my hands to explore up and under her skirt. "Touch me," she begged. I answered by sliding her skirt higher, until my eyes were treated to a peek at her silky panties. There was a hint of moisture there, a wet vertical line that told me how much Deanna was enjoying my hands on her body, and how much more she wanted to experience with me. I was definitely not going to disappoint her.

I leaned down to kiss her knee, watching her face for a reaction. "Please don't stop. Please...." My tongue extended, its tip brushed her knee, then traveled up one very sexy thigh to the steamy V of Deanna's crotch. With my hands on her hips, I urged her forward. She slid her bottom toward the edge of her chair and spread her thighs even further. I brought my face to her crotch and kissed her pussy through her panties. The heat was undeniable as well as intense. My tongue traced the outline of her pussy through the silky material before sliding up and down the length of her moist slit. Deanna's moans and whimpers were matched only by the way her ass bounced off the seat cushion. Her breathing was heavy and labored, but her eyes were now wide open and staring at me over her heavy boobs.

I slipped two fingers under the elastic at her crotch and pulled the material sideways, exposing her blonde pubic bush and hot pink lips. I dove in eagerly, wrapping my lips around her swollen clit and sliding two fingers deep into her pussy. The vaginal muscles clamped tightly around my fingers, and it didn't take Deanna long to experience the first orgasm of that hot night. She was thrashing in ecstasy and the muscles in her thighs rippled as she came in several tremendous spasms. Her sticky juices covered my face and sweat trickled down her face and neck.

My hands grabbed Deanna's panties at the hips, and she raised her ass off the chair so that I could slide her panties down her legs and helped her step out of them. I pulled her thighs over my shoulders so that I could return to feasting on her neglected pussy. Deanna's hands went to the back of my head, mashing her crotch against my face and forcing me to pleasure her pussy, which I gladly did with gusto. My hands slid under her asscheeks, squeezing her firm globes in my greedy fingers while my tongue lapped at her pussy.

"Oh, my God! This is so good, but I need to be fucked!," Deanna grunted through clenched teeth while she continued to hump against my face. My cock throbbed painfully in my pants, and I fully intended to give Deanna what she was begging for, but not just yet. She moaned even louder as I concentrated on fucking her pussy with my tongue and lips until she exploded with an orgasm that made her entire body quiver and shake.

I stood up and pulled Deanna to her feet, reaching around to lower the zipper at the back of her dress. She slid her dress off, then turned her back to me so that I could unclasp her bra. Deanna wagged her ass against my throbbing crotch as I slipped my hands under her heavy tits. I unzipped my pants quickly and dropped them to my ankles while I bent her over her desk, spilling the critical contracts onto the carpeted floor.

Deanna reached between her legs and guided my cock toward her sopping wet pussy, allowing me to plunge in balls deep, one hand on her hip and the other groping her tits. We grunted and groaned as we fucked, our sweaty bodies slapping together with each thrust, making the desk and all of its contents shake.

We humped each other's brains out for several glorious minutes, our sweaty bodies smacking together with each mighty thrust. I felt her pussy clenching around my cock just before she screamed and let another orgasm wash over her, rippling her fleshy ass against me. Her orgasm triggered mine, and I gripped both of Deanna's hips like a madman as I felt my hot seed spurt deep into her.

I lay on Deanna's back, unable to catch my breath for several minutes, our bodies glued together with sweat and cum. I kissed her neck and shoulders while we savored the feelings. "So what ... do we do ... from now on?," I asked between breaths.

"We're adults, we don't have to change the way we act during the day."

"And after work?"

"I'm planning to get laid by you as often as we can."

I smiled when I heard that. "Want to go get a drink somewhere? I know a cozy little place nearby. It's close to my apartment, and nobody would pay us any attention. Then after, we can go back to my apartment for another round."

This was the beginning of a wonderful relationship with many more adventures and pleasures. No, she wasn't going to get a divorce, but that wasn't going to stop her from having fun! She might be someone else's wife, but she's my sexy, voluptuous, mature lover...

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