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Meeting The Deli Chick


“Goddamn these long lines,” Jason thought to himself as he stood in line to purchase some lunch meat. He had rushed into the store, granted it was payday and everyone and their brother would be shopping but because it was late at night he had hoped that he wouldn’t encounter that usual rush. Now here he was five people behind the counter and the store was due to close in ten minutes.

In his mind he did the quick math, ok that allows two minutes per shopper. Maybe since he was already in line he would be able to get his meat, and beat the final announcement that the store was closing. He hoped that at least two of the people in front of him would be together, therefore the line would be shortened by one and his chances would increase of getting served.

“Five minutes left all you midnight shoppers, please make your way to the checkout lanes now,” that annoying voice came over the intercom.

Just his luck the other shoppers had finished all but the one in front of him and she was the most indecisive bitch he had ever seen. First she couldn’t decide on the meat she wanted and then she had to have just the right amount cut of each one. Not a penny more than she asked for and not a penny less. As the woman finally completed her purchase Jason stepped forward.

“The store is now closed, if you haven’t gotten your items please come back tomorrow and shop then, if your in line to the checkout then your safe if not, have a safe trip home.”

Ok that voice was now not only annoying but patronizing and in a rush as well.

Jason stepped up to the counter and made his best sad puppy dog eyes as the deli girl twirled back towards the counter as he coughed politely to let her know he was there.

“Sorry sir, but the deli is now closed.”

“No it isn’t..,” Jason said as a smirk came across his lips. There before him stood this mythical online person he had seen numerous times and chatted to. He had never posted a picture with his name online but she had, or rather she had a online name of Chicklet. He had read all her stories and found her quite alluring. In the times they had chatted she had never requested a picture and besides the avatar that she used that showed her ass in a forum he had seen her on a amateur picture thread.

She had long read hair, hazel eyes, that depending on the light in her pictures looked green or blue. A rather large bust and one of the sexiest asses he had ever stroked his cock to. His cock jerked alive in his pants upon his newfound discovery and he wasn’t about to walk away without playing a little game with her.

“No, ma’am it isn’t. I really need to get some meat in here,” he said pointing to the meat case, “I have nothing to eat at home and I truly just need a minute or two chick.”

He heard an audible gasp as the girl’s jaw dropped a little. Maybe it was the way he had said her online name almost or just that she was surprised by his nerve. She shook her head vehemently though and told him he was just a little too late.

“Please, I really am hungry and you wouldn’t want a man to die because you refused to help him out and bend the rules a little would you. If I starve to death it will be on your conscience.”

The girl gave him a silly smile and he noticed her dimples as she leaned over the counter. Her deli smock bowed a little and gave him a rather unobstructed view down her blouse. He wondered just how playful this meat girl was. Perhaps if she was truly like her online persona he would not only get his meat, but she would get his as well. Not to say she was a slut but they had connected on a deep level online sharing delicate personal information.

“Well I suppose I could ring you up back here and tell the store manager you were already in line and I had to serve you,” she said teasing him.

“Chicklet...I would appreciate that very much,” there he had said it, he had broken that barrier and was allowing her to choose her next move.

“Do I know you sir?” she asked.

“Well, I suppose you do dear cheeky, I’m actually kind of a dickhead when you think about it.”

Chicklet started to giggle nervously as she realized just who she might be talking to in person here. Her little stomach did flip-flops and she wondered just what she may have gotten herself into here. She knew that if this person was who she suspected he was her life was about to get very complicated.

She had been on the outs with her boyfriend as of late and also knew that this person before her knew her inside and out through their discussions, well he knew the outside anyway, for now. But she also feared that he may use impending knowledge upon her. She had just posted to the forum that in light of National Nude Day, she would be stripping off her clothes tonight and driving home to spend the next day in the buff.

Jason indeed had read the latest post by Chicklet and had thought it would be wonderful to see her run around naked all day. But that thought had been a fleeting one for he had no idea he would ever actually run into her.

“Jason, is that really you,” she asked giddily.

“In the flesh, Chicklet.”

