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Meeting Mom's Friends


My parents are pretty well-off, Dad owns a successful business, an electrical supply company and Mom owns an antique and decorator shop. Me, I'm their only child and I'm in college, I'll start my junior year next year and I'm majoring in business and finance and plan to join Dad's business when I graduate.

I work summers for Dad, except for the two weeks that I take as a real vacation. This year, I'm taking it at home, after all I have a large pool to enjoy which is great.

I'm also house-sitting for Mom and Dad as they're away on a Mediterranean cruise for two weeks to celebrate their twenty-fifth anniversary.

During my two weeks, I also have a house guest, Christina, who has been my lover for the last two years.

We met at my Mother's birthday party two years ago. We were introduced after she had come in and about halfway through the party, I was outside with a beer (yes, I was only eighteen but I was responsible and my parents were right there and the bartender was under orders as well) and Christina came out with her glass of chardonnay and we talked about my plans for college and such.

She had long blond hair and was beautifully-dressed in a black sheath that cut across her breasts giving me a nice view of her cleavage. She was trim with a nice figure, she just turned me on. It was as simple as that.

I'll never forget when she asked me, "Noah, do you have a girlfriend, is she here tonight?"

And I said, "No, not really, I think I've been waiting for you."

Yes, that's pretty direct for a eighteen-year old but you haven't seen Christina.

She laughed and said, "Well, my dear boy, you need a much younger woman, I'm far too old for you," then leaned forward and kissed me softly on the lips.

I looked at her and said, "Well, my mind is made up, now how do I convince you?"

"Well, it's hardly the place for that, Noah, in the middle of your Mother's birthday party."

"My room is just upstairs," I offered, looking into her eyes.

"You are charming me out of my good senses, Noah. I hope you know what you're getting into."

"No, but I do want to find out."

"Well, perhaps you should show me your bedroom, then," and I led her by the hand up the back stairs to my room.

As soon as we were inside, I closed the door and Christina's arms came around me in an embrace as we kissed, really kissed, for the first time.

Her tongue was like she was fucking me with it as her hands roamed my body up and down. She pulled away, turned and said, "The zipper's in the back, Noah," and I knew then that I was entering a new phase of my life...me, at eighteen, becoming a woman's lover.

I slid the zipper down and she was out of her dress and standing there naked except for her heels and knee-high stockings. She wore no panties and no bra.

She was beautiful, long legs, small, firm breasts, dark red nipples, flat stomach, smooth, shaven pussy. I have never been so hard.

"I hope you're not disappointed, Noah," she said softly as I quickly disrobed. She sat on my bed and took my cock in her hand, leaned toward me and, as I watched, slipped her lips over my cock and began to suck the tip as her tongue ran all around the crown.

"Oh, that's so good, you're better than any girl I've ever dated, mmm," and she sucked me for a minute more, stood up, told me there would be more of that another time and had me lay down on my bed.

She then squatted up over me and lowered herself down as she held my cock, pushing herself down on me until she was sitting on my pelvis.

"Mmm, not what I expected at Grace's party but it's a lovely surprise present from her handsome son," she said as she began rocking back and forth as I arched my hips up savoring the wonderful grip her pussy was pulling me with.

"Oh, I can't believe this, it's so wonderful and you're so beautiful," I groaned as I rubbed her breasts up and down.

"I'm not too old for you?" she asked.

"Oh, Christina, I think you're perfect. You're just beautiful and, oh, so sexy. So much more sexy that the girls I know. And, this is just the best. So sexy."

"Mmm, well, to be honest, I'm loving your nice, hard cock. It just feels wonderful," she said as she ground down on me and twisted her hips back and forth.

"How old are you, Noah? It occurs to me that you could be underage and I'd be an awfully naughty woman."

"I'm eighteen and in this state old enough for a while now. Don't worry, anyway, I'm loving this and I want us to be together more if that's okay with you. Maybe I'm too young for you?"

