tagIncest/TabooMe And My Daddy

Me And My Daddy


I turned eighteen last summer. I have long blonde hair and deep green eyes. I have always been told I was a knockout and used it to my advantage where guys are concerned. My mom had just married a very sexy, younger man who was only twenty five.

Doug had a body like a greek god. Sculpted muscles, huge forearms, a killer smile, and the bluest eyes I had ever seen. He also shaved his head which is a huge turn on for me. He was very friendly and tried very hard to replace the dad I had never known, but I had other plans for my new daddy.

We were all going to go on an end of the summer camping trip to celebrate me heading off to college. Two days before we were supposed to leave my mom came down with strep throat. Not wanting us to miss the trip, she insisted Doug and I go on the trip without her. I was so excited, I would finally get to be alone with him.

On the day we left I wore a skimpy halter top that showed most of my breasts, and a short pair of shorts. I wanted him to notice my long tan legs. We talked about everything we could think of, but I noticed him glancing at me whenever he thought I was looking away. I knew "daddy" and I were going to have a lot of fun.

When we got to our campsite, we got everything set up first. "Dani, where is the second tent?", he asked. I pretended to look around in the back of the jeep for a few minutes, knowing that I had purposely left it behind at home.

"Oh good grief, I must have left it at home Doug, I guess we'll have to share your tent," I said with a smile. "You don't mind do you?" Doug gave me a longing look and shook his head. We got our campfire started and cooked some supper. After we ate I decided it was time for a swim.

I went and changed into the skimpiest bikini ever seen. The top barely covered my young pert nipples and the bottom left nothing to the imagination. I wandered down the edge of the lake, I could feel his gaze following me. I sat on the bank for a while and dangled my toes in the water. Soon I heard Doug come up behind me.

"Well are you going to sit there or are we going to swim?" he asked. We swam for a few minutes and then began to splash each other. We were laughing and having a great time. I dove under the water and came to the surface right in front of him. He looked into my eyes for a long minute. I reached my hand out to touch his sculpted chest. He was so warm and hard.

"I want you Doug," I said. I rubbed my perky breasts on his chest and my nipples were instantly hard. I reached my hand down into his swim trunks, his cock was huge and ready. I stoked his hard member for a few minutes until I knew he couldn't resist the temptation anymore. "I want you to fuck me daddy," I whispered in his ear. He groaned and pushed his hard cock against my hand.

"We really shouldn't do this Dani," he groaned.

"I love your mom very much, but god I want to fuck your sweet little pussy." Doug untied the sides of my bikini bottoms and slipped his long thick fingers into my drenched waiting cunt. He stroked my pussy deeply to my first orgasm. I screamed and writhed against him as I came, my juices drenching his hand.

We got out of the water and laid down on the soft cool grass, he had taken off his trunks. His huge erection stood out proudly from his body. "I wanna suck that cock daddy, can I suck it?" He kneeled down beside my head and I licked the precum of the tip and smiled up at him. I sucked his cock clear down my throat and heard him gasp.

"Oh yeah baby, suck daddy's cock." he moaned. He began to fuck my mouth. I sucked and licked until I could stand it no more.

"I want you to fuck my pussy daddy, I need your hard daddy cock inside me." My cunt was dripping I was so excited. He flipped me over onto my hands and knees and moved behind me. I could feel his hard cock at the entrance to my pussy. He rubbed his long cock up and down my dripping slit. "Fuck me daddy, fuck me," I screamed.

He shoved his cock balls deep in my pussy and began fucking me in earnest. It felt incredible. Doug leaned forward over my slender back and growled in my ear, "Is this what you wanted, you nasty little daddys' whore?" "Do you want your daddy to cum deep in your sweet little cunt?" He continued to pound my aching slit with his hard cock until all I could do was writhe and moan.

"Oh yes daddy, I want you to cum in me, please cum in my pussy." I could feel both of our orgasms coming, my dripping pussy clenching around his throbbing cock. "Cum for me daddy, cum for me." He slammed his cock into me a few more times and moaned out his orgasm. I could feel his hot seed spalshing against my insides and I came.

We lay there beside each other for few moments. Then Doug turned to me and said, "Dani, I know I should feel ashamed of myself, but I don't." "I still want you so bad I hurt, I don't know if I can survive without having you."

I smiled and touched his beautiful face with my small hand. "You'll never have too, I'll be daddys' good little whore anytime I'm home."

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