tagFetishMeeting After Ten Years Ch. 05

Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 05


Mike required that both Becca and he maintain separate daily journals to record their respective memories of each day during the one year contract. Each morning they took 15 minutes to privately reflect on the prior day and jot down the highlights.

As Mike wrote in his Journal he marveled at his good fortune. After not seeing his occasional college date for years he'd bumped into her by chance. Becca now had a body like the original Barbie doll. Compared to an average woman's shape her lower body was beautiful and in great condition. It was her upper body that truly demanded attention. Her breasts were disproportionately large and beautifully shaped. A jealous woman would probably call them too big; a man would stare, get erect and salivate.

Her lactating DDs were a fluky side effect of her participation in a drug trial. While initially shy about her new body she was horny and anxious to submit to Mike as he found new ways to expose her kinky side. He controlled her milk production through timed milkings. He loved sucking on her tits and she orgasmed frequently as he drained her. She had willingly signed a contract with Mike giving him control over her breasts and body for a year. In exchange he committed to service her breasts for the year and to direct her to new sexual heights. He'd been implementing the contract for about a month- exploring kinky new experiences with her as fast as he could formulate them. Becca's intimate session with Tina, the tattoo artist, had been their latest and Mike was looking forward to future sessions since the temporary tat would need to be redone every 3 weeks or so.

Becca's henna tattoo turned out even better than Tina's sketch. With just a few lines the artist had captured a woman's body in profile with oversized breasts. Below the nipple a few droplets of milk trailed down Becca's waxed Venus Mound. Both Mike and Becca found it perverse and very erotic.

A few hours after the artwork had dried Mike had moved his face in close as Becca got naked for the bedtime milking. From a few inches away, Mike had said, "I love your denuded Mound in general but the tattoo makes it spectacular. I think I'll take some close up pictures of it in the morning. I'm only sorry that I'm the only one who gets to see it."

Becca said, "Well, Tina has seen it but yes, you're on the very short list of those privileged to study my Mound. Even I can't see it as well as you can."

Mike replied, "If I can get the right picture I'll have it blown up and framed for the bedroom wall. You'll be able to see it then. I also want to get a professional to take some boudoir shots of your body. I'll let you know when I've made the arrangements. In the morning I'll just try some amateur photography. "

After completing his journal entry Mike guided Becca to sit on the stool she used for her vanity. With her naked from the waist down and her legs spread Mike snapped extreme close- up photos of her new tat.

As he finished Mike said, "The tat is a great symbol of our contract. Now that the tat is in place I trust you'll keep the contract in mind in everything you do. Your breasts and milk are mine."

"I don't need a symbol. My swollen tits are a constant reminder. As to my compliance with the contract I don't think you have any complaints. I've bought new bras, a corset and quite a few sexier clothes. You've started training my waist with the new corset. I've had my Mound waxed and tattooed. Last but not least, four times a day I lovingly fill your mouth with my milk. All in all I'd say I've met every contract obligation."

Mike admitted, "You're right. I have no complaints. You've been great."

As he spoke Mike was thinking that she'd soon have some new challenges. More specifically, Mike was ready to involve Becca in the fabrication of the milking machine he'd designed. He'd acquired a used church kneeler and a strong table from a second hand store along with various fasteners, padding, and the like. Using these things he'd build the furniture portion of the machine. He'd also researched and contacted some specialty machinist craftsmen. Their services would produce the functioning part of the machine.

After a brief pause Mike said, "While you've done all that I've asked, you should never assume that I've exhausted my imagination or perversion. Please come to the rec room with me. I need your assistance with something I'm going to build for you."

Becca felt a chill at the thought that some custom device was being built just for her. She assumed it was probably a milking machine since the contract had referred to one. She'd read porn that contained such machines and found the thought of her breasts being milked by a machine intimidating but strangely exciting. It had been in more than one of her day dreams. She nervously accompanied Mike to the lower level of the condo.

