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Mature Siblings Fuck


My sister Ellen and I found ourselves in the same position. We both got divorces in the past year. Ellen is thirty-five and I am thirty-seven. My wife dumped me and Ellen caught her ex-husband cheating on her. I know Ellen took it hard. My sister normally stops at my house Saturday morning to cry on my shoulder.

"I really screwed up badly. Now I don't have a man." She said to me.

Ellen wasn't beautiful by any means. She had average looks and she was a little overweight. Since getting dumped myself, I would check out my sister from time to time. I was so horny these days. I had thoughts of getting Ellen into bed with me.

I had broken out the liquor and we were both getting loosened up. My mind must have betrayed me right then.

"I should have fucked you before you married Kevin," I told her.

She looked at me with wide eyes.

"What are you talking about Alan?" She said.

"Maybe if we had bedded down together we wouldn't be in this position now."

"You can't be serious," she said to me.

"Quite serious," I told her.

Maybe the dam broke at that moment. Ellen slid over to me on the sofa. She placed a hand on my thigh and began to rub me. Soon after, we were kissing each other. I had a hand on her chest. Ellen was moaning as I moved both hands onto her shirt. I got crazy and I ripped the buttons apart. Ellen shrieked as I pulled her shirt away. I slid her bra straps off her shoulders, exposing her small tits.

I had to taste them. I lowered my face and sucked on both nipples. Ellen now had her hands running through my hair. A few minutes of that and I pulled back. I stood up and removed my shirt, pants and briefs. My fat cock was directly in front of Ellen's face. She knew just what to do. She inhaled my dick into her mouth.

My sister was now bobbing up and down on my growing shaft. Every few seconds she would look up at my face to see my expression. I was enjoying every moment of this. It didn't take long before I was completely hard. I had Ellen stop. I told her to strip out of her clothes the rest of the way. Once she did that I sat down on the sofa again. Ellen kneeled above my rigid pole and then she sunk down.

My sister was so tight, it took some time for me to enter her pussy the whole way. Once I was in her tunnel, I flexed my cock so she could feel my thickness. I was pretty sure Ellen was having orgasms already. She worked up and down on my pole. I looked at her face and could see she was in ecstasy.

I pushed up with my cock. I gave her all seven inches of my stiff dick. God, did my sister need fucked. She was practically begging for me to take her. I was doing just that. I knew I was going to have her pussy more than this one time. Ellen rode me hard for close to a half hour. My cock was telling me I was close to cumming. I didn't bother warning Ellen.

I sent a geyser of cum deep into her belly. Ellen jerked back when she felt me spray her insides. Her muscles clamped down on my shaft and she got all of my seed out of me. I leaned in and bit on her erect nipples. That really set Ellen off. Her body began to shake as I gave her the fucking she deserved. I gave my sister every drop that was in me.

I stayed hard for a long time. Ellen kept having her orgasms until I finally slipped out of her pussy. My cum was dripping out of her hole as she tried to get to her feet.

"Damn, you had a lot of cum in you!" She said to me.

Ellen went back to the bathroom to empty out. After she cleaned up, we ended up on my bed talking about the sex we just had. Ellen told me she had been so uptight from lack of cock. She didn't care if it came from her brother or not. Not only did it not bother me, I wanted my sister again. Ellen stroked my cock with her hand. I got stiff and then flipped over onto my sister. I parted her thighs and entered her a second time.

I pushed Ellen's legs back to her chest. I slid my prick all the way into her body. We both must have needed more that day. My balls were bouncing off her bottom as I gave Ellen every hard inch I had. She screamed as I pounded her tight hole.

"Don't stop Alan!" She pleaded with me.

I knew I should have broken in my sister long ago. I wouldn't have needed to go through all those marriage problems before. I didn't have any cum left in the tank. It didn't matter. I just had to satisfy Ellen and I could tell she was getting off. We fucked until we were both getting sore. I pulled out to give Ellen a breather. My dick looked red from all that sex.

Everything has worked out perfectly. Ellen is in my bed a few nights a week. We both need each other. There is no complaining about being too tired for sex. My sister is a sexual dynamo. She likes it hard and that is the way I give it to her. I will have her on her stomach. I pull her ass up and the feed her wet hole with cock.

Ellen loves it when I reach out and take her hair with my hands. I pull her head back as I slide my bone past her pussy lips. I am a guy who loves to hear his woman pleading to be fucked. Ellen will tell me to shoot my hot seed into her body. I will tell her that I am going to breed her pussy. She screams that she wants me to coat her eggs.

Maybe one day I will give my sister exactly what she needs. For now we spend our nights taking care of each other's needs.

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