tagIncest/TabooMichelle Ch. 03

Michelle Ch. 03

byMsia Exhibitionist©

Since after the event in the bathroom happened in the first day of our reunion, my brother became quiet and very polite to me. He kept a distance from me. Different from 5 years ago where we were like very close friends, very intimate friends. In the past, he would often hug me, touch me, and hold my hand and even sleep in my bed.

I knew he wanted to obey the mother's last order - to take care of me truly as his sister.

Myself on the other hand, was excited by my first exhibitionistic adventure. I started craving for sexy outfits. Although in Malaysia, you can't really find truly revealing outfits. Even you have one, you won't be able to wear it in the public without getting into trouble. Showing off is not a Malaysian culture, exhibitionism is something alien and public nudity is definitely a crime. Nevertheless, the outfits I bought became skimpier and sexier. My mind was practically all the time day dreaming of putting another show somewhere. At home, when my brother was not around, I would stay totally naked and did not border to close my curtains. And I started sleeping naked. I became more daring.

One week after our reunion, my brother, Max bought his double storeyed linked house in a new housing estate near my apartment. And he started doing the interior decoration works.

It was a Sunday, I left Max alone doing his new house decoration works and went to meet my friends for tennis in the morning. After the tennis match, I changed into a small tube top. The fabric of the top was kind of hard cotton and loosely circled my chest, the hem hung free above my belly exposing my midriff. When I stand, anyone sitting low would be able to look up the bottom of my two melons; if lucky, my two pink nipples too. I still wore the same short tennis skirt and a pair of white G-string panties. I started to like the feeling of a string trapped between my butt crack, or my panties trapped between my pussy lips while I was wondering around in the public, especially when a lot of people around me.

When I came back to join my brother, it was almost noon. The housing estate was still quit deserted. Only a few households moved in, the rest of the units were either unoccupied or under renovation. As I entered the house, I saw 2 Pakistani workers were busy painting the guestroom walls. They were foreign construction workers hired by my brother to help him repaint the guestroom walls. These foreign workers like to do extra part time job to earn extra income.

"Max mana?" I asked them where is my brother in Malay language, which was the standard language to use to any foreign workers regardless of their origin.

"Suda keluar... beli nasi," One of them told me that Max went out to buy lunch.

"OK. Saya tunggu dia balik," I told them I would wait for him to come back.

There was no furniture yet in the house. I just wondered around the house to look at the renovation works. After few minutes, I sat on a box of left over wall tiles near the glass sliding door to take a rest. I figured that was the best alternative I got rather than to sit on the floor. It was one-foot by one-foot tiles, so when I sat on this box of tiles, my knees were higher than my waist. The hemline dropped down exposing more of my whitish pink thighs. I had to keep my legs tight to cover my white cotton panties from showing. I gently crossed my hands in front to cradle my legs. They continued their work, occasionally glanced back to look at me, tried to peep into my crotch.

Air-conditioner was not installed yet. After 10 minutes of waiting, I started feeling warm. Sweat started to collect on my skins. The skirt started to cling to my sweaty thighs and my small triangle panties began to moist. The sweat also fell down from my chest to my belly, adding dampness to my crotch. I figured that if I continue to sit any longer, I would be all wet. I decided to get some fresh air.

I stood up and found that my body was really wet. The worst thing was that my nipples were in the state of erect (probably caused by their stares), which I was unaware of when I was sitting down. I was braless. The hard fabric was lightly caressing my sensitive erect nipples. At my lower body, the hem clung to my skin and failed to drop down when I stood up. I felt a few drops of sweat slid down my bareback and wet my dress. My body was wetter than I thought!

Almost immediately, two of them detected my movement and looked toward me. I was pulling my skirt that stuck on my skin when we got eye contacts.

"Panaslah," I told them it was hot and then waved the hem of the tube top few times to catch air into my chest. Suddenly, I thought that their must be mentally stripping my top, probably my skirt too. I was turned on immediately. May be staying around them would be a better idea than going out for fresh air, I told myself. I looked down at my chest and deliberately pulled the hem. The top slid down my chest and some cleavage was showing, indicating the two melons behind the top.

Why not give them a show? I have decided.

