tagErotic HorrorMelanie & Me in the Haunted House

Melanie & Me in the Haunted House


One of the most run-down houses in an old part of town belonged to Melanie, one of my lady friends. That is, it should have belonged to her but it didn't because of a quirky provision in her late Aunt Rachel's will. Mellie was the only heir but her aunt, who didn't like the idea of absentee ownership of houses, required that her niece spend at least one night in the house before taking ownership of it. To me, this seemed to be a simple requirement, one that Melanie could fulfill easily. After staying there, the house and the large attached property would be hers and she could sell them to a builder of apartment houses who wanted to construct a high-rise on the site.

To Melanie, it wasn't that simple. The old house had a reputation for being haunted, because of its gloomy appearance and because of the double murder and suicide that had occurred there. Aunt Rachel had been bisexual and had kept her lesbian side a secret from her husband, Reuben, because he was such a homophobe. One day, when Reuben came home unexpectedly from work, he had found his wife sexually entertaining Alice, a young female member of the household staff. To make it even worse, in Reuben's view, they were using the bed he had been sharing with Rachel. Enraged at seeing his wife eating the pussy of the pretty young maid in their conjugal bed, Reuben had taken his gun from the hall closet and shot both women. After committing this act of violence, he wrote a complete confession, signed it and killed himself with the same gun. Alice had died immediately but Aunt Rachel had been able to call for help and had died that evening in the hospital. Since she had survived her husband, if only by hours, she inherited the house and it should have then been passed on to her niece and only heir.

Melanie had been just a baby then and, by the time she was old enough to want to take possession of the house, it had gained an unpleasant reputation. According to people in the neighborhood, the ghosts of the two women haunted the house and sexually abused anybody they caught there after dark. Even local homeless men preferred sleeping in cardboard boxes to staying in the old house. Although I have always believed in ghosts, that is, that humans have a spirit that leaves the body upon death, I did not believe in the malevolence of those spirits, largely because I did not believe they would be able to hurt anybody. Sometimes a spirit could be sensed in a place where the former living person had habituated, but there would be nothing tangible and nothing at all dangerous. I used to believe that but after spending the night in the haunted house with Melanie, I have revised my beliefs.

Since she had no other friend or relative who was close enough to ask and willing to join her, Melanie wanted me to stay with her. I had no problem agreeing, first: because I always do anything, within reason, that my lady friends ask me to do and, second: because it sounded like fun. Mellie and I enjoy making love together, and had been doing so ever since shortly after her eighteenth birthday so I expected to spend much of the night with my tongue and/or my cock in places where we like them to be.

Most of the furniture was still usable but Melanie couldn't stand the idea of making love and then sleeping in the bed where her aunt had been murdered so we brought an air mattress, sheets and some blankets against the cool October night. The house was equipped with a gas furnace but the fuel supply had been turned off long ago. The fireplace in the parlor and the attached chimney might or might not have been functional but I didn't want to risk it. The only sources of warmth available would be our own bodies, wrapped in the sheets and blankets. That seemed like more fun anyhow.

Since we didn't really know what would be happening that night we had both decided to wear pajamas but, several hours after we arrived, Melanie's PJ's had been completely removed and I was wearing just my pants. I was sucking on her charming breasts and enjoying the aroma of the juices flowing in her pussy, anticipating how good they would taste in a few minutes. Suddenly, we heard a loud whooshing noise, as if a strong gust of wind had pushed open a door, and then the light came on, even though we never saw where its source was. After that, we heard something that put a complete halt to the romantic desires we had been feeling toward each other, at least for the rest of that night.

"Who are you? What are you doing in my house? How dare you come here!"

We looked up and saw two women, both as naked as Melanie, standing in the middle of the floor. The younger had large breasts and was very pretty in a plump way, which is a way I like very much. Her hair was long and brown, and her pubic area was covered with a thatch of the same color. The older woman, who was asking the questions, was larger and much more formidable in appearance and demeanor. Melanie was especially startled at seeing the latter.

"Aunt Rachel!" she exclaimed.

"Who are you to be calling me 'Aunt Rachel'?" the older apparition demanded.

