tagRomanceMemories of Halloween Past

Memories of Halloween Past


The moon had a strange, orange hue to it while the crisp fall breeze was cool and dry. Leaves the color of pumpkins were swept across the cracked sidewalks, creating a rustling sound as they scraped the weathered cement. The sky was dark, almost so dark that instead of black it took on the color of navy blue. The stars did not shine through the cover of clouds, but the moon’s orange glow could still be seen. It seemed to be the perfect evening for a Halloween.

One young couple was certainly of that opinion. Kyle was resting in the grass, holding a lovely woman in his arms. The blades of grass were prickly against their exposed flesh, and the cool evening air only contributed to the goosebumps covering the skin of the young lovers. The young girl’s strawberry blonde hair was also adding to Kyle’s mild discomfort. There was no way for him to tell his girlfriend to stop leaning up to kiss him, but her hair would sweep across his exposed chest, tickling him.

Annalisa smiled as her warm lips touched Kyle’s, their tongue playfully intertwining as their mouths parted. Despite the chill in the air, neither of the lovers felt uncomfortable as Anna ran her fingers through Kyle’s dark brown hair that tended to curl a bit when wet. Kyle was actually the younger of the two. He had graduated from high school the year before and was working for a year so that he could pay for college without having to make use of student loans. Anna was a different story all together. She came from a very well to do family, who were currently putting her through a sophomore year at a local college.

The plan was that Kyle would attend that same college next year. After each of them graduated, they would get married. Kyle and Anna had been together throughout almost all of high school, and all of their friends knew these two were meant for one another. Never once had Kyle doubted Anna’s loyalty to him while she was away. "I am glad you could tear yourself away from your studies," Kyle said between kisses.

"Are you kidding?" Anna replied. "Nothing can keep me away from this place. I have dreamed of nothing but being with you tonight."

Kyle just chuckled and wrapped his arms around her. Anna’s hair was still splayed out across Kyle’s chest and stomach as he rested on his back and she was curled up atop of him. The pair was near Kyle’s home. He lived with his parents still while the young man attempted to save some money. This was their property, though it was quite a fair number of yards behind the house.

Anna reached over for her clothes and pushed a button on her watch that was resting in the pile. She wore nothing but Kyle’s class ring, which was hanging from a chain around her neck. Sure, it sounded high schoolish to some people, but it was the first thing he had ever given her, and Anna never parted from it. Kyle simply could not think of a sexier sight than this woman nude beside him. The display on the watch glowed for a moment and she sat up quickly. "Kyle, we need to get going or we will be late for Jake’s costume party."

Groaning, the young man sat up and looked over at Anna. "How about we just stay out here tonight? I think I would much rather go with the current outfits, as opposed to putting more clothing one." Anna grinned and pushed him in the chest, causing Kyle to lose his balance a bit and fall back into a resting position. He looked up into Anna’s eyes and smiled. It was too dark to see them clearly, but he had no trouble imagining their aqua shade.

Giving Kyle a pouty look that her full lips did far too well, Anna said, "Fine. You stay here, and I will go to the party. Never know what I could find under all of those outfits." With a smile that turned pouty into pretty, Anna mused to herself, "I wonder what Jake will be wearing this year? That outfit of nothing but a large diaper was quite nice, last year."

Kyle sat up, hopping to his feet as he wrapped the girl up in his arms and kissed her. Breaking the kiss after a few moments, he said, "You win, as usual." Chuckling, he lifted Anna and swung her around in a circle so her bare feet were grazing the tall grass. "Want me to meet you at your house?"

Shaking her head, Anna replied, "Just go to the party. I will need some time to get dressed, but I will be there before too long. I would hate to be the cause of a late start to your drinking tonight," she teased. Kyle grinned and leaned down, planting a few feathery kisses on the smooth skin of her neck. Anna felt her eyelids flutter shut. Hardly fair, she thought to herself. Kyle knows how sensitive my neck is!

With a great deal of difficulty, Anna broke free of her lover’s hold and started to get dressed. Kyle followed suit and soon they parted ways to prepare for the costume party at Jake’s. Looking out to the distance, the moon looked as though it was starting to fade out behind the cover of clouds. There was a slight rumble, and Kyle thought he saw a flash of lightning in the horizon. Hurrying into the house, Kyle decided to get dressed and over to the party before it stormed.

