tagBDSMMessy Ch. 23

Messy Ch. 23


Author's note:

Thank you for reading, rating, favoriting, commenting, and sending feedback as these chapters have been posted. I appreciate it all.

The final chapter of Messy contains only one sex scene. If that's what you've been reading for, you can stop reading after it occurs in the first half.

The second half contains descriptions of injury. I tried to write it as distantly and clinically as possible, keeping the language similar to other scenes I have read on this site. If you are offended or bothered, please stop reading after the sex scene.


"Dammit girl, pick up..."

I paced by the metal barrier at the edge of The Curve. My jeep's headlights cut a cone in the darkness ahead of it, but all around me was dark, the tips of the trees just barely kissed by the moon. I'd stopped here to Skype Jessie, to say goodbye, to tell her I would get to see her again soon. To see her one last time in case the worst happened this week.

The screen went black and then a fuzzy, barely lit picture of Jessie appeared, staring up into her camera from where she lay in bed. "Gary?" she coughed. "Is everything ok? Its four in the morning."

I smiled at the vampiric beauty looking at me, and wished...I wished that life was different. That I was different. I wished I could be with her. Wished I'd never met her. Wished I didn't want to be laying next to her... Because as strong as that aching need was, my place was here, with Tori. That knowledge and need was stronger. Infinitely stronger.

"No, it's not ok..." I told her.

And when I was done, she just stared at the phone camera, speechless. "Are YOU ok?" I asked.

She shook her head. "I...I'm worried about you. I can't believe this is happening."

"Me either. But I'll be fine. Gonna stay at my cabin for a week, and then the weekend after that, I come to Milwaukee again. How does that sound?"

Jessie gave me a sad smile. "I'd like that."

"Same here. Go back to bed now. I'll Skype you next week when this is over, ok?"

"Good. Stay safe, Gary."

"I will," I said, and it felt like a lie. I couldn't promise that at all.

"Goodnight," I whispered, and hung up.

Then I dialed Sienna. The phone rang and rang, and rather than leave her yet another message asking her to confirm that she was driving out of state, I killed the call.

Dammit, my heart hurt.

I got back into the jeep and looked over at Tori, sitting in the passenger seat with her rifle between her knees. "Its just you and me now, neighbor."

She chuckled and I started the jeep up again and resumed driving.

Just like it's always been.

The cabin was dark when we arrived, and we approached with headlights off, crept around it with guns low and ready, checking for signs of disturbance. None, and I pulled the jeep into the garage, unlocked the door, and stalked through the empty house making sure all the shades were pulled before starting to turn on the lights. I definitely wanted the house to look deserted from the outside.

Bags slung into the bedroom, and I stalked back out into the kitchen, went straight to the liquor cabinet, and after a moments consideration, poured myself three fingers of Chopin. I sipped at the harsh liquid and resisted the urge to down the glass and pour another.

"You sure that's a good idea?" Tori asked. She was making a sandwich by the sink, and I joined her, made myself a ham and cheese.

"Maybe not. Right now though, I'll try anything I think might help."

She nodded and chewed. "Maybe that's why you shouldn't."

I rolled my eyes. "Ok, mom."

She elbowed me and giggled, and a little bit of tension chipped off the massive iceberg in the room.

I took the first shift of watch, sitting on the couch with a rifle on my knees or pacing through the house while Tori tried to sleep. Dawn came as I waited for my death to come, light breaking through the shades as I sat, the house starting to glow with morning sun as I walked.

I could SEE us all there. In the rooms, around the table, peeking out through the deck door blinds I could vividly imagine the grass covered with snow and the three of us making tracks in it.

It didn't matter what three of us I imagined - it was always me and Tori, and a third. Nina or Sienna, the memories hurt just as much. Nina was dead and Sienna was dead to me, and even if I had a time machine I couldn't fix either of those events. I was a victim, reacting instead of acting, and all of my actions were predetermined by the man I was. I couldn't do anything different, even if I had wanted to.

I couldn't keep Nina alive. I couldn't keep Sienna safe and not hurt her. All I could do was walk the lonely rooms for a week and wait for a sign that someone was either going to try to kill me, or it was safe to return home.

And try to ignore the memories crowding this space.

