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This is a story about Melanie, a young, mostly innocent 18-year-old who is beginning to come to terms with adulthood.


It came as quite a shock to Melanie that her parents were splitting up. She simply had no idea. Apparently, they had decided on this course of action some time ago, but were waiting for her to reach her eighteenth birthday before parting. Her extended absences from home while attending boarding school and college may have helped conceal the fact that her parents had 'grown apart'. Of course, she knew that they had separate beds, but they still slept in the same room. Wasn't this what happened with all parents when they reached middle age?

Her Mother was the one chosen to explain, when she came home for the summer break. She hadn't even unpacked when they asked her to sit down with them. Mrs. James then explained that, "Mummy and Daddy don't want to be together anymore."

She went on to explain that Daddy would be moving out, but that there was a lot to arrange. So, they had decided to send her to her Aunt's house in Yorkshire for the six weeks holiday.

Melanie didn't really know what to say, what to ask. She felt – momentarily – as though they didn't want her around and that maybe the break-up was her fault. But her parents were being so civilised about it. Talking calmly, not blaming anyone, explaining that they both still loved her and that she would be able to see her father whenever she was home from college.

Money wasn't really an issue for her parents; her father had a fairly highly paid job and her mother had inherited a reasonable sum from her grandmother.

When she asked when she would be travelling up to Yorkshire, Mummy and Daddy said it was best that she go as soon as possible. Daddy couldn't drive her there for a week, but they thought that she might like the adventure of making the trip on her own, using public transport. Although they insisted that she keeps in touch by mobile phone as often as possible.

She went upstairs and unpacked her bags, putting her school clothes into the washing basket.

Opening her wardrobe doors, she then took out the clothes that she wanted to take with her to Yorkshire and then carefully packed them in a rucksack and a small, wheeled suitcase.

Meanwhile, her father had been on the Internet, working out train and bus timetables for her. He had them all listed down by the time she returned to the lounge. Her usual pocket money wasn't going to cover the fares, so her father gave her enough to cover the journey plus a fair amount extra. He said that he would arrange for her aunt to give her the usual amount each week.

The next morning arrived and Melanie showered and dressed and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. She didn't normally eat much for breakfast, but Mummy insisted that she should feed herself up ahead of her journey.

The trip itself would have been quite complicated, and a lot longer, had she relied entirely on trains. However, when contacted, her aunt had suggested that at York she should take the bus from there to Pickering, where she could get a train on the preserved line to Goathland. This removed the need to travel on to Darlington and then Middlesborough on what would have been a long detour.

Both her Mother and Father escorted Melanie to the local station, where she bought ticket(s) for the journey. They stood talking while waiting for the next train to arrive. Her Mother appeared to be quite tearful as she kissed her goodbye, but managed to retain her composure, as she usually did. Her father gave her a big hug, something he hadn't done since she was little, and then kissed her forehead.

The journey into London was quite quick. She rang her parents before going down to the Underground. At Kings Cross, she almost missed her connection. The timetable boards where so complicated that she couldn't work out which platform she needed. Having queued at the Information Desk, they told her she only had five minutes to board the train before it departed. She ran all the way to the platform, struggled to find her ticket and then breathlessly hauled her luggage into a carriage as they blew the whistle and the doors started to close.

Having stowed her bags at the end of the carriage, she then walked along to find an empty seat. Surprisingly, she was able to find one without too much difficulty, considering that this was the first day of the school holidays. She sat opposite an elderly couple and looked out of the window as the train began to leave the station and make its way up through North London. She rang her parents again.

It was some time before Melanie bothered to look around the carriage that she was sitting in, but when she did she noticed a young man of around her own age sitting diagonally opposite her. He was busy reading a book and didn't look up while she was watching him. She decided that he was quite cute. He was wearing glasses, but they were rimless and she hardly noticed them. His hair was light brown, almost blonde and from what she could see he had dark brown eyes.

