tagLoving WivesMelissa Gets Takeout.

Melissa Gets Takeout.


Since marrying her husband Anthony three years ago, 26 year old Melissa tried to be a good girl. Not that she didn't have her wild side in the bedroom with Anthony; but since having their first kid together and buying a house she wanted to become a bit more respectable. The only problem standing in her way was her husband Anthony himself.

Melissa had no one to blame but herself. Having known Anthony almost six years before they started dating; she knew her husband was a pervert. She knew most of his girlfriends and had even set him up with a few of her friends. And he was no gentleman as far as spilling all his dirty little secrets with each and every one of them to her. They were best friends after all. And to be fair alot of his stories had excited her. When they had first met, Melissa was dating David who was about as big a prude you could meet. Strange being he was black. Melissa had heard most black men were pretty kinky, but not David. He'd silence her the second she opened her mouth about the least perverse thing. And in bed it was more of the same.

But she ended up staying with him for seven years. Having given her virginity to him she felt she should marry him. Especially after the birth of their son. But being boring was the least of her boyfriend's problems. He also had a tendency of cheating on her. And worse yet, he didn't share. Being bisexual Melissa had tried to get him to have threesomes with a few of her friends; but he kept chickening out. Eventually Melissa got tired of his shit and her thoughts turned to their former best friend Anthony.

Anthony had always defended her and like her was a pervert. David felt threatened and had made her stop hanging out with him. So after leaving David she of course went right after him. And that first year was wild. They fucked one another every chance they got, anywhere they could. Anthony loved her and they got married a year later. With marriage she decided she should curb her wildside though, which became even more of an issue when she gave birth to her and Anthony's first child. She loved Anthony, but she just got comfortable with him and wanted to keep their sexual appetitites confined to their bedroom now.

But she knew deep down that Anthony was becoming a bit bored. And to be honest so was she. To appease him she started talking dirty to him during sex. About threesomes and gangbangs. She could tell he really got off on it. And to be honest so did she.

Even after having two kids Melissa still had a nice figure. She didn't exercise much, so had a little pudge on her belly; but had nice big 38D titties which she was quite proud of and a thick ass. With her long brown hair, Italian heritage and dark eyes she never had trouble getting the attention of guys or even the occasional girl. She was bi-curious having made out with girls in the past and even had two ex-girlfriends whom she had only gotten to second base with. So Anthony had alot of fun checking out girls with his wife and teased her about bringing different girls home with them often.

Which was exactly what he was doing at Ray's Chinese food while he sneakily groped her ass from behind. The woman behind the register had caught their eye. She was tall for an Asian woman with soft features, dark hair; and small breasts. Melissa had a particular interest in Asian girls so her husband was having fun whispering into her ear all the dirty things they could do with and to her if they brought her home as he squeezed her ass. Telling Melissa how the stranger would kiss her way down her body, licking and sucking as she went until she got down on her knees kneeling before Melissa as she gently flicked her tongue all over her pussy. Melissa let out a little moan at the thought before calling Anthony a pervert. He just smiled at her.

After a while of waiting another patron entered. A young black man probably in his twenties. Anthony nodded to him as he stood waiting with Melissa, giving her a kiss on the forehead. At only 5'5" tall she was a good deal shorter than him and definitely smaller than the new stranger who came in. A few minutes passed when with a sly grin Melissa decided to have a little fun of her own by telling Anthony how the strange black man kept smiling at her. He was. Her husband wasn't a deterrent as the stranger often stared at her, smiling slyly. Melissa had smiled back at first, but afterward did her best to avoid looking at him. She was a married, respectable woman now after all.

Her comment to Anthony only seemed to excite her husband again however. Instead of getting jealous Anthony instead whispering in her ear.

"He probably wants to fuck you." Melissa squirmed a little when her husband continued by asking "Do you like him?"

Truth was she did find him attractive. Ever since she could remember she had always been attracted to black men. Which is why both her boyfriends prior to Anthony were black. The first dicks she ever saw, sucked; and felt inside of her young body were black.

"Yeah, you wouldn't mind if I fucked another guy?" she hesitantly tested.

Anthony seemed a little embarrassed as he replied "Not if I got to watch... and take pictures?"

"Pervert," Melissa replied but she was intrigued.

