tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMemorial Day Barbeque Strip Ch. 02

Memorial Day Barbeque Strip Ch. 02


When I left off I was in dire need of an orgasm or I would never clear my mind enough to continue on with my barbeque adventure. Since I was already naked and very worked up while reliving this latest adventure it didn't take long for me to cum. I had my laptop sitting on my desk and so I pushed my chair back and began pulling and tweaking on my nipples causing them to stiffen and standout even more.

I moved two fingers along my already very wet slit and then I used my rabbit vibrator (The Jack Rabbit) which vibrates and rotates. I slipped it in slowly as it vibrated and rotated and as it was inserted deeper the ears began hitting my clit. I was so close as I used one hand to work the vibrator in and out and the other to play with my nipples. It wasn't too many strokes before I could feel my orgasm building, then my body stiffened and I began to moan as I began to cum, soaking the towel I sat on. I sat back with the vibrator still in me for a few minutes before getting up. After a soothing shower I was ready to continue writing. I have put the last paragraph or so of the first part below to refresh everyone's memory on where I left off.

I returned to the deck after my walk and sat down to finish my drink. We spent another 30 minutes or so chit chatting and then I heard Sam call me from inside. She was just at the far side of the kitchen near the entrance to the hallway leading to the bathroom and the bedrooms.

"What's up?"

"Anything I can do to help you?" I asked

"No, Just wondering if you were going to a you know, lose your skirt?" Sam asked shyly

" Well if you want me to you know I will. I planned on doing it but I was trying to tease a bit."

" I think you've teased everyone enough." I heard a voice say from behind me.

I turned around and saw Tian standing there smiling. She walked slowly towards me and I turned to face her. Her hands went toward the waist of my skirt and she deftly undid the few buttons holding it together and soon my skirt was in her hands.

"I'll take those sandals too please." Tian said with a devious but sexy smile.

I kicked off my sandals and Tian took them along with my skirt. I didn't know where she put them but maybe she had seen my panties and blouse in the bedroom and put them all together. Tian walked back into the kitchen, took my hand and led me out to the deck. There was silence as everyone realized I was now bare ass naked and I was undoubtedly the center of attention. I was in my comfort zone now, I am more comfortable naked among the clothed then they are with my nakedness.

I often find that it's the people who are dressed that are embarrassed by my nakedness. I figure I'm naked I expect you to stare at me but most only look for a few seconds and turn away. Tian certainly had no problem looking at me but most of the others seemed to be shy now that I was naked. It even took Samantha a little while to be comfortable with my nakedness. After I had made my naked entrance onto the deck I stood there a minute or two for everyone to get a good look. I went over to the little bar and got another drink before going to sit down. Sam had brought out a towel for me to put on the chair to make it a bit more comfortable for my naked ass.

There was really no conversation going on and I thought perhaps my being naked wasn't such a good idea. I knew Sam and Tian were fine with it but maybe the other females had been accepting of me topless but had a problem with me naked in front of their guys. I sipped my drink and waited but the conversation minimal at best.

" I think I should go in and get dressed, I think I'm making everyone uncomfortable." I said as I started to get up

"No!" Tian said

"I mean, I'm sure no one here meant to make you feel that way." Tian said

"She's right, please don't feel you need to get dressed." Sam's neighbor Tricia said

Everyone chimed in and asked that I stay as I am.

"Fine if everyone is sure." I said

Tian started the conversation by asking about my naked adventures.

"Have you really arrived at parties naked?" she asked

"Sure, I was going to arrive here that way but Sam wanted me to tease a bit."

"You would have walked from your car and down the street naked?" Tricia asked

"I'd like to see that." Tricia's husband Tom said earning him a jab to the ribs

"I'd like to see that too." Tian said with a big smile

'Well Samantha told me there are just a few kids in the neighborhood and they wouldn't be around today."

"So will you do it?" Tom asked risking another jab to the ribs

"Come on Nikki, let's take a walk." Tian said reaching for my hand

I got up from my chair and took Tian's hand in mine and we walked off the deck with everyone following us. We walked around the house, out to the driveway and down to the sidewalk. I was hoping that the group was going to stop there and not follow us on the walk. Thankfully they stayed at the end of the driveway and watched us walk away down the sidewalk. I was excited and did my best to hide it, although one look at my nipples would give it away. I love the pictures of two females, one clothed and one naked walking in public holding hands.