I slept fitfully that morning while Tori stood watch, and I couldn't help but stare at the ceiling and wish I could take the similar pain and burden that she felt and carry it on my shoulders. Sleep came late and was interrupted often by the creak of the floors settling under Tori's feet, the flush of the toilet, the opening of the refrigerator door. To my stressed mind, all were signs of impending death, and my ears involuntarily strained to hear each one.

We shared a meal that afternoon and evening, and rather than read or watch TV, Tori went to bed early, resting up for standing watch that night. Or rather, she tried to.

I was chewing through the concrete of Aurelius's Meditations when she walked into the living room looking mad as hell. I looked up from the book and looked her over. She was wearing a t-shirt and panties, and despite not seeing her undressed for half a year, I could easily notice the change in her body from the last time. She'd definitely put on weight and lost muscle tone. She'd gone from a lean jaguar of sex and violence to...looking like she'd spent half a year laying on her couch and getting drunk.

"You ok?" I asked. "Everything alright?"

Tori continued to stand there, staring at some point over my head, looking like she wanted to stab something. Her fists clenched and unclenched by her sides, and then she forced herself to look at me, the tilting of her head seemingly taking a great effort. "Hold me?"

I did.

I tugged at one wrist and she practically collapsed onto me, and I shifted her around to sit across my lap, head cradled against one bicep. We sat like that for a long time, and I reveled in the warmth and solidity and smell of her, so familiar, so comforting, so uniquely TORI that it made my chest hurt. Dammit, I'd missed her.

"I'm scared too," I said finally.

Tori's lips angled upwards in a half-hearted smirk. "I'm not scared of dying. I'm scared of...failing?"

I tilted my head, gave her a quizzical look.

She thought for a long time. "I want them to come. I want them to know where this cabin is. I want them to be gearing up right now. I want them to get past the police, and I want them to try to kill us."

Her words were shocking. "But...we'd both die."

"It's worth it. My life, your life..." Her eyes welled up and she struggled to maintain her even voice. "If we have a shot at killing even a few of them, it's a good trade. Dying so they can't ever do that to another woman... I'll make that exchange, and do it happily."

"Me too?" I asked, my voice as thick as hers.

Tori's silence stretched on. "If I could've sacrificed any other life to stop what happened to me...I would've. If we can save some other girl from going through that, that's a good use of my life. And yours."

I couldn't bring myself to voice my disagreement. I knew she had to be hurting, had to be replaying her own victimization and the torture of her friends over and over in her head.

"And I want it to be over," Tori said after a long while. "We've been fucked with socially, mentally, physically, for so long...I want to hurt them. I want revenge. I just want it to stop, and I'm afraid I'm not, we're not strong enough, good enough to stop it."

I could understand. This was tiring. Grating. Wearing on the mind. I'd felt like shit for most of the year, and an irrational part of me just wanted it to stop, no matter the cost. Seeing such...resignation, such destruction of the spirit in Tori made me ache. I would've given anything to take her pain on myself.

"I just want to go back," the Latina whispered, and she squeezed her eyes shut to fight back tears.

I stroked her cheek, and she cuddled into me, pulling her legs up so I could wrap my arms completely around her and hold her tight. "It's ok," I said. "I'm right here. I've got you."

Her eyes opened, slowly, and she lifted her head to kiss me. Her lips were soft and gentle, and she relaxed even more the longer they were pressed to mine. My heart soared at the familiar sensation, the longing I'd felt for months slowly being fulfilled.

She gasped as the tips of our tongues made contact, and then pulled away as wet pressure and rising excitement grew. "No, I can't do this... I'm sorry..."

"Why not?"

Tori looked away and her face flushed. "Cuz I'm ugly."

"What the fuck? You're not ugly."

"I haven't been taking care of myself, exercising. I got fat. I quit shaving...down there. I'm just...dumpy."

"No, you're not. You're beautiful."

She snorted."Trust me, I know. I can see it."

"Tori, stand up."

She slid off my lap, stood in the middle of the room. I rose, moved in front of her. "Take off your clothes."

"No, I don't want you to see..."

"Get undressed. Now." I put steel in my voice and she stiffened but obeyed. Looking away, she undid the buttons on her shirt one by one, shrugging out of it before pushing down her panties.

The difference was noticeable. The once-muscular lines of her torso had disappeared under a layer of padding, her hips were wider, and there was noticeable flab above them. Her arms had lost muscle definition like her torso and legs, and her once-firm breasts and butt had a bit more sag to them than I remembered. Between her legs was a thick bush of wiry black hair, something I'd never seen on her in the four years we'd been best friends with benefits.

