Mayor McBoob


Our town had a woman mayor. She was the only female at the city council meetings, but she handled herself well. Mayor McNicol lost a reelection bid, but last year she ran again to retake the office.

Over the years, Mayor McNicol has had diverse support from the community, but this last election looked like a dead heat with her opponent.

Mayor McNicol is the wife of a local attorney who commutes to his job in a major city about an hour drive from our town. She has always been a local activist and supporter of charities and many good causes. She is well liked, but folks here don't especially like her moneybags husband.

One of the mayor's distinguishing characteristics is her huge set of tits. Mayor McBoob is her nickname among the guys. She is about forty years old, average height, quite slim for her age, with the usual brown hair cut in an attractive short style. With such a rack of boobies, she is known to dress conservatively up top and to keep things covered. Hardly ever do you see any cleavage because of the way she dresses.

However, she does compensate by wearing short skirts to show off her legs, which are a sight to behold. Her calves are shapely to match her breasts, and every man stops to stare at her when she passes by. She's not a great beauty, but neither is she unattractive.

A local men's service club invited her to speak during last year's campaign. She showed up at our weekly lunch meeting, dressed as usual in a sharp looking short skirt but with a blouse that buttoned up under her chin. She took off her business jacket as she sat at the head of the table.

I should mention that this club is comprised of cantankerous geezers. We self select our members, and most are businessmen and some are retired. We're known to be tough on guest speakers and to make fun at their expense. But that goes with the territory for political office seekers.

After the dishes were cleared, Mayor McNicol was introduced by Jack who is sometimes a bit absentminded. Jack mentioned the mayor's previous term of office and said she was in a tough fight this time to get back in office, but when he turned the microphone over to her he said, "And with no further ado, here is Mayor McBoob."

She turned ten shades of red but Jack didn't even realize what he'd said. The room was dead silent. She graciously arose and pretended like nothing had happened, although her complexion was still rosy and she seemed a bit tongue tied for a few seconds.

"Gentlemen," she began, "our town needs the best leadership we can give it." She seemed to catch her breath and move on. But that's when the devil got into me.

"We're on the verge of great opportunities here in the village, and it's time for responsible leadership," she tried to keep going. However, the room was full of whispers and little laughs about Jack's mistake. Only he sat there not knowing what he had done.

So I decided something should be said. I stood and held up my hand and said, "Pardon me, Ms. Mayor, but I think we all need to apologize for your introduction."

"What the hell you talkin' about?" Jack piped up.

"Ah, sit down Jack. Let me finish," I replied.

"Mayor, Jack made a slip up and mentioned your nickname. Or at least it's a nickname we've used in private company. We're sorry about that, and we hope you'll understand."

Her redness returned, "Uh, OK, I guess," and she looked nervously down at her big rack of tits.

She was on the ropes, and I could feel it. "Mayor, when you were called 'Mayor McBoob' it was meant as a compliment from all us guys." I paused a moment to let her try to say something, but she was like a deer in the headlights now.

"Mayor, I think I speak for all of us here in this room when I say that we have long admired your breasts, hidden as they are." She was getting a little shaky now.

"And I'm sure that we agree with you about the things you were going to tell us about civic progress. We'd like to see you back in office to accomplish those things."

The rest of the men were staring at me then glancing at the mayor, or I should say at the mayor's big tits. She held on to the table top lectern like she was cemented to the spot. I wonder if she thought about bolting for the door.

So I went on, "Since the election is so close and you'll need every vote, there is one way you can guarantee support from the voters in this room."

She reached for a glass of water and took a gulp.

"A lot of us have dreamed about those magnificent titties covered up by your wardrobe. Today is your chance to show us how much you care about getting elected."

"Mayor, we've heard your opponent give us a speech, and frankly we're bored with politics. But you could really wake us up with a peek at your nipples."

With that I sat back down. The room was dead silent, but then a ripple of applause grew louder and louder as Mayor McBoob looked horrified.

Billy jumped up and locked the door to the dining room so no one would come in. The other men chimed in with their approval of my suggestion. A little chant started, "McBoob, McBoob, McBoob!"

The mayor was not stupid. She knew she could act offended and leave the room and end the event. She also knew I was right about the election. This office was one way she could compete with her husband for stature, and she treasured the thought of being mayor.

She pouted while her mental wheels spun the spoke, "You guys are funny. I know you're kidding, so let's get on with my talk. As I was saying,..."

"McBoob, McBoob, McBoob!" the guys started up again.

"I can't believe this," she said, "are you serious?"

I added, "Mayor, not only are we serious but I guarantee that we'll each bring five other voters to you if you show us your nipples right now."

"Why don't you start by unbuttoning your top button?"

She paused, looked thoughtful, and did what I told her.

"See, that wasn't hard. Now the next button."

Button number two came undone, and we were into cleavage.

"Take off your blouse."

By undoing her top two buttons, she had committed herself and there was no option to save face but to keep going. I went behind her and helped her remove her blouse entirely.

She stood before us, guy's mouths hanging open, in a fortress support bra and short skirt.

"Is this enough to get you votes?" she begged.

"Well, we certainly are inclined to vote for you, but I think I speak for all of us when I repeat that we need to see your nipples."

Red faced isn't the term to use at this point. She was nervous and shaking as I removed the lectern from in front of her to give the boys a better view of our honored guest.

She darted glances at me but looked downward as I touched her back and stared to unhook her bra. Once her bra was undone from behind, she pressed it to her front to conceal her tits from view for as long as possible.

