Me, Too


Joey and I are both art students at university, and we're both pretty good if I do say so myself.

We're currently working on making a large model. We used chicken wire and bamboo to give the model shape and strength and we're now using paper mache to fill in the final shape prior to painting. It's not what you would call a small model, being about the size of a horse.

Joey and I have been allowed to take over one of the store rooms attached to our classes art room. We had to use the one with double doors just to ensure that we'd be able to remove the model afterwards.

The reason I'm rabbiting on about this model is to give a bit of background as to why Joey and I were in the store-room outside normal school hours. We had permission to come and go while we worked on Cyclops, so we would occasionally drop by when we were free. Sometimes Joey would be there, sometimes me, and every so often, both of us.

Tonight was one of those times that both of us were there. We basically put the finishing touches on Cyclops skin that night and it looked as though we could leave him to dry and start painting him the next day.

We were tidying up, getting ready to leave, when we heard a bit of commotion from the main classroom. The storeroom doors has those little safety windows in them. You know the sort. Just a small square of glass that lets you know if you're about to bash someone when you open the door.

Joey looked through one of the windows and then flicked the light off, holding a finger to his lips for silence. He pointed to the other window for me to look out.

Now, with the light in the storeroom off and the classroom well lit, we were in a position to observe without being seen. There were three people in the classroom.

The first was our arts teacher. Teaching assistant, I should say. She's only a couple of years older than us and rather unworldly. Must be the artist in her. I know all the male students tend to drool over her but I've never really known why. Just a male thing, I suppose.

The other two people were male students. I'd seen them both around and knew they were members of the university football team. They were both big and solid and dumb. I swear that they're getting excused on grades because of their athletic ability. I'm not saying that just because they play football. I know several members of the team and it seems to me that the best players are also the smartest. I know the captain of the team is doing legal studies and is highly regarded as a student.

These two clowns were on the team for their ability to stop people. Anyone who tried to push past them found they'd hit a brick wall. And they were both as thick as bricks.

Which raised the question of what were those two idiots doing in the classroom with Miss Sanders? The answer was pretty obvious. Clown one, Brian, I think his name is, was holding Miss Sanders with a hand over her mouth. Clown 2, they call him Bruno and I have no idea of his real name, was calmly pulling down Miss Sanders' panties.

"They're going to rape her," I hissed at Joey. "We have to do something."

"The hell we do," snapped Joey. "You're not thinking straight. If we open the door and go out there one of those oafs would punch me out and you'd find yourself naked next to Miss Sanders. It's highly unlikely there's anyone else around right now. That's why they've jumped her here."

We both turned back to the little windows to check up on what was happening. Bruno hadn't been wasting any time. Miss Sanders was almost completely naked and her bra fell away even as we watched. Looking at Miss Sanders' breasts it suddenly occurred to me why the boys followed her around like puppies. She really was magnificently endowed.

Bruno held one big fist up in front on Miss Sanders and said something to her. I think it must have been a threat because he then nodded to Brian who took his hand away from Miss Sanders' mouth, and she stayed silent.

Both the boys then started taking off their trousers, making sure they stayed between Miss Sanders and the doorway. It didn't take them long as they seemed rather eager to get things under way.

I blinked when I saw them naked. I wasn't a virgin. I'd seen cocks before, both erect and otherwise. This was the first time I'd seen such a contrast in erections. My first thought at seeing Brian's erection was "Oh, dear. Poor Miss Sanders."

Then I saw Bruno and I almost choked trying not to laugh. It's a wonder he dare expose himself next to someone like Brian. I heard Joey give a snort and from what I could see Miss Sanders had a rather stunned look on her face, too.

"They should have nicknamed him Gorilla," muttered Joey. "They have erections of about two inches, or so I've heard."

Ignoring their disparate erection sizes the boys got to work. Miss Sanders found herself bent over a desk and Brian was coming up to her. From the angle she was on I could see Miss Sanders face and Brian's erection as he moved up and started heading home.

A look of shock crossed Miss Sanders' face and her eyes seemed to pop slightly, and then she sort of went blank while Brian kept pushing into her. Fortunately for her he wasn't in a hurry, letting her have time to adjust to his size. Eventually he settled in and then he started bouncing Miss Sanders on his cock.

