tagMatureMen Love to Fuck Polly Urquhart

Men Love to Fuck Polly Urquhart


"I could really do with a fuck Polly," said Bernard. "I have been thinking about you all day."

"I could do with a good deep screw too" thought Polly but that rules my hubby out. She smiled at him. Polly informed him that Lord and Lady Drake were having an informal gathering for the whole village and that it would be polite to show their faces for a couple of hours. It was not to be a grand dinner party so there was no need to dress up, the hosts had not wanted the villagers to feel uncomfortable by making it a grand affair and so everyone was under strict instructions to wear casual clothing such as jeans and jumpers. Bernard wasn't at all happy.

Polly thought it might be nice to "get to know" Lord Drake. She also wandered if the young leggy slut called Lucy would be there who she had heard about as a spectacular shag from some of her young male acquaintances around the village. Bernard said he was ready to go and that he really couldn't be bothered but if she wanted to go he would always support her. Polly didn't bother to thank him. She changed into tight contour hugging jeans which she had to admit made her look so hot when she stood there topless admiring her smooth toned stomach and huge firm tanned tits. Her tiny sexy red lace bra didn't even nearly contain those huge globes but simply put them on display and pulled them together slightly. A tight grey t shirt showed 2 or 3 inches of toned stomach and she squeezed it over her cans so that it was clinging to those assets and emphasised just how big they were on her sexy toned frame. It made her look more like a porn star than a local housewife. A stylish white jumper transformed her into a curvy sex bomb dressed respectably for the night ahead.

There was a healthy crowd mingling when Bernard and Polly arrived and they were introduced to various couples. Most people were dressed very casually, as instructed by the esteemed hosts, but one young woman captured everyone's gaze. She had long dark hair and smiley, flirtatious dark eyes but what grabbed the attention was her legs. Her tight black mini skirt clung to her young firm backside and her endless legs were crossed high, one over the other and had men adjusting their gaze to focus on her legs at every opportunity.

" Do you know who Miss legs over there is? She is certainly attracting attention," Polly asked her husband.

"Who dear?"

"Don't pretend you haven't noticed the girl with endless legs over there honey?"

Bernard spluttered and looked embarrassed before confirming that he preferred his wife's legs and he did not know her.

"Of course you prefer mine honey but mine are covered up tonight but I think I will introduce myself so why don't you go and chat with Bill over there and you can mingle." She strolled off without waiting for a response.

As she strolled over Polly locked eyes with her pretty rival who crossed, uncrossed and then re-crossed her endless legs, a flicker of amusement and triumph on the girl's face as Polly's eyes were drawn down to admire Lucy's tight toned, long thighs.

"You must be Lucy," Polly said whilst totally ignoring the other woman sitting there.

"Yes I am, it must be the legs, had you heard about them from some of the young men you..."

Polly smiled and interrupted: "Lucy, I expected them to be long and sexy but they are spectacular legs and that mini skirt, wow!"

"I had the best legs at university and between you and me fucked my way to a first, and now I have fucked my way to a great investment banking job in the city which will pay me loads. Even the famous Mrs Urquhart can't compete with me," she smiled. "I presume you are Mrs Urquhart?"

"Why do you think that I must be Mrs Urquhart, Lucy?"

"Well, my sources tell me the famous Polly Urquhart has auburn hair, green eyes and mountainous firm tits. Judging from the fact that your tits got here 2 seconds before you did, even if they are locked away in that jumper, I presumed you must be my main competition. But judging from the way your husband has been staring at my legs since he came in, I think if I snapped my fingers he would follow me home like a little puppy and fuck me senseless."

Polly laughed. "You are welcome to try to get a performance like that out of Bernard but he tends to shoot the moment he is inside me. Maybe I am just too hot?" she said crossing her tight denim clad legs as high as Lucy to emphasise her incredibly toned, shapely thighs.

