tagGroup SexMegan Brings a Girlfriend

Megan Brings a Girlfriend


As an advanced amateur photographer I prefer photographing people as opposed to doing product or landscape work. Megan approached me a couple of years ago and asked if I would photograph her. She was a pretty 21-year-old brunette with a cute face and nice figure, which is my favorite photo subject.

Actually, we began our photographer-model relationship with an email message from a girl I'd never met stating that she observed me photographing one of her friend's birthday parties. "I saw the pictures that you took at Becky's party and they are really good! Do you think you could take some pictures of me sometime?" she wrote. She had attached three pictures that she had made of herself with a cell phone camera. In one she wore a red party dress, the second was a headshot showing a big grin on her pretty face and in the third she was grinning and topless!

"Sure," I immediately wrote back, "what do you have in mind?"

Megan replied, "I wanna be naughty and I'm OK with anything!"

Taken aback by her bold response I asked, "Nudes?"

"Yes, of course!" Megan wrote, "You do nude pictures don't you?"

"I do all kinds of photography, nudes included."

"That's what I want! But I don't have any money to pay you."

"Then that's what we will do and I shoot for fun, no need for it to cost you anything," I told her.

In subsequent messages and phone conversations I told her that I didn't have access to a studio but we could find some place private to do the shoot. She told me "I wish we could do it at my place but I live with my mom and none of my friends have a place either. We could do it in a hotel room but I don't have any money for that."

Seeing an opportunity fading away for lack of a place to photograph this sweet young thing I told her, "If that's OK with you I'll get a room."

"You would? That's so sweet!" she replied, then volunteered, "I just thought of something, my grandmother is out of town for a month and I'm keeping an eye on her house. We could shoot there!"

I told her that her granny's house would be an excellent location and we agreed on a date and time to meet there. We also agreed that she could bring a girlfriend as a chaperone if she wished.

With that settled I suggested that she bring an assortment of clothing items to start with but not to wear anything tight that would leave a mark on her skin. As it turned out she forgot that part of my instructions but it didn't cause much of a problem.

The agreed to date arrived and I knocked on the door of the house a few minutes early. Her girlfriend, Samantha, let me into the living room and told me that Megan was in the bathroom finishing her makeup.

"Jack's here" she called to Megan as I closed the door behind me. I heard a voice from further inside call out that she would be out in a minute. Samantha and I got acquainted while we waited for Megan. She was an attractive and studious looking redhead. Her petite figure went well with her outgoing personality. She was wearing a cute summer dress that fit tightly above her waist. It was apparent to me that she wore no bra.

After a few minutes Megan walked into the living room wearing only a matching blue bra and thong set. She seemed perfectly comfortable meeting me for the first time dressed that way and I most certainly wasn't about to complain!

We discussed where we would photograph her and I left them with a portfolio of my nudes and glamour photography to look through while I retrieved additional lighting and other gear from my car and set up in the living room.

Both girls were complimentary as they scanned the pictures. I took a couple of test shots while they sat together on the couch looking through my book and showed them to the girls.

"They look awesome!" they agreed, "Where do you want to start?"

"I think I'd like to start with you on the couch if Samantha will move over to the chair," I answered. Sam said, as she reseated herself, "you can call me Sam, everyone does."

I directed Megan and she assumed positions and expressions willingly as I got a dozen shots. At one point Sam got up and looked over my shoulder at the display screen on the camera and told Megan how sexy she looked. I told Sam that I appreciated the compliment and was happy for her to suggest poses and assist in any way she wanted. She smiled and assumed photographer's assistant duties, directing Megan to look this way and that, cross her arms and push her boobs up, move her legs this way or that and more while I captured images of her super sexy friend. Megan took suggestions and direction very well from Sam.

After a few minutes Sam told Megan, "I think it's time for you to take your bra off girl."

Without a moment's hesitation Megan grinned and reached behind her back to unhook her bra. She dropped it into her lap, revealing perfectly marvelous D-cup breasts with perky nipples and, elastic marks where the bra had been tight around her chest.

"We're going to have to take a break for a few minutes" I told them, "until those marks are gone."

"Oh, I forgot about that," Megan said as she got up and turned toward the kitchen, "anyone want a beer or something?

