Me and My Two Sisters


And then very slowly, the two girls were kissing - right on each other's mouths.

Sammy let out a nervous, "Oh my God..."

For the next few minutes, it was just a loving close up as these two girls kissed.

And then the camera moved down to the red haired girls lap, and the sleeping little blond girl slowly wrapped her arms around her friends lap, the way you would hug a pillow.

And then the little blond girl opened her sleepy eyes, and began push her head into the girls lap, and she started to kiss the smooth skin of her sitting friends thigh, right near her shorts.

I heard Shelly whisper, "Oh no..."

And - things began to slowly build in their intensity and passion.

The red haired girl let her friend slowly lift her t-shirt off over her head, and she was so pretty, I mean, her breasts were delicate and small, and her nipples seemed so pale and hard.

There was something beautiful about this, but at the same time I was scared. I thought to myself that we should shut this off, that we shouldn't watch any more. But I stayed quiet.

We all watched intently as they continued to kiss, with mouths open and using their tongues.

Then the little blond girl, was shown kissing the red haired girls legs, kind of squirmed on the bed and then she reached up and grabbed onto her friend's nylon shorts. And in one smooth motion, she pulled her shorts off, and suddenly the red haired girl was entirely naked.

Sammy gasped, "Oh my God!"

We could see her smooth shaven vagina, and the little blond girl began to kiss it.

Shelly began to squirm on the bed, and she reached forward and made the video pause. The image on the screen was of the naked red haired girl and the two other girls kissing her, one on the mouth, the other on her shaved vagina.

Shelly said, "I'm sorry, I just had to turn that off."

Sammy said, "Wow, I didn't expect this kind of thing."

Shelly sounded serious as she asked, "I'm weirded-out. Was it too much for either of you?"

Sammy said, "It was kind of intense."

I said, "Well, I'm not sure. I was surprised by how - well, by how NICE it all seemed."

Sammy said, "I thought so to, there was something so - well - so gentle about it."

Shelly admitted, "I guess so..."

We were all silent for a little bit, and then Shelly asked, "Should we watch a little bit more?"

I quietly said, "Maybe..."

Sammy nervously spoke, "I think - maybe - I kinda wanna know what's going to happen."

And then Shelly looked at both of us, waiting for some clue for what to do, and then she slowly turned to the computer and pressed play. Suddenly, the once frozen image of the pretty red haired girl was squirming on the bed as her two friends kissed her - all over.

It's hard to explain, but for about the next half an hour we watched the passionate images unfold on the little computer screen.

It began as these three beautiful young women got undressed on the bed. Little by little, they were kissing and licking all over each other - naked - as they desperately tied to satisfy each other. It seemed like I was loosing track of who was who.

It all built up to a final scene that was - oh my God - amazingly intense. One girl was lying on her back, and the red haired girl was on all fours right over her with her bottom arched up. And the third girl was behind her - and I couldn't believe it - but she was licking her friends little pink anus as the girl on her back was reaching up between her legs and franticly rubbing her wet vagina.

The emotional intensity of what I was seeing was making me shake. I was getting so freaked out, that I really wanted to shut it off.

I looked over at Sammy and Shelly, just to see if I could tell if they were as scared as I was.

Sammy was frozen in a pose of concentration, she was staring at the screen with huge wide eyes, in a way that seemed almost haunted.

I looked back at the computer and the red haired girl began to shiver, and she seemed to be about to explode from the sensations. Oh God, I had never seen anything like this.

Shelly was sitting upright like me, and she kind of nervously got down onto her belly and lay flat on the bed next to me. She was watching the screen intensely.

Then, the red haired girl was suddenly screaming and trembling.

Sammy gasped, "Oh my God..."

Then she arched her back, and pushed her quivering pelvis forward, above the girl on the bed, and she began to squirt out a stream of liquid from her vagina - right onto the girl's tiny breasts!

The girl looked like she was peeing - and she was writhing around in ecstasy, I didn't understand it...

Then - the screen suddenly went blank.

And a second later a window shows up saying: LOW BATTERY.

Sammy gasped, "Oh no..."

And then the computer shuts off completely, and the room is abruptly strangely silent.

Shelly whined, "What happened?"

I said, "The battery is empty."

Shelly nervously asks, "Do you have a cable to plug this thing in?"

"No, not here."

"You don't?"

Sammy said, "I'm sorry, I don't have it, it's not here."

There was the strangest sense of panic in that moment. Both Shelly and Sammy seemed to be so needy, and I could hear it in their voices.