She had only been with Anthony over the past four years and while the sex was great; she wouldn't mind something a little strange she thought. But no, she wasn't that girl anymore. That girl who used to flash complete strangers on the side of the road. That Melissa was gone. She was a mom now. Moms didn't do those sort of things. Did they?

They were both bored of waiting for their food however, so when Anthony suggested they walk over to Wal-Mart for a bit, Melissa happily agreed. Outside in the fresh air and dark night Melissa began feeling a little friskier. A little more brazen now that she and Anthony were together alone.

"It has been a while since I had a black dick I guess..." she just let the statement hang in the air.

Anthony took her hand. Did she feel him tremble?

"Yeah?" he questioned a bit surprised. "You saying you want one?" he laughed nervously.

"I dunno," Melissa replied.

She always had trouble admitting what she wanted. Even to someone as unjudgmental as her husband. Anthony then stopped and took Melissa into his arms kissing her.

"So you want that stranger in there? Feel him slide inside you and fuck you? Huh?" he asked as his hands roamed her body. She was getting wet, but still not ready to admit her longings. "You can you know," Anthony continued.

"Could be fun," Melissa just laughed.

He couldn't be serious. Could he? She knew his past. And some of the things he did with Robin. She hated Robin. She was way too adventurous, making Melissa a prude by comparison.

"Tell you what," Anthony whispered into her ear. "You go back in there without me. I'll head over to Wal-Mart and look around. And while I'm gone... you go flirt with your friend in there."

Melissa bit her lip.

"Just flirt?"

Anthony laughed.

"Unless you want to do more of course," he joked gripping her ass.

"You'd like that," Melissa sighed.

"Maybe," Anthony shrugged.

Melissa had already decided to do it.

"What could it hurt?" she said unsure.

Anthony kissed her and told her he loved her as they parted. Melissa breathed deep before heading back inside. The young black stranger didn't waste a moment.

"Where'd your husband go?" he asked smiling devilishly.

"I... I sent him to Wal-Mart," Melissa stammered.

"Cool," the black man replied. "I'm Nick."

"Oh. Hi. I'm Melissa," she replied extending her hand which he held a bit too long.

"Sit down," he welcomed. "This place is taking forever."

Melissa wasn't sure what to do, biting her lip indecisively; but when asked again she sat in front of him.

"So where're you from?" Nick questioned. "That accent doesn't exactly cry Florida."

"Um, me and my husband are from New York," Melissa informed.

"I used to have a girlfriend from there," the stranger smiled. "So can I ask you a question?"

Melissa wasn't sure she wanted to hear it.


"You sent your husband away so you could talk to me right?"

Melissa was stunned. Were they really that obvious?

"No," she said a bit too quickly.

He smirked at her again. "Sure," he laughed. "You didn't see me smiling at you and think to
yourself? Mmm. Need to get me some of that."

Melissa was a bit annoyed and a bit turned on by his arrogance. She wasn't sure which feeling was stronger.

"Yeah right. A bit conceited huh?"

Nick laughed again before replying "I'm just fucking with you. Chill out."

Melissa laughed. And thought about him fucking her. He reached out and rested his hand on hers. Melissa blushed and gave in. The whole idea was for her to come in and flirt with him after all.

"I did see you smiling at me," she admitted.

"Knew it!" Nick clapped. He looked at Melissa like a piece of meat as he licked his full lips. "So you like what you see?"

"Yeah," Melissa admitted embarrassed.

"Thought so," Nick grinned as he squeezed her hand. "But you know I smile at alot of girls..."

Melissa gulped. Did he not like her after all? Had she just imagined him staring at her? Somehow this thought mortified her.

"I'm just playing. Quit squirming," Nick soothed. "I thought you were pretty cute when you came in. Wondering what's this girl doing with the white boy?"

"He's my husband," Melissa laughed.

"I know. Saw the ring," Nick shrugged. "You just seemed like the type."

"The type of what?" Melissa asked intrigued now.

"The type of girl who's down with the brothas," Nick smiled licking his top lip.

Melissa reddened but laughed before licking her own lips.

"So are you?" Nick pestered.

"I-" Melissa stammered.

"You are," the black man insisted.

"I was," Melissa replied weakly.

"Ha!" Nick slapped the table. You know what they say baby? Once you go black you never go back."

"Whatever," Melissa smiled. "I went back."