Becca hadn't been aware of Mike's furniture purchases. Seeing them made the notion of a milking machine much more real. She wasn't sure of what he'd build but seeing the kneeler she could easily visualize one or two variations. The images made her wet. The project was obviously just in the early stages; Mike said he needed measurements. She knelt on the kneeler and bent over as requested- holding the position by extending her hands to grasp an exposed pipe. Mike stood behind her and pressed his groin against her ass. Becca visualized them both being naked and his cock penetrating her. She was sure that was in Mike's mind as well. Mike moved away and made a note on a legal pad. Mike picked up a tape measure, made various measurements and jotted them down on his pad. He then dismissed Becca who left the basement knowing little more than before. She was torn between her curiosity and apprehension. She wanted to know exactly what he was building but also thought it might be better to simply experience it when directed. She liked doing what she was told; Mike's control was an important part of their contract.

With two evenings' carpentry Mike melded the two old items into a newly purposed piece of furniture. He showed the framework to Becca pointing out the soft rounded cushion he'd used to cover what had been the top of the kneeler. Some other firm padding defined the placement of the knees about 20" apart. It appeared that he'd cut a 30"wide by 4' long section from the old table. It was fastened to the top of the kneeler at about a 15% upward angle and was supported at its other end by heavy duty legs. The area beneath was open but contained some bracing and shelves. There was a large rectangular hole cut into the top roughly halfway up its length.

Mike had Becca kneel and lean forward onto the gently sloping table-like top. He confirmed that she found the position comfortable. Of course, he also wanted to confirm that her breasts would properly align with the 12" by 18" hole in the top. Seeing the alignment was good, he explained that two sub-contractors would create the functioning heart of the machine which would fit into the opening. Mike said he'd made an appointment with the first contractor for Saturday morning and that Becca's attendance was required. He'd explain more on Saturday.

In the meantime Becca was tasked to cover the knee and thigh areas of the kneeler and sloped top with some memory foam he'd bought. It was a 2" thick black variation of the material used in some modern mattresses. Body contact for about 15 seconds resulted in the foam molding itself to the contours of the body. It would give the frame a comfortable, custom fitted feel. Some non contact areas were to be covered in black leather and others were to be painted black by Becca over the next week. Participating in the creation of her own milking machine was bizarre but strangely arousing to Becca.

In a few days the padding and leather were completed and the paint had dried. Mike invited Becca to the rec room to assist in the next step. With Becca in position on the frame Mike was able to finalize points of attachment and sizing for straps that could be used to secure her to the machine if desired. Becca then helped him cut and attach the straps and related hardware. There were thigh straps, arm restraints and a wide strap that would hold her down at the waist. When all of the restraints were in place Mike asked Becca to take off her skirt and panties. He then directed her to kneel onto the machine. He had her lie prone with her bra covered breasts in the rough opening. He strapped her tightly into place. As he closed the last buckle, Mike said, "I've been looking forward to trying out my new furniture. Obviously we'll have to wait for the milking apparatus but with or without that I also think of this as your new 'fucking frame'. I've fastened the frame to the floor so it won't move and you're nicely strapped onto your foam cushioned frame. You should be comfortable and I trust you appreciate how helpless you are. You're securely bound and your pussy is beautifully exposed to me. I'm going to pound into you; your ass looks so inviting."

He'd then stripped off his clothes. He fondled her hips, ass, and pussy for a full minute. It was obvious that he was enjoying her and she moaned at his touch. She got quite wet and was breathing hard as he teased her. He then stepped up close and guided his cock into her. He fucked her very hard and deep. She cried out in passion as he rammed into her. After a few minutes he came with a loud groan and then collapsed onto her ass. When he'd recovered his ability to speak he said, "You can expect similar treatment from time to time while being milked. That's a key element to my design." It had been a fantastic fuck for both of them. Becca looked forward to repeating the experience with the machine in operation.

