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Med Station X



Jets of blue flame erupted silently from maneuvering rockets as a small, sleek, white space shuttle approached a field of debris from the damaged transport ship, Kraton. Carefully, the craft’s pilot picked her way through floating chunks of metal, plastic, and cabling, past the occasional coffee pot, spoon or framed photograph, beyond the rent and twisted masses of frozen flesh, seeking any sign of life, however improbable. Amid the entire spherical field, out of ninety-three crew and passengers, she found a single space-suited form in stasis, the engineer who had been about to leave the air lock to effect a repair on a meteor-damaged fuel line. His suit, detecting the explosion of the ship, had immediately injected stasis drugs. The pilot maneuvered her shuttle, opened her air lock, and grappled the suited figure inside, securing his stiff body to a gurney, before closing the hatch, and headed for a newly activated interstellar way station, Med Station X.

* * *

Lying on a comfortably padded surface, Lance Vogel could feel himself coming out of stasis as though swimming up through a long tunnel, and wondered just how long he had been unconscious. Maybe he still was. Far away he could hear the sounds of one or two people working around him, the clatter of instruments on metal trays, and as he listened the sounds seemed to get close and closer, until he was certain he was in the same room with them. His skin felt cool, but not cold, and as it felt bare down to the knees, he knew they had removed most of his space suit. Or maybe this was just a dream. He felt someone tug at his penis, and he smiled as it felt good, just being alive, and having someone do… “Ouch!” Whoever it was had tugged really hard, and there was burning pain.

“I’m sorry,” said a soft feminine voice, “but I had to remove the suit’s condom catheter, and it was firmly stuck after all this time in space.”

Lance’s eyes snapped open the moment he heard the voice, and he was momentarily blinded, until his eyes adjusted to the strong lighting in what appeared to be a ship’s medical bay. With one arm over his face to dim some of the light, he looked toward the voice, and was pleased to see a med tech, a girl with long brunette hair, pale blue eyes, and a flawless complexion hovering alongside his groin, one hand gently rubbing the length of his shaft to soothe the pain, the other hand still holding the catheter. She smiled and said, “Welcome to Med Station X, Mr. Vogel.”

Lance smiled back, enjoying the girl’s hand on his penis. “Thank you. Med Station X? What’s that? There were no medical facilities in this region of space, last time I looked.”

“Oh, but Mr. Vogel, last time you looked at anything was about seventy-two years ago, according to your ship’s registry and logs.”

Seventy-two years?” Lance exclaimed in distress. “But my family…my sister…” Lance tried to sit up, but found himself too weak to struggle against the girl’s restraining hands.

“Please calm down, Mr. Vogel,” she said with sympathetic sadness. “We’ll try to contact your family, but do not expect to see them as they were. You, on the other hand are in remarkably good health for a hundred-four year old man.” she said, applying a cooling gel to his growing erection. With a brief squeeze, she let go, and the cooling compound caused it to shrink to its normal flaccid state, the pain from removing the condom completely gone.

“I’m only thirty-two…oh yeah, plus seventy-two years in stasis. Got it.” He put his arm down, now that his eyes were adjusted. He felt someone pulling the suit leggings off and looked down the length of his body, to see an alien of humanoid form, except for its arms, which were tentacles, and its skin, which was made up of iridescent blue scales, and the low crest along the center of its bald head, and it eyes, which were emerald green with star-shaped pupils, staring…at him…and for a moment, Lance felt faint with fear, but the sensation quickly lapsed, as his reasoning came back.

The alien must have seen the fear in his eyes, for she said, in a soothing feminine voice, “Mr. Vogel, please just relax. I am Doctor Zera Tunuma. I am a Meluan. Your human nurse is Felice Stratton.” Dr. Tunuma finished removing the suit and laid the pieces on a table to the side. The doctor continued speaking in a matter-of-fact tone, “I understand you have had quite a shock just now, awakening from stasis and finding yourself in our treatment room. Considering your age, I’m sure you have never seen others of my species, for Meluans and humans only met about thirty years ago. However, I can assure you I am quite competent to handle human medical problems, as well as those of several other species. Just relax for awhile, and we’ll finish the examination, then you may get dressed.”

