Mia Mine


It was just another ferry ride home, a rainy, cold winter late afternoon in the Pacific Northwest. I live in a small town that is about an hour ferry ride from Seattle. I moved there after a nasty divorce that left me with very little to spend on a house. The prices were more affordable there, and the extended commute actually became quite enjoyable. I got myself set up with a little tablet and could spend the time however I wanted on the internet or playing games that I found (for free) in the "App Store".

Taking the same ferry in the morning, and then in the afternoon, I got to "know" all the regulars and how funny it seemed that people are so predictable in what they do. So many rushed to get the same seats or in most cases the long "booth seats" so they could lay down. Some even have their "sleep kits" with blankets, pillows and even some with their Dorothy Kilgallen blindfolds (which is a clue to my age).

I find I spend a lot of time reading the works on Literotica to keep my sexual appetite interested. I was fighting a feeling to remove myself from the "dating game" after how harshly I was treated by my ex-wife and her lowdown attorney. After all, she was the one who was caught in our bed with another man, yet they turned things around so much that I just ended up giving in, so I didn't have to spend a lot of time and money in the court's system.

Anyway, back to this particular afternoon's ride. I was sitting there reading a new story from the Transsexuals & Crossdressers category. I have no experience in this lifestyle but I did notice a stirring below when I started getting some shares of TS's on my Stumbleupon account. This particular afternoon I noticed a smartly dressed, very lovely, professional looking woman as she walked into the seating section I was in. My eyes were glued to this marvelous woman and the grace in which she walked. There was purpose in her step, yet a wonderful, flowing movement of her entire body with each step. I have to say I was totally mesmerized and had to mentally slap myself to make sure I wasn't sitting there with my mouth open. My heart skipped a beat as she came to sit in the chair across from me. This really livened up my afternoon as my eyes fell almost immediately to her long, beautiful legs as she crossed them, hiking up her smart, relatively tight skirt. I must have sighed or gasped out loud, for just as my eyes had travelled up those luscious legs to the hem of her skirt, she looked up at me, smiled, straighten and pulled down her skirt. Oh well.

I got back engrossed in my story and when I had to wait for the next page to load, I noticed the woman across from me had taken out her computer as was feverishly typing away. She had quite a scowl on her face and I saw her full lips moving as she typed, as if she was telling someone off. She stopped for a moment too and looked up to see me staring at her (again).

"Looks like you have a very perturbing problem at work or something," I mustered trying to start up a conversation. She smiled and shook her head no. It's probably a good thing she hadn't said anything, for her smile was so radiant I don't think I could have heard or at least understood anything she would have said.

Reluctantly I started trying to read again, but I have to admit, the words might as well have been in Greek, for my mind was not comprehending their meaning at all. My eyes wandered again to the lovely creature across from me. She was still totally engrossed in her typing when all of a sudden she let out a huge sigh, closed the laptop lid, and looked up, saw me staring again, and smiled. I, of course, smiled back and tried the spoken word again, "You finished your harsh opus?"

She laughed softly, picked herself and her stuff up and came over to sit next to me.

"Yes, my harsh opus as you put it is done thank God!"

"It sounded like you were quite glad to have it finished, but by the look on your face as you were typing away, I am glad it wasn't for me!"

She laughed out loud at that remark and brought her hand up to me, "I like you, my name is Mia."

"Wow! I like you too, and my name is David," and with that profound retort I shook her lovely hand. Her skin felt like silk, so smooth, and with such a warmth. My hands seem to always be cold on the ferry, which was not missed my Mia as she cooed "cold hands, warm heart" with another radiant smile.

I guess I forgot we were just supposed to be shaking hands hello as Mia had to veritably force her hand away from mine. "Sorry" I said, "Your hand just felt so nice I got lost a bit."

"Well now you're found" she said still smiling. Her eyes seemed to pick up on her smile's radiance and took on a shine of their own. They were strikingly blue, so deep, I felt like I could look for miles in them.

"Will you watch my stuff for me, I have to use the ladies room" she asked.