“Well, in that case I will ring you up and also maybe we can go get a cup of coffee or something she said hoping he wouldn’t remember or have seen her post.

“Oh no Chicklet, I think you still need to carry out your plans that you posted earlier today. I think you need to strip and drive, although I doubt you should really go home.”

Chicklet for once in her life didn’t think, she acted and spoke with the least reserve she had ever managed. “Only if you let me taste your meat will I ring you up right now,” she said making sure he caught her double entendre.

Forty-five minutes later as Jason sat out in his car and waited for Chicklet to come out of the store he was startled by a knock on his window. He looked out to see the red haired vixen and rolled down the window. “Yes,” he replied.

“Well, shall I follow you or just hop in?” she asked.

This girl wasn’t pulling the punches tonight. Apparently all those times she had been accused of cheating had pushed her to this. He knew that her boyfriend had repeatedly accused her of cheating on him and now since she had the opportunity she was about to go ahead and do it.

Jason reached out and stroked her cheek through the window, “Get in,” was all he said as he smiled at her.

Chicklet pulled away from his tender touch and walked over to the other side of the car, her thighs were already damp from arousal an she could feel the blush spreading all over her body. “Just were do you intend on taking me Jason?”

At that moment he leaned over and kissed her, his fingers slipping beneath the delicate folds of her overcoat and at once he felt naked flesh, the naked flesh she had teased him with online in her avatars and pictures for so long. He was patient though and knew that if he played his cards right she would be doing wonderful things to and with him for the remainder of the night.

He drove out of the lot slowly as he sat broke their embrace and slid his hand over hers. He felt a deep connection with her already. Although he always had online he felt more of one now that she was real and here in the flesh. It wouldn’t take him long to want her in other ways. To find little ways of making her submit to him and his desires as well as exploring her own.

Jason headed out to the beach, he knew one of her fantasies after all their discussions and was bound to fulfill one or more of them tonight. He stopped along the way to run inside an all night grocery store and thanked his luck that he hadn’t stopped here earlier. While inside he gathered a few necessary supplies and then rushed back out to his car.

Chicklet was getting antsy by now and she had been given time to wonder if she was being rational or just giving in to her carnal lusts. “Fuck it,” she thought, she may never have this opportunity again.

Twenty minutes later they were at the beach. Jason parked his car and turned off the lights, in that instant the built up tension they felt could have ignited the insides of the car with their lust. Chicklet couldn’t wait any longer and she leaned over and kissed him, her mouth parted slightly and her tongue pressed against his lips trying desperately to gain entrance. She didn’t have to wait long because as soon as her pink little tongue pressed his lips he opened his mouth and returned her kiss. His hands although they wanted to roam her body, stayed above her shoulders. He ran his fingers through her hair and caressed her face tenderly as they made out and kissed in the car.

“Oh, Jason,” Chicklet whispered as they broke their kiss, “I don’t know what to say.”

“Nothing, my dear, we don’t need words tonight, or at least not yet. Everything that happens tonight is your choice, at anytime you can refuse and I will understand.”

With that said he grabbed the back of her head again and pulled her close. Chicklet’s eyes remained open for a moment locked on his gaze as she kissed him. In that moment she shyly shut them and then let her hand travel over to his thigh. She had yet to see a picture of him or his cock at this point and she was eager to see what was beneath his jeans.

As her little hand slid up his thigh she felt nervous jitters race through her body, it had been so long since she touched another man besides her boyfriend, and now here she was throwing caution to the wind and trying to work up the nerve to touch his manhood. In that instant she did just that, she let her mind close off any doubts and crossed that threshold. Her little fingers curled around the tip of his cock through his jeans and she gave it a soft squeeze.

Chicklet leaned over and whispered into his ear, “My what have I found here big boy, is that a cell phone in your pocket or are you just really happy to see me?” Yes, she knew it was a stupid cheesy line but she really didn’t care at this point she felt she could be silly with Jason and not be chastised for it.

“Why don’t you find out for yourself, Chicklet,” Jason replied with a smirk.