She was drawing all the way up off me, all the way so my cock came out of her, then carefully, slowly pressing me back up through her pussy lips and deep into her each time. All the way out, all the way in. It felt sensational.

"No, not too young, not with this nice, hard cock of yours. Just what do you think my age is, Noah?"

I was only eighteen but I knew a woman's age was dangerous ground to tread upon so I kept it vague.

"Um, probably like thirty?"

She smiled, leaned over, kissed me, then whispered, "Noah, you know how to make a forty-five year old woman happy. Thank you."

Then she rose up, just leaving the tip end of me inside her as she moved her hips around in a circle, just massaging the crown of my cock with the inside of her lips around and around. I just couldn't hold off any longer.

"Oh, I'm cumming...uh, UH, UH, UNH, mmm, mmm," I moaned and as soon as I started cumming, she pushed down all the way then fucked me fast, really fast as I had the most phenomenal orgasm of my life.

She was really moving fast, then began to moan, "Ummm, mmm, mmm, oh, oh, uh, UH, UNH, UNH, mmm, mmm."

Christina leaned over and kissed me, her tongue caressing my mouth as she continued to move her hips up and down. Then she raised up and whispered, "God, Noah, you're still hard as a rock. I think I want to fuck you again," and she did.

We finally got dressed and snuck down to the party which as, thankfully, still going on.

She told me she was calling it a night, after all it had been far more exciting than she had expected. I walked her out to her car and we kissed more.

"I want to be your lover, Christina. I hope you say, yes."

She opened her car door, reached under the seat and put a small metal object in my hand. I felt it and it was a door key.

"Two-seventy Grand Avenue, Apartment 18C. Can you come for lunch tomorrow? I can't promise what I have in the fridge but you won't leave horny, that's for sure."

I made a date for lunch and I ended up spending the night, with Christina, leaving the next morning the most sexually-satisfied I've ever been. And, I left not only with the key she'd given me but with her cell number and email address.

That was two years ago. We've fucked hundreds of times, Christina just never says stop and, well, I'm nineteen now and she keeps me well drained of semen.

So, back to the present. I was house-sitting for my parents and Christina was staying most nights with me and we were fucking all over the house. We especially loved fucking out by the pool, sometimes in the bright sunlight, sometimes in the shade, sometimes with her legs dangling in the water as I stood at just the right water depth to line my cock up perfectly with her pussy.

It was a morning full of sunshine and sex with us out in the pool, Christina laying down with her legs dangling in the water with me standing in the pool between her legs rocking in and out of her as I massaged her breasts. Since she had arrived on Sunday, we had been naked since, it was Wednesday.

I was getting close to cumming when I noticed some slight movement inside the screened porch that opens to the pool. I squinted to see better and made out the form of one of my mother's friends, Louise Reardon, standing in the shadows watching me fuck Christina. She was just standing there watching, then I saw that she had her hand down inside her shorts.

I whispered to Christina, "Don't scream but I can see Mrs. Reardon, Mom's best friend, standing inside the porch watching us."

"Oh, my god, not really? Louise Reardon?"

"Yes, it has to be her, I can see and I know it's her."

"How could she get in?"

"No idea," I said as I tried to maintain my rhythm, rather difficult as my cock had softened dramatically.

Christina turned her head and called out, "Come on out Louise, you might as well join us," and there was silence for at least a minute, a deadly long time it seemed.

Slowly the door opened and out she came, my mother's best friend.

I pulled out of Christina as she got up and went over to sit on a chaise lounge.

"Well, as you see, Noah and I are quite good friends, Louise."

"Yes, so I see, well, not that I blame you, Christina, we all desire a younger man."

I remained in the pool, after all, it was my mom's best friend and I wasn't eager to be sporting my cock around in front of her.

"Oh, if you only knew how wonderful Noah is. Or maybe you want to find out. Noah, come over here, dear. Let Louise see what I've been enjoying so much."

"You really mean it, get out and come over there? I'm not wearing anything, Christina," I pleaded.

