tagLoving WivesMerry Christmas Bobby

Merry Christmas Bobby

byJust Plain Bob©

The holidays suck man; they suck big time. Everything bad that has ever happened to me has happened during the period that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Years.

It started when I was fourteen. The family was going to Hawaii the week after Thanksgiving for a two-week stay. God, but was I ever up for it. Two weeks on sunny beaches that would be wall to wall with gorgeous babes in bikinis. A true masturbator's paradise, except that I didn't go. Two days before we were scheduled to leave I slipped on a patch of ice, fell down two flights of stairs and ended up with my right leg broken in two places. The hotel and the airline tickets were prepaid and non-refundable so I was parked with my Aunt Louise and Uncle George while the rest of the family went off to have fun.

When I was fifteen my appendix burst three days before Christmas and I spent a week in the hospital. When I was sixteen I spent Christmas in the hospital again. That time it was because my tonsils had become inflamed and they had to be removed. The year I was seventeen I got to make another trip to the hospital where I was by now on a first name basis with the admitting clerk. My older sister who had recently married had the family over for Thanksgiving dinner. They said it was the turkey, but whatever it was it had the entire family in the emergency room having their stomach's pumped.

That brings me to this year. I'm eighteen and Christmas is in five days and I am again in the hospital, this time with both legs broken and in traction. I was walking home from the library when a lady driving down the street hit a deep pothole, lost control of her car which veered up over the curb and onto the sidewalk and nailed me. God, but I do so fucking hate the god damned holiday season.


I was resting when she came into the room and it was several minutes before I even realized she was there. She stood there nervously clutching her purse and looking at me and it was obvious to me that she wanted to say something but was having trouble getting it out. She glanced over at the guy in the bed next to me and then back at me and then she moved forward three or four steps and then just stood there, eyes flickering back and forth between my roommate and me. I was starting to think that she was in the wrong room when she steeled herself, stepped to my bedside, gave me a nervous smile and said:

"Bobby, I'm Laura, Laura Ronny." She hesitantly stuck out her hand as she said, "I'm...I'm the one who hit you."

I was just a bit groggy from medication, but I managed to take her hand and shake it.

"I'm so sorry. It happened so fast; one second I was driving along and then suddenly the car lurched to the right and jumped the curb. I had my foot on the brake and I was pushing down on it as hard as I could, but the car wouldn't stop, I'm just so sorry."

I didn't know what I was supposed to say so I just lay there and looked at her. She stood there shifting back and forth on her feet, either waiting for me to say something or trying to think of something else to say and then she handed me a piece of paper:

"It's my phone number. If you need anything, anything at all, just give me a call, please? I have to go now, my husband is waiting for me downstairs, but I'll be back. I'm sorry Bobby, I didn't mean to hurt you."

As she turned to leave I saw a tear roll down her cheek and as she walked to the door I couldn't help but notice that she had a marvelous ass. Brad, the guy in the next bed gave out a low whistle and said:

"Play your cards right kid and I'll bet you could get yourself a taste of that."

Yeah, right, I thought as I nodded off to sleep.


Over the next several days Laura came by everyday during visiting hours. She brought me candy; magazines to read and she even gave me an IPOD loaded with hip-hop music. I didn't have the heart to tell her I hated that shit so I just smiled and thanked her. She asked me if I was tired of hospital food and when I said yes she started bringing me take out from Burger King, McDonald's and Pizza Hut. She did everything she could think of to try and show me how sorry she was that she had put me in the hospital.

Every time she left Brad would say something like, "She feels guilty as hell kid, best you take advantage of it. A couple of moves on your part and she'll give it up. She'll feel that she owes you."

I didn't pay much attention to him, not that I wouldn't have loved to be able to do what he said, but she was a thirty-eight year old mother of three with a husband and I was an eighteen year old boy. But I did think of her a lot. She was one hot looking woman and I loved watching the way her ass moved every time she walked out of the room.

Laura was about five feet, five inches tall, maybe one hundred-thirty pounds and in addition to that great ass she had a marvelous pair of tits. The only thing about her that I didn't like was that she had short hair; I just don't like short hair on girls, but Laura did give me a woodie every time she walked into the room. I know she knew it because she couldn't help but notice the way my sheet tented up when she visited. She wasn't the only one who noticed. Mabel, the afternoon shift nurse noticed it too. She thought it was funny. Mabel always seemed to come into the room just after Laura would leave and the tent would still be there because I would have just finished watching Laura's ass as she walked out. Mabel would giggle and say something like:

"Too bad I'm a health care professional Bobby, or I'd take care of that for you. We have some young girl candy stripers coming in on the weekend, maybe I can get one of them to give you a hand."

I'd get all embarrassed and my hard on would wilt. On Christmas Eve Mabel said, "If you can talk her into taking care of your problem Bobby, just tell her to close the door and I'll see to it you are not disturbed" and when I blushed she laughed.


It was Christmas day and my family had come and gone, Brad had been discharged and I was alone. I was surprised when Laura walked in, I thought that she would be busy with her own family. I hadn't expected to see her and I told her so.

"I put you here Bobby, I ruined your Christmas so the least I can do is visit. Actually, I had to come so I could give you your Christmas present."

She hadn't been carrying anything except her purse when she came in so I said, "What present?"

She smiled, got up and went over to the door, closed it and then walked back to the bed. "It is a very special gift Bobby" and she pulled the sheet down and exposed the pole that had been making it a tent. She looked into my eyes as her right hand wrapped around my hard cock and slowly began to stroke it.

"I hope you like blow jobs Bobby" and then she bent at the waist and took my cock into her mouth. One hand fondled my nuts and the other gripped the base of my cock as she took me as far into her mouth as she could. She moved her head slowly up and down a couple of times and then she took her mouth off me and asked:

"Do you like it Bobby? Do you like my mouth on your hard cock?"

"Oh God yes" I moaned and she smiled and said, "Good."

She stuck her tongue out and circled the head of my cock with it and then licked the bottom of my cock all the way down to my ball sack. She sucked on my balls for a bit and then she moved her tongue along the upper side of my cock until she got back to the cock head.

"You taste good Bobby and I like nice tasting cock. You want me to keep on?"

"Oh God yes please."

Her mouth swallowed me again. Her head started bobbing up and down and while one hand caressed my balls I felt her move the other one under me. A finger slid along the crack of my ass and I felt it touch my butt hole. The fingertip teased my hole as her head began moving faster. I felt the explosion coming and I moaned:

"Oh Jesus, oh fuck, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum" and Laura shoved her finger in my ass.

I arched up off the bed and drove my cock as deep into Laura's mouth as it would go just as I erupted like a volcano. My cock pushed out spurt after spurt and Laura gulped and swallowed until my cock started to soften. She held it in her hand and licked it clean before letting it go and then she said:

"Merry Christmas Bobby. Same time tomorrow?"

I didn't trust myself to speak so I just nodded my head "yes" and she smiled and said, "Good." She leaned over me and gave me a light kiss on the lips and then she turned to go. Just as she reached the door she turned and said:

"I've seen the way you look at my ass Bobby. Would you like to fuck me?"

Again I didn't trust my self to speak, but she must have gotten her answer form the look on my face because she gave me a dazzling smile and said:

"I thought so. Hurry up and mend Bobby."

She blew me a kiss and left.

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Please, run me over

But, with my luck her name would be Laura Gertrude Perdition and be a card-carrying member of the Women's Anti-Everything League

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