Melanie turned away and looked back out of the window again. When she became bored of watching the scenery racing past, she pulled her book out of her shoulder bag and began reading. She had recently decided to re-visit the Harry Potter novels and was currently reading The Goblet of Fire.

Some time later, she looked up and noticed that the elderly couple opposite had fallen asleep. She needed to stretch her legs and made her way back down the carriage to the toilets. Just as she got there, the young man she had been watching earlier came out. They both turned sideways in order to pass each other, when the train suddenly jolted and they were thrown together.

"Sorry," he said. "I hope I didn't hurt you?"

"No. That's OK," she replied.

She watched him walk away and then stepped into the toilet. Having locked the door, she leant against it and closed her eyes. Savouring what had just happened. She had been pushed back against the wall and he had fallen against her. One of his legs had accidentally slipped between both of hers and she had felt the pressure against her pussy. The further movement of the train had caused his leg to rub up against her before he could hold himself upright again.

Her clitoris was tingling with the memory of that momentary contact and she could see that her nipples were standing proud where his chest had made contact with hers. She began to undo her jeans and pulled them down along with her panties. Melanie was still standing up as she began to explore between her legs with her fingertips.

She had masturbated on a regular basis for about a year now, but usually it was in bed, late at night when everybody else was asleep in the dorm. Or else she wanked when she was lying in the bath. Right now, she felt a very deep need to satisfy herself. Very soon she was rubbing her clit with one hand and squeezing her breast with the other, imaging that it was the handsome man. She had to bite her lip to prevent herself from yelling out as she came.

Melanie took her time before returning to her seat. The passengers opposite were still asleep. She avoided looking at him and as a result was surprised when the boy sat down next to her.

"Hi. I'm Timothy," he said. "I'm really, really sorry about what happened back there. Are you OK? I hope I didn't hurt you?"

Melanie's head was swimming. Sitting so close, she could see that he really was very good looking and the feelings that she thought she had sated earlier returned.

"No. I'm fine. Really. My name's Melanie, by the way."

He smoothly replied, "I love that name. It's one of my favourites."

Melanie was about to comment, when she realised that he was actually being serious and not just trying to chat her up.

"So," he went on. "Where are you travelling to?"

"I'm going up to stay with my Aunt on the North Yorks Moors."

"Isn't it a bit wild and lonely?"

"It can be. But at this time of year it can be very beautiful, very peaceful. What about you?"

"I'm off back home for the holidays."

"College?" she asked.

"Kind of," he said. "Sandhurst, to be precise."

"That's the army isn't it?"

"Officer Training."

"Wow. I've never known anybody in the army."

They continued talking for the remainder of the journey. Melanie remained aware of his closeness to her and thrilled when their legs accidentally touched.

Arriving at York station, they had to go their separate ways. Timothy asked if he could have Melanie's phone number, to keep in touch. She gave him her home number, preferring not to give away her mobile number at this time. They said goodbye and he kissed her gently on the cheek.

Melanie found the bus stop and waited. While she did so, she rang her parents to let them know she had arrived in York. They said that they would ring Amanda (her aunt) and let her know that she was on time.

At Pickering she finally felt she was getting near to her journey's end. Unfortunately, the journey time was now going to be extended considerably as she had to wait another three quarters of an hour for the next diesel (not even steam) train for the forty five minute journey to Goathland.

At gone 4pm, Melanie dragged herself off of the train and made her way out of the station. There was only one taxi available and it had already been taken. Yet another half hour wait saw her finally on her way to her Aunt's cottage, which stood on its own on the side of a small valley about a mile from Goathland.

As the taxi pulled up, Amanda opened the front door and greeted her, wearing a shapeless looking smock. She wrapped her strong arms around Melanie, pulling her into her warm and supple body. "You poor thing, you must be utterly exhausted!" she said.

The taxi driver delivered the bags to the door and Melanie fished out the money to pay him, giving the man a reasonable tip. Amanda then showed her to her room. She said, "You must be starved. Would you like something to eat?"

"No," she replied. "No thanks. I think what I would like to do is just lie down and rest for a while."