Shelly desperately said, "But, there is still more to see..."

Sammy says, "What do we do?"

I said, "Oh my God, what just happened? That was too intense - I mean - it kind of freaked me out..."

Sammy said, "I didn't know what to expect, and - I was sort of - well - shocked by it. It was so, I don't know - too graphic - especially all those close ups..."

Sammy immediately asked, "Oh my God, should I stop talking about this?"

I said, "No, I feel the same way."

Shelly said, "Me too. I feel all shaky."

I nervously asked, "I feel dumb asking this, but - in that movie - at the end - that was an orgasm - right?

Sammy said, "Yeah, a big one."

Suddenly I felt all weak and scared, "That movie, and those other two - made me - I don't know, I feel worried about boys now."

Shelly said, "Oh no Trish, don't worry."

Sammy followed up with, "And all I could think about was a cute boy I know from church."

Shelly asked, "What boy? What happened?"

Sammy said, "Well, enough that that movie made me think of him, and a night about two weeks ago."

"I don't understand."

Shelly spoke up, "Okay, I just HAVE to ask this. Sammy. I wanna know how far you went with that boy?"

She looked a little nervous, and said, "Well, not very far really."

"C'mon, tell us."

"Well, we've been friends for a while, I spent a lot of time with him after church, and I guess we..."

Shelly said, "Tell us!"

Sammy went on, "His name is Teddy and he's the only boy I've ever kissed. So it's not like I have a lot of experience."

Shelly quietly asked, "How was it? Was he nice?"

Sammy replied, "Oh my God, Teddy was so sweet and SO gentle."

I said, "That sounds so nice."

Sammy cautiously explained, "He did this thing, where he would sort of gently suck my lower lip."


"And then - he would carefully suck the tip of my tongue."

I asked, "Wow, how did THAT feel?"

"Oh my God - I loved it!"

Sammy said, "And then - I - I let him take my shirt off, and - and - he kissed my - my nipples.

I asked, "How did that feel?"

She giggled and said, "It was really nice, I loved it..."

I asked, "How long did it last, I mean how long did Teddy spend kissing your - your nipples?"

Sammy answered, "A long time, maybe an hour."

"An hour? Oh my God, that sounds incredible!"

"It was wonderful, it really was, it was more like he - he sucked them."

And we were all quiet for a little while.

Then Shelly asked me, "Trish, okay, now I wanna know how far you've gone with a boy?"

I looked at both of them and said, "I'm sure what to say. I mean, I haven't done anything with a boy, ever."

"Oh c'mon, you must have done SOMETHING."

"No, I'm just so shy that I haven't."

"Never even a kiss?"

"No. Not even a kiss."

Shelly looked at me with a really sympathetic expression, and she said, "I'm sorry - I didn't mean to..."

I interrupted, "No, it's okay. I know you didn't mean anything."

Sammy said, "C'mon Trish. Don't feel bad, especially here with us, Okay?"

I said, "But Sammy, I'm really jealous, I mean, hearing you say that stuff about Teddy, just makes me feel SO sad. I mean, you make just the kissing part sound SO nice."

The Shelly spoke up, "You are going to kiss a boy someday, don't worry."

"But - I feel like such a looser. I won't even know what to do."

Sammy said, "No, don't worry, you'll do great I know it."

I asked, "But I won't know how?"

Then Sammy said, "Well - We've kissed before. Like tonight, when we first saw each other."

"That's not the same thing..."

"It is too - sort of..."

"But I would be so nervous kissing a boy."

Shelly giggled, "That's normal."

Sammy asked, "Are you nervous now?"

I answered, "Oh God, YES! That movie made me all confused, I mean - my heart is still beating really hard."

Shelly said, "Trish, you should lay down, and try to calm down."

And, with their kind help, I lay down on the big bed, with my head on the big pile pillows. It was more like sitting up really, and Shelly was on one side of me, and Sammy was on the other.

Shelly said, "Good. Do you feel relaxed?"

"Not really..."

Sammy smiled and said, "Don't worry Trish. We're here for you, okay?"

I was so emotional as I said, "I know, But, I can't believe how pathetic it sounds, but the fact that I've never kissed a boy just makes me feel so miserable."

My honesty at that moment seemed to fill the room with an awkward silence.

Finally, Sammy spoke up, "Don't feel bad. It's okay."

And Shelly rubbed my arm and whispered, "Oh Trish, don't worry."

Sammy said, "You're so pretty and I know there are LOTS of boys that would LOVE to have the chance to kiss you. Really, don't worry, it'll happen. I know it will."

