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Melanie's Hotel Adventures


Melanie has been my wife for just on 16 years now and I love her as much as when we first met. She is still a very attractive woman and has no trouble making men of all ages look at her when she around. For a 36 year old woman she looks very much younger and has a beautiful figure which is the envy of all of her friends. She is always the life of the party and loves to be the center of attention. She has very attractive breasts and they look good on her because she is quite tall. She has quite long legs and they are beautifully shaped and she looks exceptionally good in shorts or in a bikini. She has no trouble wearing the briefest of bikinis in fact she wears them whenever she can – around the home and at the beach.

It just so happened that I had to go on a business trip for my company and would be away for 2 weeks. I hate being away from Melanie for any length of time and this is a long time. It occurred to me that she might like to come with me on the trip. She could see the sights of the city while I work during the day and we can spend the evenings and nights together. When I suggested it to her she jumped at the chance and made the necessary arrangements to be absent from her work and to leave the care of the kids to her parents. Fortunately it is school holidays and they just love to be able to visits their grandparents because they live on a farm.

We were traveling to a quite warm climate and wouldn't need huge cases of clothes. Melanie can always pack a minimum of clothing into her case whereas I tend to take too much but then again, as I am traveling on business, I have to have suitable clothes. I noted Melanie had packed several of her bikinis and some of her more attractive warm weather clothes so I was sure she was looking forward to exploring the beaches and the tourist spots of the city.

We traveled by car and, as the weather was so lovely, we were able to travel with the top down on the car and enjoy the sunshine. My firm always made sure I had good accommodation and I was booked into a five star hotel for the two weeks. They were quite happy with my wife traveling with me because they knew it would save on the telephone bill – I usually rang Melanie at least twice a day while I am away from home. The cost of the accommodation is roughly the same for two persons as it is for one anyway!

When we had checked in and had our car safely parked we went to our room and had refreshing showers. Tomorrow would be the first day of my work and so I tried to organize a plan for Melanie to follow so she could see the sights of the city. She, on the other hand, seemed to be more interested in just doing her own thing and so, in the end, I just left the sightseeing to her. I always love to be in a strange bed with my wife and for some reason or other it seems to turn us both on. We fucked instead of sleeping but finally got some rest before it was time to get up. I told Melanie to stay in bed and I would go down for breakfast and then leave for my business calls. I would see her in the evening and we would dine in the hotel. Off I went and had my busy day.

When I returned to the room after my day, I was pleased to see Melanie was already dressed, if that was the word, for the evening out. She had on a very short mini-skirt and a shirt which was not done up but simply knotted at the bottom exposing her smooth flat belly and navel. Her mini-skirt was not very high on her hips and so a lot of her belly was showing. She looked really lovely and I loved her a great deal. I asked her what sort of a day she had been having and she grinned and told me it had been a fun day! She decided to stay in bed until lunchtime and had ordered breakfast to be delivered to the room. She told me a very nice young man had delivered the breakfast tray and she had met him at the door dressed only in her very see-through negligee!

She told me his eyes stuck out when he saw her and she invited him into the room to place the tray on the table. When she signed for the meal, she leaned over the table in front of the young man and the front of her negligee fell open and exposed her breasts to him. His eyes just about popped out of his head and, when she stood up, she made no attempt to cover herself and stood in front of him with both breasts and nipples completely bare. She grinned at me while she was telling me about her adventure and told me she could actually see the young man's erection through his pants! My wife has never cheated on me but she has had some very exciting times when she has exposed herself to men, usually when I am with her. She knows I get a kick out of watching her teasing other men. I now she loves me and wouldn't cheat on me although I wouldn't be surprised if she did but I know she would ask me for permission first – that is a sort of agreement we have between us.

I asked her if she was likely to order breakfast to her room next morning and she said, "Of course, darling – it is a wonderful turn-on for me and also for you when I tell you about it!" We went to the dining room for our meal and enjoyed the atmosphere as it is first class. After the meal Melanie suggested we go out somewhere less formal for the evening and so we asked at the reception desk if there was a nightclub nearby. When we had our instructions we walked to the club and found it with ease.

We are not too old to enjoy discos and so we had a couple of dances together. We had a table close to the dance floor and enjoyed a number of drinks. I was surprised that the drinks were as strong as they were and it wasn't long before we both had a bit of a buzz on! Shortly after a young man came to our table and asked Melanie for a dance. She didn't even ask me she just got up and began dancing with the man. He was holding her very close and, as I watched them, he moved his hand down onto her backside and began caressing her. She didn't object and so I guessed he was doing no harm. Soon after I saw his hand inside her shirt and he was squeezing her breast. She again made no objection and so I didn't do anything about it.

When they returned to the table the man thanked Melanie and me and asked her if he could dance with her again soon. She agreed and off he went. I asked Melanie what she was doing letting the man squeeze her bum and play with her breast and she simply said, "I enjoyed that – you don't mind do you?" I told her I didn't mind but she had better behave herself or she could get into trouble!