"I hear you like 'em, now what is the phrase, young, hung and full..."

"Lucy dear, if I wanted to compete with you, outgun you, all I would have to do is pull my jumper off, we would see where the eyes of the room were focused then. What size are yours, pert little b cups?"

Suddenly the other woman at the table intervened: "Girls, girls, can't we just accept you are both stunning women with different err, attributes?"

Polly smiled at her: "Are you saying her legs are better than mine?"

"Err, well Polly, its just I have heard about your, erm, breasts and they do seem rather large."

Lucy turned to face the other woman and sneered: "I am sure those bouncing boobs are all that is in your husband's mind when he is trying to fuck you?"

"I beg your pardon young lady!"

"Do you really think he hasn't buried himself in her tight honey pot whilst gripping her tight bubble shaped arse and burying his face in her golden globes? He needs something to remember to be able to cum in you."

"Well, I... you insolent little slut. Tell her Polly, my husband is a loving..."

"How loving is he Polly, of big tits?"

"There, there, don't get upset. It can hardly be my fault if your husband is thinking about my body, or from what I have heard Lucy's, when he cums."

"You should be grateful," Lucy chipped in. "If it wasn't for your husband's lustful thoughts about us, you would never see a hard dick. It must be awful to be plain ugly and ignored by men, even by your husband when his dick is in you."

The woman, looking shocked and upset rose and turned away, trying not to cry.

"Well that was fun. I think I fucked her husband in the shower at her house whilst she was watching telly downstairs, stupid cow," laughed Polly. "Sneaked out the back door after he had cum all over my tits."

"Well I fucked him 2 days ago, walked up to them both this evening and he beat a quick exit in case he gave himself away.," laughed Lucy.

"So we have both been sitting here secretly laughing at her, poor bitch. Here comes the next one... Lady Drake, what a lovely evening, how kind of you to arrange it, I am Mrs Polly Urquhart and this is a friend I have met this evening."

"Yes, Lucy isn't it, you have been the talk of the evening, or at least those legs have."

Lucy smiled confidently but said nothing.

"Well if you 2 pretty ladies will excuse me, I need to see my other guests."

Lady Drake walked away and Lucy muttered "Ugly crow, I am going to fuck her husband." "I think he will prefer me, they all do," Polly smiled.

"Didn't you hear her snootyness, it is my legs everyone is looking at and there is his Lordship staring at them."

Without a glance at Polly she uncrossed her legs and rose and intercepted Lord Drake near the door.

"I see you like my legs, better than your wife's are they?" She reached casually into his trousers and groped his chunky cock. "Just what I heard, a big dick for the big Lord of the manor."

Lord Drake looked around the room to check no-one was observing and the large 50 year old with the pot belly and fast growing cock admired the extremely leggy pretty girl who was offering herself on a plate to him.

"Would you like to see the rest of the house, umm..."

"My name is Lucy. Not really but maybe you should take me elsewhere to fuck me senseless with that nice cock of yours, sir. Oh and this is Mrs Polly Urquhart, I think she wants to watch me fuck you."

He groped her legs and her tight arse all the way up 2 flights of stairs to a private study room, Lucy glanced over her shoulder at Polly in triumph as the lord clearly couldn't get enough of her. Polly simply watched. By the time Polly entered the study and closed the door behind her the panting fat man had his cock out of his flies and his conquest spread over the desk. Her skirt was hitched up and without ceremony her thong was ripped aside and his chunky thick cock was thrust forward. He was out of shape and not good looking but he could really fuck. His chunky, thick 8 inch cock was hard and throbbing as he punched it into Lucy's tight pussy.

Polly was impressed by his power as he dominated her over his desk, Lucy tried to ride him but he was too keen to pound her to give her any sense of control.

"Have you ever fucked anyone like me, with legs like mine, you seem to like my arse," she giggled as both hands gripped her tight shapely backside as he pounded into her."