"I, I'm Melanie, Aunt Rachel. Melanie, your niece. You haven't seen me since I was a baby but I've seen pictures of you."

Her Aunt Rachel came closer and peered into Melanie's face. "Yes, I can see. You look just like your mother did at your age. But, what are you doing here? I can see what you're doing but why are you here? And who is this man with you? He looks a lot like Reuben, the swine."

"His name is George and he's my friend. He's nothing like Uncle Reuben was." She was 100% right about that. I may be the least homophobic straight man in the world.

"If you say so. But, do you know what happens to people we catch here who have no business being here?"

"But we have business being here. I own the house now, Aunt Rachel. You left it to me when you died so it's allright for me to be here."

"I remember what I said in my will." Rachel turned to me then and said, "But you have no business here so you will pay."

Until then I had been basically a spectator, looking at the three naked women, one live and the others dead for years. I had also been drastically revising my opinions of ghosts. There was nothing the least bit ethereal in their appearance, especially Alice who seemed to get sexier the longer I looked at her. Young and buxom, I could see that any straight man or a woman with lesbian inclinations would want to make love with her. Some of my lady friends are bisexuals and they would have loved sex with Alice. When she was alive, that is. Aunt Rachel's sudden pronouncement jolted me from my thoughts.

Melanie tried to defend me. "George is with me, Aunt Rachel, so it's okay for him to be here."

"You have a point there, my dear, but not a good one. Anyhow, Alice and I are both horny so George will be the one to take care of us." Aunt Rachel gestured then and a sudden gust of wind forced me from where I had been kneeling on the mattress and I ended up on my back on the floor.

With another gust, Melanie was also forced from the mattress although she was treated less roughly than I had been. At a word from her mistress, Alice stepped forward and lay down where we had been, her legs spread and her pussy staring me in the face. It was obvious what was expected of me, not the exact details but the general idea.

Rachel made the details clear. "I saw what you were doing with my niece. Now, do the same thing for Alice, and you'd better do it right if you know what's good for you."

By then, this long-dead woman had taken control over my will. Although I was fully conscious, I seemed to have no control over my actions and I had to do what she ordered. This was not exactly a hardship because Alice had a beautiful body and, if she had been alive, I would have gone down on her with great alacrity. Being dead, I didn't know what to expect but I had no control over what I was doing, so I walked on my knees, knelt beside the sexy ghost and cautiously held one of her breasts in either hand.

Once again I revised my opinion of ghosts. Alice's breasts felt like those of a sexily plump young woman, warm and firm and supple, but better than most I had fondled. When I bent forward and began licking the nearest nipple, it was erect and I could feel the tiny ridges pleasuring my tongue. As I licked first one then the other nipple, I could hear Alice softly cooing her pleasure the way I had heard hundreds of live women cooing from the same kind of caresses. So far, it had been quite enjoyable for both of us and I was determined to keep it that way, especially for Alice. When Melanie's aunt had said "If you know what's good for you," I hadn't known exactly what she meant, but I did know for sure that I NEVER wanted to find out.

Besides wanting to provide as much pleasure for Alice as I could, I was really enjoying what we were doing. After my tongue had alternated between her firm nipples for several minutes, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and drew in one of Alice's luscious breasts. She breathed in sharply when my lips clamped around her lovely globe and I started to suck on it. As I sucked, my tongue continued to caress her nipple and puffy areola while her upper body squirmed beneath me. Once again I switched my attentions back and forth between the beautiful twins as Alice thrust first one then the other into my eager mouth.

For a long time I pleasured her succulent breasts, even longer than I usually would have, because I wanted Alice to enjoy the best orgasm possible. By the time I started kissing and licking my way down her soft, plump belly toward her pubic area, her pussy was already humping into the air and producing a flow of fragrant juices. I remember thinking at the time that was the strangest experience so far in that night of many strange experiences, that the juices from a ghost's pussy would smell so good, and I was anxious to see if they tasted as good.