Early the next Saturday Mike told Becca that her morning milking would be delayed. They'd be driving to the city and her breasts needed to be full when they arrived. He explained that her upper body was to be scanned by a high tech 3-D copier. The scan of her swollen breasts would be input into a digital molding machine that would create the suction sleeves of the milking machine. The technicians working the copier generally created molds for masks and other theatrical props. They'd been told they'd be scanning a naked woman for a partial latex body suit to be made by others. Their task was limited to making an exact mold of her chest. Mike felt they didn't need to know about the milking machine and would be more professional without that information. He tried to reassure Becca that the technicians routinely scanned women's bodies but secretly he wondered how they'd react to her great milk filled tits.

Becca was extremely nervous as they drove through a poor neighborhood and stopped in front of an old building. Mike escorted her into the small industrial building and she was relieved to see that the interior looked clean. It actually looked more like a lab than a machine shop. Becca's comfort level dropped when two eager young men in jeans and tee shirts approached them. Her image of a lab vanished. She now thought the room looked more like a movie set for a porn flick. Becca could feel the guys' eyes on her chest and knew they were lustfully anticipating seeing her naked. She took a deep breath and tried to calm herself.

The next hour was difficult- both physically and emotionally. Becca had to remove her blouse and bra. She was then required to bend over with her fully swollen breasts hanging away from her body. Her arms were above her head for support and to allow the scanner- and the technicians- total access to her tits. Her nipples were always large but she knew they were huge from the delay in her milking. She guessed the guys had never seen a set of tits and nipples like hers and they were definitely enjoying the experience. Becca was sure that the extra scans the techs insisted on taking weren't needed except as a means of extending the session. For each scan one of them would bring his face within inches of her tits. The other tech would reposition her torso so her breasts would hang in a slightly different way and then he too would need to make a very close 'check' of the scanning alignment. While the techs never touched her, they got so close that Becca felt their breath on her breasts several times. Becca thought of it as coping a visual feel. It was highly embarrassing but in a perverted way she secretly enjoyed being the object of their lust. Her breasts ached- both with their high volume of milk and with sexual frustration.

When the scans were finally done and the couple went to their car, Mike thanked Becca for her cooperation saying, "I know that was difficult for you. Those guys were obsessed with your tits but you really can't blame them. I wanted to crawl under you and latch onto one of your nipples. I'm sure they did too. While you were occupied I used my phone to book a room at the hotel we passed about a mile from here. Your breasts are about to be rewarded for their cooperation."

"Oh," replied Becca. "As dirty as that experience made me feel, I am very full and very horny. I thought I was going to start leaking during the last two scans. Being serviced by my lover sounds very appealing; I can't wait."

They got to their room quickly and were soon naked. Mike guided Becca to the bed and assaulted her left breast. He sucked on it roughly as his hand fondled her other breast causing it to leak through his fingers. Becca gasped at his first contact and became more aroused by his rough treatment. Her arousal continued to build to her first orgasm within a few minutes. When he'd drained her first breast Mike immediately attacked the other continuing to be much rougher with her than usual. Two orgasms shook Becca before she was empty and pushed him away.

When the milking was done, Mike lowered his mouth to explore Becca's recently waxed mound more closely. The daylight flooding the room provided an excellent view of the new tattoo. He spread her legs and moved between them. He kissed her waxed mound and he told her how sexy it was in its new condition. He again told her he loved the new tat. Soon his mouth and two fingers assaulted her pussy and within a minute brought her to another climax. Mike then moved over her and easily slipped his hard cock into her very wet slit. It didn't take long for him to explode inside her.

On the trip home Mike explained that the molded latex sleeves would be sent to a second specialized contractor named Jensen. Technically he was 'Doctor' Jensen but that reflected a PhD not an MD. He was an engineer who had worked for a farm equipment company but now did consulting projects. Dr. Jensen's specialties included milking devices. His past work had largely been with veterinarians and expensive breeding animals but now he had a boutique practice involving human lactation.

