tagGroup SexMelons Under the Mistletoe

Melons Under the Mistletoe



I had no idea what her real name was -- she had borne her nickname proudly as long as I had known her - turning the torture of playground cruelty towards an early bloomer into a point of pride. Now twentysomething, her firm high round tits dominated her frame.

This time when I saw my son's full-figured platonic gal pal, there was no stuttering. Fucking a young woman's ass in your shower grants a certain degree of confidence. I was a bit surprised then, when she did not walk over when I opened my arms in the universal invitation to hug. Sure, being literally old enough to be her father might make that odd most of the year, but this was my son's annual December 23rd bash. As in past years, I was present to chaperone, and to hold everybody's car keys. Those who drank too much could sleep it off and I would let them drive only once I thought them sober enough. Mostly I had stayed upstairs in my lair or man cave, the suite containing my bedroom and sitting room in the converted attic. I had just come down to the kitchen to get more eggnog.

My first thought was that Melons, seemed to be giving me the cold shoulder. That confused me, because she had been anything but shy that morning she had encountered me on the way to my shower.

Then I noticed two things - her eyes were glazed and unfocused, and she was planted directly beneath a sprig of mistletoe somebody had hung in the arch leading to the kitchen.

"So, are you gonna kiss me,or what?" she slurred, her lush lips spreading into a wide grin, opening her arms to match mine.

Kissing my son's friends was not something I ever did, at least not when anybody might see. Melons and I had certainly made an exception to that rule in my shower a few months ago. Nervously, I glanced around. The kitchen was empty. I could hear party-goers outside, despite the cold, and in the basement, but nobody was nearby. If anybody interrupted, I would blame it all on the mistletoe, saying I had not wanted to bring anybody bad luck this holiday season.

"How about kiss you first, and then see if 'or what' happens?" I joked, "since you are under the mistletoe and all."

Melons flashed me more of that saucy grin I had enjoyed so much on our prior encounter. At that time, I had assumed it was a one-off occasion, a happy coincidence. This party encounter was a pleasant surprise. I had relieved my hormonal buildups many mornings recalling how ardent this young woman had been that morning in my shower.

I felt the mistletoe grazing my hair as my arms slid easily inside hers, slipping along her flanks just above her ample hips. Melons was shorter than me so she had to rise up onto tiptoes to kiss me, her lush lips parting as I craned my neck down so that our mouths met. Her pillowy mouth was instantly familiar against mine. She did not hesitate to push her tongue past my teeth, and she did not yelp when I gave it a quick nibble.

She pressed her flesh against me. Her erect nipples were unmistakable against my chest. My hands reflexively dropped to cup her ass, squeezing her buttocks and compressing our flesh into a single tight mass. This was now way beyond a polite mistletoe kiss. If anybody came along, we would have awkward explaining to do, but I was way beyond caring.

"Mmmmmm...glad to know you're happy to see me," Melons vamped as she broke for air, her face still inches from mine, her arms crossed behind my neck, her pelvis grinding against my rapidly rising cock.

"It's been too long," I said without editing my thoughts.

"And it must have been hard too," Melons giggled in response, "because it still is."

I loved her girlish giggles.

"You know, this party blows," she said, which provoked another round of giggling. My shaft just got stiffer in response, leading to Melons grinding more against me.

"And not in the fun sense of blows," she elaborated. "All this kissing under the mistletoe crap just makes me incredibly horny - you know it doesn't take much to make ME horny - but all the guys just want to pound back beer. Aside from feeling up my tits, I haven't had any action, and until you came along I was afraid everybody would either pass out or have whiskey dick before I get laid."

Melons pouted dramatically. "It's nice that all the boys love my melons, and that the bitches are jealous, but a girl needs a little fucking now and then."

She giggled again. My cock almost burst out of my pants.

"And I don't mean tit fucking either. All the boys are so obsessed with my tits that they just want to stick their cock in between them. My poor little pussy doesn't get enough loving."

"You have such a sweet cunt," I replied, choosing the vulgar term to see how Melons responded.

She giggled. "And here I thought you just liked me for my ass."

"Your almost virgin ass." I used the phrase she had employed to describe her anus that morning in the shower.

That provoked even more giggles.

"A bit less virgin after you got through with it. But not much since," she replied, and then ended with a pout, and a little wiggle of that bodacious booty. My hands followed my eyes, and rubbed her curves.