Jake’s home was always a lively place. He did not attend college like most of his friends, but since he had held down a good job the last few years, Jake was able to rent a very nice house. It was the preferred place of all parties. No neighbors behind paper-thin walls, plenty of room inside for moving about and there were even woods behind the house where couples would often venture for a bit of privacy.

Seeing Kyle walk in, Jake figured it would only be a matter of time before he saw his best friend and Anna darting off for some quiet time of their own. Jake was not wearing the diaper outfit Anna had been so fond of, but his muscular frame was still on display in this outfit. Dressed in little more than a cloth, Jake was masquerading as a barbarian. Kyle prodded the man, saying that this was an even better personality likeness than the baby outfit was last year.

Plenty of good-natured teasing followed as a lithe girl with endless legs and long dark hair walked up and put a slender arm around Jake. She was dressed in an outfit that did not hide much either, and Kyle had no trouble following the low line of the collar down to her cleavage. She handed Jake a beer and asked Kyle if he would like one. After seeing him nod, the girl darted off into the kitchen. "So who is the girl of the week?" Kyle asked.

Jake pretended to look hurt, but both men knew it was only an act, and a poor one at that. "Her name is Claudia."

Kyle turned and watched her bronzed, toned legs walking away and nodded his approval with a grin. "You may actually want to keep her around for a couple of weeks," he replied.

The larger man shook his head and stunned Kyle with his next replay, "Actually, I may keep her around a good deal longer than that. She gorgeous-"

"Yeah, that part I noticed," Kyle cut in.

With a smirk on his face, Jake continued on undaunted, "She’s also very smart and enjoys a lot of the same stuff as me. I mean, for God’s sake, she sits down and watches football with me on the weekends!" With a wink he nudged his buddy and added, "She has a sister as well."

Kyle grinned at that, knowing that Jake has always been an avid football fan and player, so finding a woman who enjoyed that particular sport could very well make her a candidate for wife down the road. The two men continued to talk as some time passed. The storm was starting to kick up outside as more beer was consumed and the music continued to thrum on loudly, causing the floors and walls of the home to vibrate with the beat of the bass.

Wearing fake armor that was lacking weight but somewhat awkward to move around in, Kyle accepted beers whenever Claudia offered him one. Kyle knew that Anna was going to dress up to match him in some fashion, but Kyle had yet to see the outfit. Whether she was going to come as a wizard, or a warrior or a damsel, he had no idea whatsoever. He was very much looking forward to seeing Anna in it, as well as later attempting to get her out of it.

A short time later, the phone rang upstairs. Only a few people were allowed up there, but Kyle noted with a grin that Claudia did not hesitate to dart up the stares, her cavewoman costume sweeping around her legs teasingly for the men as they watched. Kyle then heard his name called out. He thought he picked up a slight accent, but with all this other noise, it was hard to place it. If Jake were true to his word though, Kyle would get plenty of chances later to hear Claudia talking.

Taking the stairs two at a time, Kyle made it up to the landing, thanking Claudia as she handed him the phone. "Hello," he said while putting a finger to his other ear. The party was making it hard to hear what the person on the other line was saying. "I am sorry, but I could not hear you. Could you repeat that?" he asked.

"Kyle, it is your father. I think you should come home." His parents never minded the partying before, so Kyle was a bit peeved when he demanded to know why. "Anna was in an accident on her way home. She was killed immediately, son. Do you need me to come get you?"

No words came out as Kyle simply dropped the phone with a small thud and pressed his shoulders and back to the wall. He slid down to a seated position. He could barely make out his father over the phone, calling out his name repeatedly. Kyle knew he should lean over and pick up the phone. He heard his father say something that sounded like he would be coming right over. Kyle nodded, though his father could not have seen the motion.

A song came on, Hotel California by the Eagles. Kyle pressed his lips together and leaned his head back against the wall while shutting his eyes tightly. Tears quickly welled up in the corners of Kyle’s eyes as the lyrics to the song continued to play on.

At ten to the hour, the professor assigned the readings to his class and excused them. It was a rarity to get out in time, Kyle thought. Dr. Korbe had a bad habit of holding classes over during his long-winded lectures, often making his students late to their next classes. Kyle had a couple hours break though before political science, so he was in no particular hurry.