"True," Nick admitted. "But don't you miss it sometimes?" he asked squeezing her wrist. "A little?" he persisted reaching under the table and grabbing her bare thigh.

"Maybe," Melissa grinned.

"I knew it. C'mere," Nick motioned leaning in for a kiss.

Melissa didn't know what to do. She and Anthony had only talked about flirting. But he did get her into this mess. And he did say he wouldn't mind... and Nick's lips did look inviting. Moving forward she kissed her stranger. They briefly pecked with Nick sliding his tongue over her lips before sitting back down, his hands still on her hand and knee. Melissa was embarrassed and looked up quickly to see if anyone had seen them. She was relieved to find nobody did. And slightly disappointed.

"So what do you think sexy?" Nick questioned. "About having a little fun," he grinned squeezing her knee.

"My husband might like th-" she stammered before catching herself. She blushed knowing she'd been caught.

"So that's how it is," Nick liked where this was headed. "I've met couples like you two before. See a black man like me and think you can just use him for sex."

Melissa turned pale this time, "It's not like that."

Nick laughed.

"Chill baby. It's exactly like that. But luckily for you, I don't mind one bit."

Melissa was a bit surprised. "You don't?"

"Hell's no," Nick answered. "I look stupid to you. White girl has a taste for chocolate, I'm not telling her no."

"Pervert," Melissa laughed.

"You like perverts," Nick teased.

Melissa knew this was true. All the men in her life had that in common. Especially Anthony.

"Come sit on my lap," Nick invited.

Anthony knew his wife pretty well. She had a definite wildside with him and loved the idea of being a pervert. However with Melissa it was alot of talk and no action. She'd tell him how she did this or that in the past turning him on. But that kinky side of hers that would have sex in public or give blowjobs in cars or have a threesome of any kind was in her past. He knew it and accepted it. But he couldn't help teasing her and when they got going he'd sometimes forget how little she followed through on their plans.

This flirting game for instance was likely to be yet another wasted venture. He'd come back to the Chinese place and she'd be seated alone or standing shyly to the side while some new guy ogled her. And nothing would happen. They'd go home, eat their food and watch a movie. At most she'd talk about what she would've done with the black guy or the Asian girl while they got dirty afterward.

So needless to say Anthony was a bit surprised when he returned to collect Melissa and their food only to find his wife sitting on the black man's lap! And they seemed quite comfortable. The stranger was slowly stroking his hand on Melissa's leg while teasing her hair with the other. Both of them were smiling when she shocked Anthony further by leaning in to kiss him! A
hony quickly ducked back not wanting to be seen. There was definitely some tongue action now as the couple kissed. Anthony chuckled to himself at the thought. Anyone walking into the restaurant at that moment would have no idea Melissa didn't belong to this man. That she was married to someone else. To a stranger, Melissa and this man who had begun groping her tits through her shirt were just another in a long line of interracial couples. Anthony was hard as a rock wondering how far they would go.

Stupid thought he soon realized. How far could they really go in a Chinese food place where everyone could see them? Still, Anthony couldn't not hold out hope as he watched the black stranger work his hand up her leg and begin rubbing his wife's crotch through her short shorts. Melissa didn't seem to mind either as she slowly rubbed her plump little ass on the stranger's crotch while his hands worked over her body.

Anthony wished he could masturbate, but was sure he'd be caught jerking off in the parking lot. Especially when she turned toward Anthony and gave him a knowing smile. He wondered how long she knew he had been watching. He smiled back as he kept watching his sexy young wife make out with the black stranger when Melissa stood up.

Anthony was immediately disappointed, but knew there'd be some hot sex to come that night as they discussed what he saw her doing. Melissa and the stranger were still talking and Melissa had him by the hand. She then turned and went toward the bathroom.

Figures Anthony thought. He couldn't count the number of hot moments his wife ruined by running off to the ladies room. He watched as she walked away and then at the grinning black man who had a noticeable hard-on in his shorts. Anthony thought about how that cock had just been grinding on his own wife and that made him even hornier. Melissa then opened the door and turning to her new black friend said something before heading inside.