"Boleh saya tolong cat?" I walked to them and ask whether I could help them to do the painting.

"Tak, tak. Nanti touke marah," One of the said no need or my brother would not allow.

"Tak apa, saya adik dia," I told them it was OK and I am Max's sister.

I walked near the wall and poured the paint into a small pail, picked up the brush and started to paint the edge of the wall. All the edges were not painted yet because their roller cannot reach the corner areas properly.

I half squatted to start the painting. Very soon, I completed the lower portion and the upper portion was beyond my reach. I turned back to look for the ladder. Two of them have stopped their job and just looking at me.

"Tolong ambil tangga mari," I pointed to the ladder asked them to bring it to me.

"Tangga?" One of them asked.

"Ya, tolong ambil ke sini," Again, I asked him to bring it over to me.

Two of them quickly put down their roller and carried the ladder to me.

"Tolong buka di sini," I told them to open the ladder near the corner so that I can paint the upper portion.

They opened the ladder and then one of them held the ladder with two hands to stabilize the ladder. The other one stood behind me looking at my back. Both of them were excited with anticipation. Their hard on was clearly outlined too.

I was excited too. Before I could do anything to attract their attentions, they already knew what to watch out for. My pussy immediately wet. In the pass, I was always imagining a 'look at my ass" scenario. This time was different. I was in an 'I am going to watch your ass' scenario.

But at the same time, I started to worry. I realized I was alone in a house with two foreign workers; two sexually aroused males. I started to worry about my safety. Do I play along with them by just climbing the ladder and let them see what they wanted? If not what can I do? They ladder was ready; brush and pail were in my hands. Running away seems silly, as they were so far friendly. My excitement was mixed with fear. At the same time, the heat at my pussy became unbearable.

Their conversations brought my back to reality. I decided to play alone.

With brush at my hand and the pail at another, I started to take my first step up the ladder. Then I realized that I must free my hands to climb. I turned back and handed over the stuff to the one at my back. With two free hands holding the ladder, I started climbing. One step after another, I went higher and higher to the ceiling. My tits and ass at the same time revealed more and more to the hungry eyes below me.

They talked to each other again in their own language in happy tone. I felt so naked although still wearing my dress and panty, probably because of the fact that I lost my sense of security. After 5 steps, I stopped. The ceiling was just a foot above my head. With my two hands holding the top of the ladder, I breathe heavily to catch some air. Then I turned to look at the two men below me. They smiled. One of them showed the brush and pail to me. I realized that I went up too high. I stepped down and careful turned to my left, bend my knees and extended my hand for the brush and then the pail. The hem of the tube top pulled away and I felt my dangling tits came out below the hem and pink nipples brushed the cold hard ladder. At the same time, my butt pushed out and my hanging skirt revealed the wet white panty to them.

With my two hands occupied, I struggled to balance myself on the ladder. I climbed up further and left my pail on top of the ladder; with one hand holding the ladder I began to paint the corner between 2 walls, slowly from the bottom to the top. Then I painted the corner between the ceiling and the vertical wall.

I believed my wet sheer panties and butt cheeks were always on display behind the dangling hem. And my bottom of my tits and the nipples were showing from times to times.

The room was hot. My sweat flowed like water. They came out from my skin all over my body. My navy blue skirt slowly turned to dark blue starting from the soaked waistband. The sweat on my body kept sliding down my bare skin. Adding wetness to my soaked dress and awakening every nerves in my body.

Slowly, I completed the corner above me. Now I have to paint the remaining of the unpainted corner that stretched 12 feet across the guest area. This job required me to get down and move the ladder few feet and get up again to paint every 3-4 feet across.

I began to descend. With one hand holding the pail and one hand holding the brush, I made my first step...

"Ahh!!" I yelled as I almost missed my step.

The man behind my quickly came under and held me at my buttocks to support me. I can felt his fingers spread out evenly almost covering my whole butt genuinely supporting my weight.

"Terima kasih," I thanked him.

"Jaga sikit," He asked me to be careful. His hands were still holding firm at my butt and didn't seemed like moving away. I figured that he wanted to support me all the way down. Although it was to intimate for him to do that, but I was excited and did not object.

