tagIncest/TabooMeagan: Lunch with Uncle Henry

Meagan: Lunch with Uncle Henry


It was Megan's first year on her own, in her own little one-bedroom apartment. She was a freshman living nearly three hundred miles from her parents. They paid her tuition, fees, and books, but her part-time job paid for her living expenses. Well, almost paid for her living expenses. She was lucky, she felt, to have some relatives in town who helped her move in and who could help her out when she needed it. Besides, Aunt Rose was her favorite aunt.

Rose was Megan's mother's sister, and had always been good to Megan. Nice presents for birthdays and Christmases, dinners out, even some trips to interesting places, and, now, dinners and sometimes cash to help make ends meet- this was how Aunt Rose treated Meagan. In turn, Meagan really admired her aunt. Rose was a full professor at the university, well-published and well-respected. A remarkable woman, Meagan always felt, but what Meagan found most remarkable about Rose was her choice of husband. Uncle Henry was mostly ill-mannered and uncouth, a college drop-out, and barely able to keep a minimum wage job. A real pervert, too, never missing a chance at a sexual reference and constantly leering at women. Meagan could hardly put up with him, and was amazed that Rose actually seemed to be in love with him.

Meagan had dinner at her aunt's place every Thursday evening, and Uncle Henry always insisted she sit opposite him. She always refused, ceding the place to her aunt, and sitting on the side of the table. She knew Henry wanted her there for him to ogle, and she didn't want that to ruin her dinner and her visit. It was bad enough having to kiss him hello and goodbye, not for the peck on the cheek, of course, but for his roaming hands when he gave her a hug with the kiss.

She had spoken to her aunt about that, but Rose shrugged it off. "It's just the way Henry is," she said, "don't take any offence," so Meagan stopped complaining and tried her best to ignore it.

Thursdays had taken on a bit of a routine: she'd have dinner, chat for a while with her aunt, and then leave with a casserole dish of leftovers after a kiss and a squeeze of her bum by Henry. Meagan really appreciated the "leftovers;" she knew Aunt Rose made a lot extra so she could take it home and have a couple more free dinners. She'd wash the casserole when she finished the food, and bring it back the following Thursday.

This Thursday was a bit different, however. Not the food, but Uncle Henry. He was particularly suggestive in his banter, avidly undressed Meagan with his eyes, and had a bulge in his pants bigger than Meagan would have ever thought possible. And Meagan did notice it. She tried to ignore it, but her eyes kept finding their way to Uncle Henry's crotch. She hoped neither Henry nor Rose would notice that she noticed, and maybe they didn't, since neither acted as if they did. But when she was leaving, Henry gave his "favorite niece" a big hug with his little kiss. A real big hug. Held her tight, and she could feel that bulge of his press into her abdomen, hard and hot. She blushed as she pecked him on the cheek and hurried on her way home.

She tried to get his bulge out of her mind, but she kept seeing it. Just the bulge, really; she didn't at all imagine the thing that made the bulge. At least not until she went to sleep.

It was on her mind when she slipped into bed, wearing her usual bedclothes - just a pair of bikini panties - and it might have been the reason her nipples were erect. After all, she didn't feel chilly at all, quite the contrary. But it was definitely the basis of her dream. More of a nightmare, actually.

Meagan dreamed she was at her aunt's house for dinner, and Uncle Henry was there with his pants bulging at the crotch. This time, she had to sit opposite him, and, sure enough, he was ogling her like she'd never been ogled before. His pants were almost stretched to bursting as he sat, and Meagan realized the table had a glass top. As Aunt Rose served them their plates and took a seat to the side, she could see the bulge in Henry's pants start to twist and squirm. Her eyes were transfixed at the life of its own the bulge had taken on, and she gasped as her uncle's pants tore open and the bulge burst out.

It was an enormous, swollen, throbbing penis, with a face, similar to Uncle Henry's, and leering at her. She tried to get up, but she was frozen to her chair. She could only watch helplessly as Henry's penis squirmed out of his pants and down his leg. It started across the floor, then, like an enormous, swollen, throbbing inchworm, it headed straight toward her.

She managed a little cry for help from her aunt, but Rose only said, "It's just the way Henry is; don't take any offence."

The organ reached her leg, and looked lasciviously at her. "God, it's undressing me with it's eyes," she thought in her dream, and as she did, her skirt and panties dissolved into mist.