Making his way through the crowded campus sidewalks, Kyle nodded at a few of the people he recognized along the way. There were a few signs up here and there, as well as a large poster board advertising a ‘hunted tour’ of the college. Kyle had no interest in any Halloween activities though, as he made his way towards his dorm. In his second year of school now, Kyle was pulling Dean’s List grades, much to the pride of his parents.

It was not very hard for the youth. He seldom partied, so most of his time was spent working, studying or sleeping. His hair had grown a bit longer, and Kyle spent more time indoors at his job while fall had swept in. The dark tan was beginning to fade, while Kyle’s sun-bleached hair was returning to its natural shade of sandy-blonde.

The outdoor activity of work managed to keep Kyle looking quite fit, despite the lack of sports in his life now. He would occasionally catch a football or basketball game, but he seldom actually played, and when he did, it was done half-heartedly. Kyle had attempted to date a couple of times, but generally his mood would sour in mid-evening and any interest he had in a relationship quickly faded since Anna’s death.

Rounding the corner and jogging up another flight of steps, Kyle pushed open the door to his dorm. No one was in the living room, frustrating the man. "What is so friggin’ hard about locking the door before you leave?" he asked aloud. With a grumble Kyle turned left and pulled open the door to his room. On it was Jake, playing a football video game. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi to you too," Jake said while waving. In that instance of removing his hand from the control pad, something happened that caused Jake to curse. Kyle thought he heard the word ‘fumble’ come from the nineteen-inch television. Walking by, Kyle flipped off the power button to the television. Jake protested feebly as the monitor made a faint zipping sound before going completely dim.

"So, how are you doing?" Kyle asked absently while clambering up the ladder of his loft and sprawling out on his bed. Jake made the mistake of remaking sarcastically about Kyle being a bed hog. A swift kick from the bottom of Kyle’s foot knocked Jake off the bed unceremoniously. A thud followed by a yelp gave cause to Kyle’s grin.

"Been better," Jake asked while stumbling back up to his feet and rubbing his rear. "I seem to have his aching in my back. Recently had a slip and fall accident from a loft."

"Sounds tragic," Kyle quipped while still grinning.

"Anyway, I was wondering if you were coming out tonight or not?"

"Did I last year?"

"No," Jake admitted. "And you were missed." Kyle snorted derisively. Jake continued, "Seriously, I have a couple of people I want you to meet, and I think you could use the time to relax."

"I will think about it," Kyle replied.

Jake watched his best friend rest on his back while his shoulder was against the wall. Kyle folded his hands together on his chest and closed his eyes. "You will think bout it usually means I will not show my face," Jake pointed out. Kyle shrugged and his friend realized the conversation was likely a lost cause. "Well, you know how to get there should you decide to go. Take care, buddy."

Kyle nodded soundlessly as Jake frowned and exited the room. Shutting the door quietly, Jake let out a sigh as one of Kyle’s roomies entered the living room and plopped down on the couch with a quick hello. Fumbling around for a moment, he found the remote and flipped on the television. Jake took one more glance at Kyle’s door and sighed. They had grown apart the last couple of years, but they were still like brothers. Jake left the apparently resigned to the knowledge that Kyle would be staying away yet again.

The room was stiflingly warm at the moment. Kyle rolled onto his side so that his back was against the cool wall. Stretching his arm up towards the ceiling, he bumped his hand against it. Kyle considered opening his eyes, because he remembered the ceiling being higher than that. His loft was not all that high. Dropping his arm to the side, he wrapped it around a pillow.

Or at least it seemed like a pillow until it moved closer, pressing back against Kyle’s firm, bare chest. Something tickled his nose upon inhaling, and Kyle thought it smelled rather good. Nuzzling his face forward, Kyle parted his eyes very slightly, and saw a mass of strawberry blonde hair before his face. He heard Anna say, "I love you." The words echoed about in Kyle’s mind for what seemed to be an eternity. His hand moved to Anna’s stomach, gently brushing against it with his palm as it slid under her nightshirt.