I resumed my action. Step after step. I believed his fingers must be able to feel the contractions of my butt muscles underneath the moist skirt.

When I stood on the floor. They quickly moved the ladder few feet along the wall and looked at me. It was my turn to move. I walked to the ladder. With two hand occupied, I began to climb again. After two steps, I looked back to the man stood behind me and said, "Tolong."

He quickly moved forward and held my butt like before. But this time, I felt his fingers were lightly feeling up my butt cheeks. After painted few feet across and deliberately raising my arm higher than necessary. I moved down and again he offered his hands. This time he was more daring. He slipped his hand inside my skirt and directly touching my wet butt. I had an immediate thrill.

"Ah!" I was a bit shocked by his boldness.

"Terima kasih," I thanked him again as if nothing was wrong. He was encouraged by my acceptance and stuck his thumbs under the string and caressed my perineum and my ass hole. I frozen in action for a while, trying to register what his was doing in my over excited mind. He was too bold and too quick in exploiting my body, I told myself. But I like it, I told myself too.

"Uhh!!!" The unexpected attack made me moaned. I moved my legs as slow as possible to enjoy his thumbs actions. When I reached the floor, my pussy was all wet and slippery and my nipples were rock hard. I was extremely aroused but same time I was worried of losing control and get raped.

I decided to cool down. I told them I need to pee and quickly went to the toilet. I started touched myself hoping to make myself cum and then leave. But the more I touched, the more aroused I became and the more I wanted them to see my swollen pussy and tits. Eventually I hooked my thumbs inside of the waistband of my panties. Slid my hands down the sides of my legs, working the skimpy wet panties over my butt all the way to my ankles and gone. And I pulled my skirt so high until I almost see my pussy from the mirror. This was what I like, I told myself. I picked up my skimpy wet panties and throw it out of the window. Well, this is the point of no return.

I came out from the toilet and walked to them. They were curiously scanning up and down my body. Thinking what was up for them. And I was pondering ways to get myself totally naked. Everyone was turned on.

"Tolong," I asked for their help even before I climb the ladder.

I took the brush and pail. This time, both of them stood behind me. When I was at the second step, I felt my skirt was lifted up and hands attacked my delicious globes simultaneously. Two hands held my thighs, and two hands squeezed my butt. Immediately, I heard them talking to each other happily, probably delighted with the disappearance of my panties. I felt my juices immediately flew down my inner thigh and stained on their fingers near my pussy, adding wetness to the slippery valley of mine. I climbed the steps slowly, partly because of the sensational activities around my ass that I indulged into, partly because of my legs have became weaker every time a finger slid across the opening of my holes.

The few steps toward the top had taken like a minute. I finally reached the height for the painting job.

The sensations were still vivid round my hot pussy although their fingers were no more sticking around. I tried to squeeze my inner thighs to caress my itchy pussy. But the hungry mouth of mine was crying for the real treatment. I simply scribbled and climbed down for the next gratification.

I moved down. They offered their faithful hands again. But this time I felt their fingers caressing my slippery pussy lips. I went down two steps. Suddenly, I felt a finger poked into my wet hole.

"Uhhhh..." I stopped and a heavy moan escaped loudly. This was taken as a green light for them. The finger poked in further exploring my wet interior. Then another finger squeezed in. I stopped my step and lowered my ass to give better access to the two fingers.

"uhhhh... tolonggg..." I moaned. Moved my ass up and down to catch the wondering fingers inside me, guiding them further into my smooth channel. Their hands kept squeezing and caressing my wet cheeks and thigh. I was too indulged being fingerfucked, helplessly leaned on the ladder. I have resigned myself from the painting job. My new job was to serve my ass to the two men below me.

They were not satisfied with just fingerfucking my hole, probably because the glittering juicy lips of mine was just too tempting. The view of mine pink interior smoothness was just too magnificent. I felt their fingers retreated from my wet tunnel. Immediately, my pussy was pulled opened by two forceful thumbs griping firmly at each side of my butt crack, the pink flesh of my inner lips was exposed, waiting to be tasted. I immediately knew what they wanted. I further bent at my waist and thrust my ass wide opened and much lower for their easy access.