Mike said Dr. Jensen would mount the sleeves in a frame that would drop into the opening on the furniture. He'd also integrate the sleeves with suction devices and some other add-ons he'd invented and install the assembly with its pump into the furniture they'd built. Becca wouldn't need to meet him until the machine was essentially completed. Her participation would be needed in the final testing and adjustment.

It was about ten days later that Mike informed Becca that Dr. Jensen had completed his off-site work and would be coming over to their condo on Saturday morning for the final assembly and testing of the machine. Mike said he'd be arriving at 11 and would need about an hour to assemble and install the pump and customized insert. Becca's noon milking would serve as the test and adjustment session.

On Saturday Becca heard Dr. Jensen arrive but she stayed out of sight. She'd meet him later when she'd be submitting her tits to his machine. He made several trips bringing things in from his car. With each trip Becca visualized the padded frame being transformed by whatever he was carrying. She was torn between apprehension and arousal as she imagined herself being milked by the machine for the first time.

Becca was nervous as she was finally called to the rec room some two hours later. She'd been on edge for hours and with the delay in her milking her tits were ready to explode. Mike introduced her to Dr. Jensen. He was a man of about 40 wearing a lab coat. With unruly hair, eyeglasses and a bow tie he looked like a mad professor. Considering his line of work Becca thought that was a pretty accurate description.

Becca tried to discretely take in the sight of the finished machine. She'd worked on the frame and been fucked on it. She knew it quite well. Nonetheless, the addition of the milking apparatus changed the innocent frame into a threatening mechanical device. She blushed as she said hello to the stranger who'd made the suction tools for her breasts. He'd obviously thought about her breasts for over a week; she wondered if he'd been aroused and masturbated as he envisioned them. She was about to bare her tits and insert them into his machine- probably bringing one of his fantasies to life.

At Mike's urging Becca sheepishly took off her blouse and bra and knelt on the padded kneeler. Her naked breasts protruded obscenely and her fat nipples looked even bigger than usual. Dr. Jensen stared at her tits without comment or change in his expression. He stood close by and verbally guided her to lean forward so that her breasts would be centered over the vacuum tubes. He told her to lower her upper body and gently press and wiggle her breasts into the openings. It was a lewd act but one she'd daydreamed about many times. Of course, in her dreams the act had been done alone or with Mike- not in the presence of a stranger. She was told to extend her arms into the shallow indentations on the padded table. No straps would be used but Dr. Jensen pointed out that the arm placement was important since it placed some controls within easy reach. He'd explain the controls later.

It didn't take long for Becca to determine that Dr. Jensen had an unusual interest in breasts or perhaps in the latex that surrounded them. He crouched next to the machine and seemed in awe of either her tits or the sleeves as she settled into place. He seemed incredibly focused on the area under the table which she couldn't see. She knew though that her tits were there sheathed in latex. She concluded he'd spent far too long studying animal udders and milking machines. His hands reached under the table surface and she could feel his hands handling the latex sleeves that caressed her firmly. Becca couldn't see his hands but his facial expression seemed to cycle between lust and mechanical engineering.

Dr. Jensen explained to Mike and Becca that each sleeve had several special bands added as part of his design. Each band on the sleeves was electrically tightened and loosened in sequence from the base of the breast toward the nipple. At each nipple a 3" diameter area of the molded sleeve had been replaced by Jensen with his patented milking device. He explained that there were special sensors that would accurately pinpoint the location of the woman's nipple each time it entered the sleeve. This enabled the device to stimulate the nipple and latch onto it much like an infant. The device would then subtly move itself further onto the nipple as the suction drew it out. The doctor noted he had developed several sizes and types of latching units. Since he'd had the molds of Becca's nipples he'd been able to experiment with several and was sure the ones he'd selected would be a great fit. Adopting a serious tone he admonished Becca not to try to free herself from the suction by pulling her breasts away; the machine would hold her nipple too firmly. The only proper way to be released was to turn off the suction which would release the latching units. He proudly noted that all of the machine's actions were synchronized by a mini controller that he'd developed. He then said now that Becca's breasts were in place it would just take a few minutes to make some final adjustments.

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