tagRomanceMeeting Dr. Georgia

Meeting Dr. Georgia


I awakened very slowly and dreamily, realizing I was still in John's arms, just like I had been when we went to sleep. We hadn't moved at all during the night. He felt wonderfully warm. I didn't really want to be awake, but it felt so cozy and perfect that I didn't want to go back to sleep and miss out on enjoying it. I opened my eyes just a little and could see some gray light coming in around the drapes, so I guessed it was about dawn. San Francisco. Fairmont Hotel.

I sure didn't want to leave that warm cocoon but I had to pee, so I very slowly and carefully moved myself away from John and out from under his arm. He was sound asleep, breathing slowly and deeply. Outside the warm bed the room was cold, and the bright bathroom light hurt my sleepy eyes.

I peed, brushed my teeth, brushed my hair into shape, and intended to crawl carefully back into bed for some more sleep. Or something. I had turned the bathroom light off and started back to bed when I thought about the "or something," so I went back and put some Vaseline into and onto my pussy, just in case. My pussy is getting used to being full of big Herman, and I don't think I really need this Vaseline. It makes it easier to stretch for him, though, and it keeps me from getting sore. Besides, I like the slippery feeling when John's penis slides in and out of me.

The light in the bedroom was so dim that I was right next to the bed before I realized it was empty. I could hear the shower running in John's bathroom, so I knocked and heard him call, "Good morning, Sweetie. Get your pretty little butt in here."

I giggled and opened the door to a very steamy bathroom. I saw John in the shower and called to him, "Hi, Lover. Good morning. I'll be right back with some OJ for both of us."

From the shower John called, "To hell with the orange juice. Come in here, I have something to show you."

I entered the bathroom, grabbed my shower cap, and put it on as John stepped out of the shower with water streaming off him. I saw what he meant when he said he had "something to show me." It was Herman, sticking straight out, red and swollen, and bobbing up and down. Just the way I liked him.

John held out his arms for me and I squealed with delight and threw myself at him for my good morning kiss. He was so wet that I couldn't get a good hold around his waist with my legs. I started to slip down, but he put his hands under my bottom and held me up as we kissed.

He walked us over to the counter and sat me down on the cool marble without breaking our kiss. I could feel Herman's tip poking me, searching for my entrance, and I moved just enough to help him. I'm sure glad I took that moment to use some Vaseline. I guess I'll never understand about that foreplay stuff. I'm always ready. I feel like my pussy is gushing.

The next thing I knew, I had my knees up to about John's shoulders, my tongue in his mouth, and the entire length of big, warm, wonderful Herman buried in my vagina. Wow, I'm getting my good morning kiss and my good morning ........... fucking both at the same time. Another first. Mmmm Ohhhh, I think I'm just about to have my .... good .... morning .... climax .... too. Ooohhh, Yesssssssssssss!

I squealed into John's mouth, pulled his hair with one hand to keep him kissing me, dug the fingernails of the other hand into his shoulder, used my strong legs to meet him as he thrust into me, and had a long, hot, wonderfully intense orgasm.

We kept up our kiss, and John continued to stroke Herman in and out of me but more slowly and gently. Our lips finally parted, and we said, "I love you," at the same time. That had to be the longest, most passionate, and wonderful kiss in the whole history of mankind. Womankind, too. What a way to start the day.

John said, "Sweetheart, you seem to live right on the edge of an orgasm, twenty four hours a day. As soon as I get into you, you're coming. You have such wonderful natural sexuality, that I'm constantly amazed. I love being the one you chose to share it with."

I blushed with pleasure, or maybe it was from being sexually excited, probably both. Either way, I could feel my face and neck get red. "John, Darling Lover, I didn't even know what an orgasm was a week ago. Whatever I am sexually, you made me that way. I don't think I would feel much of anything if I didn't love you so much."

John was holding Herman still inside me as we shared a long,deep kiss. I could feel him throbbing and jerking deep inside my pussy. That was almost enough to send me over again. Not quite, though, and I had that delicious tingly feeling of being right on the brink of coming. I'm getting so good at orgasms that I could probably have another one right now just by thinking about it.

