tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMay I Demonstrate?

May I Demonstrate?


My friends April and Jon decided to adopt a child. They’re in their mid-thirties and had never had children, so I figured that they had decided to be a childless couple. It surprised but pleased their friends. They adopted a two-year old from Bulgaria, and he was a delight.

I have known April and Jon for several years. April and I worked together. She and Jon were on the swim team at their college, and both remained in great shape. April was tall and strong and possessed a unique kind of beauty. Many’s the time I’ve stared at her long legs and taken every opportunity to gaze down her blouse. At home she typically wears loose fitting shorts that have be oogling her legs and enjoying the view when she sits and lets her legs fall open.

Their son is still in diapers, so April and Jon are rapidly getting used to the processes of dealing with keeping a little one clean. April revealed that one of the issues they had to deal with was the fact that their son was not circumcised and so the parents would have to make sure to clean him properly.

When she said this, I looked at them both and mentioned that I was not circumcised and that I know what they mean.

“It’s important to take extra time in that area,” I said. “Depending on the size of the penis, it can be easier or harder to do good job.”

“In my case the natural opening of the foreskin has always been a little too small for me to easily pop the head out to clean myself.” I revealed this information in the spirit of parenting support, but I noticed that Jon and April were a little shocked at what I said.

I figured that with their child asleep, it was a good opportunity for me to press the issue. I had long enjoyed feasting my eyes on April, and this was too good a chance to pass up.

“When I was young I’m sure I never cleaned myself properly, and nobody showed me what to do.” “It wasn’t until I was older and discovered that I could get erections and masturbate that I really played with myself enough to notice all the moving parts.”

By now Jon was visibly looking a little frantic, but April seemed to become more interested in my story.

“Since you have responsibility for a new child, let me show you how to do it.” As I said this I stood and unfastened my pants.

April just cocked her head and look on while Jon stood up and said, “That’s OK, I don’t think we need to go that far!”

But April waved her hand over toward Jon and said, “Oh, Jon, Bill’s a good friend, and I don’t see what harm it will do.” “Besides, we really should learn as much as possible.”

As I lowered my trousers I watched Jon retake his seat. Then I looked straight at April as I lowered my boxers.

Plop, my long dong bounced into view with its twisted pucker of extra skin completely hiding my dick head. Of course, this scene was making me aroused and my dick was getting puffy as I watched April enjoy an eyeful. I just ignored Jon.

To appear professional and indifferent, I took my cock in one hand and held it out for inspection. As a large cocks man, I must tell you that my cock was now about nine inches long and getting fatter. “As you can see, the outer skin completely sheathes my dick.”

I used the term “dick” to see how it would affect April. She didn’t flinch. In fact, she said to me, “My goodness, that’s quite a dick you have there.” “I know I’ve never seen one like that, have you, Jon?”

Jon was mute. I asked April, “How did they show you to clean a cock like this?”

She sort of reached out toward me but hesitated and asked, “May I show you?”

“Why certainly,” I replied, “The pleasure would be all mine.” I was clearly stepping over the bounds of a demonstration now, and my manhood was rising to the occasion.

I stepped over to stand directly in front of April. She reached up and gripped my meat pole and said, “Well, they said to pull down on this part to expose the top.” She pulled down and gave me a little half stroke, but the head of my dick did not show itself yet. There was still too much extra skin yet to be filled up.

I said, “Here, let me show you.” I looked down at April’s long slender legs which were splayed apart and revealing just the tiniest glimpse of blue panties. I played with my cock for a second or two to get it closer to maximum size. As I did the pucker at the tip started to spread open and my slit was exposed for April to see.

However, I’d built up a bit of precut by then and once the opening appeared a long strand of cum slowly oozed until it hit the floor. “Sorry,” I said, “That’s not part of the demonstration.” “I’ll clean that up later.”

April laughed and said, “I’ll bet you’re enjoying this more than you should.”

I gave my dick a couple of proper strokes and replied, “Well, yes, it is fun for me.”

I looked over at Jon, and he just had his head in his hands and wasn’t looking at us.

April said, “Jon, look at this. We need to know how this sort of thing works, so get over it.”

With that I invited April to once again pull back on my foreskin. She did but it was tight and my dick head wasn’t coming through the opening.

“That’s the problem, April, my foreskin doesn’t all my cock head to come through unless you pull harder.”

“I’m afraid to pull too hard,” she said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t get hurt.” “In fact, it feels very good when someone grips me hard and pulls.” As she pulled and pushed more cum flowed from my dick and there was a little pool gathering at my feet.

“Go ahead, experiment all you want,” I told April. She pulled my foreskin back over my entire dick than pushed it almost to my torso, enjoying the feel of a humongous dick that is covered in foreskin. Finally I was lubricated enough so that with one strong push she popped the head of my cock out completely.

The extra skin bunched up behind my little head. It was purple and inflated to the size of a handball, and my whole cock was just about as hard as a rock.

“There, you did it!” I said. “Now you can see how to get the foreskin back so you can wash around and under it.” “Bravo!”

I just stood there with my dick bouncing in the breeze of their living room and just inches from April.

“OK, that’s that,” she said. “Thanks.” “You can put that thing away whenever you’re ready.”

“I’ve got a problem,” I lied, “When the foreskin is pulled back like this, it won’t go back in place unless I discharge.”

“Unless you what?” April asked.

“Discharge!” yelled Jon. “What do you think he means? He’s gotta jerk it off so it’ll relax and he can put it away.”

“Jon’s exactly right, April.” “Do you mind?”

She looked at me with a wicked smile, “I guess you could go into the bathroom and disarm that thing.” “But frankly, I’d like to see it fire off a round.”

Just what I was hoping for!

I was now so wet that I didn’t need any more lubricant. I used both hands to spread my cum up and down my shaft and start to stroke.

“Wait a minute,” April barked. “Let me get something to catch your cum.” She jumped up and brought back a towel.

I relaxed on the floor with the towel spread out between my legs and looked at April’s blue panties while I stroked. Jon was off to the side and couldn’t see the view that I had of April. She casually let a finger slide into her pant leg and was toying with her panty covered cunt as she watched me.

In no time at all I was ready to erupt. I decided not to overdo things and just let it fly. The first jet flew out about half way down the towel, then the next and the next hit at the end of the towel, but the next five spews flew beyond the towel and splashed on the hardwood floor, and finally the last several jolts grew milder and milder until I was spent.

April just whispered, “My god,” as she watched me launch my cum into her living room. Jon just went to get another towel.

Sure enough, in another minute or two my cock had deflated to traveling size and I was able to tuck it away in my pants.

We finished the visit with goodbyes, and I told them that I hoped the demonstration was helpful.

It was indeed helpful to me because by the end of the next week I was fucking April like crazy. Whenever Jon left the house, she would call me to come over and give it to her. We’re contemplating telling Jon about it and making him watch us. April told me that his cock is less than half the size of mine. That’s about the ratio I’m used to when I fuck other wives, and of course it’s always more arousing if the husbands want to watch as I screw their wives.

This hasn’t affected out working relationship, not yet. April has begun to talk with some of her friends, and she’s set me up with another woman next week. I’ve lost jobs before because I fucked too many of the ladies at work. For god’s sake, I don’t want to have to find another job in this bad economy. But first things first!

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The story would have hotter if Jon touched/sucked the uncut penis

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