Not a word more was said as I slipped her shoulder straps downward. She stood still with her boobies covered by her cups, and I knew she needed more prodding to get naked. I reached around her from behind and let my fingers touch to tips of her mountains. She had already melted and I knew it was just a matter of time before she surrendered, so I decided to add to our pleasure by getting her nipples as hard a possible before they came into view.

I reached under her bra cups and felt her firm fleshy boobs and pushed her bra cups away from her front. Her bra fell suddenly, and the men feasted their eyes on the town's largest tits. The mayor just stood there while we enjoyed the view. I reached over and bounced them a bit to see how they jiggled and to watch them sway. They were erect with large dark brown nipples tipped by nubbins that stood out a good quarter inch.

She got a standing ovation!

"Mayor, you have our undying support! Now let's let your guest get on her way to her next appearance." With that she grabbed her bra and blouse and disappeared into the ladies' room. Shortly she reappeared to another burst of applause but she didn't look anyone in the eye as she dashed out the door and into her car.

From the on, I was a hero to the guys in the club, but we agreed to keep this a secret because of the impact it would have on the mayor's life and on ours, too.

She was reelected in a close election, and she knew that she owed it all to her wise appearance at our club that day.

I drafted a citation of merit for her from the club and delivered it to her at city hall. As luck would have it, there was no one else in her office that day. She looked nervous when she saw me, but I reassured her by saying that I was just there to present her with an award. As I handed it to her, I told her, "We really appreciated your courage and we also really appreciated seeing your tits."

She looked worried again. "We've sworn an oath not to tell what we saw that day, so you needn't be concerned about the other guys. However, now that you've proven that you enjoy being seen by a group of men, I have something more that I'd like."

"You showed us your breasts, but I still want to see your pussy." I handed her a piece of paper, "Here's the place and time that I want you to meet me so we can finish this little piece of business." I had selected a nice motel in another town for the following week.

With that, I bowed to her and left.

The next week I went to the motel without any sense one way or the other that she would show up. Time went by and she didn't appear. Then there was a soft knock at the door.

I looked out and there she was.

"Hi," I said as I opened the door. "So glad you came. Are you ready to show me your pussy today?"

She didn't answer but looked pissed. However she did wear a great short skirt and her usually chin-high blouse. Actually, I had arrived early to set up things in the room so that I could enjoy more than just looking at her pussy.

I offered her a drink, which she took and downed it in a hurry. "If my husband ever found out about all this, he'd have my ass," she said.

"How would he ever find out?" I replied, knowing full well that all I had to do was set off a rumor about what she had done in front of the club members. As I said it I laughed and toasted her glass for another drink.

"Come over here," I motioned her closer to me. "Take off your blouse and bra."

In a few minutes she stood there in front of me naked to the waist with those magnificent tits on display. Her nipples were super erect so I figured she was into this as much as I was.

"Lift you skirt."

She reached down and lifted her skirt up a few inches.


She upped her skirt so I could begin to see her stocking tops and panties.

I was getting very hard, so I told her to stop while I got comfortable. She watched as I undressed. My dick was long and puffy and dripping. When I turned around and she saw my cock, she was surprised to see ten inches dangling down.

I took a seat and called her over to resume her show while I stroked myself.

She reached around and unfastened he skirt and let it drop. The only thing left was her blue nylon panties that fit her so snug I could see her cunt lips. I reached out to touch her panties and let my fingers trace her pussy mound. I could tell she was enjoying herself.

I stopped her and had her lay on the bed. What she didn't know was that I'd affixed arm and leg restraints to the corners of the bed. I got her to lay down and stretch her arms up, "Don't worry," I whispered as I slipped her wrists and then ankles into the restraints.

She did worry and became alarmed as I pulled her legs apart.

I asked, "Are you ticklish?" At that she went nuts. She didn't scream but she did beg me not to tickle her.

I began with her feet and moved up and over to her sides and arms, just barley grazing her skin so that she started to laugh and giggle uncontrollably. She twisted as best she could to avoid my touches. I was loving watching this magnificent mayor get the dickens tickled out of her.

What she didn't know was that she was going to get fucked, too.

I avoided touching her breasts and panty area for a while. Then slowly I started to invade her more private areas. Finally, I took a pair of scissors and snipped her panties to remove them.

What a sight lay before me! She had been naughty and trimmed herself the night before. Her little tuft of brown hair was atop her slit but she was bare down below. And by now with all the tickling, her inner labia were swollen and protruding very prominently.

I took my digital camera and made several photos. "What the hell are you doing?" she shouted. "It's for my own use and to be sure that you'll come back whenever I want to fuck you."

"Fuck me?!" What are you talking about?

"I'm talking about this," I put down the camera and approached the side of the bed, got between her legs and let my now fully erect peter playfully kiss her big pouty pussy lips.

"Are you kidding?!" she exclaimed. My husband is half your size. Don't put that thing in me!" I only laughed and began the process of fucking. With slow short thrusts I entered her just a bit. An inch here and an inch here until I was down into her about half way.

Taking it slowly and stopping to withdraw and lick her pussy was the way to get it all inside her. Three cock strokes followed by three licks, then four and four, five and five, each stroke going in a little deeper. She was very tight after the first six inches, which is usual for the average wife not used to larger dicks.

I opened her up real good and real gently until I was just about all the way in. By then she was in an orbit of orgasms and having a great time bucking and trying to press her clit against my shaft. I'd stop and tongue her until she got close to a new orgasm then stop short and let her writhe on the bed unsatisfied, then give her just one lick to stimulate her again. Then one more. Each time she calmed down, another lick or another cock dip into her pussy.

We left after about four hours, but we meet there often and she charges her expenses to "town business."

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