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Mia On Film


Mia stepped out of her shower and started towelling her body. She took great time and care making sure her tits and her snatch were dry. She admired the sight of her tits in the mirror. They were full and firm, she was sure she was going to need d-cups soon. Who would have thought that her flat-chested mom could produce a daughter with such big tits? Ever since she and her best friend Sharon had started trying out lesbian sex her nipples had grown and were almost like cherries when erect. The thought of the things she and Sharon had done together made her feel a familiar tingle. Sharon and Mia had started playing with each other’s pussies. First they’d fingered, then they’d sucked and now – whenever they had a sleepover – they’d spend most of the night fucking each other. Well, Mia could use a strap-on on Sharon, but since Mia was still a virgin it didn’t work the other way. Neither of them considered themselves lesbians, it was just that their respective parents refused to let them have boyfriends so it was a temporary means of getting an orgasm.

Mia couldn’t wait to try a cock. She was 18, but while she was still in school and living under her parents’ roof she wasn’t allowed. She was planning to go to L.A. as soon as she’d graduated and she knew that she wasn’t going to waste any time getting laid once she got there. Only three months to go now.

She opened the bathroom door and headed for her room. The house was so quiet for a Saturday. Mom and dad had gone away for the week and they’d taken her two younger sisters with them. Only Mia and her brother Ryan were at home. Ryan was her dad’s son from his first marriage so he was technically not her real brother since her mom had been pregnant with Mia when she met her dad. But they’d grown up together as brother and sister and were very close so their parents had decided it was OK for Ryan to be in charge while they were away. Ryan was 25 and ran his own construction company. He’d had his own apartment, but had recently split up with his girlfriend so he was living at home again until he could find a new place.

As Mia got to her room she noticed that her dresser drawers were slightly opened and they were all empty. She quickly moved to her wardrobe and it was empty too. There were no clothes to be seen anywhere. It could only be Ryan and Mia was furious when she went searching for him. He was not in his room and neither were her clothes. She went into her mom’s bedroom to borrow clothes, but someone had put a padlock on the wardrobe. Only Mia’s sisters’ wardrobes had not been locked and the girls were too small for their clothes to fit Mia. In a last desperate attempt she went to get some clothes from the laundry, but they were all gone. She was wrapped in a towel with no way of getting dressed.

Ryan was still nowhere to be seen and he didn’t reply to her shouting his name. Then she had an idea. She’d call Sharon and get her to take some clothes over. The phone was dead. She found her cellphone, but someone had taken the battery out. She contemplated getting on her computer, but realised that the network cable was missing. She decided to walk over to Sharon’s dressed only in the towel, but soon realised that she was a prisoner in the house as all doors were locked and there were no keys.

All of a sudden she felt movement behind her and turned around. Ryan was leaning against a doorframe and smiling at her.

“What have you done with my clothes?” she demanded to know. “Give them back to me now!”

“Sorry sis,” he smiled. “You’ll get them back when I’m done with you.”

“What do you mean? I’m going to tell mom and dad on you!”

“Oh no you won’t. I’ve seen you and Sharon together, I know too much.”

“You can’t prove it!”

“Oh can’t I?” With a smile Ryan produced computer printouts of digital photos. She quickly recognised her room and Sharon’s dark head between her own thighs.

”How did you get them?” she demanded and ran into her own room. Ryan chuckled as she discovered the hole in her wall and the small spy-cam that was hidden in the poster. “You sick bastard!” she shouted at Ryan.

“Hey! A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do, especially when he’s not getting any pussy.”

“So what do you want from me now?” she asked. “Why have you hidden all my clothes?”

Ryan smiled and sat down on her bed. “Well, the guys I’ve been showing these to want more. They want some close-ups of that fabulous busty blonde and that’s you.”

“There’s no way I’m going to let you take photos of me!”

“Look around… Who’s going to stop me?”

“I am. I refuse to get naked and I refuse to do anything for your camera.”

Before Mia had a chance to react Ryan had snapped the towel off her body, leaving her naked with her nipples hard to the cold air. “Well, I think I’ve got the naked bit taken care of,” he laughed. He grabbed her hand and took her to their parents’ bedroom where he expertly tied her hands to the bed. “You were saying?” With those words he left and then he came back with his camera equipment. He watched her squirm on the bed as he set up his two digital cameras and his camcorder around the bed. Mia couldn’t help feeling tingles in her pussy and she knew that she was getting wet.