At that moment she couldn’t undo his zipper fast enough she drew it down and immediately reached inside to discover that he was sans underwear as her fingers met his flesh. With a soft giggle she pulled his rapidly hardening erection from through his open trousers and stroked it up and down. Her fingernails grazed the head and teased him as she reached over with her free hand and opened the door to his side of the car.

“Get out now,” she demanded.

Surprised at how Chicklet was acting seeing as how she was normally submissive Jason quickly slid out of the car and pushed down his jeans. Stepping out of them he turned to face Chicklet as she rounded his side of the car. Her coat was gone and now she stood before him in all her glorious nakedness. Jason’s cock hardened even more and jerked wildly as the beautiful 21 year old sexpot sauntered up to him.

“In light of this being National Nude Day I am going to not put that coat back on until you drop me off at my house, or if that proves to not be until tomorrow I am your naked disciple for the evening.”

As those words slipped from her lips she dropped to her knees and pushed against Jason’s thighs forcing him against the car door. She raked her nails down his thighs as she looked up smiling and flicked her tongue against the head of his large cock. She had decided to be the sexual seductress she struggled to keep intact all the time at home and everywhere else. Tonight she was free, naked to the world and to her inhibitions. No longer would she be tentative, she was ravenous tonight and the only thing that would sate her hunger was the man standing before her.

She leaned forward on her knees and closed her lips around the head of his cock and looked up and winked coyly at him with his cock in her mouth. Her fingers worked their way up his body and cupped his balls and squeezed them playfully. Her tongue swirled light circles around the crown of his member as she teased him slowly. She wasn’t ready to plunge to the base of his penis yet, she wanted to have him panting and begging for release. She wanted to push him to his very limits. She knew Jason was dominant, very much so from her conversations with him. She thought if she could push his limits perhaps he would push her’s tonight as well, take her into some of her darker fantasies or at the least give her the night of passion they had teased each other about so many times.

Jason’s hands wrapped in Chicklet’s hair as she lowered her lips inch by slow teasing inch down his shaft. He wanted to just force her all the way down but, he knew that she would do everything in her power to please him. Just having her kneeling before him tonight naked was almost enough to elicit an orgasm in itself. Now her full lips were almost at the base of his manhood and she was looking up into his eyes and moaning, nearly purring against his flesh.

Chicklet couldn’t wait for Jason to touch her, she was wet and aroused beyond her own belief already, maybe it was the fact that she was having an affair or maybe it was just Jason himself but either way she was in need of being touched and now. She slid her fingers down her body as he looked down on her in the moonlight and tweaked each of her erect nipples and then down her almost smooth belly to the small thatch of pubic hair between her legs. Her fingers slid through the curls and down slowly to tease her engorged clit before spreading her outer lips slowly and crooking her middle and index finger inside her.

Jason could take no more, he pushed Chicklet away and lifted her by her underarms up to a standing position, then he reached down and cupped her ass and spun around so that she was sitting on the hood.

“Fuck that’s cold,” she giggled as Jason slid his tongue down her neck and sucked in one of her nipples. “MMM, but I am so hot right now, Jason, are you going to make me beg tonight?”

Jason never answered her only sucked her nipple harder and swirled his tongue around the erect bud of flesh, his fingers were between her legs and slipping easily inside her sweet little center of love. He wasn’t in a rush, she noted, most guys would have been ramming deep inside her now if they had the chance. At least that is what she had learned with the two or three guys she had been intimate with up to this point in her life. Jason’s fingers were working slow magical circles deep inside her touching every inch inside her. He lingered on the places that made her moan a little louder and continued to tease her.

Suddenly his lips were gone from her nipples and she was lying flat on her back on the hood and her legs were thrown over his shoulders as his tongue found her clit between her pink folds and hood and teased it slowly. Her clit pulsed with her rapid heartbeat and she felt herself struggling to breathe through the intense feelings her body was producing. She was never one quick to cum, but right now she was already teetering on the brink of an orgasm of severe magnitude.

