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A virgin is deflowered: her mother sold her virginity to settle family debts

A few friends and I recently had a dinner gathering to catch up on what was happening in each of our lives. One of my friends talked about the frequent visits that he was making to a neighboring country. He told us that he had a liking for sweet young things and these were readily available over there. He went on to say that even virgins were available if one was so inclined. What he said caught my attention and I mentally filed away that information.

With a long weekend coming up, I decided to hop over to our neighboring country to find out for myself whether my friend had been exaggerating at our dinner gathering. I booked a bus ticket for Friday evening and bought a basic conversation book to help myself communicate. I worked really hard and by the end of the week I felt that I would be able to make myself understood even if only at a very rudimentary level. Still something was definitely better than nothing. That Friday, after work I went to the bus- terminus. The journey started around 8pm and after an over-night trip, the bus pulled into the bus-terminus of our nearest town to the neighboring country to which I was headed.

After a brief clean-up at the bus-terminus, I went to a nearby food-centre for my breakfast. A fellow passenger came and asked to share the table at which I was seated. During our breakfast, we struck up a conversation and I found that he was headed for the same neighboring country. Apparently he was a regular visitor and I decided to ask him about the availability of virgins and how one went about getting one. Smiling, he told me "You certainly are headed for the right country." He added "Whether you can get a virgin really depends on timing." When he found that I was going to spend the weekend there, he told me to cross my fingers and hope that luck was on my side. He added "If you spend a week or so there, getting a virgin will be certainly that much more probable." He went on to tell me to check into a specific hotel and added that the hotel boys there were very helpful in trying to meet the desires of hotel guests. "Just remember to give the hotel boy a generous tip for his help" he added.

After breakfast, we went to a nearby taxi-stand. Here, I found that there were pick-up taxis which passengers could share. When a full complement of 4 passengers got into a taxi, it would take off to the immigration office at the border of the country. Soon we arrived. Following my fellow passenger, I completed the exit procedures from my country. We then walked across a short bridge and approached the immigration office of our neighboring country. There, I again followed the example of my fellow passenger and paid a dollar for my entry forms to be filled and processed. After a short while, everything was done and we were free to proceed on our way.

Walking out from the immigration office, I noticed waiting vans. My fellow-passenger told me to look for the van with my hotel's name painted on its sides. He added "The van will bring you to the hotel and you do not even have to pay for the journey." We parted company then as we were heading for different places. As I was looking for my van, I heard my fellow passenger calling me. "Thought that you might want to know that over there the legal age for girls to have sex is 18." he told me. "Tell the hotel boy to look for a virgin who is at least 18 years old if you do not want any legal complications" he added. I thanked him for his advice and we parted company again.

When I found the van that I was told to look out for, I got onboard and soon arrived at the hotel. Checking-in was a breeze and soon a hotel boy turned up to show me the way to my room. Carrying my traveling bag, the hotel-boy opened the door and switched on the lights and the air-conditioner. After placing my bag onto the table, and while I was giving him a small tip, he smiled and asked whether I wanted a girl. He hastened to add that the girls were not only pretty but young. Waving him to a chair I told him that I wanted a girl but she had to be a virgin. "Cannot guarantee got or not, but I can help to find" he responded. As he was about to leave my room I added, "I don't want any problems; so make sure she is at least 18. And I will give you a good tip if you can help me." "I will my best and will come back in about 30 minutes to let you know" he answered.

About 40 minutes later I heard a couple of knocks on my door. When I opened my door, the hotel boy was there and he had with him a pretty young girl and an old woman. "I found this girl for you." the hotel boy told me. As I was looking wonderingly at the older woman, he hastened to explain "This is her mother. The girl is fearful and wanted her mother to come with her." They entered my room and I signaled them to be seated. I had a good look at the girl and was most pleased by what I saw. She was certainly pretty, fair, young and definitely shy. I found out that the mother wanted $300. The old woman started speaking and the hotel-boy translated, "She says that she is actually most reluctant to sell her daughter's virginity but urgent financial debts allowed her no other choice." As I liked what I saw and the amount of money that her mother wanted was reasonable, I decided to proceed.

