tagGroup SexMead Gets His Wish

Mead Gets His Wish


July 6th was a Saturday, not just any Saturday, but the greatest one of my short life. The evening started over at my friend Brian’s house. His parents were out of town and Brian had thrown a party to celebrate his birthday and the recent end of the school year. All the hottest chicks in school were there.

I spent the night trying to drink away my shyness. If only I could work up the courage to ask Michelle out. Michelle was easily the hottest chick I had ever seen. Long blonde hair cascading over her 19-year-old perfect face, large healthy breast and a thin waist capped off by the worlds hottest ass. She was 5’8” and belonged in a magazine. Every guy in the place wanted her, but none of us had the balls to ask.

The party went well into the night, and by 3 I was loaded and ready to drag my sorry ass home. Just as I was making my way to the door I heard a voice call my name. “ Hey Mead, wait up”. It was Tracey my next-door neighbor. “If your leaving do you mind if my friends and I walk with you? We don’t want to walk alone at this time of night.”

“Sure” I grunted. Tracey was a nice girl, with a hot little body of her own, but we had been friends so long I thought of her more as a sister than a possible love interest.

“Let me just get Karen and Michelle”…I couldn’t believe my ears. Karen and Michelle must be spending the night at Tracey’s place. I then remembered that her parents were also out of town. Oh to be a fly on that bedroom wall. Karen wasn’t as hot as Michelle, but she had a nice little body of her own, and she was the school flirt. Rumors abounded about whom she had slept with. Hell there was probably rumors about her sleeping with me, and I was still a virgin.

As we were walking through LaSalle Park, towards where Tracey and I both lived the clouds suddenly opened up and it started raining cats and dogs. We made a mad dash to the pavilion for shelter. It only took 30 seconds to reach the shelter but we were soaked. We decided we would sit out the storm, thinking it would only be a few minutes. After 20 minutes of thunder and lightning it became obvious that we were there for the long haul. It was at that point that every dream I ever had was realized.

“Hey guys”, Karen piped up, “while we are waiting why don’t we play a game? “

“I’ve played games with you before, and it always works out badly”, replied Tracey.

“Wuss” Karen shot back. “Mead your not afraid to play a game with three girls, are you?”

In my highly inebriated state I was just thrilled she knew my name. “I’m game for anything,” I slurred with the overstated confidence of a drunken sailor.

“Great” Karen cackled, “Truth or dare it is. If your name is called you get asked a question. If you don’t want to answer then you take a dare. Turn down the question and you must do the dare. Who’s first.”

Michelle, who had been silent until now suddenly popped up “Me, I get to go first and I pick…oh lets see…how about …Karen. You want to play this game, you go first.”

“Bring it on” Karen laughed. Not the slightest dent in her confidence.

“Ok, Karen, how many guys have you had sex with?”

That got the rest of us cackling up a storm, but didn’t seem to bother Karen a bit. “8” she replied matter of factly. I couldn’t believe my ears, I was still a virgin and she had had 8 lovers. I must of started blushing because she looked right at me and laughed.

“Well Mead, since you seem so interested in my sex life, why don’t you go next. How many girls have you slept with?”

I couldn’t believe it. How could I possible tell three hot chicks that I was the last virgin left in school? I felt my face go hot and sweat run down my forehead. I couldn’t even look them in the eyes. “ I don’t want to play anymore,” I stammered.

“Oh no” Karen thundered. I answered my question, now you either answer yours of take a dare.

I felt so alone, scarred and embarrassed. These girls were going to laugh at me forever if they found out about my inexperience. I then heard myself say something I didn’t expect “Dare”. All three girls were shocked. They couldn’t believe shy Mead would go for the dare.

“OK, I dare you to strip down to your underwear”

My heart stopped. I was on the school swim team and have a nice tight body, but I was still very shy. I couldn’t possibly strip down in front of these three. “OK, I will answer the question…”

“No way” barked Tracey with a wicked smile across her face. “You turned down the question. Once you do that you must do the dare. Those are the rules. Strip boy. I have always wondered what you looked like naked”.

My face went a further 3 shades of red. I was going to have to strip to my gitch. I took a deep breath stood up and slowly removed my T-shirt, shorts and loafers. I was down to my briefs. Why hadn’t I worn boxers? The girls giggled away, but I noticed they were all taking a good long look. The fear of stripping was much worse than the act. I strut around the pool in Speedos that are more risqué than my Calvin’s all the time. I started to relax a bit and think of how much fun this game might become.

“Ok, my turn to ask the question. Michelle, what is your kinkiest fantasy?’

Her mouth dropped and Karen almost wet herself laughing. “Yeah, Michelle, what is your kinkiest fantast? This should be good”

Michelle gave Karen one of the dirtiest looks I have ever seen. She was not happy about Karen’s game, but after I had stripped she had no choice but to play. “I’m not answering that. Give me a dare”

I was in heaven. The hottest girl I had ever laid my eyes on just asked for a dare. I couldn’t think straight. What to do. “ I dare you to show me your tits”

“Fuck you” she roared back.

“A dare is a dare’ said Tracey between bought of laughter.

Michelle looked stunned. She couldn’t believe she was going to have to show her tits. Karen would pay for this. Then in one swift motion off came the shirt and the bra was seconds behind. “Happy?”

Boy was I. I could feel the blood flowing south. I then realized that I was still in my briefs and a hardon was going to be tough to hide. I adjusted my position to hide my crouch as much as possible.

“Karen, you enjoyed my show so much, why do you try this one. How often do you masturbate?”

I couldn’t believe Michelle had asked this. Wow things were heating up.

“Dare” cried Karen with a look of fear starting to creep across her face.

To be continued…

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