"Of course, your stuff is safe with me" said I trying to muster a smile of my own. With that she got up, smoothed out her skirt just inches away from me. I could see how the tight skirt clung to her hips and her beautifully toned ass cheeks, and for a moment, I wanted to be that skirt. She turned and walked away to the ladies room, and I swear her grace turned a little into a sexy sway as she moved her ass with each step. I could see every guy in the seating section was also watching her walk. Her legs encased in black nylons, with alluring 3" heels. The heels accentuated her lovely calves as I could see her toned body was no stranger to a gym. I had lost all sense of where I was and what I was doing, and my tablet fell off my lap onto the floor. It seems a certain part of my body needed to tent itself right where I had laid my tablet.

I bent down to pick up my tablet and tried to as inconspicuously as possible arrange my pants and sweatshirt to cover my telltale horniness. Feeling a bit more secure with this restructuring, I sat back up and once again made a feeble attempt to read. My eyes just happened across a section of the story, where the "virgin male" was about to be fucked in his ass by the shemale he had just met. I was wondering along with him how this would feel. Funny that I should be reading about this as my mind was fantasizing about doing all sorts of things with Mia.

I could hear the men around me stirring in their seats, so I looked up to see Mia walking towards me, and as she saw me look up, gave me another of her radiant smiles.

Man was I hooked, I would have done anything for her, just to be with this beautiful woman. Her suit jacket was unbuttoned, showing her beautiful silk blouse, sort of a beige color, and I noticed the top three buttons were now undone, showing a wondrous view of her beautiful cleavage. I was never good at guessing breast size, and it really didn't seem to matter to me. I find them all to be beautiful in their own way. Anyway, her walk was even sexier viewing from the front. I could see her breasts bounce with each step and I must have looked pretty silly, with my eyes trying to take in the full picture of this Goddess walking towards me.

I felt a pang of pride as she came and sat down next to me, yes me all you guys, she is sitting next to me!

"So, do you commute every day David?"

"Yes, Monday through Friday, like clockwork," I replied.

"Well I am here on assignment, I live in San Francisco, but am here for a couple weeks helping to set up offices here and in Seattle."

"What is it that you do, to set up offices?" I asked.

"Well, I am the head of our firm's HR department, so I help set up all the hiring of the new employees," she replied.

"So you must be a pretty good judge of character and personality," I said, taking interest in this beautiful, and so intelligent woman.

She smiled a wry, sardonic smile, "Yes, one would think, but I sure got clouded in my last choice of boyfriend."

"Oh, I see, so the letter you were writing was for him?"

"Well, in a way, yes."

"Just in a way?" I asked

"Yes, he just sort of disappeared on me, so I never got the chance to tell him off after the way he treated me. I like to get things off my chest right away so they don't fester inside me, it helps me move on. So in this case I had to put all my thoughts and feelings into a letter to him."

"But if he disappeared on you, how are you going to send it to him?" I asked, now really interested in this wonderful, but obviously hurt woman.

She offered that weird little smile again, "I won't be sending anything to him, last of all this letter. When I get back to my room tonight, I am going to print it out and have a little ceremony and burn it to ashes."

"I simply cannot understand how any man could be so completely stupid to let go of you, if he had you and your love," I heard myself say, a little embarrassed by my prying.

"That is really sweet of you to say, David, but for some reasons I seem to have a hard time finding the right man," said Mia with sort of a sorrowful tone.

I reached over and held her hand in mine, "I certainly can see none of the reasons you speak of, I would be honored and so very happy to have a girlfriend like you," I said, getting a little bold unlike my usually shyer self.

Mia let me hold her hand and looked at me, holding my eyes in her deep, beautiful blue eyes.

"If you want, I can 'be' him and you can read your letter or tell me off, if it will help you purge his memories from you" I offered.

"Once again David, such a sweet thing to say!" Mia looked thoughtful for a second, and then started in....

"You miserable son of a bitch lying bastard! You think you are so special that you can turn your love and charm on and off like a water tap? I don't think I can trust one thing you have said to me after the way you were so 'embarrassed' to be with me in front of your family!" Everyone around us looked at me and the women gave me icy stares and the men looked hopeful that I would soon be losing my spot next to this lovely creature.

"Well," I said softly, "I don't think you should hold back, you should tell me how you really feel."

