tagIncest/TabooMe and My Hot Pakistani Mother

Me and My Hot Pakistani Mother


Hi Literotica Members, Hope you all are doing well and remember me with my last story which was about my mother and her boyfriend. Now this story is about me and my mother that how I managed to fuck her.

Let me remind you again about my moms physique and her and my age. My age is 21 years now and my mom is 46 years old. She is just a common typical Pakistani asian type pulpy lady. Her breast size is 42 D and her waist and booty are wide and big. My dad works in Kuwait in a construction company and he visits every year for a month and sometimes for 2 month once on completing two years.

My mom is always busy in house chores or praying or chitchat with relatives. I never thought that an outsider will be fucking her without my knowledge.

After last weeks incidence that I saw her fucking with her boyfriend in her homeopathic clinic I thought while leaving the place she saw me but I was wrong as the staircase was dark and hard to see environment. That night I came home late while she was already asleep. I went to my room and took a shower and changed into boxers and opened my iPhone and scrolled to videos in gallery and started watching the video which I recorded earlier that night. The video was not long. It was around twenty one minutes long but the pleasure in this twenty one minutes was more than that all of the porn movies which I have seen till date.

That night on watching the movie clip of my mom and her boyfriend I masturbated three times and I don't know which time I slept. Second morning when I woke up it was a Sunday and I was free that day and my mom was in our big bathroom washing clothes but her big juggling boobs were visible from Pakistani shalwar kameez dress as she was not wearing any bra and the dress was light cotton in white color and her brown big penny size nipples were also visible. My cock came in full size on watching this.

My views and my thought after that night fully changed for my mother and I was thinking how to fuck her as she was so hot and chubby and fuck-able that any one in the neighborhood will die to fuck her. I started thinking of ideas that how can I accomplish my mission and I wanted to do it fast but I don't have the guts to directly go and tell her that I saw her fucking a guy the other day and here i recorded a video of yours. Days were passing by and life was going normal and I was masturbating sometimes twice and sometimes thrice a day on thinking about her.

I started wearing loose boxers and sometimes even came out of my room in my boxers only when my sis was sleeping and wanted my mom to see. One night when i went out to drink water after masturbating I saw her sitting on the sofa and I did not said anything and went straight to the kitchen and opened the fridge and started drinking cold water. My cock was still semi hard and she turned around and saw me only in my loose boxers and called me and said how dare you roam like this inside the house as you know you got a young sister and lady in the house and Its a sin don't do this again and blah blah. without thinking for a second I said peoples are here doing different bigger sins but I am not saying anything and silent. On hearing this her mouth opened to the fullest and she asked me what did I meant and I replied nothing and left for my Room.

I came inside my room and slept on my bed but sleep was far from my eyes and I was thinking only one thing how to fuck my mom and my hand automatically went to my cock and I started fondling my cock from above my boxer and it was in its full form and needed a good fuck but I was helpless. I was about to masturbate and planned to watch the movie clip again and stood and went to lock the door knob but some one knocked my door. On opening the door I saw my mom standing in her white nighty. She told me that she want to come in and needs to talk. On hearing her I let her come inside my room and left the door open behind.

She came inside and sat on my bed and called me and said come and sit next to me. Different kind of thought were killing me in my mind and i was thinking of several dirty things but what she said pissed me off. She said My son tell me whats the matter why you said that sentence before that in this house peoples are doing worst but I am silent. Is your sister having any affair with some one. Did you saw or heard something about her from some one? I replied to my mother that no its not sister and she is clean and innocent. Please leave this topic and go away. She was worried on hearing this and told me son please tell me whats wrong whats the matter. Did your Dad having an affair. I was stuck and don't know what to say and what not to say and my heart was pounding as it will blast anytime.

I saw mother becoming emotional now and saw tears in her eyes as she was worried and wanted to know whats the matter and why I said like that. I insisted her to go and we will talk some other time but she refused to leave my room. I said ok mom let me clear this issue once and for all that I have seen you fucking your boyfriend the other day. On hearing this she slapped me on my cheek and started shouting how dare I say something like this and started crying and saying which kind of a son I am and how can i blame her to being a whore as she said she is religious and always taking care of family and house.