"A glass of water would be nice," I replied as Sam joined her.

While the girls were in the kitchen I scanned the images and deleted a couple that were obviously not keepers. When they returned I took a sip of water from the glass they brought me and asked Megan to sit sideways on the couch. After a couple more minutes the bra marks had faded enough for us to resume shooting.

I positioned myself at the end of the couch opposite the end where Megan was lounging. She leaned back against the arm of the couch so that her firm breasts pointed at the ceiling. I resumed shooting and soon asked her to spread her legs, which she did immediately.

"Hold your breasts up with your hands please," I asked.

She complied.

"Nice, very nice. You are a truly beautiful woman. Now, gently pinch your nipples for me."

She complied and even moaned a little when she did.

"Run your fingers lightly over yourself, do whatever you do when you're horny," I told her.

Sam giggled and said, "that shouldn't be difficult for the Megan I know, she's horny all the time!"

Megan showed no response to that comment and proceeded to lightly run her fingertips over her mostly exposed body pausing to close her eyes and pinch her hard nipples again and again. Her breath was quickening, her toes curling as she pleasured herself. She stroked her inner thighs as she looked directly into the camera lens, then threw her head back and, unbidden, plunged one hand under the waistband of her panties. I noticed that a wet spot had developed between her legs but said nothing as she worked her fingers between her pussy and the panties.

Sam and I said nothing as Megan's fingers reached her sex and began a slow massage. I looked over at Sam who gave me a "let her go" look. I continued to shoot as Megan's fingers worked under the thin fabric of her thong. Her breathing rate increased as she massaged a breast with one hand and kept up repetitive motion with the other hand that was mostly hidden from our view.

Megan's breathing became more labored, her hands more animated at their tasks. She spread her legs wider and began to moan. She squeezed a breast with one hand, moaned and pinched a nipple so hard that she gasped. She raised and lowered her hips as she neared orgasm, mewing and grunting, oblivious of the presence of others in the room. Her rhythm increased until she stopped suddenly and gasped before slowly lowering her hips and remained still save for occasional shivers. Megan had achieved orgasm.

Eventually she opened her eyes and looked at us.

"I couldn't help myself, sorry," she softly said.

"No need to apologize for enjoying yourself," I told her, "on the erotic scale of one to ten that was a fifteen. I don't know what you will do with the pictures but I really don't care. I'm just glad that you are comfortable enough with me to be yourself, the pictures will be amazing!"

She opened her eyes wide and asked, "You won't show them to anybody will you?"

"Of course not, these photos are for you and you alone."

"Good," she said softly, still catching her breath, "I want really naughty pictures but only for me and selected close friends, you know?"

"I understand, are you ready to continue?" I asked.

"I think so, what do you want to do now?

"Let's move to the bedroom, shall we?" I asked.

"OK," Megan replied as she twisted around and set her feet on the carpet. She stood up and walked slowly down the hall toward the bedroom, pausing only to remove her thong and playfully toss it over her shoulder before reaching the bedroom door.

When she reached her grandmother's bed she turned to me and said, "I guess I've pretty much broken the ice and did say I wanted to be naughty. What do you want me to do now?"

I glanced at Sam and asked, "Got any suggestions?"

"I can think of a few things," she replied with an evil grin on her face. She turned to her naked friend and told her to lie on her stomach in the middle of the bed. Megan immediately climbed onto the bed, her breasts swaying, moved to the center and laid on her stomach with her head facing us and her legs together.

I snapped a few quick shots from different positions in the room using available light as I hadn't had time to move the lights to the bedroom and didn't want to spoil the mood.

"Get up on your hands and knees" Sam instructed, "spread your knees apart more."

I positioned myself at the foot of the bed and grabbed a couple of shots.

"Did you bring the toy?" Sam asked her friend.

"In my bag on the dresser," Megan answered meekly. There was no question of who was in charge now.

While Sam retrieved a purple cock-shaped vibrator from Megan's bag I took more shots from different positions. I could see that Megan was very wet...her smooth shaven pussy was glistening with her juices making for very erotic images.

Sam returned to the bedside and placed the vibrator beside Megan. "Here's your toy, I think you need to play with it, don't you?"