The show was over so Anthony decided to head back inside. It'd be kind of fun to see the black man's reaction to his presence at any rate. But before he could get inside something happened. The stranger looked about him real quick and then walked over to the bathroom too. He knocked on the door and it opened to reveal Melissa who quickly pulled her playmate inside. Anthony was stunned. Just what the hell was Melissa up to? Was she going to really fuck a complete stranger in a public bathroom? And more importantly without letting him watch?

Inside the bathroom Melissa quickly pulled Nick toward her and kissed him again as their tongues entwined. Then turning him about she sat Nick down on the toilet of the small bathroom as she got on her knees rubbing his cock through his shorts.

"What's this?" she asked playfully?"

"Egg roll?" Nick joked as he enjoyed her attentions.

"Too big," Melissa smiled as she undid his pants and took out his cock.

It really was too big. Definitely the biggest Melissa had ever seen at 10" long. She thought about how nice and thick it was as she stroked the black dick. Anthony's was thick too, but only 6". Her boyfriend David wasn't much bigger than Anthony and too thin, though her first boyfriend was almost as hung. She never fucked him though and wondered if she would get the chance to feel this one inside of her.

"Is this for me?" Melissa toyed as she ran her hand over the tip.

"Do you want it?" Nick asked tiring of the game.

He just wanted to get his dick sucked.

Grabbing the back of Melissa's hair he pushed her cute white face toward his dick. The married woman liked the show of force and stuck out her tongue licking the head. It had definitely been a while since she had a black dick she thought as she began kissing and licking her way up and down it.

"Like that black dick?" Nick asked her as she began sucking his balls while she jerked it.

She just moaned in reply. She was getting so wet being a dirty little whore for a complete stranger. She wondered what Anthony was doing. Knew he had seen her come in here and must be going nuts. Poor baby was probably desperate to get off. Melissa smiled at Nick as she ran her tongue up his shaft to the tip of his dick where she flicked the head.

"Oh yeah," Nick moaned as she tickled the tip of his dick with her tongue. "Knew when you walked in here you were a little slut. You a little married slut?"

"Mmmhmmm" Melissa moaned as she began sucking his dick in earnest taking more and more of it into her throat.

"Tell me you're a slut," Nick ordered as Melissa continued to suck him deeper and deeper.

"I'm such a slut," Melissa cooed coming up for air.

Nick liked this and thought about fucking her. He grabbed her by the hair and slapped his slimy dick on her face.

"You like that black dick bitch?"

"Mmmhmmm" Melissa moaned as she flicked her tongue over it while he continued to punish her face. "I like it."

"You like what?" Nick demaned.

"Your dick," Melissa moaned.

"Tell me you like sucking my black dick," Nick continued.

Melissa laughed while kissing his cock.

"I love sucking your black dick," she moaned as she took his cock back into her horny mouth.

She wanted him to feed her. To feel his black seed spill over her tongue and down her thoat. And she wanted to swallow his cum unlike her husband's. She wanted to swallow it all.

"Yeah that's it bitch. Suck it," Nick hissed as he pumped her face a couple times before groaning in pleasure as he came in the white slut's mouth.

Melissa gagged a little at first, but choked it down as he continued to pump his cock into her hungry mouth.

"You like that?" she giggled as Nick squirmed while she licked him clean.

"Hells yeah," Nick sighed. "That was great."

"So," Melissa paused. "I'm a good little white ho?"

"Definitely," Nick smiled as he zipped up his pants. "I've gotta get going though."

Melissa bit her lip," You wanna see me again?"

Nick chuckled. "Nah. Don't think that'd be a good idea."

Melissa was annoyed. She was hoping she could maybe get him to come over one night and fuck her. Give Anthony a show.

"Married?" she asked.

"Something like that," Nick replied before helping her to her feet. "Look you were great and all. Wouldn't mind seeing you again. Just... bad timing."

"Okay," Melissa accepted. Nick kissed her quickly and headed out the door.

When he was gone Melissa looked at herself in the mirror. "What a slut," she thought looking at her messed up hair which she began to comb.

The black stranger seemed a bit startled to find Anthony seated waiting with his food. Anthony wasn't one to take pity.

"You see my wife?" he asked.

Nick shook his head with a quick "no" for emphasis before quickly paying the cashier for his own food and heading out the door. Anthony found this amusing. The guy was way bigger than him and had just been doing something he wasn't supposed to with Melissa. If anyone had cause for worry it was Anthony. Just then Melissa came out of the bathroom looking rather flushed.

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