I think I should describe Tian for everyone before I continue. She is a gorgeous 28 year old Asian, specifically Chinese with beautiful dark eyes and blue/black hair down to her shoulders. She's about 5'3 and maybe 105 pounds with cute perky breasts and gorgeous legs. I would guess her measurements to be about 32C-22-34 and just stunningly beautiful. She was wearing a halter top, sans bra and a short denim skirt with a thong (which I saw later) and sandals. We walked hand in hand down the sidewalk through Samantha's neighborhood. I glanced behind us to see everyone still watching us and knew that I too if I were in their place.

As we reached the corner the butterflies began dancing in my stomach, my nipples seemed to get harder and my pussy began to throb. I wasn't all that familiar with this area so I

wasn't sure exactly what we would encounter on our walk. We turned the corner and we found ourselves on another quiet street.

"Are you alright Nikki?" Tian asked

"Yes, I'm fine."

"I don't know how you can be so calm out here naked with nothing to put on."

"Believe me inside I'm a bundle of nerves but I love this."

We walked a bit further and were passing a small wooded area when we saw a small dirt path. I don't know why but I turned onto the path pulling Tian with me. The path went for maybe a half mile and I enjoyed the feeling of the cool dirt on my bare feet. We were just about ready to turn around when I saw an opening and wanted to see what was out there. I expected to see houses or maybe a playground but it was just a small empty field of green grass. After entering the field, the grass so soft on my feet we found a little slope and sat down. I was hoping we weren't near any ant hills or anything, but after sitting a few minutes I didn't see any insects so I began to relax and enjoy being with Tian.

We chatted some about this or that, all the while Tian and I were casually touching each other. There was a lot more bare skin of mine to be touched and I wanted Tian to touch it all. She however only touched my shoulder, arm or sometimes my bare leg driving me crazy. I wanted so much more but as I have said I'm not great at being aggressive with females just yet.

The casual conversation and touching continued as we moved a bit closer and Tian was caressing me a bit more. I leaned forward just a little and that's when Tian leaned in and gave me a tender kiss on the lips. I guessed she was testing the waters to see if I would pull away but I moved a bit closer and our lips met again. This time the kiss was harder, I gently pushed my tongue between Tian's luscious lips and our tongues met. Our tongues entwined as our kiss became harder and more passionate. I didn't care now if someone came along or not as we continued to kiss passionately. We laid down in the soft green grass and continued to kiss as Tian began moving her hands over my breasts and nipples.

I moved my hand over onto her body and squeezed her breasts through her halter top. I wanted more, I moved my hand down to the hem of her halter and slid my hand up and onto her bare breasts, feeling her nipples respond to my touch. My nipples were so hard and my cunt was wet and aching for attention. Tian rolled to the side and I thought she was going to end it here. If she had I think I would have masturbated right then and there, I could never go back to the party as hot and horny as I was thanks to Tian. Thankfully when she rolled off to the side she sat up and pulled her halter top off leaving her topless. As I expected her tits were perfectly shaped with perky nipples that revealed her excitement. She tossed her top off to the side and moved back over to me.

She lowered herself down to kiss me and our naked torso's came together. Thought's of arrest for indecent exposure, public lewdness and who knows what else crossed my mind but Tian's bare tits soon pushed all responsible thoughts from my mind. Tian moved her way down my body kissing my neck then moving down kissing and gently sucking on each of my nipples. My hands were caressing anywhere they could reach as she moved down kissing my belly. When she kissed my bellybutton I felt a twinge in my pussy. If anyone came along now they would see some show because I had no intention of stopping. I thought I would cum before her tongue ever even touched my outer pussy lips. Tian was now down between my legs and she gently kissed my inner thighs with her soft sexy lips. She didn't touch my cunt at all in the beginning, she just drove me wild with soft kisses all over my inner thighs and around my wet mound.

"Please, I want your tongue inside me." I pleaded with her.

