Measuring My Cum Ch. 12


Wow! I was amazed by the way mom's mind worked. Fuck me! I was trying to imagine both mom and aunt Jean playing with my dick at the same time to help me to cum. Man!

"Ok," I said. "I won't complain about having two women play with my dick," I added with a giggle. "And it's kind of exciting that it's you and aunt Jean at the same time."

"Your aunt's got a nice large butt as well, which I know you like," said mom, smiling back at me teasingly. "Just imagine having two full juicy ass's to play with."

My dick stirred at the thought, even though I had cum just moments ago. To be honest, I had been turned on by aunt Jean's ass many a time when she had been over to stay before. It was quite full and curvy, very much like mom's, but maybe slightly bigger, although not gross. I decided not to mention I had fantasised about aunt Jean to mom just yet.

"Mom you're mind is just amazing," I replied, keeping my thoughts to myself.

"I haven't finished yet," said mom. "While Jean's here, we'll also start having sessions with Dr Taylor where we get the doctor to think she has helped us to have intercourse together for the first time. I've got the feeling Dr Taylor can be a lot more hands on then she let on to us so far, if you know what I mean."

My dick stirred again, and I just looked at mom open mouthed!

To be continued...

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