Me, My Mother & A Small Caravan


When my orgasm finally subsided, I lifted my head and gazed into my mother's eyes. She gazed back, stroking my hair tenderly.

"I came inside you..." I muttered.

She smiled lovingly. "I didn't really expect I'd be needing condoms for a holiday with my son." she said warmly

"Are you not on the pill or anything?" I asked, somewhat panicked. She shook her head. "It's been a long time since I've needed to." she replied.

"What if I've got you pregnant?" I asked. She shook her head.

"There's a town a couple of miles from the site, I'm sure there'll be a chemist I can get the morning after pill from." she assured me.

"Should we get some condoms?" I suggested. She looked at me. "I don't know if we should do this again..." she muttered. "You're my son. No matter how much we pretend to be a couple, we know we are mother and son, and we just had sex."

"Didn't you want to do it?" I asked.

"It doesn't matter what I wanted, my emotions made me take things too far. I miss you so much while you're away and we over compensated." she said. "I'm your mother, I shouldn't have let things go this far."

I kissed her, and she resisted slightly. My quickly-recovering erection began probing at her vagina again. She broke off the kiss and whimpered "we can't, it's not right, I want to so badly but you're my son."

I found her entrance and once again sank my erection into her. She moaned and tensed up, gripping me tightly and her legs writhing on the bed. I threw the cover off us so I could look at our naked bodies as we made love again.

Her resistance ceased and we began writhing together. Me lunging my hips, sinking my erection into my mother over and over, and her bucking underneath me, her huge breasts bouncing beneath me. She began moaning not with the love of before, but with lust. It was lower and sluttier, and her hands pawed at my body. My first orgasm over, I knew I would have the stamina to fuck my mother properly this time, before I unloaded my balls inside her again.

We knew the caravan must have been rocking like a broken washing machine, but we didn't care.

We were lost to everything but each other as we lunged at each other, our hips pounding together, my mouth alternating between her breasts and her mouth. I felt her tense beneath me and she squealed "You're making me cum!" before her mouth fell open in a soundless scream and she jerked beneath me like an electric current was surging through her.

"Cum with me, cum inside me again!" she moaned, and I pinned her to the bed and thrust furiously, clapping against her hips in a way that must have hurt her, but I found my limit and latched my mouth onto hers as again my balls emptied, throwing even more of my young semen up into my mother's still-fertile womb. Her legs locked around mine this time, holding me in place with a strength I never knew was in her, and her vagina squeezed and milked my cock furiously, pulling every drop of my cum out of my length and into her waiting cervix.

Our orgasms subsided and we breathlessly kissed, our tongues finally coming into play and they wrestled sloppily as our sweaty bodies swelled and deflated with laboured respiration.

"Fuck me that was so good." my mother gasped. I nodded in agreement, frustrated that my cock was slackening. I felt it slip out of my mother with a squelching noise and a glob of my sperm leaked out after it.

"Fuck it, you're my toyboy for this holiday." my mother said. "And I may have to come visit you at your halls whenever I'm missing you." she said.

I grinned. "As long as we can keep it quiet there, they all know you're my mother, if you start begging me to cum inside you again, we'll be getting some very strange looks."

My mother laughed. She was so beautiful.

"I've never had a serious girlfriend because I've been waiting for a woman like you." I said. I had felt that for a long time, and I felt that now was the time to tell her.

She smiled up at me. "I wanted you to fuck me in the pool cubicle today" she declared.

"I nearly shot cum all over your belly when we had that hug." I admitted. She giggled. "What a waste that would have been!"

"So shall we get some condoms tomorrow?" I asked. My mother shook her head.

"I want you inside me. I want to feel your cum pumping into me whenever you finish, and I want to walk around knowing my son's swimmers are inside my body.

I felt my most complete when I was pregnant with you, and feeling you inside me again, it makes me feel as complete as I did then."

I grinned. I hated using condoms, and the thought that my mother had my cum inside her was too exciting to give up.

We fell asleep cuddling, kissing and whispering like lovers, before waking up halfway through the night and making love again.

We spent most of the morning having sex again before we finally made our way to the pool. I was back inside my mother within seconds of locking the cubicle, and my mother struggled to stay quiet as I pounded her against the cubicle door.

Our antics became infamous in that campsite, as my mother's moans and the rocking of the caravan were evident to anyone who came within a stone's throw of it.

We even snuck around the back of the club a couple of nights for a quickie, and were almost discovered by staff. The slow dances were so sexy, knowing my mother had my cum leaking out of her vagina as we danced, and that night I would be shooting more up inside her as soon as we got back into the caravan.

When the holiday ended, my mother came to my room for few hours before she left for home. I struggled to keep her quiet but I managed to fill her twice before she left.

It was painful when we separated, but she had work the next day. We see each other most weekends and spend all week texting and sending each other pictures and having phone sex. It'll be the summer vacation soon, and I know exactly where I'll be spending it. I just hope our neigbours don't hear my mother begging me to fill her with my cum.

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