"Can I check her virginity?" I asked the hotel boy. He spoke to the mother and the girl, who blushed , in their own lingo and then answered "That is not a problem. And if you decide you want her, you only need to pay half first and the other half after you have fully satisfied yourself about her virginity." To me that was more than fair and I told the hotel boy that I wanted to check the girl. "Her mother and I will wait outside" he replied. As they got up to leave, I saw the mother patting the girl's hair and saying something to her. When I looked at him, the hotel boy told me that the mother had told the girl not to be afraid and to let me do what I wanted to do.

After closing the door, I signaled the girl to go to the bed. Shyly, she complied and stood by its side. I signaled her to sit down. When I went near, I could see her visibly trembling. Tousling her hair, I signaled her not to be afraid. Putting my hands onto her shoulders I indicated that I wanted her to lie down. This she did. Her bottom was on the edge and her legs were dangling over the side of the bed. I again tousled her hair to get her more relaxed and then started to remove her jeans. There was a bit of resistance but she soon calmed down and let me proceed. The moment her jeans were off, she covered her crotch with both her hands. Gently, I placed her hands across her chest and started to remove her panties. There was again a bit of resistance but soon I got her panties off. Again her hands moved and covered her crotch. Her chest was rapidly heaving and I could see the fright in her eyes.

I knew she needed soothing and proceeded to gently rub her stomach and tousling her hair at the same time. Slowly but visibly she started to calm down. Moving her hands away another time, I used my hands to push her legs apart. There was some resistance but soon I had her the way I wanted. When I used my fingers to spread her labia, she started to visibly tremble and started to whimper. Again I soothed her. When I finally had her labia stretched I found myself looking at a hymen that certainly had never been touched before. Rubbing her stomach, I signaled that I had finished. She got up and started to pick up her panties and her jeans. I signaled her to stop and indicated that she could wrap herself with a towel instead.

Signaling her to wait, I went out from my room. I found the hotel boy and her mother waiting at a nearby staircase landing. Smiling, I raised my thumb to indicate that everything was alright. I then proceeded to hand the agreed amount to her mother. As I started back towards my room, I heard some conversation between the mother and the hotel boy. He translated "She wants to talk to her daughter." Nodding my agreement, we went back to my room. The girl was seated exactly where I had left her a short while ago. The old woman went to her and started to pat her hair and gently rubbed her shoulders. As her mother spoke to her, the girl repeatedly nodded. Then she started to speak to me. The hotel boy quickly translated "She says this is the first time that her daughter is going to be with a man and asked you to be gentle and not to hurt her. She also says that if not for her financial debts, she would never want her daughter to lose her purity in this way" I nodded. After giving her daughter a final kiss on her forehead, the mother turned and started to leave the room with the hotel boy. Handing a generous tip to the hotel boy, I closed the door of my room.

The girl was still sitting where I had left her. Giving her an encouraging smile, I signaled her to join me at the bed. I saw the look of fright on her face as she started to get up and come towards me. Deciding to try to talk to her, I tried using her lingo and told her "Don't be afraid; come and sit with me. I just want to talk to you first." As she showed no response, I guessed she did not understand what I was trying to say to her. Using my hands to apply gentle pressure onto her shoulders I got her to sit near me on the bed. I repeated what I had said earlier and was most pleased this time round to see her nodding when I asked whether she understood what I had told her. As I tried my best to talk to her, I learned that: her parents were rice farmers up north; she had an elder brother; she was the elder of 2 daughters and had just turned 18 a couple of months back. When I asked her whether she knew what I wanted to do with her, she bashfully nodded her head.