Mia laughed out loud and said she couldn't continue with the play, for when she looked at me, he was the furthest thing from her mind. I thanked her for the wonderful comment and we spent the rest of the ride talking and getting to know each other. As the ferry started to slow, approaching the dock, Mia looked at my raingear and backpack and asked, "Are you going on a hike after we dock?"

I laughed, "No, I just am frugal, and park my car at the cheapest lot I could find, so it is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from the terminal to my car, so I have to dress accordingly."

"Well, I am staying at the hotel right next to the terminal, why don't you wait out the rain and come in for diner with me?"

"David? Did you hear me?"

"Sorry, I was taken aback a bit, I don't think I can remember a time such a beautiful woman actually asked me out for dinner, but yes, yes, YES! I would love to have dinner with you."

"Well it certainly will beat walking in this," Mia pointed out the doorway we were walking towards to get to the ramp leading to the terminal. The rain was coming down so hard, it was actually flooding the boarding ramp we were walking on. I took off my raincoat, and swung it out to cover both our heads and we ran laughing together for the short distance across the courtyard to her hotel.

Once in the lobby, I removed my coat from our heads, Mia laughingly saying something about her knight in shining armor.

"Let's go up to my room first, so I can change for dinner," she said with another smile.

Enchanted and still totally under her spell, I managed "Lead the way M'Lady, I shall follow you anywhere." Which created another laugh from Mia.

We entered the elevator and as the doors closed I noticed I was by the floor buttons. I was just about to ask Mia what floor she was on, when she reached over to the panel to touch floor number 6's button. To do this, her lovely, ample breasts brushed against me. I became instantly hard and tried to turn a bit to hide my state. As Mia tried to turn around from her reach, her heel caught in a rip in the elevators carpet and she lost her balance a bit. I reach out to hold her and help her upright herself. When she did, her face was only inches from mine. I had not released my grip on her shoulders and in one motion I brazenly brought her lips to mine and we kissed. Oh, my, we kissed. Her tongue darted inside my mouth to play and tease my tongue. Her hands went on a search and inflame mission on my entire body. It was the most intense kiss I have ever had, and was very disappointed when I heard the little ding, signifying we had reached our , destination. As the doors slid open, we slowly parted, both of us with silly starry eyed grins. There was an elderly couple waiting for the elevator and they both smiled as we glided by them. I overheard the woman ask her husband, "remember when we used to have fun in the elevators Richard?"

Mia heard too and we giggled our way to her door. She pulled herself together enough to use those disturbing keycards right so we could enter her room.

Once inside, she took off her business suit jacket, and I could see her beige, silken blouse had gotten wet, and was overjoyed to see her nipples had hardened from our kiss. Mia found my gaze and said, "let me change out of these wet clothes, I'll be right back. Pour us a drink from my bar, bourbon and water (very little water) is my pleasure."

So I busied myself playing bartender for us, making two of the drinks she had described, and was slowly sipping mine when Mia returned. I was taken aback as she had not really changed, but seemed to have taken her clothes off and put on a red silk robe.

"I have to say, you look absolutely delicious in that wonderful robe."

"Why thank you kind sir, this old thing?" She twirled and teased me with the old strippers move of opening up the robe with her back to me, and then closing it as she turned back towards me.

"May I have my drink?" I quickly returned from my reverie about her robe potential strip act and went and got her glass and brought it to her. She took a long sip, set her glass back down (as did I), then reached her other hand around the back of my head and brought my mouth to hers for another wonderful kiss. My hands now did some roaming of their own as I enjoyed the feel of her warm body under the silky (or was it satin, not good at which is which) robe. She didn't seem to mind, as a matter of fact I thought I heard a small moan escape her, so I continued my adventure feeling as much of her body as I could. As my hands finally reached her wonderful ass cheeks, I let them stay there so I could cup them and bring her body so very close to mine.

Mia broke our kiss, and in almost a panting voice said, "You said you would follow me anywhere?"

"Any and Everywhere" I answered.

She reached over to the table and took another long sip of her drink, she then began taking my clothes off. I saw that I was supposed to just stand there and let her have her way, as she was definitely enjoying the process. It was futile to try to hide my now rock hard erection, for as my pants hit the floor, her hands slid the elastic of my boxers over it and let it flap against my stomach. She giggled and continued until I was completely undressed, then took my hard cock in her hand, and pulled me, saying, "now follow Me."