I said nothing and just opened my phones lock and navigated to gallery and played the video and handed over the phone to her. Her mouth was wide open and she was watching the videoclip and after she confirmed that its her video with boyfriend. She threw my phone and said that its fake etc. I said ok then lets DAD to come and decide if its fake or not.

On hearing this she left my room and went to her room crying loudly and closed the door behind. I went after her and told her that I will not tell anybody about this and you don't have to worry about all this but I don't like an outsider fucking you. I feel embarrassed and jealous. You have to promise me you will not do it again and you have to promise on my head. I told my mom that if she meets that guy again i will tell my father and show him the video also. After my conversation with her I hugged her like a son and kissed her on the cheeks and head but inside my evil side was still in fire and my cock was jumping in my boxers. I left the room and came to my own room and masturbated twice that night.

Days were passing and I was still thinking how to fuck my mom as I don't have the guts to again start this topic or rape her without her will. I want to fuck her when she wants to do it with me. Meantime my father visited us for a week and every night I heard them fucking as the door was closed as I can't see anything but I heard them doing it. My mom was afraid of me these days and used to give me more money and gifts and even called me lonely and told me please not to tell father about that matter as I am not doing anything anymore with no one. I promised her not to tell father but I also have a will which I will tell you once father leaves but you have to promise me that you will fulfill it and she promised me that whatever I ask she will agree. I was very happy on hearing this and after two weeks my father left and our life was again on routine and she was closer to me this time as she started talking more frequently and sharing many things but those were not sex talks and life was going normal.

I was watching her very closely as she was carelessly dressing inside the house like night gown or lacy dress sometimes Pakistani shalwar kameez without bra and dupatta (scarf) making me mad day by day. One night I was very horny and was only in my boxers and tired of this masturbation shit. I knocked my moms door at around 2 AM and she was awake and told me to come inside but she was busy on the mobile phone talking with some one and on seeing me she said she will call back tomorrow and hanged the line. On entering her room I smelt her sweet perfume and became more horny and told her that I want to sleep here. She asked me whats the matter on which I replied that I am not getting sleep back in my room and you promised me whatever I ask you will agree, so she agreed and called me on her bed. On sleeping next to her my heart started beating loudly. She was normal like a mother and discussing different matters but my mind was somewhere else. After I think about half an hour she told me that she is getting sleepy and asked me to switch off the light on which I obeyed her. She was near to me on bed and I can feel and smell her sweet aroma.

My cock was in full form and dying to enter my mothers pussy but she was not aware of my intentions. After around fifteen minutes I called her to check if she is awake or not but she did not replied so I placed my hand on her boob as she was facing me and my thigh on her thigh and I brought my face next to her and kissed her cheeks on which she moved a bit but again slept. My cock was in full size and I was too horny to be handled and I slowly moved my hand on her boob little more and moved my cock a bit inside to touch her pussy with my cock. As My hand was on her boob I felt her nipples on my hand and my penis felt her pussy's warmth and I came same time in my boxers while moving back and forth slowly. I felt guilty and ashamed after I have came on her and turned my face on opposite side of her and slept.

I was sleeping when I felt a hand on my cock after an hour but i pretended to be asleep. I heard my mom breathing heavily and touching my cock from above my boxer and I can feel the bed moving as she was fingering herself with other hand and breathing heavily. My cock came in full size and I grabbed her hand and started moving it on my cock but she removed it and said no. I said mom whats happened but she said son I am sorry I did not do it intentionally as I was dreaming your father. I replied her that please don't say like this and I know you are dreaming about your boyfriend and now you have to do it. She started crying and saying things like its biggest sin of universe blah blah but for me it was now or never.

I stopped talking and told her Mother if you allow me to just play with your body and fondle your boobs I will not go further but if not I will tell father about your affair and will show him the video. She was confused and crying and in complete stress and tension.

Before she could say anything I grabbed her and brought her near and kissed her neck and licked it and started kissing her nape of the neck (backside of neck below the hairs) and she grabbed me in a sexy way with both hands and said please son stop please but her body was not resisting any more. On touching her body I came to know she was not wearing any Bra below her kamiz (Pakistani see-thru white cotton shirt). I grabbed one of her boob softly from above the kamiz and started circling and fondling the nipple while kissing her neck. She was moaning and making sounds because of my kissing.