Melanie's aunt stopped controlling my movements once she saw how much Alice and I were enjoying what we were doing. I was allowed to walk on my knees around to the end of the mattress and slide a pillow under Alice's lovely ass. With the pillow in place, she raised and spread her legs so I could brace my shoulders against their undersides. Once my arms were around her pretty thighs and her calves were resting on my back, I paused a moment to enjoy the delightful aroma of Alice's pussy from just inches away. Expecting her juices to taste even better than they smelled, I lowered my face to feast on them. I had been right in my expectation; they did taste even better.

After devouring all the juices available, my tongue probed the lower rim of her adorable love hole, enjoying the drops of juice that trickled out to please my taste buds. From there I started licking one outer pussy lip, starting at its origin below the delightful pink hole that had produced the delicious juices. The skin there was soft and warm and extremely pleasant to my tongue so I began licking my way upward. My tongue was extremely pleasant to Alice also; the sound of her cooing was louder and her pussy was fucking more strongly into my face.

When I reached the place where the outer and inner pussy lips were close together, I probed the seam between them, licking the surfaces of both labia. Very slowly I licked my way upward, reveling in the taste, the aroma and the spongy texture of Alice's pussy lips, which were becoming engorged from her arousal. It had already been extremely enjoyable for both of us, and I wanted it to be even more fun, so I covered the surfaces of both lips many times over until I reached the place where the inner lip joined the other inner lip to form her clit hood. Alice's precious clit was as engorged as her pussy lips, so swollen that it was pushing its way out from under its protective cover. With the utmost gentleness, I caressed the top of her hood, using just the tip of my tongue, trying to avoid too much contact with her sweet love button because I wanted our pleasure to last as long as possible.

Alice wanted it to continue also. "Sir," she pleaded. "That feels so good, what you are doing to me. Please don't stop."

I certainly didn't want to stop eating her pussy either, especially knowing that was what her mistress wanted me to do. However, I did remove my attentions from her clit and, after I had devoured all the delicious juices that her pussy had produced, I started licking her other lips. This pair was treated the same as the others had been, with my tongue spending a long time, licking all surfaces slowly and thoroughly. By the time I again reached her clit hood, Alice's whole upper body was writhing from the pleasure my mouth was giving her and her cooing had become louder and was ending in moans.

She interrupted her cooing and moaning to plead with me again. "Oh, Sir, I need to cum. Please, Sir, suck my clit so I can cum."

I wanted Alice to cum also but I believed it was still too early. Different women respond in different ways to sexual stimulation and I have to know what an individual woman's needs are in order to pleasure her as much as possible. I had never eaten Alice's pussy before, besides the fact that she was dead, so I had no way of knowing exactly what her reactions should be. However, there are certain responses that are almost universal and when I saw them I would know the maximum arousal had been reached and Alice would be ready to cum. The way her pussy was gushing with juices and fucking into my face, the engorgement of her labia and clit, her moans and the way she was thrashing around on the mattress told me Alice was close to being ready but there were some other indication that I thought I needed to see.

Cautiously, my tongue probed one edge of her wet love hole and explored under the inner lip on that side. Alice's pussy was fucking stronger than ever into my face as I moved my tongue back and forth between the sides of her precious love hole, probing and exploring on both sides. Every time my tongue crossed over, it dipped into the juices that were bubbling up, relishing the taste that seemed to be getting even more delicious. Once again I took my time and when my tongue finally finished with the inner labia and was at the base of Alice's clit, her thighs had rotated outward and her hips were swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out over my shoulders like pistons. She was still begging me to suck her clit so she could cum and I knew that it was finally time to do what wanted.

After once again devouring all the fresh juices from her pussy, I sucked Alice's adorable clit into my mouth, closing my lips around the base and caressing the engorged sides and top with my tongue. "Yes! Yes! Like that! She blurted out as she felt me sucking where she so much wanted me to suck and licking where she wanted me to lick.

A minute later, "Yes! Yes!" she cried out again and her movements became even more frenzied as she started cumming.