Ryan started taking photos of her naked body and Mia got wetter and wetter. She started squirming and parting her legs, giving Ryan excellent angles for his shots. He then untied one of her hands and she let her fingers slide to her wet cunt. He commanded her to part her pussy lips so that he could get a close-up of her wet snatch and she obeyed. She soon started finger fucking herself, one finger slid in, followed by another and followed by another. Ryan kept encouraging her. He then untied her other hand and made her go on her hands and knees. She could see the bulge in his jeans as he moved around to get close-ups of her tight wet pussy and ass. Then he told her to finger fuck herself again. This time she was allowed to continue until she came. She collapsed in a heap on her parents’ bed and drifted off to sleep.

When she woke up she found that there was now not a towel in the house, nor could she get to any clothes. She’d thought that Ryan would let her have them all after the show she’d put on for him. She went to his room but he was not there. There was a sticky note on his screen, telling her to play the video clip. He’d done a good job of editing it. It showed her pleasing herself on the bed before. She got wet again looking at it. She spent the afternoon wrapped up in a blanket in front of the TV, waiting for Ryan to come home.

It was already dark when she heard the door open. She immediately smelled pizza and heard Ryan’s voice talking with someone. As she was not dressed she moved to hide in her room, but Ryan stopped her.

“This is Toby. He’s a big fan. He’s here to help us tonight.”

“Help us? What with?”

Ryan didn’t reply, but put the pizza carton on the table and they all started eating. Mia could feel the house getting warmer. Ryan must have turned up the heating and soon she was starting to feel uncomfortable in the warm blanket.

“Drop the blanket, Mia.”

She gave Ryan an angry look.

“There’s nothing that Toby hasn’t already seen. I just spent the afternoon going through your photos and video with him.”

She was fuming inside, but it was so hot so she ended up taking the blanket off after all. She felt Ryan’s and Toby’s appreciative glances on her big tits and trimmed snatch. When they’d finished eating Ryan and Toby went back to the bedroom to fix some lighting and arrange cameras. Mia stubbornly watched cartoons, even though she was curious to see what they were doing. It was obvious that they were going to want more pictures of her. Before long Ryan appeared, holding something in his hand.

“What’s this?” he demanded to know.

“My birth control pills,” she told him.

“How long have you been on them?”

“About a year.”

“But mom and dad won’t let you date…”

“I got them because I had such terrible cramps.”

“So you ARE still a virgin?”


Ryan smiled and disappeared once again. When he came back he was naked too and Mia gasped at the look of his body. She’d seen him in shorts before, but it was nothing compared with the look of him now. Being in the construction business had given him a very muscular upper body and even more muscular thighs. His body was still tanned, even though it was still winter. His cock was hanging limp at the moment, but it still looked really big to Mia. He motioned her to the bedroom where all the curtains were pulled, but that now looked almost like a film studio. Toby was behind the camera as Ryan led her in and sat her down on the bed. He parted her knees and knelt between them. With his hand he pushed her to lie back to give him full access to her cunt. Toby got a close-up as Ryan placed her feet on his shoulders and then he moved in with his tongue.

Mia couldn’t stop herself from moaning out loud as she felt Ryan suck her clit. Sharon had done it so many times before, but she was nowhere near as good as Ryan. His tongue travelled the length of her slit down to her ass and back up and he sucked her clit some more. While he was sucking he let his fingers slide inside her dripping virgin cunt. He soon managed three fingers and was finger fucking and sucking her hard. Mia could hear the slurps from between her thighs and started pinching and pulling her nipples as she let herself enjoy the delicious treatment from her big brother. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t hold back any longer and with a cry she came around Ryan’s fingers. As her pussy stopped shivering he withdrew his fingers and moved up to let her lick her juices off them.

His cock was starting to look hard. Eating pussy had turned him on. He instructed her to get on her knees between his legs and start sucking. As she tentatively closed her lips around his shaft she could feel him grow harder and bigger in her mouth. She’d never sucked a guy off before, but instinct took over. Her head started bobbing up and down and her tongue explored every inch as it entered her mouth. With her hands she started jerking him off and tease his balls. It wasn’t long before Ryan started moaning encouraging words to his sister. She was a natural cock sucker.