Her nipples were erect and wanted to tore her kamiz. I ordered her to remove her kamiz but she refused but again ordered her and she said if you want do it yourself. I slowly and gently removed her kamiz. Her body was white like milk and chubby but she was a clean and hygienic lady. I felt an aroma of deodorant and nice perfume from her body on removing the kamiz. She was silent now and I made her lie on the bed and kissed her again on her neck and slowly I brought my mouth to her boob and started kissing it at first and then slowly sucking her nipple. In the meantime I was playing with her second boob with my other hand and pressing and fondling her boob and nipple and sometime pinching the nipple slowly and gently.

While kissing and fondling her body I grabbed my cock and brought her hand and put it on her hand and told her to play with my cock and balls and she started slowly checking the length of my cock and touching my shaven balls and started moving her hand on my cock length back and forth. I was about to cum again but I wanted to control it because she can refuse and not let me do again but it was out of my control as her touch was out of this world and I came on her while my mouth was busy sucking her nipple. I came all over her hand and load and load of cum poured from her fist to her belly.

I brought a small towel and cleaned it up but I wanted to continue the play as anytime anything can happen like maybe she will change her mind etc. She asked me to let her sleep as she is tired but I refused and told her I have to take care of her as I have promised her and without wasting any more time I again started kissing her from her neck and then on her lips and boobs and nipples. This time I slowly went a bit lower from her boobs on her belly button and started licking it and licked it for around ten to fifteen minutes and I can feel she was on fire. My cock was again in full size and I slowly went a bit lower and bit her skin which is above the pussy hairs and below belly button and when I was about to remove her shalwar she grabbed her shalwar and refused but I was too horny to be handled and told her Mother please I only want to see it and touch it but she again refused as she was not removing her hand.

I stopped for a while and then pleaded her again and lastly she agreed and said please only see it but i have other plans. I removed her shalwar fully and touched upper area of her pink shaven pussy and slowly brought my finger a bit lower on her clitoris and she was only saying please don't do in a sexy and horny voice. Without wasting more time I opened her legs and started licking her pussy like a mad and hungry sex starved animal. She was enjoying to the fullest and moving her head right and left and grabbed my head and was pushing my head inside her pussy. my one hand was on her right boob and with left hand finger i started fingering her while licking her pussy.

Without wasting more time when I saw her that she was fully in control I grabbed my cock and made it slippery with my saliva and sat on my knees in between my mothers open legs and pushed my cock fully inside with one nice gentle push. She just said no and nothing else and I started moving back and forth. She grabbed me and started kissing me on my cheeks and neck and chest and I can feel her emotions and tears which were of happiness. I was moving slowly and gently and giving her enjoyment to the fullest and after

ten minutes when she said that she is cum-ing and I also wanted to cum same time so on hearing this I opened my mouth and started kissing her and licking her tongue and she was also doing the same and with my hands I grabbed her boobs and increased my speed of pumping her pussy.

We were too horny and it was a moment of lifetime when she started moaning loudly and grabbed my ass and wanted to fully push my cock inside her pussy while grabbing my both ass cheeks. She kissed my lower lip and started biting it with her teeth and I was also enjoying to the fullest but the time was near for both of us. After a fraction of seconds I felt her orgasms as she started shaking and moving her ass up and down and making loud noices and in the same time by her actions I came in her pussy and I was shocked as cum after cum was coming out of my penis inside her pussy and as I finished I fainted and slept on her body and after few seconds she started crying and beating me on my chest but i grabbed her and again kissed her on her lips and forehead and told her that she should not worry as no one will know about our affair and left for my room.

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Thanks all of my readers.Now its the season that more should come.In coming days I will post some new stories.

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The story is erotic & realistic.
I say realistic because mothers are not angels who live in heaven but are flesh & blood women with flesh-&-blood needs. I know because my mother was not a saint, & shemore...

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I want to fuck your mum

Aap ki maa ko mera lula chahi ye

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