"Thanks, that's nice to hear."

Shelly smiled and said, "Okay Trish, now YOU should ask something."

I thought for a second, and said, "Well Shelly, how far have YOU ever gone with a boy."

She looked at both of us, and quietly said, "Are you SURE you wanna hear this."

I said, "Yes, don't worry about me being all emotional, that's just me being me, but I really wanna know."

Sammy said, "Me too!"

"Well, It was with a boy named Daniel, and I really liked him, and it happened at his house when his parents were away."

"Go on..."

"Well, we were in his bedroom and we were kissing, and it was really nice. And then well..." She trailed off to silence.

I said, "Oh c'mon, don't you dare hold anything back from us. We've shared everything with you. Now - PLEASE - tell us what happened."

With that, she just began to unload, and she spoke excitedly.

"I could tell what he wanted and I - I took my shirt off, and my bra too, and he kissed my breasts, and he sucked my nipples, I had NEVER felt anything like that before - EVER. It was so - I don't know, it just made me - I don't know - him sucking my nipples - it got me SO turned-on, it made me sort of crazy."

Sammy said, "I know what that feels like."

I wanted to visualize it, I asked, "Wait, start over - Tell me, how were you sitting, or lying, together?"

"When he took off my shirt, he was on top of me, I was laying on my back and he was sort of sitting right on top of me."

"And when he took off your bra?"

"I rolled over, onto my tummy, and he sat next to me on his knees, and he undid the clap on the strap in the middle of my back. He took it off my shoulders, and he was kissing my neck and my ears, and when he rolled me over again, onto my back, he just started sucking my nipples. And - Oh my God, it felt SO amazing!"

It was right then that I realized how prominent Shelly's breasts were under her pajamas, and even in the pale light of the bedside lamp, I could easily see her nipples, and without a bra her breasts jiggled as she excitedly talked.

I said, "Keep going..."

"Okay, it got SO intense for me, like I couldn't stop, I felt like I just let go, I rolled him over onto his back and then I got on top of him."

"Keep going..."

"I wanted to sit like that, on top of him, with my legs on each side of him. And my breasts, they hung down, and he was so excited, he was sucking my nipples like that, with my breasts hanging down over his mouth."

For some reason, this image, of Shelly leaning over, with her lovely round breasts hovering over a boy just seemed to shock me. I mean, Shelly has really beautiful breasts, and it just seemed SO beautiful.

I begged, "Keep going..."

"Okay. And then, the way I was sitting on top of him, I could feel him getting hard, his penis - I could FEEL it happening, right between my legs."

I think that I kind of gasped.

She went on, "And then - well we started humping"


"It's true! I couldn't help it, I started to kind of pushing against him - his erection with my - well, right between my legs."


"It was so intense, I was lying on top of him, grinding myself into his hard penis. And he was pushing back, right against me, right between my legs."

I interrupted, "What were you wearing?"

"Right then, all I had on were my volleyball shorts, and the fabric is so thin, it felt so good!"

I asked, "What do you mean, did you have panties on underneath?"

"No, this is funny because I almost ALWAYS have panties on, but for some reason, that night, when I got changed, when I knew Daniel was going to be home alone, I didn't put them on, so all I was wearing were just shorts."

"So, naked except for your shorts."


"What was Daniel wearing?"

"Uhhm - well..."

"C'mon! Tell me, what was he wearing?"

"Well, His shirt was off - and - I guess - I made him pull his pants off too, so he - sort of - wasn't wearing anything."

"Shelly, really?"


"So you saw his - his hard penis?"

"Oh my God - YES - it was so much bigger and - well so much more beautiful than I would have ever imagined. And I was rubbing it really hard with my - with my crotch."

Right then, she was speaking with an excited nervous energy.

I begged, "Keep going!'

"Well, everything was building, and I kept rubbing faster, I watched Daniel, and he was getting excited too, I mean- REALLY excited - and I could feel it was going to happen, I just KNEW it would happen, any second."

"You mean cumming?"

"Yes, I was on fire, and I felt like I was about to explode, and I could see it in Daniel too!"

"Go on..."

She continued, "And then - Right then - Daniel began to gasp and whimper, like a baby."

"Oh my God!"

"Then he kind of tensed up - and then - he CAME!"

"Really? Did you see it happen?"

"YES! I watched it, it was amazing, he squirted this thick milky stuff, all over his belly, it happened as I pushed against him. It was right between my legs, I watched it, Oh my God, it was incredible!"