Chicklet bucked her hips unintentionally and when she did Jason’s tongue slipped from her clit into her moist opening. Her pussy was dripping with it’s overflowing juices and she was clutching his ears with her hands. She was holding on for dear life, pulling his mouth against her pussy as he ate her delicately and yet with such attention that she wasn’t sure where to focus her attention. His hands were cupping her ass pulling her thighs to his mouth as he fucked her with his tongue.

She needed more, she wanted more, and by god she was determined to get more. “Jason, now,” she begged and commanded at the same time.

Jason wouldn’t stop though, his tongue flicked inside her and his palms cupped her ass harder. He wanted her to plead. To surrender completely tonight, and he knew just how to do it.

Jason stood up leaving Chicklet on the brink of her orgasm and nonchalantly walked to the rear of the car. Opening the trunk he pulled out a blanket and the bags of supplies he had boughten at the all night grocery on the way here. He raced back to Chicklet after slamming the trunk shut and grabbing his keys and led her down the sandy beach to the water’s edge.

Chicklet was alert, she could feel the cold breeze rushing off the water sending goose bumps over her body and causing her already erect nipples to stiffen even more. But what was amazing to her was that even though she was shivering, her body was on fire inside. Her pussy was soaked and aflame with her passion and her whole body was flushed a cute pink.

Jason laid down one blanket and spread it out in the sand and then reached up as he sat down pulling Chicklet down with him. His hands rushed over her body as he twisted her so she was laying across his lap. She wasn’t sure what to expect until she felt the first sting spread across her ass as his hand made contact. Her clit was inline with is large cock and as he spanked her it rubbed against the head of his member causing little jolts of pleasure through her body.

Jason gave her three good spanks before slipping a finger deep inside her wet pussy to see how she was reacting. She wasn’t in tears if anything this little minx was loving the playful aspect of being controlled and spanked right now. She was his to play with as he was hers in turn. Jason leaned down and brought his knees up pulling her body up with them and kissed the red marks on her ass.

His tongue lashed out and ran the length of her ass as she giggled and reached beneath her to stroke his cock. She rubbed his cock against the length of her slit and then without thinking swung around and pinned his legs down. She had a newfound strength she had never encountered before and she was going to get his cock in her right now before he decided to tease her more. As she straddled his hips she lowered herself down as her hand held his cock tilted straight up. The first inch of his cock was just inside her wetness now and she couldn’t find the will to tease either of them any longer. Chicklet dropped her hips down and took all of his large cock inside her at once.

“Sweet leaping Jesus,” she screamed out as the first orgasm ripped through her body. She was sliding up and down on Jason’s cock now with as much speed as she could muster. Her palms were flat on his chest and her breasts swinging in his face as she rode him. “God, Jason, you feel just as I had imagined you would.”

Jason’s lips were to busy securing a lock around her nipples to speak though and his hands slid up her torso to cup her pendulous breasts as he thumbed one erect nipple and nibbled on the other.

Chicklet could feel his cock swelling inside her already and knew he was going to cum. She hadn’t even thought about a condom. Nor did she really care at this point. They had discussed std’s and if he were truthful during those conversations this wouldn’t be a problem. She was on birth control anyway so there was no question to hopping off of his throbbing rod. She wanted to feel Jason cum deep inside her.

“Chicklet, babydoll, I’m going to cum,” Jason growled before sucking the other nipple into his mouth.

“Do it J, please, fill me up tonight. Let me feel you cum inside me.”

Jason let go of her breasts and leaned up as his hand came around the back of her head and pulled her down to embrace in another passionate kiss. They each moaned and grunted as their orgasms started, his before her’s. But she followed quickly behind as she felt that first warm jet of his seed shoot inside her.

Minutes later as her head lay on his chest she mentioned that she had a few other fantasies and there was still a while until the sun came up.

“Well, Chicklet look in the bag dear, I know your fantasies and shopped accordingly he said with a smile.”

As Chicklet lay there running her hands through the soft curls on his chest and listening to the waves she thought that this could be the best National Nude Day ever for her. It was beginning that way at least. The waves crashing in the background as they kissed only made her want him more. Her little hand reached down to find his cock was already reviving and hardening once more.

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