All too soon Ryan instructed her off his cock that was standing hard and proud from his hips, glistening with her saliva. With a quick lick he realised that Mia was horny again and made her get on her hands and knees. When she realised that he was going to fuck her she pleaded with him to stop, that he was going too fast, but she soon forgot all about that as he rubbed her clit with a very persuasive finger. With Toby in position Ryan rested his hard cock on Mia’s ass. He slowly moved back, letting his cock slide down the wet slit until it rested against her virgin hole.

He slowly pushed the head in and Mia thought he was going to split her. After a short pause she felt herself adjusting to him and she was throbbing around the big shaft. Ryan then pushed himself further, letting a groan escape as the tight wet cunt swallowed his hard cock. He finally reached a stop and waited a while longer, letting Mia get used to the feel of a man’s cock filling her up. He teased her clit with his finger until she was fully relaxed. He then grabbed hold of her tits, squeezed her nipples hard so that she was locked in the right position in his arms. Toby placed a camera aimed at Mia’s cunt and was ready with the camcorder. He gave a thumbs up.

Ryan pulled out almost completely and just as Mia was about to complain about missing the cock he thrust himself inside her, breaking through her barrier and she screamed out in pain. Once again her brother teased her clit, making her forget all about the pain and moan with pleasure. Ryan was now pumping her fast and hard. He got rough with her tits and pulled and kneaded them hard and Mia loved it. She was panting and reached down to play with her clit. Just as she thought she was going to cum Ryan pulled out and made her lie on her back. It didn’t take Toby long to reset the cameras and then Ryan hooked her legs over his shoulders and slammed into her again. With each thrust he slammed into her clit she squealed out loud as he started sucking and biting her tits. She came with a scream, but Ryan didn’t stop fucking her and soon she was being set up for another orgasm.

She could hear the clicks of Toby’s camera and she opened her eyes and smiled at him. She was in heaven. She was being fucked by her big brother and it was better than any fantasy had ever been. His licking and biting and tugging had her tits on fire and she moved her hips up to meet his thrust, grinding her clit against him. All too soon she felt the tingle spread through her body and her cunt squeezed hard around Ryan’s delicious cock as she came again. This time Ryan was also ready so he let go with a roar. His first and second spray went up her hungry cunt and then he quickly pulled out and shot the last of his load on her tits.

He commanded her to stay where she was and moved up to have her lick his cock clean. It was sticky with her juices and the remains of her virginity and she lapped it all up. Toby then parted her legs to get close-ups as Ryan’s cum leaked out, mixed with her own juices. She soon got up and started walking towards the bathroom and she could feel the camcorder homing in on her thighs as the fuck juices slowly trickled down as she walked.

When Mia came out from her shower Ryan and Toby were both gone. There was a note from Ryan telling her to go to bed and get a good night’s sleep because they were continuing in the morning. The note had her hot and bothered again, but she soon fell asleep, exhausted after her and Ryan’s fuck marathon.

She woke up at the sound of voices. She recognised Ryan and Toby, but there was someone else. Ryan soon came into her room to wake her up. He told her to have a quick shower and then get into their parents’ bedroom again. There was a towel laid out for her when she was done with her shower, but it wasn’t big enough to wrap around her body so she had to stay naked. When she got into the bedroom it was once again set up like the night before, only this time not only Ryan was naked, another guy was there too. His body looked just as fit as Ryan’s, and his dick looked even bigger.

Ryan lay down on the bed and instructed her to straddle his face. The other guy then shoved his cock in her face and started fucking her mouth. He fucked her face hard and with every moan from the pleasure that Ryan’s tongue was giving her he seemed to get deeper down her throat. She soon felt hands pulling her tits, but she had no idea who they belonged to and she didn’t care. The cock in her mouth was huge and it tasted so good. She soon came around Ryan’s tongue, but still the mouth guy wouldn’t stop fucking her. Ryan knelt behind her, grabbing a tight hold of her tits and whispering encouraging words in her ear.

She felt the big guy tense up and get ready to shoot his load. He pulled out and Ryan pulled her arms back, letting the guy shoot his cum all over her swollen tits. She stayed like that, feeling Ryan’s hard cock against her ass as Toby got close-ups of the cum on her tits.

