tagIncest/TabooMe And My Uncle

Me And My Uncle


As a girl growing up in Latin America, I lived in a culture that stressed the importance of family. As a young girl early 18 I remember my house was always busy with cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparent and lots of friends. Our life was very social, it was nothing to have ten or more people just drop in, have a drink chat with my mother and father and leave again. So I was always used to having people around and it is a comforting way to grow up.

Of course this kind of closeness may seem strange to those of you who grew up here in America, but for us it was natural. For example my parents had bought a piece of land in Panama. On this land my father built a house for us as he could, over time. He always had the help of friends and relatives when they had the time to be there and help. One of my uncles spent a lot of time at our house helping to build. He was a great help to the family and he was always happy, and ready to party. IN fact he liked to drink so much that he often would stay on the land rather then go home.

One morning, I had slept in I was on holiday from school for the week and was planning a nice lazy week. Knowing that my parents and siblings were all gone for the day I strolled into the kitchen in my t-shirt and panties, my normal sleeping attire. After finishing my breakfast I took my dishes to the sink to clean up. As I was letting the water heat up, I heard someone enter the kitchen and saw my uncle, who had once again stayed the night. He walked into the kitchen in just his boxers and sox. I was a little embarrassed because the t-shirt I was wearing barely came to my waist and I knew my panties could be seen. His lack of clothing was also worrisome, but I relaxed, after all this was family and it was no big thing. As my uncle began talking to me about my day, he came over to the sink and hugged me from behind. I noticed right away that his dick was erect and he was pressing into my ass crack thru my panties as we continued to chat. At one time he reached around a cupped my breasts. I was already fully developed at 18 and my breast were a 36 C. He caressed my breast for a few minutes. When he released me, I left the kitchen and retreated to my bedroom and turned on the TV. I lay on my bed, on my stomach and looked for something interesting to watch.

After a few minutes this uncle came into my room and began to talk to me again as if nothing had happened in the kitchen. I could see him staring at my panties. He got into my bed and on top of me, his penis was once again pressing against my ass and he started to move it up and down rubbing it against the material of my panties. I felt him grab the waist of my panties and pull them up, forcing the material into my crack. I did not know what to think, he was family, he was my uncle and I trusted him to not hurt me.

As I felt his weight lift up off of me I finally turned my head to look back and I saw that his cock was shooting cum on my panties. He was spraying gobs of his white cum onto my panty-covered ass. Then he just got up and left. I hurried into the bathroom and stripped naked and jumped into the shower, not sure what to think about this whole thing.

For the next few months my uncle would find me by myself and much the same would occur. He seemed content to masturbate his cock on my ass and spray his cum on my panties. He had been such a friend to the family I felt there was no harm and it was just a way to express himself to me.

Then the events got more involved and my uncle got bolder each time. If I were dressed in a skirt he would lift it up and proceed to masturbate on me. He always was so casual about it he made it seem like a natural life event. I at times would just keep reading my book or watching my shows as he worked himself up to cum on me. I had no excitement from this I just accepted this. I would wait for him to finish, then get up and clean myself and put on fresh panties.

This continued to progress. He started to remove my panties but he did not penetrate me. He would take his hard cock and he would lubricate it with his spit and he would slide in up and down my ass crack, or he would go between my legs sliding his cock over the opening if my pussy. He did not penetrate me in either hole but he always came on me. Now his cum would splatter on my ass cheeks, or between my legs and even in the crack on my ass or pussy when he was finished he would take his t-shirt and clean his cum from my ass or wherever. I always took a hot shower when he left feeling disgusted about it all.

This went on for a while, I was his favorite place to masturbate and we never talked about it, it was just something that happened. If I seemed to be annoyed he would leave and not complete, but he always returned later and found a way to finish. Well, it continued to escalate my uncle got bolder and bolder.

One day he came and found me as usual alone in my room reading a book. As he was now accustomed to doing he removed my panties and pulled out his cock. I heard him spitting into his hands and massaging that spit onto his hard cock. I was surprised when he then used his hands to spread my ass cheeks apart and felt his cock, not laying along the crack, but pushing lightly on my asshole. Before I could think to do or say something, I felt the head of his cock plop beyond my sphincter and begin to penetrate my anus. The pain as he began caused me to stop breathing for a moment and my hands curled around the blanket on my bed. My uncle must have noticed because he said, just relax Aisha, relax and everything will be fine. Soon the pain faded and I could feel his had cock filling my virgin asshole. I had yet to have any sex with anyone.

My uncle began to slide his cock back and forth in my ass slowly then picking up speed as his excitement became obvious. I did not feel pain and I do not recall it feeling great either. Although it seemed like forever because of the surprise of the act, at that time I did not even know that this was a thing couples did, I felt his cock jerk inside me and what must have been his cum spray inside of me. My uncle's body was shaking as his cock continued to fill my ass with cum. As was usual, after he had spent his load, he fixed his clothing and left.

I scrambled off the bed and ran to my shower. As I looked in the mirror in the bathroom, I was panicking because I felt a wetness trickling form my ass and thought perhaps I was bleeding from this action. I turned to look at my ass. I used my hands to spread my cheeks and could see that my anus was still same size, and what I thought was blood was just my uncles cum oozing from my asshole. I jumped into the shower, not even waiting for the hot water, I just wanted to clean myself, and I wanted to clean my asshole. By the time I finished in the shower it was like nothing had happened. There was no soreness to remind me that he had fuck my ass, so I just went back to my day.

My uncle repeated this act on me about four or five more times and then stopped. I think in the last or second to last time, I felt a little excited about it and though I did not understand at the time.

I do not think he did this to my sister; she was always on the go, not like me. While I do not think my uncle was right to have enjoyed me, I do not have any hatred towards him. In fact, now at the age of 32, I love having my ass fuck I know a lot of women will say they like anal sex, to me it is fantastic.

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by Anonymous

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by Gentlehands196012/03/17

Not bad

I found this interesting. Not into anal much, but well written.
Kept me up

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by Anonymous07/06/17


Lovely story! Especially knowing towards the end of it all you ended up possibly enjoying it the last few times it happened. Very sexy just like the ass of yours show in the pic! Anal sex is wonderfulmore...

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