It began climbing her legs, and she squeezed them closed as hard as she could. It was on her lap, now, and had swollen as long and as thick as her lower leg. A bit of liquid oozed from it's leering orifice, and it started burrowing between her thighs, the liquid lubricating its path. As it reached her labia and began to forcibly squirm its way in, Meagan awoke.

She was trembling and soaked in sweat, and headed to the bathroom for a shower. It hadn't been her intent, but the fright, and the nature, of the dream seemed to have affected her, and she found her fingers playing with her pussy.

"What the fuck am I doing?" she asked herself out loud, and then decided to finish masturbating. "It'll relax me so I can get back to sleep," she told herself.

The memory of the dream was with her for the whole weekend, and she played with herself each night to prevent a recurrence of the dream. It may have helped; she didn't have that dream again, and the ones she did have were about men she did like, men with normal penises, ones that didn't crawl along the floor to get her. During the day, though, she'd still occasionally have that image - that memory - of Uncle Henry's bulging crotch, and each time she found herself trying to fight her feelings of arousal.

Rose was on her way to lecture on Monday morning when she realized that the meal she'd planned for that night required the casserole dish that Meagan had.

"Henry," she called to the bedroom as she was leaving, "could you drop by Meagan's place today and get my dish back? I need it tonight."

"Sure," Henry responded, "but won't she be in class?"

"Not today. She doesn't have any classes on Mondays."

Meagan was studying at her desk, still in the panties she used as pyjamas, when her doorbell rang. It was about eleven o'clock, and she wasn't expecting anyone. She quickly threw on her satin robe and went to the door.

"Uncle Henry!" she exclaimed, "What are you doing here? Is something wrong?"

"No, not at all. Rose just needs that dish you have. She asked me to stop by and get it."

Meagan invited him in and fetched the casserole.

"Here you are," she said, handing him the dish and hoping he'd leave.

"Thank you," he said, and looked her up and down. Meagan became uncomfortably aware of how the robe clung to her body.

"You could use a bit of meat on your bones, kid," he continued, "looks like Rose's dinners are all you eat." He emphasized his point by pinching her ass.

"Let me take you out for a good lunch," he added.

Meagan declined, but Henry was insistent. Finally, she agreed. "Just wait a minute while I get dressed."

She spent a few minutes pondering what to wear, and decided, since Uncle Henry was being so nice, she'd dress attractively.

"Looks good, kid," Henry declared as his niece emerged from the bedroom dressed in thigh-high brown suede boots, a mini skirt, and a satin off-the-shoulder blouse. "You still could use a bit of meat on your bones, though."

Henry was the perfect gentleman as he helped Meagan from his car and offered her his arm to take into the restaurant. Not quite a restaurant, though; it was a sports bar. A decent and clean place, to be sure, a long bar with a giant screen HDTV behind it and two others - almost as big - at each end. The other customers, pretty much white-collars, seemed to know Henry, and they all ogled Meagan, obviously jealous of their friend.

Meagan hesitated a moment, but then decided she'd revel in their attention for a while. She wasn't afraid of being a sexy center of attention; she played that role often enough with her peers, but this was different. These were older men. She strutted along with Henry as he led her to a booth near the bar, and smiled at the thought of the men's eyes watching her wiggle and bounce to her table.

She wasn't expecting what Henry was up to, though.

He sat next to her rather than across, and his hand was on her thigh as soon as they sat. She tried to push him away, but he only removed it when the waiter came for their order. And as soon as the waiter left, Henry's hand was right back there, on the bare flesh above her boot.

She put one hand in her lap to keep him where he was, but when their food came, she needed both hands to eat. Henry left off while he took a bite, but each time his hand returned, and each time a little higher up her thigh.

It felt odd, and not all that unpleasant having him stroke the sensitive inside skin on her thighs while she ate. She actually found it quite pleasant, and even exciting for being in public yet hidden. She squeezed her legs together as his fingers found her pussy, but then he pressed his finger, his thumb, she thought, on her mons in a way she had never experienced before. Just what it was, she didn't know, but it seemed to affect her clitoris in a remarkable way. She almost swooned with pleasure, and, instead of pushing his hand away, she found herself holding that hairy paw of his right against her pussy.