She teased me a bit more and then her tongue flicked my clit, making me jump. She slid her tongue along my slit making me moan. I reached down and pushed gently on her head hoping she would put her tongue inside me. Tian moved her hands down and with her fingers gently pulled my outer lips open before she jammed her tongue deep inside me. Her thumb played with my clit as her tongue moved all around inside me. It was too much for me to stand, I was naked in public, my clothes were blocks away and I had a beautiful topless females tongue in my cunt. My body began to tremble as the first waves of my orgasm began. I came and I came hard, my juice soaking Tian's face between my legs and down my ass. I couldn't catch my breath at first, I had been so excited since I began flashing earlier at Sam's house.

I finally was catching my breath as I laid there looking at Tian her face wet from my cum. I looked around and still there was no one in site as I sat up and moved toward Tian. I moved in and kissed her hard tasting myself as our tongues did battle. I broke off the kiss and gently pushed Tian onto her back. I rolled her nipples between my fingers gently pulling them, causing them to stiffen even more. I slid my hands down her body and began to undo her skirt.

"Nikki, we should go back, they must think we got arrested."

"No, not yet." I said I began to tug her skirt down.

Tian didn't resist as she raised herself up enough for me to get her skirt down to her knees. She was wearing a sheer thong that allowed her small patch of hair to show through. I pushed her skirt down to her ankles and reached for the thin waistband of her thong. She raised up willingly as I pulled the thong down to meet her skirt. I moved back and removed her skirt, thong and sandals tossing them over with her top. Her body was so petite but yet so perfect. Her pubic hair was trimmed into a small patch but it was the soft, wispy black pubic hair that I think is so sexy. I glanced around quickly and saw we were still alone thankfully as I moved my mouth down to kiss her inner thighs. I felt the heat coming from her pussy as I kissed and teased her like she had done to me.

"Turn around Nikki." Tian whispered breathlessly.

I didn't understand at first but I soon understood as I moved around and placed my pussy above her head as my mouth moved between her legs. As I began flicking her clit with my tongue and caressing her legs and inner thighs she put her hands on my ass and pulled my cunt down to her mouth. OMG I was ready to explode in no time, as I was having my first fully naked sex in public. We were both so worked up and even though I had cum just minutes earlier it didn't take long for me to start to tremble. I moved my tongue in and out of Tian's pussy as I teased her clit and swirled my tongue around when it was deep inside. I could feel Tian began to shake as she pulled my pussy down harder on her mouth while I kept moving working her cunt over with my mouth and tongue. We didn't cum simultaneously but I do think Tian let go just seconds before me.

We lay there as we were catching our breath for a few minutes before I was able to move off of her. I sat up and pulled Tian up leaning in to kiss her one more time, mixing our sex juices together. Tian reached over and pulled a few tissues from the pocket of her skirt which we used to clean ourselves off as best as possible.

"I guess we should get dressed." I said, momentarily forgetting I had no clothes with me.

Tian giggled and reached for her pile of clothes, I guess the disappointment was showing on my face.

"What's the matter Nikki?"

"I was hoping you would walk back naked with me and really shock everyone."

" You're the one who loves to run around naked, not me."

"I know but I was hoping maybe." I saw her pulling her thong on and stopped in mid sentence as I knew I would once again be the lone naked female.

Tian had her thong and skirt on and she was reaching for her top. I hurried and grabbed it feeling like a giddy teenager.

" Nikki, give me my top please." Tian said trying to look serious.

" If you won't walk back naked than how about topless?"

"No way, I can't walk around like this."

" Why not you look good like that and you'll be holding your shirt so you can put it on p if we see anyone coming."

We went back and forth for a few minutes before I finally wore her down and got her to agree to go topless and barefoot. I love being barefoot and love seeing other females with sexy feet walking barefoot is a turn on for me. Tian seemed comfortable as we left the field and entered the dirt path leading through the woods to the road. As we neared the opening leading to the sidewalk I could see she was getting nervous so I grabbed her hand and we left the confines of the woods and were back in the open.

"How do you stay so calm when your out naked like this?" "I'm only topless and it's scaring me to death."