First, they rolled the gurney under a device that gave him a full body scan. Then, the creature picked up a device he didn’t recognize, and passed it up and down the length of his body, just inches from his skin, periodically muttering, “Um hmm,” and “Yes, good…” and finally, “Very good.” The doctor picked up a spray injector and held it up for him to see. “This is a concentrated vitamin, mineral and hormone injection, a sort of pick-me-up mixture, Mr. Vogel. It will help your body systems recover more rapidly…a few days, as opposed to a few weeks.” She injected his hip as she spoke, though he noticed only a minor stinging sensation. You may dress, now. Felice, help Mr. Vogel dress, and take him to the cafeteria deck, then show him to his quarters.

The alien doctor turned away and walked to a desk, and for the first time, Vogel realized she was naked. He pointed, open mouthed, and the human med tech responded.

“Zera, like the rest of her people, doesn’t like to wear clothing.”

Hearing this the doctor turned back, allowing Lance to study her body. The tentacles ended in three finger-like projections. Unlike a human female, she had not a single pair of breasts, but twin vertical rows of nipples, atop small swellings on her torso, reminding him of an earth dog or cat. Her legs and feet were decidedly similar to human legs, though with webbing between her clawed toes, but between her legs was a large six-pointed asterisk-shaped, star-like structure, probably a genital opening he guessed, though it was closed at the moment. “Yes, Mr. Vogel, Meluan bodies are quite different from yours and hers,” she indicated her nurse, who tried to control her blush as Lance glanced at her. “Perhaps you would be interested in learning just how different we are, later. Just now, you should have something to eat, take a shower, and get some rest.” She nodded to Felice.

The doctor went back to her work, and Felice helped Lance put on a pair of shorts, a loose shirt, and put a pair of slippers on his feet, gently helping him to the floor. For a moment, he sagged, realizing for the first time just how weakened the stasis and the three-quarters of a century in space had made him. The med tech supported his weight, until he felt strong enough to move forward. He was only slightly taller than she. “I have lowered the artificial gravity to point-seven that of Earth. I’ll bring it back up to a full gee over the next two days, to help you adjust more easily. I could bring you a wheel-chair if you wish, Mr. Vogel, but it would be better for you to try to walk on your own. It’s better for your circulation. The injection Dr. Tunuma gave you should already be kicking in.” They left the treatment room, Felice supporting Lance with his arm around her shoulder, moving at a pace comfortable for him. A lift took them to a lower deck, surrounded by thick view-ports, showing the stars, one of which burned quite brightly nearby, a brilliant bluish-white.

“The cafeteria’s empty,” said Lance as Felice ordered breakfast items from the servo at the table. “Is this station night for the crew?”

“You’ve seen all the crew there is at the moment. The construction crew left the station a month ago. Dr. Tunuma and I are the only people on board until Earth Command sends the rest of the staff out, next month, or even the month after. Don’t worry. It’s very peaceful here. At least you’ll be able to get the rest and exercise you need. We have only two short-range shuttles at this station. That was how I found you, and brought you here. The staff transport can take you back to Earth when they’re ready to leave.”

“You’re a shuttle pilot?”

She nodded. “Command grade, actually. With so few people to go around on the frontiers, it’s necessary to be multi-talented.”

“Well, then, I suppose I should thank you for saving my life.”

“You’re welcome,” she said.

“Command grade? So which of you is in charge of this station?”

“Actually, I am the Station Commander. I worked my way through school to the Academy as a Primary Care Medical Technician, which makes me somewhat useful around here. Zera is my Chief Medical Officer. Generally, I would be in charge of station operations, and she of the medical facilities. At the moment, considering how busy we’re not, we share all duties equally.”

“I see. Don’t you get lonely here?”

“We do rather well by ourselves, thank you,” she said, and Lance detected a slight flush in her cheeks. “However, I think we might rather enjoy your company.” Felice put a hand on his thigh, and gave him a sly smile, as a robot delivered their food.

Later, in his quarters, Felice showed Lance his facilities, then offered to help him bathe. As Lance removed his shirt and shorts, he was surprised when Felice removed her white tech uniform, draping it over a chair. She wore no underwear. Her breasts were large and round, with lovely pink nipples that he ached to suck. Her pubic area was shaved, and her sex seemed to beckon him. Yet she kept a business-like attitude, as she led him to a shower stall, seating him on a bench, then turned on and adjusted the shower temperature for his comfort. Lance let her run a pre-soaped wash cloth over his body, slowly working her way down over his arms, chest, abdomen, then soaping his penis and testicles, and he began to get hard. He stood up, and Felice dropped to her knees, watching his lengthening member as she continued soaping his legs and feet. Standing again, she turned him around and soaped his back, his buttocks and anus, continuing down his legs to his feet. Her careful attention to his body increased his sexual tension, and his penis responded in a powerful erection.