She was breathing heavy now, and very wet between her legs, as he pulled her panties aside to get at her slit. His fingers spread her open and played directly with her clit. One, then two, slipped inside her and twirled around, exploring every inch of her entrance. She could feel them bend and curl inside her, and push up into the roof of her vagina, doing things her own fingers had never discovered. She knew she should stop, but it had gone so far, and she was so aroused, and it was so strange...

That was the first time Meagan had come while eating, the first time she had come in public. She did a good job of hiding it, she thought, but still she knew the other men must have known what happened. She felt dirty about it, but she found that even more exciting.

"Felt good, didn't it, kid," he whispered to her.

She blushed as she nodded her head.

"Now it's my turn," he continued, and he took her hand, drawing it under the table on top of his swollen crotch.

He felt as big as he had looked on Thursday night, and Meagan couldn't help but squeeze his cock to feel how big it really was. And it did feel big. Meagan had the thought that maybe she was beginning to see why Aunt Rose liked Henry.

She started rubbing him; he was right, after all. At her first stroke, Uncle Henry moaned like he was getting the best blow job a man could imagine, and everyone looked their way. Meagan blushed and moved her hand.

She had accepted him getting her off; it was only fair that she returned the favor. But, obviously, it would be impossible to do him secretly under the table, and she told him so in a whisper.

"Come with me to the back room, then, kid," he suggested; "we'll be alone there."

"No, Uncle Henry," she protested, "they'll still know. Let's go to the car. We can park somewhere."

"No, Meagan," he countered, "I can't drive with this hard-on. I need to shoot my load now."

That was Uncle Henry, for sure, always so well-spoken about sex.

"OK, Uncle Henry," she reluctantly agreed, "but are you sure we'll be alone?"

"Sure, kid," he said as he led her from the table and down the narrow corridor past the washrooms.

Meagan expected to find a storeroom, a little space where she could give her uncle a quick hand job and be on her way. Well, not a quick one, she thought, after all he had given her the best hand job of her life, so she decided to do the best she could for him.

When Henry pushed the back room door open, though, it was no storage place that Meagan saw. It was a small, but spacious well-lit room with a double bed, a bed made up with gold satin sheets.

"How about a kiss, kid?" Henry asked as he closed the door behind them.

Meagan leaned towards him for a peck on the cheek. Uncle Henry had a different idea, though, and his mouth went straight to hers. She started to pull away, but he wrapped his arms around her and held her as he pressed his kiss harder.

"No," she gasped as she freed her mouth, "Aunt..." Her protests were stiffled as Henry got his mouth back where he wanted it.

His lips were hot against hers, and Meagan could feel hers begin to quiver at the feel of his. His tongue was there next, probing at her lips, parting them ever so slightly. She yielded, all of a sudden, and not even sure why she did, and let his tongue drive into her mouth. He swirled it around, tasting her, and she responded, kissing his tongue and licking it with her own.

She was light-headed when he broke off the kiss, and she let herself sit down on the edge of the bed. Henry was standing in front of her as she looked up again, and there was that bulge, maybe even bigger now, that she had been seeing since Thursday.

"God, this is so dirty, so wrong," she thought as she started unbuckling her Uncle's belt. And that thought seemed to add to her arousal rather than slacken it.

She dropped his pants to the floor and took hold of the waistband of his briefs. Slowly she slid the waistband down his hips until his erect organ popped out at her. Meagan's eyes popped, too; it was the biggest cock she'd ever seen live, maybe even bigger than the ones she had seen in porn flicks.

"That's beautiful, Uncle Henry," she whispered without a blush as she took the swollen organ in both her hands.

She could feel the firm ridges of his veins all around the shaft as she started stroking it, and she couldn't help but bring it's massive head to her lips for a kiss. This is so wrong, she thought, but still she opened wide and slid her lips around it and then down over the corona until the whole head was in her mouth. She gasped for breath as she pulled it back from her lips.

A drop of fluid fell from its orifice and landed on her chest.

"Maybe you should take that nice blouse off so it doesn't get stained when you jerk me off," Uncle Henry said helpfully. "Unless you'd prefer me to blow my load in your mouth, sweetheart," he added with a leer.

Meagan slipped her blouse over her head and tossed it on the headboard. All she could think of now was Uncle Henry's cock, and her hands quickly returned to stroking the shaft as her mouth sucked on the glans.