Tousling her hair, I told her "First time may be painful and there may even be some bleeding." The look of fright returned to her face. To calm her, I gently rubbed her stomach and told her "It will be painful only for a little while. Relax and the pain will not be that bad." Seeing that her trembling had reduced to some extent, I asked "Are you ready?" When she shyly nodded, I signaled her to get up. I did the same. Turning her, I started to lift her T-shirt. Soon I had her T-shirt removed and she stood in front of me in her bra and the towel that she had earlier wrapped around her hips. In a flash I unhooked her bra. Tousling her hair with my left hand, I dropped the bra off her shoulders and there she was standing in front of me with only the towel still in the way. As she started to tremble again, I patted her head and rubbed her stomach to calm her down.

Applying gentle pressure on her shoulders I signaled her to lie on the bed in the same way as she had earlier done. Hesitantly she complied. With her lying on the bed, I overcame her resistance and started fondling her firm young breasts and gently squeezing her nipples for the next few minutes. As it appeared that my attempt to arouse her was not quite succeeding because of her fear, I decided it was time to carry on with her defloration instead. Tucking my hands under her body, I signaled her to lift her bottom and quickly slipped a towel under it. With her passively lying in front of me, I started removing my T-shirt, my shorts and finally my briefs. She gasped when she caught sight of my rigid throbbing penis and quickly covered her eyes with her hands.

There was some resistance when I started to open the wrapped towel but soon I had her lying naked in front of me. As her chest was heaving and she was visibly trembling, I spent some time to calm her down again. With some prompting and assistance on my part, and applying some pressure to her thighs I got her to spread her legs apart. With her vulva exposed, she rushed to cover it with her hands. There, right in front of me laid that sweet young innocent virgin all prepped for me to deflower. Man, that's life!

I positioned myself between her out-spread legs with my rigid throbbing penis just inches away from her vulva. There was a bit of resistance from her when I pushed her hands away from her vulva. Using my left hand I proceeded to spread her labia and guided the head of my throbbing penis to the entrance of her vagina.

Upon contact she shivered visibly and started whimpering. The fright in her eyes was all so evident. Patiently, I waited with the head of my penis just nuzzling the entrance of her vagina. When I applied some pressure, she started wincing and biting her lower lip. As I continued to apply pressure, she started squirming, groaned and then used her hands to try to push me away. I felt the resistance of her hymen and knowing that it would be kinder to give her the coup de grace, I eased the pressure slightly and then suddenly pushed forward with force. She screamed and grimaced with pain as my penis ripped her hymen and forced its way into her vagina.

Tears welled in her eyes and started rolling down her cheeks. I muffled her sobs with my hand and waited for a while to let her distended vagina get used to my penis. Pulling back a bit, I started to fuck her as gently as I could. She sobbed and moaned as I continued my thrusting. With her tight vagina gripping my plunging penis, I was rapidly rushing towards orgasm. Despite wanting to be gentle with her, I started to fuck her in earnest and was soon groaning with fulfillment as I ejaculated deep into her. With my penis still fully inserted in her vagina and lightly resting on her body, I soothed and comforted her as my pounding heart started to return to its normal beat. When I finally pulled out my penis, blood-stained semen started to ooze from her vagina.

Using the towel, I gently cleaned her vulva and at the same time asked her whether she was still in pain. With pain-filled eyes, she nodded. I told her that the pain would soon go away and pulling her to her feet, I got her to go to the bathroom to clean herself. While she was in the toilet, I looked for a watch that I had brought with me and also got some money out of my wallet. When she came out, I got her to sit with me on the bed. This was when she saw the semen and blood stained towel and her eyes glistened with some tears of regret.

Patting her head, I told her that I had enjoyed deflowering her and thanked her for giving her virginity to me. Then I took her hand and strapped on the watch that I was giving to her. While she was looking at the watch, I placed the folded money into her other hand. As she looked wonderingly at me, I told her that she could use the money to buy some new clothes for herself. As she looked bushed, I told her to lie down and take a rest. Within minutes she was asleep. Stretching out by her side, I too soon fell asleep.