Rising once more, she pulled the shower head from the wall mount and sprayed Lance’s body from top to bottom, paying particular attention to some parts more than others. Next she washed and rinsed his hair, and finally replacing the shower head, moved against his body from behind, her arms reaching around to grasp his penis and testicles, stroking the length of his shaft with unmistakable intent. She turned him around again and pushed him against the wall, pressing her body against his, his penis tight against her abdomen, his testicles against her outer labia. Felice kissed his lips, lightly, then more firmly. Lance responded pulling her tightly to him, slipping his tongue between her lips. Felice gave his tongue a little lick, and slid down his body, kissing her way down his chest, licking his naval, and finally coming to rest at eye level with his tumescent shaft. She kissed the tip, then licked it, moving around the circumcised glans with short licks, then pressed her lips to the tip, and moved forward, engulfing it with her mouth. She took half its length, then pulled away, looking up to see Lance with his head back in pleasure.

Gripping the shaft in her left hand, stroking its length, Felice kissed his testicles, cupping them gently in her right hand, then licked them, and sucked them into her mouth, one by one. Lance’s knees began to shake, and she stopped, sliding up against his body. Lance gave her a disappointed glance, but she put a finger to his lips. Turning off the shower, Felice pulled Lance out, gently by his penis. She toweled him off, then herself, and led him to the bed, where she had him lie back. She bent over him, gripping his shaft and stroking to make sure it was firm, then straddled him, and lowered herself, taking him into her hot vagina. Felice began a slow, rise and fall, rise and fall, taking his penis into her depths, and allowing it to almost fall out, then plunging back down. She kept up a rhythm, for several minutes, as Lance rubbed her breasts, and clitoris, and the sensations grew stronger. She began to speed up. For Lance, the feeling was wonderful, and he felt the muscles in his groin tighten, as his orgasm approached. Felice recognized the strain in Lance’s face, and gave herself over to her own climax, as he spurted his semen within her.

She fell forward, resting her breasts against his chest, whispering in his ear, “Congratulations, Mr. Vogel, you passed your physical.” She chuckled, and kissed him lightly, then lifted herself off his body, and pulled a blanket over him. “Get some sleep, and we’ll see you in the morning.” Felice smiled at him, and said, “Computer, main lights off, night light only. Wake up time, 0700.”

Lance smiled at her as she gathered up her clothing, and walked, still naked into the corridor. He wrapped a hand around his deflated penis, just holding it, happy that it still worked after all those years in space as an icicle, and he quickly fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

Felice walked to her own quarters, and pressed an intercom button. “Zera, he’s asleep. I have something you might enjoy.”

Ten minutes later, the alien stepped into the room, pulling Felice’s body to her, wrapping her in her soft tentacles, while Felice wrapped her arms around Zera. They kissed, rubbing their lips together, while Zera inserted her longer than human tongue into Felice’s mouth, tickling her palate, causing Felice to giggle, which broke the kiss. Zera pulled back slightly, asking, “And just what do you have for me?” Her tentacles tenderly massaged Felice’s back, down to her buttocks.

Felice pulled back a little, inserted a finger into her vagina, then put the finger into the alien woman’s mouth. “Mmmmmm,” she said musically, “semen. Delicious. My Goddess, give me more.” She pushed and Felice fell back onto the bed, spreading her legs, as Zera knelt between them. Her fingers brushed the girl’s outer lips, and spread them, exposing her clit and the entrance to her vagina, where she could see Lance’s creamy semen running out. Felice’s hands cradled the alien’s head as she licked up and down the slit, causing the girl to tremble with delight, then inserted her tongue into the glistening pussy. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured again, tasting the semen mixed with Felice’s own lubricating fluids. She swished her long thick tongue around inside Felice, and the human rocked her pelvis, back and forth. Within seconds, Zera’s tongue fuck brought Felice to a massive orgasm, and she flooded Zera’s mouth with her warm juices. Zera drank with obvious delight.