"Yesss," Megan purred as she reached for it and positioned it between her legs against her creamy pussy. As I recorded the event with my camera she rubbed it between her outer labia a before switching it on and gasping as she pressed it against herself again. Megan shivered when the tip slipped between her inner labia and slowly entered her vagina buzzing a happy tune.

Sam and I watched (and I shot pictures) as Megan maneuvered her toy in and out of herself and made sounds that indicated how satisfactory the sensations she was feeling were. After a couple of minutes as her excitement built she fell on her side on the mattress and rolled over onto her back with the vibrator never losing contact with her swollen juicy pussy. Her large breasts danced as she rammed the vibrating dildo in and out, bucked her hips and slapped her pussy with her free hand. It was obvious that she was approaching another climax. Her groans and moans turned to little squeals of pleasure. Her juices ran down her quivering buttocks to wet the bed beneath her. Her eyes were shut tightly as she worked to reach her goal of a thundering climax and it wasn't much longer before it hit.

Suddenly Megan shouted something unintelligible, froze with her hips in the air, and then dropped her hips to the bed with a sigh, her stomach and legs quivering.

"Oh God, Oh God" she said breathlessly as she slowly regained control. "I've never cum so hard in my life! I think I like having an audience."

Eventually she regained her composure enough to slip the humming monster from her pussy and lay it aside. She lay on her back with her legs spread wide, breathing heavily, her juices still running from her swollen labia and her arms to her sides as I fired off a few more shots from different positions.

Eventually she propped herself up on her elbows and grinned at Sam and myself. Then she surprised us by reaching down between her legs and slipping a finger between her pussy lips, and then she put the finger to her mouth for a taste.

"I've been a very naughty girl, haven't I?" she whispered with a wink and licked her finger.

I managed to regain my composure enough to answer, "I'd say that's an understatement girl. I've had models do lots of things in front of my lens but none as naughty as that!"

"I told you I wanted to be naughty."

"Yes you did and yes you have been...very naughty and very sexy!"

"I need to rest a little while. You don't need to go yet do you Jack?" she asked.

"I've got plenty of time," I told her, "and besides, I could use a break myself."

Megan rolled over on her side, shut her eyes and pulled a pillow under her head. Sam motioned to me to follow her to the kitchen where we opened a couple of beers for ourselves and another for Megan.

"Megan knows she's sexy and takes advantage of it all the time and obviously hasn't a shred of modesty," Sam told me in the kitchen. "I don't know how she concentrates on her studies while she's in heat like that but she makes good grades. She's out with a different guy almost every night."

"Some people can juggle a full social life and school like that I guess," I replied. "I don't think I could have but I tried for a few years!"

We chatted for a few more minutes before returning to the bedroom where we found Megan still naked and propped up against the headboard scanning through the pictures I'd taken of her.

"I look like a porn queen!" she said.

"Maybe you could be," I said, "you have the body for it and sure aren't shy in front of the camera with other people in the room."

"No, I couldn't do that. I want to finish college and become a professional singer but this is fun! Come over here," she said to Sam as she handed the camera to me.

Sam sat on the bed and Megan whispered something to her as I changed the camera battery.

"We want you to get a picture of us kissing," Megan told me after a minute of whispering.

"Sure, girls kissing girls is pretty hot," I replied.

As I checked the camera and got into position for the big kissing scene Megan, still naked, sat up on the side of the bed with her legs apart. Sam, with a bit of a shy look at me, stood on the floor with her legs between Megan's and her hands on her shoulders. She bent over until her lips met Megan's. They held the kiss while I got four or five shots from different angles.

"That's hella sexy girls," I told them.

I expected them to part after a few shots but they held the kiss and seemed to be enjoying it. Eventually one of Megan's hands came up and rested on one of Sam's breasts. I knew better than to make a comment. It was time for me to keep quiet and document whatever was about to happen without interruption.

They held the kiss and added some tongue action while Megan massaged Sam's breast. Eventually they broke apart and Megan put her hands on Sam's shoulders. Sam glanced over at me and smiled before turning to Megan again. I knew then that they had a plan and I was expected to document it on film.