" I'm always nervous when I go naked anywhere public but thrill I get is worth it."

We hadn't seen anyone since we left the group out in front of Samantha's house. I was hoping someone would drive by or something just to see how Tian would react. There really wasn't anywhere much to hide and with me holding her hand she would have a hard time getting her blouse on (Yes I know I am evil, lol) so she would most likely be seen by whoever passed by us. Unfortunately we saw no one, that is until we turned the corner onto Sam's street.

"Here they come now." I heard a female voice yell.

I looked down the street and saw Sam walking toward us.

"OMG are you two alright?" Sam asked before her mouth gaped open.

Suddenly Tian remembered she was topless and tried to break her hand free of mine so she could cover up.

"It's fine sweetie." as I gently grabbed the small bundle from her hands containing her top and sandals.

Now everyone was out in front as they were when we started out on a walk which I later found out had taken us just over an hour. A few told Tian how great she looked topless and a few looked at her in silence. It was obvious she was still uncomfortable with her boobs out in the open but it seemed like the compliments were helping to put her at ease. We explained our long absence by telling everyone we had taken a trail through the woods into a field that we walked around a bit. We said that we couldn't find the trail at first when we went to head back.

"Well how did she end up topless?" Tricia asked with a sly grin

"We made a bet and I lost." Tian said smiling at me.

"Now can I please have my top?" Tian asked

I reluctantly gave in and handed Tian her halter top. She had stayed topless longer than I thought she would and I didn't want to push her too far. We all went back around to the deck and Tian and I talked about our walk.

"It was very exciting, scary and also fun to be walking out in public topless, although I think it was my first and last time."

"We'll see." I said winking at Tian

I wanted to go into the powder room and freshen up a bit so I excused myself to go inside. Both Samantha and Tian followed me.

"What really happened out there?" Sam asked with a knowing smile.

"It was just as we told you." I said

"I know Tian and she couldn't have been talked out of her top so easily."

"Nikki is very persuasive." Tian said with a giggle

"Someday I hope you two tell me what really happened." Sam said with a sly grin

"I want to freshen up a little and maybe get dressed."

Both Tian and Sam told me that there was no reason for me to get dressed, that everyone was fine with me naked and would be disappointed if I was dressed.

"Fine with me." I said as I headed off to the powder room.

I had just finished freshening up when there was a knock on the door, I opened it to find Tian standing there. I let her in and closed the door once again.

"I wanted to thank you for an exciting afternoon." Tian said before leaning in and kissing me on the lips.

We kissed for a few minutes and said we would get together. I went back out to the deck and Tian came out a few minutes later. We all sat around talking about this and that and I them about some of my short little nude adventures. Time had passed quickly and soon the party people began saying their goodbyes.

"I'm going to go in and get dressed so I can head home also."

"I'll bet you don't have the nerve to go home naked." Tian said with a wicked smile.

Suddenly there was much chatter as everyone began talking about the possibility of me leaving naked.

"I offered to arrive naked, why would I leave naked?"

"I don't think you'll do it." Tian said

"What do I get if I win the bet?"

"I'll get topless with you again outdoors."

"I want more than that, I want you naked somewhere with me."

Everyone was trying to get Tian to take the bet. Most didn't know me that well and had not read my adventures. So they really didn't know that me going home naked was not a big deal to me. I guess the thought of me driving the 20 minutes or so home totally naked with no way to cover up was exciting everyone at the party as much as it excites me to do it. I love being naked and as far away as possible from my clothes or any type of cover up. That has been the biggest cause of my dwindling wardrobe as so many of my clothes have been lost, thrown away or destroyed.

It was quite amusing to hear everyone try and convince Tian to bet me and the conversations that ensued about me stopping and putting my clothes on after I drove out of sight or having something in my car as an emergency cover up. It was agreed that if Tian did bet me that I would have to leave my clothes at Sam's house and that Tian and another witness could check my car for any type of clothing or anything that I could use to cover my nakedness. I was at the point I was going to forego the bet just to put an end to it all and leave naked. I really wanted another chance to have some fun with Tian and I was very exited when she finally succumbed to the pressure and agreed to the bet.

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