John pulled back a little, and we watched his penis sliding in and out of me. I looked down between us and got the best view I'd ever had of myself being ..... fucked. Even though I had been sexually active for a few days and we had made love a lot, I hadn't gotten any bigger down there. John's penis was much too big for me, and my pussy lips were stretched around his shaft like little rubber bands. It looked incredibly sexy and felt wonderful.

John pulled all the way out, then I watched the whole length of his penis slowly disappear back into me. Then he took it out and slid the length of it up and down in my cleft with the underside sliding over my button. I'm sure glad I don't have any hair down there to spoil the view.

The combination of what I was watching and feeling what he was doing to my clitoris was almost enough to make me go over again. When he plunged back into me there was that awful noise as the air was forced out of my pussy, but it felt so good I wasn't even embarrassed.

John slid Herman out of me, pulled me off the counter and to my feet, and we had our second kiss of the morning. It wasn't as ...... explosive as the first one, but it was still wonderful. I opened my eyes while we were kissing and saw us in the big mirror. At first I saw a tiny girl who looked silly in a shower cap being kissed by a huge, naked, wet man who had to bend way over to kiss her. It looked very awkward and ......... incongrous. That girl was so little that she couldn't really get her arms around him, and she looked like a child in his arms.

Then what I was feeling entered into the picture and I saw a big man passionately kissing a little woman whom he loved and who loved him. I saw big warm Herman, hard and throbbing between them, lying up against her stomach, I knew her pussy was wide open from just being wonderfully stretched, and everything seemed perfect. Except the dumb shower cap. I closed my eyes, slid my tongue into John's mouth, and enjoyed our wonderful kiss. I think the image of what I just saw in the mirror is going to stay in my mind forever.

When our kiss was over, my heart was racing and my knees were kind of weak. I slid down John's wet body until I was on my knees, looking straight at Herman's little slit, bobbing up and down about three inches from my nose. John put a hand on each side of my head and held it still. Then he moved Herman's tip until it touched my bottom lip. I parted my lips, and John held my head as he gently placed Herman's dripping tip between my lips.

I made an "O" with my lips to seal them around his penis, and he slid his wet, slippery penis into my mouth until the tip touched the back of my throat. He held it right there, throbbing and jerking. Herman tasted of my pussy, his slippery stuff, and a little Vaseline he had just picked up inside me. Yummy

I made suction until my cheeks were hollowed and John held my head as he slowly started pulling Herman back. When just the head was in my mouth and my lips sealed around that really sensitive area just below the head, he held my head and his penis still.

While he held Herman and my head very still, I sucked and gently licked him in that ultrasensitive area. He started throbbing, the vein swelled even more, there was a continuous flow from the little slit, and he even got bigger, huge. I think he's just on the brink of going over, and it's very hard for him to hold back. I sure know what that feels like! It's wonderful, and it just about drives me crazy. I bet if I gave him a couple of hard licks or started humming he would be coming in about two seconds. I can feel Herman throb every time John's heart beats.

John said, "Diane, I'm so close to coming that I can hardly stand it. I don't want to come yet, though. If I move at all, I won't be able to stop. Don't suck, and stop licking. Ohhhh! Open wide, Sweetie. You're about to get a mouthful. Mmmmmmmmmm"

I opened wide so my mouth was no longer touching him at all. John was still holding my head, and when Herman jerked, he bounced against my upper lip. John groaned, and I felt a warm flood over my tongue and into my mouth. I was afraid if I tried to swallow I would touch him, so I just held my lips and tongue as still as I could. Herman jerked again, and I got a huge gusher that hit the roof of my mouth and splashed all over inside my mouth to coat my tongue and teeth.

John had been holding my head still, but then he pushed me back a few inches, and the next spurt missed my mouth completely. I wanted to watch, so I opened my eyes just in time to see Herman's little slit open and another gusher of semen emerge. I watched and felt it land on my forehead, down my cheek, and some hit me right in the eye. Did that ever sting!

I closed my eyes tightly because of the sting, and I felt one or two more warm gushers splash onto my face. I even felt it on my throat and breasts as it dripped off my face. I guess John knew what the spurt in my eye had done, because he used a wet washcloth to wipe the come out of my eye. That stopped the stinging.