I bit softly into her pendulous lower lip to chastise her. Melons liked that, pressing even more tightly against my body.

"And here I thought that was all in my imagination," recalling her parting instructions when last we had fucked.

"You have such a great imagination."

Melons was grinning under the mistletoe again. I kissed her button nose before speaking.

"I never did get to fuck your cunt," I recalled, "not even in my imagination."

She did not have to know how often I had imagined just that cunt fucking in the months since.

"That darn hot water tank would have sputtered its last," Melons giggled.

"Do you want to fuck my cunt?" She bit down hard on the 'want'.

Her mouth was still so close to my face that I felt like I was bathing in her words.

"More than anything," I replied. The only reply I could imagine in the circumstances.

There was a moment of silence just long enough for me to marvel that no drunken party-goer had interrupted our encounter and for Melons to somehow insinuate her palm between our bodies, all the better to stroke my cock through my pants.

"Mmmm... that's the meat I remember."

She wriggled a bit at the waist, rubbing her tits across my chest, her ass inviting my palms to roam over that ample flesh. I knew what she wanted. I knew what I wanted.

"Mmmm... those are the melons I remember."

We both giggled then.

"It seems like I've been stuck here the whole night," Melons giggled at that point, "Being kissed by first one guy and then another and more than a few of the women. All of them grabbed a handful of my melons."

"Even the women?"

"I think they were the most curious - but also the most gentle and the roughest - but their roughness was mostly just right, not the awkward pawing of the man boys."

Her gaze became unfocused as she thought back to those incidents, her own fingers rubbing her mounds, grazing her nipples. We were still standing close enough under the mistletoe for me to feel her breathing through my body, and her warm breath moist on my jaw. I put a hand behind her neck and pulled her up into another strong open mouthed kiss, my hard cock thrusting against her clothed pussy as my tongue thrust into her cheek.

"And the whole time, I was wishing that it was you who came by while I was under the mistletoe. Each guy or gal, when I kissed them, I imagined that it was you. And now, here you are. My perfect Christmas present."

In the pause while we made out, in the middle of the vanishing party, I wondered briefly if I was about to have Melons right there under the mistletoe.

"Take me to your bedroom," she moaned. Just like on our prior encounter, she knew what she wanted. "I've heard your son joke so much about your "lair" that I can hardly wait to be your captive there."

"More like an early Christmas present."

"Is Santa going to shove his lump of coal up my chimney?" Melons giggled, grinding one more time against my bulge before she took me by the hand and led me to my own private staircase.

My space was dark - I knew the terrain, how to avoid the stereo at the top of the climb, dance past the table with the computer in the sitting room, and head toward the rumpled bed in the middle of the messy bedroom - so I took the lead from that point, silently signifying my surrender to this vixen.

There was just enough light filtering in through the half-shut curtains to make out the mass of discarding clothing occupying half the bed.

"Not much female company up here, I take it," Melons giggled when she saw it.

"Just a few naughty little elves like you," I replied, swatting her ass playfully.

That provoked another shower of laughter. Melons stripped swiftly and efficiently, no element of shyness, but just a bit of artful coquettishness in the sequence and timing of the baring of that curvy ample flesh. Nothing I had not seen in my shower, but this was a new and more festive occasion.

Glancing at how the frost on the outside of the window split the light into a rainbow, I started stripping my clothes, silently humming a Christmas hymn of thanks.

"Hey, you didn't let me unwrap my present..." I mockingly complained.

"I left the best part for you..." Melons curled either thumb in the sides of her thong panties.

I stepped over and pulled those down, while she shoved my briefs to the floor, allowing my engorged member to emerge at a right angle to my body.

"Oh, I think I'm the one having the very Merry Christmas," Melons sighed, dropping to her knees.

She brushed her hair behind her ears as she fell to her knees beside my bed. My hands caressed her head, gently pushing her face toward my groin as her fingers rolled my balls in their sack, and then started pumping my shaft.

"Don't come in my mouth... I want you to be full when you fuck my cunt."

Melons flicked her tongue across the slit in the tip of my cock, her fist pushing the corona of flesh toward her lips.

"Pre cum already, I would hate to waste it."

"Can I eat you first?" I asked. She had tasted terrific in the shower, but the memory was already fading.