"Of course," said Amanda. "Just come down when you feel up to it."


Chapter 2

Amanda, like her sister, was the benefactor of their grandmother's will. In Amanda's case this meant that she could afford to follow the career of her choice and had become a minor artist. In order to give herself the peace and quiet that she desired for her work, she purchased a run-down cottage that overlooked the preserved railway line. She used the inheritance to repair and improve the cottage, building a studio at the rear of the property.

When Melanie awoke it was still light, although the sun was now low in the sky. She was feeling hungry, so she made her way downstairs in search of her aunt. Having not had an answer to her call, she assumed that Amanda was in her studio.

Melanie walked down the passage towards the extension at the back of the cottage. The design of this part of the building was unusual. The architect had taken into account the way the ground dropped away on the side of the valley and built the studio below the level of the ground floor. At the end of the corridor, a door led onto a balcony that looked down onto the room. The floor was reached via an ornate spiral staircase.

As she approached the door, which was open, she could see the canvass that her aunt had been working on. It was not yet finished, but was clearly at a very advanced stage. The subject matter was a strikingly powerful looking man. The model was reclining nude upon a dark red chaise longue. As Melanie reached the opening, the sofa itself came into view. It wasn't the sight of the man that stopped her in her tracks, but the fact that Amanda was sitting astride him.

The artist was still wearing her plain, oversized dress. Melanie was now able to hear what she was saying.

"You have no idea how your body has had me turned on during these sittings. I've had to correct so many mistakes because I lost concentration. Right now I simply have got to have you. Please don't turn me down."

The man simply smiled in reply, but then raised his hands and took hold of her face. He leant up and kissed her tenderly on the lips, before reclining once again.

Amanda took this as consent to continue. She reached down under her dress. Her hand movements indicated that she was now rubbing her lover's dick. However, this only lasted for thirty seconds before she said, "Oh yes, you feel like you're ready now."

She lifted up, moved her hips forward slightly and then began to lower herself down again. She let out a long, low moan as she did so. She laid her hands on his muscular chest, closed her eyes and then started rocking gently backwards and forwards.

Gradually, Amanda's movements became faster. She stopped stroking his chest and crossed her arms, taking hold of the hem of her dress. In one swift movement she raised her arms above her head, tossing her hair free and throwing the garment aside.

Melanie gasped at the sight of her aunt's naked body. It was utterly beautiful! Her entire body sported a light tan. Her breasts were large but very firm. She seemed to fit a description that she had heard said once; 'curves in all the right places'.

From the dark shadows of the passage, Melanie could see but not be seen. As she watched her aunt fucking she hardly noticed her own hand slipping down under the waistband of her jeans.

Amanda's movements were even more pronounced now and Melanie could clearly see the man's hard penis as she moved upwards before plunging back down upon it.

Melanie's aunt's language began to match her behaviour, "Oh yes, oh fuck! Your dick is so big. It's filling me up."

Amanda began to lose all control, her head rolling, her eyes shut. She could barely maintain the rhythm she had started. She screamed, "Now. Fuck me. Come in me now. I want to feel you come. Do it!"

The man under her had begun to meet her downward movements with upward thrusts. He began to grunt in time with their movements. He had been clutching at Amanda's breasts, but now moved his hands down to grip her hips as he reached his climax. Suddenly he made hard thrusts, shuddering as his cock pulsed inside of her.

Amanda moaned loudly as she too came, spurred on by the sperm flooding her vagina.

Melanie saw no more, as she had begun to reach her own orgasm. One hand was covering her mouth, while the other continued to masturbate furiously. She had begun to sink to the floor with the pleasure that she was inflicting upon herself, but the bent position and tight material of her jeans was preventing her from continuing. She rolled onto her front allowing herself freer access, but almost failed to prevent her fingers from penetrating her vagina and taking her own virginity.

Her orgasm had been so powerful that she must have fainted. When she came to, she realised that she could hear voices again. She panicked. She couldn't be seen like this. Melanie stumbled back upstairs to her room, where she stayed for the next two hours, her hunger forgotten.