He laughed and moved his hips to slap me gently on the cheeks and chin with a wet Herman, and that made me giggle. He pulled the shower cap down over my face and lifted me to my feet. I was still giggling when he yanked the shower cap off me and shut me up with a kiss, semen and all.

John led me into the shower, and we had a lot of fun getting clean together. There was some fancy French shampoo and conditioner furnished by the hotel, so I had John do my hair. That was fun.

I knew he hadn't come all the way, so I took Herman in my soapy hand and stroked him until he was big and hard again. It didn't take long.

John said he was going to show me a way to get a clean vagina that was even better than a wet finger. He turned me around facing away from him, told me to bend over, so I held my ankles with my hands. I guessed that wasn't enough, because John pushed my shoulders until my hands were touching the floor. It's a good thing I'm so flexible from gymnastics.

I felt the tip of his penis exploring around back there, and it didn't take long for him to find what he was looking for. Then John took me by the hips with his hands and in one shove had big, warm, wet Herman buried in me. He held my hips and started sliding his penis in and out of me, going deeper and harder all the time. Oh, my God! He really goes deep in this position and it feels like it should hurt. It doesn't, though, it feels wonderful. It feels like he's shoving my uterus up into my throat.

John started pounding into me as fast, hard, and deep as he could. Every time his front hit against my behind there was a wet slap. I was getting closer and closer to my second orgasm of the day when he slid a wet finger into ......... my bottom.

Instead of feeling good like it had before, John's finger made me feel like ........ well, like I was going to have a BM, and I mean right then! I hadn't had one yet that morning, and that finger up in there made it feel pretty urgent. I hated to leave him and it was embarrassing, but the feeling wasn't going to go away. I just had to go.

I straightened up, which pulled his finger and Herman out of me, then I rushed out of the shower and headed for my bathroom. On my way out the door I yelled to him that I had to go. I didn't take time to dry myself, so I left wet footprints and a trail of water on the carpet.

I made it in time, and what a relief! About the time I got finished, John called through the door to see if I was okay. I told him that I was fine and that the emergency was over. I apologized about all the of water on the floor, but he said he didn't care, that was the hotel's problem. He knocked a couple of minutes later and handed me in a nice glass of OJ with ice.

That sure wasn't a very romantic ending for our morning lovemaking. I just couldn't help it, though, and I know John understands. I'm sure we'll make up for it later.


I spent about twenty minutes in the bathroom getting my makeup on and fixing my hair. All the baths and showers John and I had been taking had made my skin a little dry, so I smoothed Lubriderm on every inch of me that I could reach. I didn't use a lot and rubbed it in good so my skin would be smooth for John but not greasy. My skin felt so nice when I finished with the lotion that I decided to have John do the little bit of my back that I couldn't reach.

I stepped into my slippers and walked out carrying the Lubriderm and wearing nothing else but a smile. I walked into the living room just as a guy was wheeling a room service cart in through the door that John was holding open. John's back was turned, but the room service guy was looking right at me, wide eyed. I said, "yipes," and turned and ran back to my bathroom, giggling, and that gave the guy a look at my bare backside as well as the front.

I waited in the bathroom, blushing and giggling, until I heard the door close and peeked out to make sure there was nobody there but John. Then I walked out in my birthday suit to get my back lotioned. John was standing there with a little smile on his face and shaking his head. I walked into his open arms and buried my face in his chest while he held me. I was embarrassed and afraid he would be mad, but I guess he knew it wasn't my fault (although it really was), and he held me until I felt better. I told him I was sorry, but he said there was no harm done, and that I had really made the waiter's day.

After a kiss and some more holding, John rubbed Lubriderm on my back. He also kissed my neck and shoulders, and that made me feel a lot better. I turned in his arms for a long, sweet kiss, then he told me to go get my robe on before our breakfast got cold. As I turned to go he gave me a slap on my bare bottom, and when I looked in the bathroom mirror I could see a red handprint on my right bun. I'd like to have a picture of his handprint on my bottom, but it would be gone before I got out to where the camera is. Sometime I'd like to spend an hour or two just playing and taking pictures.