Zera waited till Felice’s orgasm subsided, then gently pushed Felice farther onto the bed, and lay down with her, pushing her smaller breasts against Felice’s larger ones. They kissed again, Felice tasting herself on Zera’s lips. She ran her hands down the front of Zera’s body, squeezing her nipples, and began to lightly finger the star-shaped vulva. Slowly, the muscular lips began drawing back, allowing Felice to insert a finger in the center of the star, then two. Zera’s breathing became more rapid, the scales of her head and torso took on a deeper violet hue, and her neural crest inflated slightly as her excitement increased. Felice kissed her again, pushing her tongue into Zera’s mouth, while inserting a third finger into Zera’s vagina, pushing her hand in and out. She slid down the alien body, being careful to pay lip service to each of her six nipples, then started licking along the folds of the star, moving her fingers faster. The size of the opening increased until Felice could insert her entire hand into Zera’s vagina, up to her wrist.

A familiar flutter of Zera’s vaginal muscles began, and Felice moved her hand in and out faster and faster. The flutter became a strong vibration, as the alien pussy massaged Felice’s hand, and Zera climaxed with a long squeal of pleasure. Had Felice’s hand been the penis of a Meluan male, the vibrations would have stimulated him to orgasm. Felice waited until Zera’s orgasm subsided, then slowly withdrew her hand, licking the vanilla and cinnamon-flavored juice from it, and from the slowly closing vagina. She left one finger inside, as she kissed and sucked her way up Zera’s body, planting a kiss on her lips. The two women snuggled together on the bed, and Felice requested the computer to dim the lights.

* * *

“Mr. Vogel, it’s time to wake up. Mr. Vogel, this is your wake up call.” The computer’s voice was soft and feminine, but insistent. Lance awoke feeling extremely good, considering it was only the second time he had awakened in nearly a century. He showered, shaved, dressed, and was about to go to the cafeteria, when the door opened, and Felice entered with a tray for him.

“Good morning, Lance. How are you feeling.” Her voice was musical, her smile, satisfied, her eyes, half-lidded, and her face slightly flushed, as though she’d just had sex.

“I feel excellent. You look exceptionally happy this morning. Did you spend a few extra minutes in bed?”

Felice knew he was hinting that she’d masturbated this morning, and she considered telling him about Zera, but decided to hold off. After all Lance would be here for at least a month. He would probably figure it out, eventually. She changed the subject, placing the tray on a tray-table, and positioning it by a chair. “You have a steak breakfast, this morning, and I want you to eat every last bit. Then we’ll do a brief battery of cognitive tests to test your mental acuity, and then go to physical therapy. We need to determine whether the stasis compounds, radiation exposure, and the length of time in deep freeze have caused any serious deterioration of mental and muscle function. So, I need to ask you again, how do you feel?”

“I’m feeling fine. Really. Much stronger than last night. Do you have my other test results, yet?”

“Dr. Tunuma will discuss that with you later.” Felice consulted a monitor on her wrist, receiving vital statistics readouts from a bracelet on Lance’s wrist. “Blood pressure normal, heart rate normal, temperature normal, hormone levels normal, electrolytes normal…”

“Hormones? Electrolytes? How’re you getting that? You didn’t take a blood sample.”

“Oh, the doctor injected a few nanite bio-probes. The circuitry in your bracelet is picking up telemetry from them, stores the data, and my bracelet monitors yours, providing a quick analysis of the data.” She smiled at him once more. “Eat!” she said, then turned and left the room.

Lance sat down to eat. While cutting the steak, he asked, “Computer, can you give me the technical readouts of this station?”

* * *

After a brief set of physical and mental tests, a short workout, a shower, and lunch with Felice in the cafeteria, Lance sat in Dr. Tunuma’s office, listening to his results. “Mr. Vogel, we would have expected far more radiation damage to your tissues than is apparent. You seem to be in excellent health, and growing stronger. The stasis compounds protected your cells from extensive damage, and your muscles from serious atrophy. Within a few days, with good food and proper exercise, you should be functioning at the same level you did before the accident.”

Lance let out the breath he’d been holding. “Then, for all intents and purposes, I’m still thirty-two.”

“Yes, and you should live a long, healthy life.”

“Thank you, Dr. Tunuma. So what do I do, now?”

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