Melons swirled her tongue around my mushroom once more, and then rose, falling back smoothly onto the mattress, her melons amazingly firm for such massive mounds, pointing up to the ceiling, not flopping to the sides at all. She had that little pouch of muffin top baby fat, but when she pulled her knees up and out all that I could see was her glorious gash, glimmering with her own excitement.

I fell to my knees right beside the bed, pushing myself up onto my calves so that my belly was above the edge of the mattress, and I could lower my mouth to the young pussy in front of me. As I admired that she still trimmed her hair neatly instead of shaving, Melons began kneading her own tits, and then tweaking her nipples.

The scent of female arousal enchanted me. My cock was already hard, but the aroma inspired a solid state more rigid than I had felt for years. My cock wanted to fuck Melons right at that moment, but first, I had promised oral sex.

"Look what I smuggled up here," Melons opened one hand to show a sprig of mistletoe nestled in her palm. She held it just above her clit until I lowered my head.

I started my kissing her inner thighs on either side of her labia, dancing my tongue until it just grazed the moist lips guarding that intimate cavern. My thumb rubbed the opening as I licked, from top to bottom, and then up again, lightly tweaking her sensitive clit with the thumbnail. That made her squeal in delight and raise her ass up off the bed. That opportunity allowed me to slip my other hand underneath her, and slide a pair of fingers to the opening of her anus. I knew from our prior encounter how much ass play excited Melons.

The two fingers rotated, in the opposite direction from how I was tonguing her clit. This stimulated her rosebud enough to open, welcoming anal penetration first by one digit, and then two. I used them like a fleshy dildo, fucking her ass while I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt.

Melons began thrashing wildly on the bed, her hips bumping up and down at the same time as her abs tried to twist her body sideways. Her fingers were busy on her own tits, but I allowed my free hand to roam up her belly and took my pleasure by squeezing one nipple until she groaned in exquisite agony, her loins gushing approval onto my chin. This freed up one of Melons' hands to caress her own clit, applying that precise combination of speed and pressure that only she could know so well. We found a rhythm, my mouth flickering around just below her fingers, occasionally brushing them with a kiss. I turned my head and licked her clit, and she instinctively fucked her cunt in counterpoint to how my fingers were thrusting into her ass.

"I've never fucking felt so fucking fullllll...." she screamed out in unmuffled joy, her climax rattling the rafters.

"Huh, whazzat?" a more subdued, but obviously startled voice asked from somewhere within my pile of discarded clothes on the other half of the bed.

Melons and I both froze, startled, my chin resting on her soaked thigh, her fingers limp at the mouth of her gash.

A tousled head of curly blonde hair popped out underneath my old ratty "Saturday" sweatshirt, over by Melons' shoulder.

"Can't a girl even find a quiet corner to sleep at this party? I got so fucking tired of drinking to avoid getting trapped under that fucking mistletoe, like that chubby slut Melons..." the girl slurred.

Having no clue what her name was - she was not part of my son's usual crowd - I instantly nicknamed her Goldilocks. After all, she was blonde, and had been sleeping in Papa Bear's bed.

"Quiet, bitch, I need to get fucked," Melons replied matter-of-factly. For all I knew, discovering a sleeping girl in the bed while having sex was a common occurrence among my son's crowd.

"Are you at least 19?" I asked, that being the legal drinking age here.

"Sure am. Wanna check my ID?" Goldilocks' giggles were throatier than Melons, but they spoke to my cock just as directly.

"I have a better idea," Melons replied, holding the sprig of mistletoe above her right nipple, "you can help him fuck me."

Goldilocks took no more coaxing. She shrugged her way out of the pile of clothing. The scent of alcohol wafted off her blotchy skin, which in the moonlight looked like porcelain splattered with pink and rose paint blobs. Her mouth found Melons nipple, teeth tugging as lips enclosed. Slowly she lowered her head until her nose was nestled right against the other girl's flesh, and then Goldilocks relaxed her jaw enough to seriously suckle Melons.

I was temporarily paralyzed, lost in watching, until Goldilocks reached across and circled a tiny white fist around my engorged red cock. She gave it one forceful pump, and I thought I heard a sigh escape from her busy mouth. Then, Goldilocks tugged my tool toward Melons. In my mind, I had pictured fucking my son's chum on the bed doggy style, that great rump presented to me eagerly wanting my weapon to conquer her. Goldilocks had other plans, and I realized that I was now just along for the ride. So I resolved to enjoy it.