Not long after that, a warm tongue swept my puffy wet pussy, sending a thrilling sensation to my whole body. He first sucked the swollen outer lips of mine into his mouth one at a time. His nose occasionally poked right at my anus and I heard his heavy breathing. He must be sucking in the strong odor of my ass, which was not showered since I woke up until now, not even after my tennis match. I was self-conscious about my odor and wanted to pull away from him. But his grip was so firm until I cannot break my ass away from his kiss. But knowing someone was heavily breathing the natural thick odor of my most private organ though embarrassed but same time arousing. I slowly stopped pulling away and started sitting on his face. He then used his fingers to separate my lips and licked the wide-opened inner lips. He stuck his tongue slowly drove in and out, fucking me with his stiffened tongue. I was moaning and gasping.

"Hahhh... Tolongggg..." I screamed for the terrific tongue treatment.

"Stop!" A scream was heard. Not from anyone of us. It was Max, my brother!

Suddenly, I was losing balance and falling. No more tongue on my pussy, no more hands round my ass. I tried to grab the ladder and catch my steps on my way down. I missed and fell straight to the floor. My legs hit the floor and I fell to my back. The men tried to catch me when I was falling, but only to pull my skirt off me and torn my tube top. The worst thing was that the pail of paint was poured all over my chest. A thick layer of paint was spilled all over my body.

I heard my brother scolding two of them. He was very fierce. Two of them were trying to calm my brother. They probably told him that they didn't force me into it.

"Max! Help me, please. It's hurt," I cried out for help, hoping to stop my angry brother.

They stopped and my brother came to me.

"Are you OK?" He asked.

"My legs..." Suddenly, I came to an idea so that I can still play my game despite of the situation.

"OK! Let me see," He went over to examine my ankles. He lifted my right foot to check.

"This one?"

"No, both of them. I think I twisted both of them," I pretended like my ankles were in pain. But it was my butt that really in pain.

"OK! I bring you to doctor. Don't worry,"

"No, Max. The paint. They are drying on my skin. Wash them away please,"

"Jesus, what have you done to yourself?" He can't believe what he saw.

"Please, quick. They are drying."

"Mari, tolong bawa dia pergi tandas," Max shouted to them and asked them to help carrying me to the toilet.

They both came. My brother carried me at my armpits. Two of them carried my legs. They carried me to the toilet. My brother switched on the shower. Only to find that there was no water.

"Outside. Max. Outside got water," I remembered that the renovator have connected the water from the public main.

"Outside. You crazy, you are naked, Michelle!" My brother disbelieved what I suggested.

"Yes. Outside, quick,"

"Bawa dia keluar,'' Finally he agreed.

Three of them then carried me out of the house to the car porch, where the hose located. My brother put me on the floor and went to turn the tap and reached the hose. But two of them were still holding my legs and stood almost two feet apart. My legs were spread and my paint-stained pussy was plainly on display. I was still horny. I further spread my legs that were still in their hands. They sensed my move and happily spread my legs further apart. My pussy was widely spread, until the small pink valley between the lips was opened to their hungry eyes. They smiled to me.

My brother was back with a hose, shooting water onto my body.

"Max, you got to do it quick, it's sticking on my skin, you got to use your hand," I asked Max for action.

"Ya, think so," He rubbed his hand all over my chest to wash away the paint. The paint and water made my body extremely slippery. I was laying on the floor with my nipples hard and my brother's hand was fondling my tits. Then two of them joined in to wash my crotch.

"Stop! Stop it!" My angry brother shouted to them.

But they did not stop. One was rubbing around my crotch. The other one was concentrating around my pussy.

"Max, let them. It's OK!"

"Ahh..." I suppressed my moan softly to hide my obvious excitement.

My thighs were spread wide with my feet pointed at the car porch ceiling. Then my pussy lips were spread and my wet hole was exploited. I was at the heights of my excitement. I was laying totally naked in the middle of the car porch, with 3 pairs of hand all over my slippery body and I was approaching my orgasm.

"Michelle, it not OK!" Max saw what they were doing.

"Yes, please let them finished it, I like it and I need it. Oh yesss..." I was so close to cumming.

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