He was driving in so hard that I'll swear that Miss Sander's feet were coming clear off the floor with each thrust. I was surprised to see the look on her face turn into one of anticipation and I could see she was now lifting her bottom as he drove in, pushing back against him.

It was at that stage that other matters drove the sight of Miss Sanders being bonked out of my mind.

It was a reasonable warm night and all I was wearing was a t-shirt and yoga pants. At least, that's what I was supposed to be wearing. One moment I'm watching my arts teacher being pronged by a rabid football jock and the next my yoga pants and panties are heading south and a hand is closing over my pussy.

I sort of squeaked and Joey promptly told me to be quiet or the others would hear us.

"I don't really care," I snapped at him. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Isn't it obvious?" he snapped back. "I saw Brian having fun and my cock called out 'me, too' so I decided to oblige it. After all, you're right here and not going anywhere."

"That's beside the point. I'm not here to have sex with you."

"I know that," came the calm reply. "Consider it a bonus."

Before I could say anything else Joey was pushing his cock up between my legs and it was knocking on heaven's door. I didn't stand a chance, curse him. Seeing Brian drilling Miss Sanders had got my own juices flowing and Joey slid into me as neat as you please.

Fortunately, Joey had an average sized cock and I was able to handle him easily, even if somewhat indignantly. It seemed to me that it would be just plain silly to try to fight him off now that he was already in me so I relaxed and let him have his way. I could always hit him afterwards.

Joey started pumping me, moving nice and slowly to start with, and I was quite enjoying it. It wasn't a wild passion, but it did feel good. His hands came up my back and unclipped my bra and then he was holding and squeezing my breasts while his cock did its slow dance inside me.

I sort of leaned against the door, letting it happen, and keeping one eye on Miss Sanders while Joey took me. Brian was really hammering away at Miss Sanders now and I could see her mouth was open and she was gasping, while her bottom seemed to be bouncing up and down as she answered Brian's challenge.

By now my own bottom was moving up and down as I met Joey's cock, helping it on its journey as it were. He'd come driving in and my bum would lift slightly as I pushed back to meet him. After all, if you're going to be screwed, it's only sensible to make the best of it.

I was breathing harder now, my actions coming faster as Joey started driving in harder. I heard a squeal from Miss Sanders and managed to focus long enough for another look. From the look on their faces both Miss Sanders and Brian were climaxing.

Hopefully, Joey wouldn't be in such a rush. As far as I was concerned we had a nice action going and I was quite relishing the feelings coming from where Joey's cock was massaging me.

Most of my attention was now on what Joey was doing to me, which was quite reasonable as far as I was concerned. If a man is giving you a decent serve then you can't help but focus on what is happening to you. If you find your mind wandering, find a better partner.

I did manage to take another couple of glances out the window. The first one showed Bruno had taken Brian's place and was 'entertaining' Miss Sanders while Miss Sanders was looking bored and drumming her fingers on the desk she was leaning over.

The second glance showed a red-faced Bruno throwing his clothes on while Miss Sanders was just leaning on the desk smirking. Hazarding a guess, Bruno and his mighty midget came a very poor second after Brian's performance.

I forgot about Miss Sanders and her swains then, concentrating on getting my full service from Joey. He was gasping and driving his erection home with a lot of gusto. I'd had the sense to shift my hands from the door to the door-frame, otherwise we'd have been rattling those doors like crazy.

I have to give Joey full marks for stamina. He managed to keep going, handing me a buzz where I just hovered next to a climax for several minutes. I was whining and pleading with him at the end, begging him, for Christ's sake, to finish me off.

Eventually Joey did let me finish, and a very nice finish it was. I was left leaning against the door, gasping for breath, while he just lounged back, smirking with satisfaction.

Getting my clothes tidied up I glanced out and saw that Miss Sanders and the boys had departed, so Joey and I emerged from the storeroom. Once out of the storeroom I turned to Joey, smiled, and punched him on the nose just as hard as I could. I think I broke it, but after all, rape is rape and shouldn't be encouraged.

I was heading homeward when the horrible truth struck me. I never go anywhere without my mobile phone. All I'd had to do was call the university security people and walked into the art-room talking to them and those two bozos would have bolted. No violence and no rapes.

Amazing isn't it. I use it all day but when I needed it I forgot I had it and finished up getting done by Joey.

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