tagErotic CouplingsMeeting At Lunch

Meeting At Lunch

byNakod Apa©

Author's Warning:- No great plot, just a light hearted attempt at a dialogue only piece. ****************************

'Excuse me, mam. Is this seat free?'


'Do you mind if I join you?'

'I never say "no" to a gentleman.'

'You NEVER say "no"?'

'Well, very rarely.'

'Then, thank you.'

'You're welcome.'

'The bar normally this full?'

'Only when the Lions have a home game. That what brings you here?'

'No, I had business in town. . . Good day for a game though, warm without being stifling.'

'I suppose so. I hadn't noticed.'

'Do you come here often?'

'Please, spare me the tired old cliches.'

'All right then, what would you like me to say?'

'Something to please me.'

'You're very attractive.'

'That's better.'

'I like your hair. I'm the one man who doesn't prefer blondes.'

'Anything else?'

'Your lips are just ripe for kissing.'

'We'll have to see about that.'

'I wonder what they taste of.'

'Play your cards right and maybe you'll find out.'

'You fill that blouse most attractively.'

'Oh, you flatterer. Go on.'

'I can't see much else while you're sitting down.'

'There, how's that?'

'What gorgeous long legs.'


'Do they go all the way up?'

'That's for you to find out.'

'Oh, happy the man you part them for.'

'I always do my best to please.'

'You're altogether delightful, dazzling and desirable.'

'So you want me?'

'I cannot deny it. This bulge says it all.'

'Looks serious. A case for emergency treatment?'

'It's becoming that way.'

'Right then, pay the bill. Let's go.'

'Your place or mine?'

'Neither, I'm a child of nature and you said it was warm.'

'If you say so. My wheels are over there.'

'Right. To the woods. To the woods. Take me to the woods.'


'How about in amongst these trees?'

'If you say so. You're in charge.'

'Oh! That's nice to know.'

'Well it's part of the man's duties.'

'And what else is included?'

'Everything that turns me on.'

'Ah! You go ahead while I get a blanket from the car.'

'Don't keep me waiting.'

'Never. I'm yearning to feast on you.'

'Ooo, I love cannibals.'

'A bit of the rough, eh!'

'Not too barbaric. But not over gentle.'

'Here, I think this glade is what we want.'


'So let's get down to business.'

'You are in a hurry.'

'No, just hungry for you.'

'Hmm, that feels good. Nice shave, hot lips.'

'Time to release you from those rags.'

'What an original idea.'

'Keep still, woman, or I'll rip the buttons off.'

'Bras clip at the back. Wait, let me. . . . Ah, it feels good to let them breathe. . . Well, what do you think?'

'I think they're fantastic. Just as I like them, big and firm with long buds.'

'I thought you would. They're designed for male adoration.'

'I'll show you just how much I adore them.'

'Ah, that feels great. Knead me.'

'Oh, but I do.'

'No, knead me with your fingers.'

'They feel fantastic. What do they taste like.'

'Be my guest.'

'Mmmm. Peaches and cream.'

'And the other one?'

'Wait. . . Yes, strawberry fair.'

'Having big tits comes with a price, you know.'

'There are no free lunches.'

'So what are you going to pay for your's, fair sir?'

'Depends on how well you feed me, wench.'

'Oh, you won't go hungry. . . Isn't it time you removed my skirt?'

'I was going to get round to it, but I'm a bit busy right now.'

'Typical man, can't do two things at once.'

'But I am. It's these puppies I've got in my hands.'

'There, that's better. And my boots. Think you can cope with my thong?'

'Like that? My thanks to who ever invented stretch fabric. . . . Like the way you're shaved.'

'I used to be hairy, but I found a bare pussy is so much more sensitive.'

'Well then, I better attend to it. Knees further apart.'

'Mmm, why do I love having it licked?'

'I don't know. I've found every woman enjoys my tongue down here.'

'Promise of what is to come, perhaps. Higher, come higher.'

'Sure looks good.'

'Then eat.'

'Mmm, tastes great.'

'How I love a hungry man.'

'Pussy juice. My favourite drink.'

'Hey, where you going?'

'Getting changed for the next scene.'

'Which is?'

'The one where you go down on me.'

'Oh, whoppee!'

'Wait, there's a condom in my trouser pocket.'

'Only one?'

'I might be able to organize more if you prove worth it.'

'Oh, I'm worth it all right. If you're man enough to cope.'

'That's fighting talk.'

'No, fucking talk. Get on with it. Get your arse back here.'

'Yes, Mam.'

'Ah! a long, fat tool. Feels just right.'

'Big enough for you?'

'If you know how to use it.'

'How about the flavour?'

'Male. Pure male.'

'Oooo. Where did you learn suck like that?'

'Just doing what comes naturally, big boy.'

'Then how about this?'

'Oh, God. That really hits the spot. Don't stop rubbing down there.'

'One finger enough?'

'No. I need at least two in me.'

'Do you want it now?'

'Later. I've found these nice big balls that need a good licking.'

'Not for too long. I want to put it where it belongs.'

'After I've made sure you're really ready for mama.'

'Any harder and I'll be able to drill rocks with it.'

'Then I pronounce you ready to do your duty.'

'Just try and stop me.'

'Ooo, so masterful you are.'

'How do you want it?'

'Hard and fast. Really hard.'

'Keep still while I line it up with the target. Ready?'

'Yes, yes, put it in now. Give it to me.'

'Uhr! Ahhh, what a fit.'

'Ummmmmppppff! That feels wonderful!'

'Hold on tight.'

'Faster, harder.'

'As madam desires.'

'My tits. . . . Don't forget them.'

'Urhg. . . like . . . this?'


'I'm . . nearly . . there.'

'Oh-my God, Oh-my-God, Ooh-my-God.'


'Hold on. Don't you dare come out, yet.'

'Can't get enough of me, eh!'

'You screw well for a . . .'

'Go on, say it.'

'Umm. City boy.'

'That's not what you were going to say.'

'No matter. We going to do it again?'

'What straight away?'

'I'm ready. And it's my turn to be on top.'

'Okay, me beauty. If that's what you want I'll try to oblige.'

'Don't move that muscle. I'm going to make it ready.'

'Enough. You keep sucking me like that and I'm gonna come before you want it.'

'Okay then. On your back, buddy boy.'

'Now who's being masterful? Mistressful?'

'Let me lower myself. There, that's where it belongs.'

'You're so, so right. Lean forward, so I can chew your buds.'

'Hands on my tits.'

'Like this?'

'Perfect. That really gets me going.'

'Open your eyes. Look at your very own cock master.'


'Show me. Show me how good it is.'

'Hold on tight.'

'I'm coming, I'm coming.'

'Yes, yes. Come in me baby, fill me now.'

'Oh God! That's so good. Oooooo.'

'Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes, OH YESSS.'

'That was wonderful.'

'Be even better next time.'

'What next time?'

'Whenever you want me.'

'Oh, I want you.'

'Right that's settled.'


'Here we are back again. That's my car over there. So it's thank you for the entertainment.'

'Yeh! Back to work I'm afraid.'

'Boring but necessary. I'll look forward to the next time.'

'We never got round to names. I'm John.'

'Jodi. Look here's my card, got my 'phone number.'

'Fine, I'll give you a bell some time.'

'Make it soon.'

'Tonight soon enough?'

'I'm available for the right man.'

'Careful, or I'm going to need a bigger hat.'

'What are we going to do?'

'I thought we might fuck.'

'What a great idea. You are a bright boy.'

'Okay then, 'till tonight. Keep it warm for me.'

'Just for you, but don't be late.'


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