When the man thought it was time for the next dance he came over to the table and Melanie simply got up and they began dancing. I decided not to have anymore drink and instead would watch Melanie and her friend called Jim! They continued to dance and again he was playing with her breasts and this time he was stroking the outside of her thigh at the top of her leg. She again didn't seem to mind and they returned to the table when the dance finished. Melanie told me she was going to the ladies room and when she returned she had an impish grin on her face. S

he asked for my hand and when I extended it to her she placed her panties in my hand and told me to mind them for her! This was not terribly unusual for Melanie – she had done all sorts of things before and always, in the end, behaved herself although having a good time teasing men. When Jim asked for another dance she again willingly rose into his arms and I watched more intently as they moved to a darker part of the dance floor. I had to strain to watch them but it wasn't long before he had his hand inside her shirt again.

Then he surprised me by moving his other hand under her short skirt and between her legs – he was actually feeling her up on the dance floor and she wasn't objecting! I found I had a very hard erection watching them as they moved around the darker part of the floor, Melanie holding him tightly to her.

When they returned to the table Melanie moved her chair right alongside mine and took my hand and pulled it up between her legs. She was very, very wet and she grinned at me and told me it was time to go back to the hotel – she wanted me to fuck her! We didn't talk much as we walked back to the hotel but she did say she was very turned on and couldn't wait for me to fuck her. We quickly removed our clothes and dropped onto the bed and I was in her cunt in no time at all.

We fucked with abandon because she was so excited and we came together! We rolled over on the bed exhausted from our activity! When we had rested I asked Melanie just what she had been up to on the dance floor. She told me she knew how much I liked watching her tease men and she had let Jim go just a little bit further because she knew I was watching and would look after her! Melanie then took some time to explain to me just how she felt while she was dancing with Jim and letting him feel her up on the dance floor. She said at first she hadn't taken a particular liking to Jim but when he had fondled her butt she suddenly felt excited and decided to let him have his way with her. She told me he had asked if her could fuck her but she said I was watching and so the best she could do for him was to let him feel her up.

She said it had been Jim's idea to take off her panties and hand them to me. She had agreed on the condition that he would only dance with her once without her panties and he would be allowed to feel her up but she wouldn't fuck him. She told me he was quite disappointed but agreed to her terms and so, having seen her give me her panties, he asked her again for a dance. When they were on the floor and in the darker area her had inserted two fingers in her cunt and had rubbed her clit with his thumb at the same time and she had cum while dancing. That was why she was so wet and wanted to go back to the room and fuck!

We talked for a while about her teasing other men and I asked her what she wanted to do next. She told me she would like to tease the breakfast boy and had a plan worked out. She told me to get dressed when I was ready to go off next morning but she would ring down for some breakfast to be delivered. She would lie naked in the bed with only her lower half covered with a thin sheet. When the doorbell rang, I was to answer the door and say, "Look, I am on my way to work, would you please just take the tray into my wife for me!" I could then go off to work and she would tell me all about it when I returned later that day. I agreed to this because I know this is what she wants to do.

I found it hard to concentrate on work during the day and couldn't wait to get back to the hotel. As soon as I arrived back, Melanie was all over me telling me she loved me and did I want to know what happened this morning? This is how she told the story. As soon as the door closed behind you the poor lad came forward with the breakfast tray. I am sure he was more concerned with you leaving and hadn't really taken much notice of me in bed. When I asked him to bring the try to the bed he saw my naked breasts for the first time. He almost dropped the tray!

The cup and saucer on the tray were rattling because of his shaking and he was as nervous as sin. I extended my arms for him to bring the tray right to my bed and, when he handed the tray to me, he asked in a very nervous voice if everything was O.K. I told him I had expected a breakfast tray with legs so that it could sit on the bed with me but, as there were no legs, I had better go over to the table and eat there! He took the tray from me and I threw back the sheet and walked naked from the bed and stood opposite him at the table while he attempted to place the tray thereon!

He couldn't stop looking at my bush and breasts and he was very turned on. I seated myself on the chair with my legs spread and my bush and cunt clearly visible to him when, because of his shaking, the small glass containing the orange juice tipped over and the juice hit me in the belly and began to run down between my legs. I immediately handed him a serviette and told him he had better clean me up! He almost came when he moved to me and began to wipe my belly and legs with the serviette trying to wipe up the juice. I didn't do very much to help him except to move my legs further apart and told him to wipe me everywhere or there would be trouble! The poor lad. He did attempt to wipe my cunt but his hands were shaking so much he just couldn't bring himself to touch me. I told him he would be in trouble and he had better help me into the shower. He held my arm as we walked to the shower and he helped me into the shower while adjusting the water.

I also told him he had better wash me and told him I wasn't too pleased with his efforts at cleaning me up so far. While I was under the shower he rolled up his sleeves and attempted to wash me with soap and a wash cloth but he was too excited to be much use. I told him her couldn't do the job properly from the outside of the shower and to get his clothes off and join me. To my surprise he did just that and soon he was washing me under the water. He was rubbing me between my legs – I was standing with my legs far apart so he could get at me – when I reached down and grabbed his cock! He cock was as hard as a rock and, although not terribly long, it was very hard indeed. I rubbed him back and forth a few times and he came all down my left leg!