"See? I told you." Tori wouldn't meet my eyes as she spoke. I stepped closer, drew her to me with a hand on the back of her neck and the other on her hip. "You're beautiful," I said, and I meant every syllable. I'd never desired anyone more, not Jessie, Sienna, Hazel, anyone.

This time, Tori didn't pull away when I kissed her. Instead she pressed herself to me, her mouth moving against mine frantically, hands roaming up and down my back. We separated, and I held her back at arm's length, tried to show her the hunger in my body as I looked her up and down. "Go lay down on the edge of the bed," I commanded.




I retrieved the supplies I wanted from the bathroom, entered the bedroom to find she'd obeyed me, butt at the edge of the bed, feet hanging off to the floor. I knelt before her and gently pushed at her ankles. "Legs up and spread." She lifted her legs and I went to work.

"What are you do - oh - you don't need to do that." She looked down her body as she felt the tug of the scissors moving through her hair, and I ignored her protestations. After the scissors came the shaving gel, and I slowly, carefully, scraped away the bristles the scissors had left behind to reveal the gorgeous, bald pussy I knew and liked so well.

Tori knew to hold still, but I still had to stop occasionally as she shifted her butt on the bed, particularly when the razor moved across extremely sensitive bits, like pulling across her labia or sliding up the crack of her ass. She moaned quietly as the blades slid across her skin, and those sounds felt like coming home.

I used a warm, damp rag to wipe her down once I'd finished shaving. "Almost done."

The Latina propped herself up on her elbow to look down at me. "As unnecessary as that was, I think you're finished already."

"Uh-uh. Still need to check and see if I got everything." I pulled her ass closer to the edge of the bed, draped her legs over my shoulders, and gave the inside of one leg an experimental lick. "Seems good. Gotta check the rest."

"Gary, sto - oh fuck, please, stop..." Tori moaned as I began eating and settled back onto the bed, hands on her face as I continued.

I put all of my years of experience, all of my lust, all of my pent up emotion and desire for her over the past six months into eating Tori out. I licked and kissed around her sex, driving her wild with anticipation before beginning the main activity. I teased at her dripping wet vaginal opening with my tongue, nibbled gently at her delicate labia, licked up and down from her engorged pussy lips to her puckered backdoor over and over, stopping to probe each sensitive sensitive hole. Finally, I kissed my way up to her clitoris, flicking it quickly my tongue, then pressed my lips to it in a powerful kiss while my fingers sought out the spongy ridges of her g-spot.

Tori's shrieks ramped up and up and up as my oral attack continued, and I finally let her rest after the humping of her pelvis subsided into uncoordinated twitching in time with the squishy clenches of her channel around my fingers. I rose, stood looking down at my neighbor as she convulsed, grunting quietly as the waves of pleasure slowly rolled out.

She blinked, looked up at me, smiling like a well-fed cat. "That is how beautiful I think you are," I told her.

Unsteadily, shakily, she rose to her knees, reaching up to pull me into a hesitant kiss while her small hand sought my thickening dick in my pants. She pumped slowly, desire and pure joy filling me as blood filled my shaft. I'd needed her. For a long time I'd been aching for her touch, for the way we knew each other's bodies so intimately, so perfectly.

I'd been aching for HER.

Her lips left mine and she tugged my shirt up over my head, threw it on the floor then went to work on my pants. I hopped around as I untied my shoes, kicked my pants off, and practically tackled her back into the bed. We made out like horny teenagers for a long while, reveling in bodies pressed together, the drag of hot skin on skin, and roaming hands.

"Dammit, I needed you," I breathed.

Tori rolled her eyes and pulled me down for an even harder kiss.

I rolled us over, pushed her up to sitting, looked over her body hungrily as she ground her wet lips back and forth on my rod.

"We can't have sex," Tori whimpered. "I'm sorry."


"I quit taking my pills...I haven't slept with anyone six months, why bother?"

I pulled her close. "I'll pull out, if you want me inside you. Otherwise, I'm sure we have some condoms around here."

"You're sure?"

I reached around her thigh and positioned the head of my erection at the entrance to her pussy. "Shouldn't I be?"

Tori winced and groaned as she pushed back on me. "Fuck, I'm so tight right now..."