"You are fucking hot, you little slut. You are mine now."

"Well sir," she gasped, "I need some big clients when I head to my investment bank next month. I am sure I could make it worth your while if you moved all of your investments to my bank." She looked back at the sweating man pounding into her with apparent desperation and total lust and smiled. "Do you fancy seeing more of me sir?"

"Of course I do you sexy bitch." Lucy smiled at how easy life was for her.

"But I'm not moving my money for a slut like you, you'll be back for more of this anyway," he laughed as he thrust into her.

Polly undid her jeans and slid them off her hips and as they fell off her shapely tanned legs she smiled to herself as she felt how great her arse felt in her hands. Her jumper followed and Lucy, suddenly feeling less confident, looked up as the tight t shirt made its way over Polly's firm tanned globes. She dangled the t-shirt on one finger and smiled at Lucy as she gawped at the huge mounds bulging out of her tight small bra, her skin looked so smooth, so tanned and for the first time in her life Lucy felt out-gunned. She tried to make the man in her cum but seconds later, Polly dropped the t-shirt in his face. As he removed it, he was met with sparkling green eyes right in front of his face. Polly said in her most haughty, snooty voice:

"When you are done with her let me know but remember, if you cum in her you can't cum in me."

With that she rose up and showed her golden curvy body to him, she slowly bent forward and her massive tits bulged obscenely in his face. "Pull out of her."

He grunted and withdrew without ceremony. "Jesus what a body, I, I, fuck ... those tits," he groaned as she turned to show him her body in profile, her flat stomach and huge solid meaty shiny tanned tits which needed no support.

Polly bent over Lucy and ran her hands through her shiny hair and gently kissed her shiny lips: "Watch and learn," she whispered to the younger woman.

Polly lowered herself onto him, her strong golden thighs gripped around him. He started reaching for her mounds and she plunged her pussy down onto his thick cock. He groaned and his hands failed to make it to her tits as his body spasmed into her. Her hips rotated and she controlled his thick cock in her tight velvet pussy. Her muscles gripped him, milked him. She leant over the big man and hovered her huge tits in his face whilst she whispered:

"Am I the best you've ever had?"

"Uhh" he groaned and his hips lifted her a foot into the air. She smiled.

"You can fuck my tits next time on one condition."


"You promise, big boy?"

"Anything to be inside you, fuck how do you ... thh ...at. Fuck and you are married?"

"Mrs Polly Urquhart, my husband is downstairs. My one condition, every last penny is invested with Lucy, you become her premier client."

"Why, she may ruin me, I'll pay you, please."

"That is my condition, do we have a deal? She pressed her huge firm tits into his face and smiled at Lucy. Polly's cunt gripped tight at his huge root and held him on the edge of orgasm.

"Fuck, Jesus, ok, ok, I need you."

Polly slid her pussy lips up his cock and plunged down on him feeling him release his thick pungent load into her. "Oh God yes give me it big boy" as he emptied himself into her. Spurt after spurt of cum she milked out of his thick out. "Just the deep screw I needed tonight but you didn't last long, milord."

When he had finally recovered his breath he whispered:

"Why, why that. You could have asked for anything, is she your secret daughter?"

Polly laughed. "Perhaps the daughter I should have had, she certainly is a sexy slut and has more in common with me than my daughter. No, I asked for it because she couldn't get it from you but I knew I could." Polly smiled in triumph at Lucy.

"You certainly are a bitch Mrs Urquhart," said Lucy. "What is to stop me telling your husband."

"Well Lucy darling, I just got you your biggest client and there are plenty more big dicked clients for you in London. Your legs, my tits - fancy bringing the tough nuts back here, I'll crack 'em for you" Polly smiled. Lucy just nodded as she stared at Polly's mesmerising cleavage.

"I think some people think I am a bitch but my husband loves me," Mrs Urquhart said innocently. Speaking of which...". She reached for her t-shirt.

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