A couple of hours later, I awoke and found that my cock was again rigid and throbbing. I looked at her and found that she was still asleep. As I was again feeling horny, I started to fondle her breasts again. She mumbled in her sleep and tried to block my hand. When I persisted, she jerked awake and looked at me with fright clearly showing in her eyes. Squeezing her nipple and rubbing her stomach at the same time, I soothed her and told her that I needed to fuck her one more time. She groaned and told me that she was still in pain. Smiling at her, I asked her to be a good girl and let me have her another time. With some reluctance, she gave in. Placing my hands under her hips, I got her to lift her bottom so that I could slip in a towel. As she was still using a towel to wrap herself, it was very easy to get her naked. She was still rather shy and covered her breasts with one arm while her other hand covered her crotch.

Moving her arm from her breasts, I again started to fondle them. Then I gently pinched her areolas and squeezed her nipples for quite some time. This time round, there was some response from her as her nipples slightly hardened. Using my right hand, I shifted her hand from her crotch and managed to slip my fore-finger onto her clitoris. She shivered but did not stop me from gently rubbing it. After a while, she started moaning and I could feel some fluttering in her vulva. As this was only her second sexual experience, I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see some signs of arousal on her part.

When I removed my towel and my rigid throbbing penis sprang into view, I could again see the anxiety in her eyes. Rubbing her stomach and telling her to relax, I managed to calm her down. It was really time to fuck again but I thought it would be fun if she was on top. When I pulled her up into a sitting position, she appeared puzzled. This continued when I laid myself down on the bed. With my hands exerting pressure on her hips, I managed to get her to understand that I wanted her to lift herself and straddle over my hips. Hesitantly she did as I prompted. When she was properly positioned, I got the head of my penis lodged against the entrance of her vagina. Again her eyes looked fearful.

Soothing her and applying pressure onto her hips, I got her to push downwards. Her vagina was as tight as ever but entry this time round was certainly easier. As my penis penetrated her to the hilt, she winced and moaned. After giving her a short while to adjust herself to my penis, I managed to get her to understand that she was to do the fucking. Placing her hands against my shoulders, she started gently to raise and lower herself. After a few minutes of gentle fucking, she started to fuck faster. The firm grip that her tight vagina was exerting on my penis drove me rapidly towards orgasm again. As my excitement crested, I vigorously started to thrust my penis upwards. She moaned, I guessed both in pain as well as pleasure. I could feel the pulsating grip that her vagina was exerting on my penis and started to thrust in and out ever more rapidly.

I wanted to be gentle with her but my penis had a mind of its own. As orgasm approached, I was fucking her back more and more rapidly. I groaned as orgasmic spasms caused me to ejaculate deep into her. To my surprise, I felt her vagina squeezing my penis ever so tightly followed by a gush of wetness. She groaned but it did not sound as if it was from pain. She collapsed onto my body and as her breathing slowed back towards normal, I kissed her eyes open and was happy to see a glimmer of satisfaction appearing in her eyes. I guess I managed to give the girl her first orgasm and felt really happy for her. When she lifted her body to allow the withdrawal of my penis, sperm again oozed from her vagina. This time it was only lightly stained with blood. I kissed her on her forehead and asked whether it was still painful. Shyly, she nodded. Patting her shoulders, I got her up again to wash herself yet another time.

Although I wanted to keep her with me for yet another fuck later, I knew that it would be cruelty on my part as the girl had just been painfully deflowered. And as I was feeling rather satiated, I decided to release her back to her mother. Giving a telephone call to the hotel-boy, I asked him to come up with her mother. When the girl came out from the toilet I got her to dress. I patted her shoulders and giving her a kiss on her forehead, I told her that she could return to her mother and signaled her to leave the room with me. We soon met up with her mother and the hotel-boy at the elevator landing. Running to her mother, they clutched at one another in tight embrace and were soon sobbing together. Patting her daughter's head, she comforted her as best as she could. When the sobbing reduced, I moved forward and tucked the balance of the money into the mother's hands. The hotel-boy gave me a broad grin and asked whether the girl was to my complete satisfaction. I responded with a thumb-up. Slipping him another tip, I asked him to bring the girl and her mother back. Patting the girl on her shoulders, I said my goodbyes and soon they were on their way.

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