Sliding into her felt like coming home. It was a comfortable, amazing intimacy, a perfect knowledge of her body that was still heart-stoppingly exciting years later. The grip of her, her heat and wetness nearly set me off, but I hung on as she began moving, pushing back, rolling her hips, bouncing up and down.

I slipped out when she rolled her ass too far forward and she laughed shyly. "I'm a little rusty, sorry."

"I'm not." I pulled her close and rolled us over again, sitting up between her spread legs and pulling one ankle to my shoulder. I notched my dick in between her lower lips and pushed, once more feeling that slippery stretch. I began thrusting, and Tori's cries of pleasure were just as musical to my ears as I remembered them. I pulled her other leg to my chest and bent over to kiss her roughly, folding her in half as our lips moved together. Her kisses were wild, and she started thrusting her hips against mine as much as the position would allow, fucking back at me in pursuit of her own climax.

It came quickly, a wetness and a hard clench around my member. Its release brought a scream to her lips, and then she shuddered through the convulsions, bucking against me as pleasure swept through her body. I held still and savored the feeling of my friend's climax around me.

She lay back, tired out, and let her feet fall from my shoulders to splay open on the bed. Her contented sigh was followed by a smile. "That felt good."

"I know."

I pulled out and manhandled her over, pulled her up to her knees and pushed her torso to the bed, entered her and went deep in one smooth stroke. My hand across her upturned ass made a loud cracking sound and then I was just pounding away, enjoying her body, enjoying the sounds she made, enjoying the familiar feeling of manhandling, being rough with, using, dominating Tori, and her submitting to me. I pushed down on the back of her head with one hand pressing her face into the mattress, grabbed one wrist and twisted it behind her back, giving her a little bit of the pain and helplessness she enjoyed with her sex.

The brunette tried to muscle back up but failed against my strength, dropping back to the sheets to whimper helplessly as I fucked her. I could sense from the tossing of her hair, the shifting of her body, the sounds she was making that another orgasm was approaching, and I picked up my pace, pistoning furiously in and out of her slick box, hips slapping loudly against her upturned ass. "Cum for me, Tori. I know you need to..."

I hadn't been wrong - she shrieked loudly and surrendered to the climax, twitching where I held her down instead of trying to thrash me off as she might've done in the past. My brain was so taken with the enjoyment of the moment, the single-minded mission and NEED to fuck her into unthinking, orgasmic submission that I almost missed my own release - cumming in Tori was instinctive, habitual. My brain wasn't TOO far gone though, and I caught myself, pulling out of her wet, contracting channel, and releasing her from my hold just long enough for her to turn over before manhandling her into place again beneath me. I jacked my rod once, twice, and then I was exploding, shooting ropes of pearly cream all over her golden brown tits and neck.

Tori whined and managed to tilt her head down to catch one blast in the corner of her mouth. Pressure dropped off to a couple drops falling to her heaving chest, and I gripped her hair, pulling her to a kiss as we both rode the final waves of pleasure.

Dammit kissing her felt like home.

Tori pulled away and practically tackled me to the bed, catching me by surprise before inhaling my blazingly-sensitive prick, tongue sliding all around it, sucking powerfully, the stimulation never letting the bloodflow flag and ebb, keeping me erect as she carefully, deliberately cleaned me of any remaining jizz. I could've sworn I heard a sad little moan as she suckled on me, and then she raised her head, messy black mane hanging in her face, one hand still jerking me upright.

"That felt so good..." she said piteously.

Happy aggression roared to life again in my chest, and it was my turn to tackle, pushing her back into the sheets. Tori smiled and arranged herself beneath me, legs coming up to encircle my flanks, arms stretching above her head to offer me her wrists, head arching back into the sheets and eyes going wide as I filled her a second time.

I pinned her hands above her head, and my eyes lit up at the sight of her exposed, arched neck, and it took precarious elbow-balancing, but I closed my other hand around her throat as I pushed and pulled at our joining.

It was a very tender, very intimate coupling, my movements above and within her completely at odds with the fact that I was holding her down and strangling her half the time. I moved slowly, dragging out then pushing forward to fill her deeply, cutting off any exclamations or sounds of pleasure with a squeeze to her neck, only ceasing my thrusts when I let her breathe. I choked her through her orgasms, only then raising my head from kissing her neck and chest or nibbling and biting on her achingly hard nipples to watch her cum violently, her face going red and her mouth working as she struggled to scream, to breathe.

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