He was terribly embarrassed and I made him wash my leg again. As soon as we were out of the shower I told him he had better dry me with a towel or I would have to report him. He fumbled with the towel and tried to dry me all over. He was shaking when he dried my breasts and more so when he dried between my legs. When I was satisfied I was dry he dressed back into his uniform and I returned to my chair and proceeded to eat my breakfast. The poor lad couldn't get out of the room quickly enough. As soon as he was gone, I moved my hand between my legs and played with myself and came in no time at all. I was also very turned on by the incident"

I complimented Melanie on her account of what happened and asked if she would be likely to repeat the same next morning. She said she thought they would probably send a woman next time so she would not try that again. As soon as the story was told we fucked and fucked because we were both excited!

Nothing much seemed to happen to either Melanie or myself over the next two days as Melanie had been shopping while I was working. It was the next evening that things began to happen again. After our evening meal we went on to the same night club we had been to a few nights before. Melanie was again dressed in the same clothes as the previous occasion except that on this occasion she hadn't worn any panties at all. She only had on her shoes, shirt and mini-skirt and I knew just how attractive she looked. In no time at all, as soon as we were seated at our table, a young man came to her and asked for a dance.

She quickly accepted and soon they were on the dance floor holding each other very close. He too, just like Jim, was caressing her behind and had his hand up under her shirt playing with her breasts. They moved about and there were more people tonight than the previous time so it was a little harder to watch her all the time. When I did catch a look at them I saw he had his hand between her legs under her mini-skirt! At the end of the dance they returned to our table and she sat down quite close to me. When she pulled my hand between her legs she was completely wet and very aroused. She told me this lad was a friend of Jim and had been told to look out for her and to dance with her. I asked her how far she intended going with this lad. She asked me if it would be alright for them to go outside the club together for a short time.

I asked her what she wanted to do if she did go outside and she simply said, "Darling, I would like to take his cock our and play with it while he is playing with my cunt. I won't let him fuck me so you don't have to worry about that – can I go out with him please?" I grinned and told her she would do what she wanted to but it was O.K. with me so long as she didn't let him fuck her! It didn't take long before the lad was back for another dance and I watched as they danced around the floor and then quietly slipped out a side door. I waited alone at the table with my drink until they returned about 20 minutes later. He returned her to the table, thanked her and left.

I quickly asked what had happened and she told me, "He took me outside to his car which wasn't very far away. He asked me to get in the seat with him which I did. He quickly removed my shirt and skirt and started to play with my tits and cunt. I undid his pants and pulled his cock out with my hand. He had a nice looking cock and I played with it whilst he was playing with me. It didn't take me long to cum and this made me very excited. I leaned forward and took his cock in my mouth and sucked it hard. He was also very excited because in no time at all he came in my mouth and I swallowed his cum. We kissed and played with each other for a while and I came again and then we decided we had better come back to you. Thank you darling, I had a wonderful time!"

This the first time Melanie had sucked another man's cock since we had been married and I was excited to hear what had happened. I asked he if she would be doing that again and she smiled at me and said, " Of course, darling, provided you don't mind!" I told he I didn't mind so long as she told me all about it afterwards!

Melanie's next adventure was much more serious. I was working in the office of one of our important customers when my cell phone rang. It was rather inconvenient but I excused myself and answered the call by stepping out of the office, where the others were working, so I could be by myself. It was Melanie. At first I felt very annoyed that she would ring me while I was working but she quickly told me she had to make a quick decision and needed my permission.

She told me quickly she had been sunbathing in her bikini after her lunch at the hotel pool when she had met a very attractive man who was also enjoying the sun. They had been talking for an hour before they had become quite excited with one another and he had asked her if they could go to a quieter place for a while. She had suggested they go to our room as he was there with some of his friends.

When they had arrived at our room, they had some drinks and had begun kissing and he was touching her. Eventually he had removed her bikini bra and played with her tits and sucking her nipples. She had become very aroused and had begun playing with his cock. He had then removed her bikini pants and his too and they were naked in our room. They had been playing together for about ½ an hour and it was obvious they were very worked up. Melanie had rung to ask if I would mind if she fucked this man! What on earth could I say? I simply told her to use her own judgment and we would discuss what she did when I arrived back at the hotel. She thanked me and told me she loved me! I wonder just how many husbands get a 'phone call from their wives asking for permission to fuck someone!

I found it very hard to concentrate on my work that afternoon and was very relieved when the meeting was concluded and I had a very large order safely in my briefcase. I couldn't get back to the hotel quickly enough and raced across the city. When I reached our room, Melanie was lying naked on our bed waiting for my return. She held her arms out to me and when I held her she kissed me and told me she loved me a great deal and thanked me for letting her do what she wanted this afternoon. I told her I loved her and asked her to tell me what had happened. Her story goes like this,

"Well, Trevor and I had been talking at the pool and the conversation had become very sexual and we told a couple of yarns and then he asked me if I would pull the top of my bikini away from my body so that he could see my nipples. I was very excited to do this and, when I thought nobody was looking, I pulled the top of my bikini down and showed him my breasts!

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