Anna sucked in her breath sharply at the feel of Kyle’s fingertips playfully teasing the flesh of her now-exposed tummy. Grinding her rear against Kyle’s groin, he could immediately feel himself becoming aroused as he used his nose to sweep aside some of Anna’s hair. As soon as her neck was exposed, he began to kiss it while his eyes were starting to burn a little. "I love you too," he replied.

"I know," came Anna’s response.

Starting as he woke up, Kyle lifted his head some. No longer did the room seem smaller or different, as it had minutes ago. Looking down at his arm, Kyle saw he had wrapped it around a pillow that bore a wet spot upon it. Releasing it to touch his eyes, Kyle realized he had been crying in his sleep. "A dream," he murmured. Looking up, he saw his ceiling well above his head and out of reach. He was dreaming about Anna’s old dorm room, when he would go and visit her.

She always had him sleep against the wall, because Anna felt as though she was being squished when she was sandwiched between Kyle and the unforgiving walls. Sighing, Kyle sat up and ran a hand through his hair as the sheet fell away to his lap, revealing taught muscles across his chest, stomach and shoulders. "Maybe Jake is right, and I do need to get out of here," he admitted with a sigh. Kyle began to look around for something to wear to the party that night, not entirely sure he wanted to go, but knowing he did not want to stay here alone with his thoughts, either.

The house was as easy to find as it ever was. Kyle had dug up an old shirt and borrowed a friend’s baseball cap and bat. It was a weak costume to be sure, but with no notice, it would have to do. The drive was not a very long one, but it felt like an eternity. The young man felt the memories of Halloween past taking a toll on his nerves even now. Kyle lost track of the number of times he considered turning around to go back to his dorm. At one point he pulled off the side of the road so he could clear his head. The rest of the trip was made with the windows down and the radio blaring on his favorite station.

By the time Kyle had arrived, the house was brimming with people as usual. The sky seemed eerie, as it had been a couple of years ago. The moon was just a bit less than full this time, but it was still the harvest-orange color and not a star twinkled in the sky. Kyle had the sinking feeling that it would storm again, bringing about more memories. He was about to turn and leave when Jake and another friend of theirs, Doug, came up and greeted him.

"I told you he would come," Doug said with a grin.

Jake appeared completely surprised, but Kyle could tell by his friends’ grins that they were genuinely pleased to see him. "Yes you did. I owe you a case of beer next weekend," Jake agreed. Doug appeared satisfied and told Kyle how good it was to see him again. Kyle thanked the two of them and decided he needed a drink. As usual, Jake was ready to comply.

The inside of the house showed the passage of two years, even if the outside had not. Jake had purchased newer furniture and the décor had a distinctly different look to it. Football trophies and posters could still be seen, but things such as complete sets of dishes and silverware were noticeable as well. Kyle chuckled as he saw Claudia walk up and give Jake a deep kiss. The two held each other for several moments before turning to smile at their guest.

Kyle had been flabbergasted when he realized the pair had been together a month. To hear the words one and two year anniversary nearly sent him into cardiac arrest. Despite the probability of it all, this amazing woman appeared willing to settle down with Jake, and even more surprising was the fact Jake seemed completely content with the idea. Kyle could hardly blame him. A person would be hard pressed to find a woman as sexy or fun as Claudia, and even Jake was able to tell when he had a good thing going.

The trio chatted for a time, discussing sports, Kyle’s college and Jake’s impending promotion. Despite the rain outside, Kyle was finding himself settling down. Claudia asked Kyle if he would like another bottle of beer. He accepted and the two men began talking college football again. A few minutes later, a dark-skinned beauty walked up and held a beer out towards Kyle. Claudia was right behind her, wearing a broad grin. "Kyle, this is Cynthia. She is Claudia’s younger sister. Cynthia, this is my best friend, Kyle."

"It is nice to meet you," Cynthia said with a demure smile. "I have heard a great deal about you." Kyle raised an eyebrow and looked at Jake.

He barely overheard Claudia tell her sister, "I told you he was cute."

Blushing profusely for a moment, and unable to think of anything to say, a slow song came on over the stereo system. Cynthia held a slender hand out towards Kyle and asked if he would like to dance. He almost thanked her while shaking his head no, but Jake put his beer on the counter, and ‘accidentally’ threw an elbow into his friend’s ribs at the same time. "I would love to," Kyle replied while staving off a painful grimace.

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