She led me to the bed still pulling me by my cock. It was a tremendous sensation and I was enjoying every second of it. Unfortunately for me, she let go, turned me around so my back was towards the bed, and gave me a push so I landed on my

back on her bed, with my dick standing out.

She smiled down at me with a bit of an evil grin mixed in, giving me a little bit of a goose bump attack. She undid her robe tie, opened both sided, and let the satiny material gently slip off her body.

There she stood, in just her bra, panties, a garter and her nylons. Oh my! I have died and gone to heaven!

She slid down onto the bed next to me, sliding her body against mine. I loved the feel of her nylon clad legs as they slid up and down my legs and hips, and then playfully kicking my erect cock. I smiled and tried to look at her, but she had already moved her head down to start kissing, then pulling, then biting my nipples. I moaned with this new pleasure, as once again, no one had ever done that to me, and I had no idea my nipples could be so sensitive and give out so much pleasure when someone who knew what to do, actually played with them. Her tongue then lead a trail down to my navel, tickling me there for an instant, and then moved further south and took the tip of my now precum dripping cock into her lips. Once again, I moaned, this time much louder with an "OH YES MIA! Please suck me!"

She did just that and with very little trouble took my full 6" inside her mouth, with my dick head down her throat and her tongue causing all sorts of pleasure. She started in earnest moving her mouth, actually fucking my cock with her mouth. I just laid there in total ecstasy, completely at her control, moaning like crazy.

"You better slow down Mia, I am going to cum."

She popped her mouth off of my cock long enough to pant "that is the plan, fill my mouth with your hot sticky cum."

Oh my (again), nasty talk and the most intense and beautiful blow job I have ever had. It wasn't long after her little speech that I could feel my balls start to rumble. She felt it too, and grabbed my balls and massaged them with one hand. Her other hand snuck behind me, and before I knew it, she had a finger up my ass and was massaging my prostate. That was the last straw, I felt rope after rope shoot into Mia's mouth. I thought it would never end, I hoped it would never end. But alas, I shot my final spurt into her, and fell back on the bed completely satiated.

Mia slid up my body again to bring her mouth to mine, I thought for another kiss, but she began to fill my mouth with my own cum! I was thinking I should be mortified by this, but actually I found it highly erotic and played right along, savoring it and then making a big exaggerated swallow to take it all down my throat. "My," said Mia, "you are quite amazingly erotic David. You swallowed your own cum for me and you looked like you enjoyed it,"

"Mia, that was the most incredible orgasm I have ever had, your magic has completely opened me up to do anything and everything with you!"

"Oh David, I am so happy to hear you say that. Many men worry about being thought of as gay or some other strange things, leaving them out of so many wondrous sexual adventures. I love the way you have just seemingly let go and have let yourself enjoy new sensations."

With that I reached up to fondle her breasts, still covered by her black lace bra. I noticed the bra had a little opening and her nipples hardened at my caress and poked out, so I could flick them with my tongue. Mia sighed and laid herself back to let me explore more of her. I fumbled a bit, but finally released the bra and set her wondrous breasts free. Oh they were beautiful, a handful each, so soft, with lovely dark areola and darker yet nipples. They matched her beautiful skin wonderfully and tasted like sweetness. As I was consuming her breasts, she sort of cleared her throat and pulled my hair to get my face up to hers.

"I think I should tell you before you find out, I am a transgender."

I stopped for a second, and then said, "Oh, well I am a Libra."

Mia laughed and gave me a playful slap across my face. "You do understand what I said right, you knucklehead."

"Yes Mia, I understand, you are a beautiful woman, who just happens to have a penis, and I am a man who just happened

to be born in October."

Mia laughed and seemed to relax again after what must have been hard for her to say. She looked at me, with the most wonderful gaze, taking me in, once again, with those lovely, deep, blue eyes. I felt warm, safe, and loved in the volumes she spoke with just her eyes. "You are quite incredible David, I really did not think I would want another man for quite a while, and you have broken down that barrier so easily. Do you know how much I want you? How much I want to make love to and with you?"

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