Chapter 3

It was dark outside when Melanie made her way back downstairs. Her aunt met her as she reached the bottom. "Hello, darling. Are you feeling... rested now?"

Melanie noted the slight pause in Amanda's question, but dismissed it as nothing.

"Would you like something to eat now? I can throw something in the microwave. What do you fancy?"

"Pizza". Don't all youngsters like them?

"Pizza it is then. Do you fancy some microwave chips as well?" she asked

"Ooh, yes please! Mummy won't let me have things like that at home."

"You mean Joanna has a microwave these days?"

"Er, no. Not yet," Melanie said with a grin.

Once Amanda had cooked the meal, she sat down with Melanie at the kitchen table.

"I thought I heard you come... down a while back," Amanda said.

That pause again. Melanie felt the blood flowing to her face as she blushed. She was shocked as her aunt continued.

"Its OK, I didn't mind you watching. I suppose I should have been a little more circumspect, but I was feeling pretty desperate at the time and well, in the heat of the moment, I sort of forgot you were here. Sorry."

Melanie didn't know what to say, so she just kept eating to avoid talking. Her aunt didn't seem the least bit embarrassed. She had always thought that there were differences between her mother and Amanda, but this event had underlined that view more than anything ever could. She didn't think that her mother and father had done 'it' for years, but here was Amanda revelling in the fact that she did.

Amanda was six years younger than her sister at 38, but she looked and acted much younger. She seemed so much more liberated than Melanie's mother. If the word sex was even mentioned in a room she tended to find an excuse to leave. Clearly, Melanie's urges were different and much stronger than her mother's.

Once she had conquered her embarrassment, Melanie decided to ask her aunt about the man, "I saw the picture that you are working on. It's very beautiful. And the man is such a hunk. Who is he?"

"Oh he's a farmer's son from a couple of miles away. He doesn't really like the work, but he feels obliged to help his father out. Whenever he gets the chance he tries to get away and do something different. I bumped into him while I was out walking across the moors. He jumped at the chance to model for me. He was a little shy at first and I merely sketched him fully clothed. But once he relaxed I was able to ask if he would pose nude."

Melanie wasn't quite sure how to phrase her next question, "Didn't he... well wasn't he... um, and didn't he embarrass himself sometimes?"

"You mean did he get an erection?"

Melanie began to blush again, but her aunt seemed to be waiting for an answer. "Yes. Well, I thought that it might have been a problem."

"A problem? Well I wouldn't exactly call a hard-on a problem," she said with an arched eyebrow. "But no, he seemed to be quite controlled really. Besides I was fully dressed, and mostly hidden behind the canvass so there wasn't really any sexual stimulation."

"I'm not sure if I could do it."

"Oh. That's a shame. I was going to ask you if you would pose for me. You wouldn't have to be nude."

"It's not that," explained Melanie. "I'm not sure if I could sit still for that long."

"I'll let you into a little secret. Nobody can. As long as you can get the model in roughly the right position you simply blend the differences until it looks right," Amanda explained. "So, with that being said; will you pose nude for me?"

Melanie was taken aback. Both by her aunt's directness and by the skilful way she had manipulated the conversation. She felt her face flushing at the idea, but couldn't immediately think of a reason to say no, so she quietly said, "OK."

"Good. That's settled then. I've still got to finish the canvass I'm working on, but we've got plenty of time." She went on, "That was the last session with Adam, unfortunately. From this point onwards I'll be concentrating on finishing the background. Bit of a shame really." Amanda smiled ruefully.


Chapter 4

The next morning Melanie had a long lay-in. This was something she wasn't used to at college, where they had to be up at 7am each day. She arose at just after 10am, had a shower in the bathroom and then made her way back to the bedroom to dress.

Having seen that it was another beautiful day, she decided that she would dress for warm weather – jeans would be far too heavy and hot for these conditions. It was very rare for her to wear a dress and she had brought just one with her. It was quite short, as her mother had bought it for her last year and she had grown a lot since then.

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