There was no rest. She was soon told to get on her hands and knees and open wide as Ryan slid into her mouth. The other guy started eating her pussy and his goatee turned her cunt on fire. Before long he stuck his cock inside her and it stretched her even more than Ryan’s had. It was wonderful. She moaned around Ryan’s cock and managed to suck him deeper. The only thing interrupting the slurpy and squishy fuck sounds was the sound of Toby moving around, getting all the angles. Sometimes the guys would stop to give Toby a good close-up of their shiny dicks coming out or going in, but then they’d start pounding her again. Toby even managed to get a shot of her tits waggling underneath her before she felt some rough hands pulling at them again.

There was no stopping her. She came violently around the big shaft in her cunt and both guys pulled out. They made her lie on her back, with her legs wrapped around Ryan’s shoulders as he started pumping her hungry cunt and the other guy now fucking her mouth again. She didn’t know how they managed it but as she screamed out in her next orgasm both guys shot their first loads inside her and then pulled out, emptying their balls all over her. She was covered in cum and so satiated that all she could do was lie there, smearing the cum all over her tits and spreading her legs for Toby’s cameras. She saw Ryan shake the other guy’s hand and then he disappeared. A short while later she heard the door slam.

Ryan came up to her and kissed her deeply. “Hi there little slut sister. You were great. I’m going out now, but you have a nap and then a shower and when I come back it’s just you and me. OK?”

She nodded and drifted off. When she woke up it was getting dark outside and she had a shower to clean herself off. The shower jet that used to be able to make her cum now did nothing for her. It was amazing how feeling a cock inside her changed everything. She wrapped herself in the blanket again and didn’t have to wait long for Ryan to come home. He smiled at her, got naked and cuddled up next to her. They were soon kissing and she felt Ryan’s hard-on against her thigh.

“Fuck me, Ryan,” she begged.

“I thought you’d never ask.”

They moved quickly to the bedroom and didn’t bother with any more foreplay. Her hungry cunt needed his cock and he wanted to fuck her brains out. He did her doggie style for what seemed like an eternity and when she’d cum once he lay down and got her to ride him while he sucked and bit her tits. He got on top for a short while before they both came together, Ryan burying himself deep in the hot cunt, grinding against her clit as he emptied his balls inside her. Ryan collapsed on top of Mia and their tongues were playing as they heard the sound of a man clearing his throat in the doorway.

They both looked over and exclaimed in surprise, “Dad! When did you come home?”

“A couple of minutes ago, that was quite a show you were putting on there. How long have you two been fucking each other?”

“Since yesterday,” Ryan admitted, “and she was a virgin before then.”

“Oh good,” their dad said. “Now we’ve only got one problem. I’ve got a hard-on and your mom is still away with the girls. I only came home because you weren’t answering the phones. Now I know why.”

“Suck him off, Mia,” Ryan told her.

Mia did as she was asked. She unzipped her dad’s jeans and pulled out his cock. She smiled to herself as she heard his gasp when her lips closed around his meat. It didn’t take long for him to get hard in her mouth and he grabbed hold of her hair and started fucking her face hard.

“She’s on the pill, dad,” Ryan said and prompted their dad to pull out of her mouth. “Why don’t we do her doggie?”

Ryan’s cock was stiff again and Mia hungrily sucked it in as her dad pushed himself into her wet snatch.

“Oh baby, you’re so tight!” He shouted out as he slammed inside her. With a firm grip around her hips he started thrusting hard and fast and Mia could hear how wet she was when he slid in and out. Ryan was fucking her mouth hard and pulling her tits. Mia cursed all the times she’d been horny before but never experienced this. How had she survived all this time without cock? The now familiar tingling sensation came all too soon and her cunt contracted hard around her dad’s cock. He was ready to cum and groaned out loud as he shot his load up her pussy. He pulled out and Mia fell on her back. Their dad’s cum was spilling out of her swollen pussy lips but Ryan wasted no time and started pounding his cock in. He was going hard and deep. Their dad relaxed next to them, playing with Mia’s tits and watched how Mia and Ryan moved faster and deeper in unison. They clinged on to each other as Ryan shot his final load of the day, deep inside Mia’s hungry cunt.

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