And she was suddenly silent, and she looked worried.

"Are you all right?" I asked.

She said, "I'm okay. I feel funny, like shaky or something."

"What happened next?"

"He just lay there, gasping and panting."

Then Sammy spoke up, "That sounds so - amazing. I would give ANYTHING to see a boy like that."

Shelly continued, "After Daniel came like he did - Right then, he acted really embarrassed and scared, I didn't understand it, but he just got up and pulled his pant's back on and ran out of the room."

"Oh no, that's so awful."

"I felt really bad for him, I thought if I could just tell him how nice it was - how beautiful it all was, I could calm him down. I wanted to talk to him so BAD, but He stopped answering my calls."

I said, "So, you have a sad story too, just like me."

Shelly said, "I guess I do."

And then Sammy said, "And I do too, the boy that I let kiss my breasts, Teddy, after we made out he was so nervous around me that he stopped talking to me. It broke my heart."

I said, "I guess we are a little club of girls without any boyfriends."

Sammy said, "You're right, we are."

And then we all just sort of sat there on the bed and stared at each other. It was a funny moment, I mean, it was really nice and I felt so close to both of them.

I was laying on my back, with my head on the pillow, with Sammy sitting on one side of me and Shelly on the other.

I looked over at Shelly, and the way she was sitting on her knees with her pajamas, I suddenly noticed that there was a wet spot between her legs.

I kind of blurted out, "Shelly - What happened?"

She seemed startled and said, "What do you mean?"

I said, "Did you..."


Then I was embarrassed that I said anything, and was too scared to ask again.

Shelly seemed concerned and asked me, "Trish, what is it?"

Then I meekly asked, "Did you - did you pee or something? Your pajamas are wet."

And Shelly looked down between her legs, right at her crotch, and she saw the soggy spot too.

She gasped, "Oh God?!?!"

Sammy spoke up, "What happened?"

Shelly immediately shifted the way she was sitting, so neither of us could see, and she said, "I think - I think it was that movie."

Sammy asked, "What do you mean?"

"I think it happened during the movie. It's the same thing that happened before."

Sammy asked, "Before, when?"

Shelly sheepishly answered, "It was when I was with that boy Daniel."

I asked, "I don't understand?"

She said, "I told you about us, and what we did - and how I watched him cum."

"Yeah, how could we forget."

"Well, when it happened, I was on top of him, and I was - like - sitting on his - his - well, his big dick - and it was really hard - and we were rubbing and kind of humping against each other."

"Go on..."

"We did that for a long time and it felt REALLY good, and we kept pushing like that until - until he squirted like he did."

"Go on..."

"Well, after he ran out like he did. I saw that I had gotten all wet, there was a big soggy stain on my shorts."

Sammy asked, "Are you sure it wasn't from Daniel, I mean, did he get his sperm on you?"

"No, it was from me, I got all wet, just like tonight."

I asked, "Just from watching that movie?"

"Yes, I think so. It felt - well - watching the movie - I felt the same as when I was on top of Daniel, when we were humping like that."

Then Sammy asked, "In the movie, when that red haired girl, when she had her orgasm. She looked like she peed at the same time - was it - was it like that?"

Shelly nervously replied, "Maybe, a little bit."

I got the nerve up to ask, "In that movie, when that happened - when that pretty girl - like, squirted like that. What - what happened?"

We all sat there looking at each other, I think we had all been thinking the same thing, but nobody knew how to ask until I did.

Sammy quietly said, "Well, when she finally had her orgasm, when she - climaxed - I think that happens to some girls. Sometimes they get wet like that."

"Like they pee?"

"I think so."

There was a long silence all of us looking at each other, afraid to speak.

Then Sammy asked, "Have either of you ever, well - ever had a real orgasm?

I said, "No."

And Shelly said, "No, me neither."

I asked, "Well Sammy, what about you? Have you ever - had a real orgasm?"

She looked at both of us, ad she seemed so confused.

I asked again, "C'mon, tell us..."

"I guess I have, a bunch of times."

Shelly gasped, "Really?"


I said, "When? With who?"

She looked at us and sheepishly said, "With no one. With my self."

Shelly immediately asked, "When? Like - how?"

Sammy said, "Well, it happened the first time just about two weeks ago. It was right after I let that boy Teddy take off my shirt. I mean, after I got home, I was all alone. And, I guess - I just felt so turned on from him - from the way he sucked on my nipples like he did - I just couldn't help it - I just started - to well - to rub myself - and - and - after a little while - it happened..."

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