"Oh, Louise has seen cocks before, Noah. I'll bet she'll like yours rather much, come on. I'll protect you," she laughed.

I slowly waded to the end of the pool and came up the steps over to the two women and stood there.

"Come closer, dear, over here," and I took a few more steps. My cock, amazingly was fully-erect, why I couldn't imagine. Christina reached up and took hold of it and gently squeezed.

"Here, feel how hard Noah is, Louise. I know you want to. Do you mind, Noah, if Louise feels your lovely cock?"

Well, I'm sure I was looking nervous and uncomfortable as I watched Christina let go of me, then reach over, take her friend's hand and bring it to my cock. It was incredible.

"Wonderful, isn't it, Louise?"

Louise Reardon looked up at me as her hand stroked back and forth. My head was reeling. First we were caught fucking by my mother's best friend, now the same woman was jacking my cock.

"I can't believe I'm doing this. My god, seeing you two, watching and all, you two looked so wonderful there at the edge of the pool, making love, oh, now this."

"Why don't you stay, Louise, perhaps Noah would like to have us both? He's quite a virile young man. Noah?"

She was asking if I wanted to fuck my mom's best friend as well as her. Incredible. Well, Mrs. Reardon was attractive, perhaps not quite as sexy as Christina but, still, pretty nice. And, I supposed it would help keep all this quiet.

Louise leaned forward and slid her red lips over my cock and began sucking me as Christina looked up at me smiling.

"Looks like you've got two women to take care of Noah. I hope you're up to it. I have every confidence that you can."

I went from being scared to death that my mom's friend was going to tell my parents about my affair with Christina to being sucked to the heavens by my mother's best friend so you know my head was swirling as I stood there, my cock on Louise Reardon's mouth.

"Louise, why don't you join Noah and I and get naked so our friend here can show you what he can do so wonderfully."

She pulled off my cock and stood to begin taking her clothes off as she told us why she had come to our house.

"God, this I never expected. Oh, you two are just something to watch. I just came by to check on the house, I have a key and, well, once I saw you both and realized who you were, god, I just watched and wanted what Christina was having," she said as she pulled down her panties and stood there, now naked like us.

She was taller than Christina, about five-six, about the same age, mid-forties, medium-sized breasts with large pink nipples and a trimmed pussy where her long legs met.

"I suggest that we get in the pool like you saw me when you were watching and just leave the rest up to our wonderful, young lover here," Christina suggested.

They both walked over to the pool and sat on the edge dangling their legs in the water as I got in and waded to my two naked lovers. As I approached Christina, she opened her legs to me as I went between them and leaned over to kiss and lick her pussy.

"Mmm, oh, Noah, you know what I love so well. Mmm," and she lay back as I feasted on her. My hand nearest Louise was on her leg, caressing it up and down as I felt her widen open as well. I slid up her inner thigh and wiped my fingers along her wet slit.

Christina's hands were on my head guiding me around her underside as I slipped my middle finger up into Louise and began fucking her with it. I felt her hand slide over mine leading me in and out of her.

I knew Christina was close to an orgasm, after all, I'd given her hundreds of them and when she began to writhe and moan, I knew we're close.

"Mmm, Noah, oh, yes, uh, UH, UH, UNH, AYYE, AYYE, UM, um, mmm, oh, Noah, you're so wonderful. You should show Louise how wonderfully you are between a woman's legs, dear. I certainly don't mind sharing you with her."

So, I moved over to between Louise's legs and began on her.

I had sex with both women over and over in many ways during the rest of the two weeks my parents were away. Louise stayed a number of the nights as well and having both she and Cristina in bed with me was a treat beyond imagining.

Very few clothes got worn during the time my parents were away and the sex was pretty much non-stop. I always had one of my lovers ready for me, if not both in one way or another.

SInce then, I have keys to both their places and have spent many nights in each of their arms and they have each visited me in college on weekends, so I am rarely without one or the other.

Is life wonderful? Oh, indeed it is.

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