Alice's legs had been loosely draped over my shoulders but she squeezed my head between her thighs while her knees started flexing, drumming on my back with her heels. Her hands pressed on the back of my head, mashing my face into her pussy, which was exactly where I wanted it to be. While my arms held onto her thighs and her legs held onto my head, Alice's pussy fucked so strongly into my face that her ass rose up all the way off the mattress. My lips were firmly locked on her clit and I continued sucking and licking while her legs swung back and forth, my head a willing prisoner between them. Alice's legs continued swinging, her ass continued bouncing off the mattress and I continued sucking and licking her clit for several minutes until she reached a tremendous climax.

"Oh! Oh!" she shouted. All her muscles seemed to spasm at once and her thighs and hands tightened their grip on my head. Alice's back arched, ramming her pussy into my face with one last thrust, and then she relaxed completely, sagging back onto the mattress. Although her legs were still draped over my shoulders, they were no longer squeezing my head and her arms had flopped out to her sides. Knowing she had climaxed and that it had been a really good one, I took my mouth from Alice's clit and rewarded myself by licking up all the delicious fresh juices, which had been spread over a large area of her body by the strenuous way she had cum.

Once I had finished devouring all the juices from Alice's pussy, crotch and thighs, I got to my feet. Rachel approved of what I had done. "You are a lucky girl, my dear," she said to Melanie. "Your man knows how to eat a pussy. Now, we shall find out if he is as good at what I want to do. Make some room, Alice." Although she still hadn't fully recovered from her orgasm, Alice did as her mistress bade her.

I was a little apprehensive about what was in store for me especially when, after Alice had moved over to lie at the edge of the mattress, my will was taken over again and Rachel made me remove my pajama pants, place all the pillows under my waist and lie, naked, face down next to her lovely young maid. My apprehension increased drastically when I saw her bend over and pick up from the floor, where it hadn't been a second ago, a strapon dildo.

The business part of the dildo, which I feared was intended for my ass, was pink and about seven inches long. Behind it, fastened to the strap that went under the wearer's crotch, was an equally long dildo which was obviously intended to go into the wearer's pussy. Like its mate, the second toy was covered with raised swirls and pleasure bumps. Behind the second dildo was another that was meant for her ass, shorter but with a thicker base. I had seen strapons used before, while enjoying threesomes or orgies with some of my lady friends, but I had never had one used in my ass, nor had I ever wanted one. When Rachel smiled at me lewdly and held it up for me to see how the three dildos were to be positioned, my apprehension turned to fear.

"Help me get this on," she ordered her maid. Alice got up from the mattress to assist her mistress and, after Rachel's ass and pussy were filled with two of the dildos and the other plastic cock was aiming straight out, Rachel walked a few times around the room, circling the mattress where I was lying with my ass naked and waiting for her. From the happy smile on her face and the way she was murmuring her pleasure, I could tell she was enjoying the dildos in her two holes and what the raised bumps and swirls were doing for her pussy. From the way her smile was even broader and more lascivious when she looked at me, I believed she expected to enjoy her strapon even more after she had started fucking me with the front dildo. On her last walk around the room, she stopped directly behind me and I could feel her stepping on the mattress.

"Spread your legs and relax," was the order Rachel directed at me. Having no will of my own, I did as I was told, spreading my legs and trying to relax. Seconds later, she was on her knees between my legs with Alice at her side and I felt Rachel gently fondling the area she intended to fuck, even inserting a wet finger. With the pillows I had been forced to put under my waist, my ass was raised to just the right position to make it a perfect target for her big, pink dildo.

The next thing she made me do was reach back and spread my ass cheeks. "Oil my cock up," was Rachel's order to Alice and, a minute later, I heard her say "Now get his bum good and greasy for me. I think this may be his first time and I don't want to hurt him. At least, not too much. My niece seems to like him, Lord knows why."

Alice oiled my ass up thoroughly, using a bottle of baby oil that hadn't been in the room until then. She concentrated on oiling the inside of the tight hole where her mistress's dildo would be going, even inserting her finger as far as she could and coating everything she could reach. She did the same things I always do with my lady friends' asses before I put my cock or a toy in them. Her thoroughness and Rachel's last comment made me feel much better, as did the next thing she said to Alice. "Open his bum up for me so I can slide my cock in and give him a good fucking."

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