I kept shooting as Megan slid the straps of Sam's dress off of her shoulders. She slowly pulled the top of the dress down until two of the nicest little boobs popped out revealing their pale puffy nipples. Sam sighed when Megan pulled her closer and began to kiss, lick and suck one of those nipples. Megan gave each side equal attention while Sam obviously enjoyed the affection she was receiving.

While Megan played with her breasts Sam dropped her dress to the floor and reached over to give Megan's breasts some attention. Megan signaled her approval with a quick intake of breath followed by a startled squeal when her friend pinched a nipple. The girls ignored the camera and photographer as they pleasured each other.

Eventually they decided to take their sex-play to the next level for my enjoyment and theirs. Sam pushed Megan back on the bed and slipped her pink bikini panties off. Megan moved over to make room as the now naked Sam climbed onto the bed and lay beside her friend. Face to face they kissed. Sam fondled Megan's breasts as Megan's hand found the warmth of Sam's pussy.

I watched intently, shooting pictures as Megan slipped first one and then two fingers over Sam's downy reddish-blonde pubic hair, between the labia and, eventually knuckle deep into her vagina. Sam groaned and spread her legs wide, which encouraged Megan to massage her clit while occasionally inserting two fingers deep into her warm moistness.

Not wanting Megan to disengage with her pussy, Sam carefully repositioned so that she could reach her chest with her mouth. She flicked her tongue over Megan's nipple before sucking it into her mouth and biting it lightly with her teeth. It was Megan's turn to groan and redouble her attention to Sam's pussy.

I was thankful that I had replaced the camera battery as I didn't want to miss a moment of the action that was unfolding in front of me. I had to reach down and adjust my cock that had uncontrollably become fully erect in my pants. I am normally able to control my urges while photographing pretty nude females but this was a new experience for me and my cock wouldn't obey my wishes for it to settle down.

Nevertheless I was able to continue my photography as the girls disengaged and assumed a different position. Sam lay down on her back and Megan straddled her. Megan moved toward the head of the bed until she was looking down her body at Sam's face. Sam took the hint and lifted her head to put her mouth against Megan's crotch and proceeded to lick her friend into a frenzy.

Megan gasped and began pinching her nipples as her friend used her tongue to please the girl on top. It wasn't long before Megan decided to "fight fire with fire" and repositioned herself in the classic sixty-nine position.

I had quite a time going from side-shot to shooting from the foot of the bed and getting as close as I could to the head of the bed to capture the action! At one point, when I was standing at the side of the bed Megan reached over with one hand and gave my crotch a squeeze. She noticed my excitement (I was very erect) and squeezed again. I groaned and backed away. There was no way I was going to be able to shoot the girls while one of them played with my package!

Eventually they both reached climax, one after the other and snuggled up front to back with Megan in the front. She aimed an evil grin my way and said, "that wasn't planned you know. We just kind of got carried away. Hope you didn't mind."

"You have to be kidding," I replied as she and Sam giggled, "You can get carried away like that any time I'm nearby with or without a camera!"

"By the way," Megan said to me, "I couldn't help but notice that we had an effect on you finally."

"I couldn't help that, sorry," I told her, "I try to distance myself from the action when I'm shooting but it was hard to do under the circumstances."

"I'm aware of the hard part," she said, and looked back at Sam. "He had one hell of a tent in his jeans when we were doing each other."

Sam said, "I noticed that! He's going to have to fuck his girlfriend or wife before he will be able to get to sleep tonight!" They laughed.

"If only that was possible," I said as I sat on the side of the bed, "I'm not involved with anyone at the moment though."

"Oh, that's too bad," said Megan, "perhaps we can help you out this time!"

"It would be very unprofessional of me as a photographer to have sexual relations with a model so I'll have to pass on that. Thank you anyway," I told them.

"Sorry Jack," Megan said as she sat up and scooted over beside me, "friends don't let friends go home horny."

With that she took the camera out of my hands and planted her lips on mine. I couldn't help but respond after the scenes I'd just witnessed. She pushed her tongue past my lips and into my mouth as her hand found my crotch and commenced to massage my growing erection. I made a feeble effort to push her away but Sam came around behind me and distracted me by licking my ear as she ran her fingers through my hair.

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