Henry looked down at his niece's breasts, bouncing as she sucked on his cock, and at her lips slipping up and down his shaft. He sighed with pleasure as she sucked him deep into her mouth, and then he took hold of her head with both hands. He started driving his cock in and out of her mouth, deeper each time, and each thrust had Meagan getting hotter and hotter. He fucked her mouth hard for a few minutes and then drove right into her throat. Meagan gagged and choked on his cock, and he let her pull away from him.

As Meagan regained her composure, she also seemed to have regained her senses.

"This is wrong, Uncle Henry," she said, "it's really wrong. We have to stop"

"You didn't say that when I was diddling you," Henry chided. "You rather liked it, as I remember.."

"Yes, and I shouldn't have let you do it. But it did feel so good. I guess I do owe you a good hand job, Uncle Henry, but that's all."

"Okay, kid," Henry agreed, and he bent over to kiss the top of his topless niece's head. "But before you jack me off, give me a feel of your tits. You said my cock was beautiful, well I think you've got a great rack for such a skinny kid."

"I - I guess so," Meagan replied, feeling a little flattered, and she put her shoulders back so her Uncle could get a good look and a good feel.

She was amazed at the leer in his eyes as he looked at her breasts and reached for them. His fingers spread and a hand seized each breast, squeezing it tight and twisting ever so slightly. It was an odd sensation to Meagan; she's never been felt up this way, and she wasn't sure she liked it. In fact, the feeling was just about to turn into real pain as Henry twisted her boobs a little more, but then...

Suddenly a wave of pleasure swept over Meagan, not unlike what she felt when her uncle had first pressed her mons, but this wasn't all in the one place. The arousal from this touch spread from her breasts over her whole body, and evoked a long sigh of delight from the girl. She looked up into her uncle's lecherous eyes.

"That's wonderful, Uncle Henr..." She cut herself short as she took Henry's head in her hands and drew it to hers. It was her lips that found his this time, and her tongue that forced its way into his mouth for a taste of pleasure.

His fingers slid slowly down her tits and took hold of her nipples, twisting and pulling them as she kissed him. This new sensation drove her further into a frenzy, and her hands left his head to seize his cock. Up and down they went over his shaft. Round and round his cockhead they danced. And down again past his shaft to caress and massage his balls. And then she began pulling and twisting him in all directions.

Henry ended the kiss and looked into her eyes. "Show me your pussy, kid," he demanded, "let me see what I've only felt."

There was no stopping Meagan now, and, as Henry stepped back to get a good view, she slipped her skirt down over her boots and tossed it on the headboard. Her silk panties didn't come off so easily though; the string waistband got snagged on the top of a boot. She struggled with it for a moment, and then, eager to offer her pussy to her uncle, she yanked it hard, tearing it and freeing it from her boot.

"There you go, Uncle Henry," she said breathlessly as she lay back on the bed, raising and spreading her legs, "it's for you."

"It's beautiful," he whispered, himself nearly as breathless as his niece, "as beautiful as your tits. As beautiful as you."

"Show me more," he continued, "show me your slit. Show me your hole. Let me see that sweet clit."

Meagan immediately spread her labia with her fingers to show him her wet, pink furrow. She held it open while she slipped her forefingers into her vagina and then spread that open for him to see.

"Such lovely folds, Meagan," he said, "and such a beautiful cunt."

She was taken aback by his use of that word, but it also titillated her.

"I'll show you my clit, Uncle," she cooed, "but only if you'll play with it again."

Henry smiled wickedly as the girl pulled her labia back to free her clitoris. It was glistening with her juices, and Henry leaned over, catching it between his thumb and the crook of his index finger. Meagan's moan filled the room as he squeezed and caressed her pink pearl.

He leaned over from the side of the bed as he toyed with her pussy, touching, stroking, teasing all her parts even more than he had done at the table. When he shoved three fingers into her hole, curling them and twisting his knuckles over and into her g-spot, Meagan's body was flopping up and down like a fish out of water. She was just about to come when he abruptly pulled his hand from her pussy and stood up.

"No, N-n-n-o-o-o," she cried and stammered as her body began twitching and quivering. "N-n-n-o-o, you bastard, Finish me. G-g-g-o-d-d, please make me come!"

"How do you want me to do that, sweetheart," Henry taunted, enjoying the sight of Meagan's frustrated gyrations.

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