Goldilocks proved very adept at cock wrangling, guiding me to Melons' entrance with no fuss whatsoever, while still nuzzling those teats. I tried to just tease Melons with my tip against her labia but Goldilocks was relentless at driving my meat inside our other lover. My prick slid effortlessly past those wet lips to enter that young but well experienced womb. The heat of my partner's earlier orgasm, reinforced by the attention from Goldilocks, made for a warm enveloping sensation around my meat.

"Ohmigawd! You feel so fucking fantastic!" Melons screamed, unmindful of the remnants of my son's party in the rooms below us. "Your cock is so huge, it fills me just right."

I thought but did not say that should be Goldilocks' line.

"If we aren't careful, I'm going to fill you with more than my meat. We didn't stop for a condom. If I fill you with great gobs of goo, you might get knocked up."

Goldilocks chuckled, "Hush, silly man, and just fuck her. You'll not likely have a present like this next Christmas. Besides, I want to eat your seed out of her vessel."

With that, Goldilocks grabbed the mistletoe and held it between my body and Melons. She shifted on the bed and somehow managed to manoeuvre her tongue into the narrow space where she could lick my shaft and Melons' clit with gusto, as if to add an exclamation mark to her last command.

Melons just moaned long and hard as her pussy pulsed and throbbed around my hardness. I pumped as fast as I could.

"Fill me with your spunk," my son's friend begged after a few dozen strokes, my throbbing member fatter than I thought possible as she and Goldilocks both milked it. Melons locked her legs around me and started controlling our fucking action, driving me deep and fast. This forced Goldilocks to quickly duck her head clear, but she just giggled and said, "I might think she's a slut, but she does have great tits."

With that, Goldilocks drove her tongue deep into my mouth, and then did the same to Melons. She kept repeating the motion, her fingers playing with Melons' nipples as she worked. This frantic fucking and teasing continued until Melons climaxed, her whole body shaking. Goldilocks picked that second to thrust her finger up my ass to stimulate my prostate, as if she knew that was a surefire way to trigger my explosion. Sure enough, Melons quaking had not even started to subside when my sperm gushed forth, flooding her loins. I held my spot, unable to move anything except of course the single muscle pumping my spew into that womb. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Goldilocks was also frozen in the moment, her bright shiny bloodshot eyes fixed on the spot where two bodies became one.

My organ spurted a single final shot of cream into Melons, and then Goldilocks nudged me to roll off. I saw the blonde hold that sprig of mistletoe over Melons' shiny gash.

"I think I'm hungry for some cream pie," Goldilocks giggled.

Melons just moaned. I thought about asking whether Goldilocks had ever gone down on a girl, or if she was an expert muff-diver, but decided not to risk spoiling the moment. If she was an amateur, I would just hope that her obvious kinky streak would make her a gifted rookie.

"Melons with cream are always tasty," I observed, lying back on the bed, my pulsating cock leaking a final trickle of fluids onto my thigh. By the time my words bounced off the bedroom walls, the young blonde was planting a tentative kiss on Melons' labia.

"Don't be shy, girl," the brunette instructed, "I'm not dainty. I won't break - melt maybe."

Both girls giggled at that mental image, though Goldilocks was muffled by the canyon of Melons' thighs. I felt my balls roiling already and my member starting to regrow in anticipation of the delights about to be displayed a foot away on my bed. My hand began to gently stroke my own cock, but Melons noticed and brushed my fingers aside with her own as Goldilocks bobbed up and down the twentysomething slit I had just anointed with my middle aged semen.

Melons played with her tits with her free hand, rolling her hard nipples between her fingers and thumb.

"She's playing with my lips," Melons moaned, spreading her knees wider. If she was trying to give me a better view, it did not help, but it seemed to give Goldilocks better access.

"Oh, yeah, I like how you work that fucking finger in and out like a hard cock," Melons told her blonde lover.

"Put in a second finger, and then a third, she'll really like that," I suggested.

"Yes, please," Melons agreed, and a moment later sighed in appreciation. "And now rub my clit gently with your thumb... and keep doing that as you add your tongue. Not too hard - I'm still tender from the fucking."

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