John had ordered sausage and eggs and a waffle for me, and I ate everything in sight while he had a piece of apple pie and coffee. By the time I finished the last drop of OJ in the pitcher, I had to loosen the belt on my robe a little bit. It was eight o'clock. I was thinking how full I was, but that I still had room for a couple of nice swallows of semen for dessert. I'd had an orgasm earlier, but John hadn't and I wanted him to catch up.

I was about to ask John if I could suck him. Before I could say anything, though, he told me that we needed to pack up our stuff and get on the road back home. He said Dr. Georgia was coming in on a flight that arrived at nine thirty, and we were going to meet her at the airport.

After I realized what that meant, it felt like the bottom had suddenly fallen out of my whole life. I knew my fairy tale was suddenly over, and I started crying.

It's all over, and I have to go back to real life again. John's going back to loving Dr Georgia, and there's no room for me anymore. I knew she only loaned John to me for a week and that he's her man, but ........ well .... it's just so hard to give him up. I've had more than a week of my fairy tale ...... and ..... and ..... now it's ....... it's over. I've been able to lie to myself that it was never going to end, but now ...... now ..... I have to face the reality that it's over. Ohhhhhhhh, I feel so ...... so ...... awful.

John put his arms around me and held me while I cried. I held him as tightly as I could and buried my face against his chest. My tears got the front of his robe all wet. After a while my crying started winding down, and he told me everything was going to be okay. I didn't believe him.

When my crying finally stopped, I told him how I felt about losing him, having my fairy tale come to an end, going back to being a school kid, and all that stuff, and that made me start crying all over again. John just held me until I was all cried out.

John led me to the couch and we sat down with his arms around me. He told said, "Diane, our fairy tale isn't over. It has three more days and nights to go."

I said, "But we won't be together anymore, not like we have been. Dr Georgia's going to be back, and you're going to want to be with her."

He said, "How do you feel about Georgia, Diane?"

"She's a nice lady, really pretty, too," I said. "She's been my doctor since I was little, and I've always liked her a lot. When I talked to her on the phone last week when she let me ........ borrow you, she was really nice."

John said, "A week ago you told me you wanted to learn about love and sex, Sweeheart. I've taught you all I know, and I've learned more than I would have imagined. There's something else you could learn about if you wanted to."

I said, "Do you mean ...... like learn how to be a .... lesbian, John? I know women do that, but I sure never thought of doing it myself. Is Dr Georgia a lesbian?"

"No, she's what's called bisexual. That means she likes making love with both men and women. I'm fortunate enough to be her man, but she also has had female lovers. I don't think she does it much anymore, and it's none of my business, but she's told me that having sex with another woman is a wonderful experience."

"Are you telling me that I should ........ do it with Dr Georgia?"

John said, "No, Sweetie. I don't think I have the right to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. I just brought it up to see your reaction. I called Georgia yesterday aftenoon when you were sleeping. I used the phone in the other room and was lucky to get her in her hotel room in New Orleans."

He went on, "Georgia is very, very fond of you, you know. She really cares. She has watched you grow up from a little girl, and she thinks you are the sweetest, smartest, and most beautiful girl she has ever known. Sweetie, you have a wonderful natural sexuality inside you that you've shared with me and that we've explored and developed over the last week.

"If you want to explore it any further, Georgia would be the most perfect lover and teacher you could possibly have. I can guarantee that she would never hurt you in any way, and if you wanted to stop at any time, she would understand. I thought that you might go to the airport today without me. Meet her at the plane, ride back to town with her, talk to her about it, and see what happens. It's completely up to you, though."

This was so unexpected and sudden! I didn't know what to say or think. I said, "Does that mean that I won't get to be with you? I couldn't stand that."

"That's what I'm trying to do, Sweetheart, make it possible for us to be together. But Georgia is going to be here, too, Sweetie, and I love her. I love you, too, and there's no way I'm going to let the three days we have left go by without getting as much of you as possible. I'd like the three of us to be together. Would that be okay with you? Remember, though, that Georgia and I haven't seen each other for a week, and we'll have some catching up to do. Think about it for a few minutes before you answer."

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