tagBDSMMichelle Ch. 06

Michelle Ch. 06


Michelle Ch.6 - The Bondage Club (pt1)

Since Michelle is so ready to play around behind his back, Peter takes advantage of her obvious craving to be a slut to use her for what he really wants. They head off to a club that he frequents. Michelle has no idea where they are going or what she's in for tonight.

* * * * * * *

Peter drove for almost a half-hour without saying where they were going. Then he pulled into a parking lot of this nightclub on the other side of the city. It was a section of town that Michelle had never been to before and not exactly the classiest of places either.

Once inside they were directed to a room at the end of this long hallway. When they got inside they were alone. Peter locked the door. Michelle looked around and saw that the walls were covered with bondage and sex apparatus. She had never seen anything like this. Peter could see the shock on Michelle's face.

"Do you still want to be my slut?" That was all he asked. He just waited for her to answer. Michelle was scared. Actually she was petrified. What plans did Peter have bringing her to this place tonight? Maybe this was her punishment for fucking John and Frank.

"You can leave anytime you want," he added. "Just say you've had enough and I'll drive you home to your husband. And I'll find someone that really wants to be an obedient whore."

It didn't take much thinking for Michelle to react. The thought of losing Peter seemed unbearable, despite the way he treated her. "Oh no, Peter. I'll stay. You know I'll do anything you ask. I promise."

Michelle could see Peter thinking about that statement before he spoke. "Well, we'll see. I've had other girls here before. None of them stayed. They all said I could do anything too. I guess they really didn't want to be a dirty little cunt for me."

"I do Peter. I'll doing anything, you'll see," Michelle answered nearly begging. "You can even whip my breasts again."

"Oh I plan on it," Peter eagerly responded. "I'll make you cry and scream. You'll be begging and pleading for me to stop."

"No I won't." I'll take whatever you give me. You can hurt me. I want you too. I want to please you Peter."

"Like I said, we'll see," he replied. Peter then gave Michelle a set of black leatherwear. Michelle didn't hesitate to put them on. She removed her clothes and immediately slipped the leather garments on with Peter's help. There wasn't much to the outfit. Michelle wrapped this leather garter around her waist and snapped up the side. It was nothing more than a fancy thin belt that fit tightly around her waist with a couple straps on the sides that would attach to a pair of stockings. But she was to wear no stockings. Peter wanted her legs naked. He just liked the way the garter accented her hips and thighs. Then Michelle stepped into a pair of black six-inch high stilettos and Peter attached a wide leather studded collar around her neck. "There we go. That's more like it," Peter commented admiring how slutty she looked.

Peter led Michelle to the center of the room. He attached her wrists to a pair of wristcuffs that were dangling from the ceiling connected to chains. There were also two restraining cuffs bolted to floor. Peter fastened Michelle's ankles to them next. Then he tightened the chains stretching her arms up over her head. She was now at his mercy hanging in the middle of the room.

"What are going to do Peter," she asked extremely frightened.

Without answering he proceeded to prepare Michelle for a night she'll never forget.

Hanging next to the chains were two nylon ropes. One at a time, he proceeded to loop each one around Michelle's breasts. He stretched the nylon cords tight between her tits and then completely wrapped them completely around four or five times. He pulled extremely hard in the process so the rope would be snug around her full breasts. When he finished tying it off, her tits were bulging out from her chest.

"Peter I'm scared. What are you doing," she pleaded?"

Peter looked at her. "Turning you into the nastiest whore that ever lived."

Michelle didn't know what to do. There wasn't much she could. She was more frightened than she had ever been in her entire life. Peter had her body completely bound and there was no way for her to avoid submitting to anything he had in mind.

Peter started by roaming his hands all over Michelle's body paying special attention to her breasts. "I love your tits Michelle. I just wish they were bigger. A pretty woman like you should have huge firm breasts so men notice."

After saying that Peter walked away to the far corner of the room and returned with a tray of syringes. Each one had a large tube of some clear solution in them. "This is going to hurt a little, but I think you'll like the result." He picked up one of the needles showing Michelle the fluid he planned to inject into her breasts. "This is a saline solution. After a few injections your breasts will swell up nice and firm. As long as you're my slut, you'll need regular injections to keep them that way too." Peter went on to explain how the body absorbs the saline solution, therefore she would require on-going injections.

Michelle was frantic at what he was going to do. She pleaded with him. "Peter, PLEASE!! NO!!..."

"So what are you saying? Want me to take you home," Peter asked?

His statement drained the will to resist right out of her. Michelle couldn't imagine not having Peter anymore. Her head dropped down with a look of submission knowing she had no choice. If she continued, then Peter would take her home and her incredibly erotic adventure would come to an end. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as it seems, she thought.

Peter selected one of the syringes then grabbed Michelle's left breast in his other hand. Michelle watched the needle getting closer. She began shaking with fear. Peter looked at her with an evil grin; "I know its going to hurt. Go ahead and scream if you have to. No one will think anything of it. Why do you think I brought you here?"

Peter held her breast firmly in his hand. He placed the tip of the needle on the inside of her breast about half way out from her chest to the tip of her nipple. Then he pushed, puncturing her soft tender flesh and inserting it a little more than an inch inside her breast. "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!....... AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!... Michelle screamed out as the sharp needle penetrated her soft delicate flesh. She began breathing heavily, actually panting while she struggled on the chains. But Peter held her breast firmly and squeezed the plunger on the syringe injecting the fluid into her. Michelle could feel the saline solution flowing into her body. At first it felt strange, but then quickly she could feel a little twinge of pain.

Peter then pulled the needle out and picked up another. This one he inserted from the other side jabbing it into her tit flesh from the outside of her beautiful soft breast. "UUUhhhhhhhhhh.... UUhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!...." Again Michelle grunted loudly as the stabbing pain traveled through her body. And once more the fluid began flowing into her breast until the syringe was empty.

Peter waited a moment until Michelle caught her breath. He stroked the side of her cheeks. He could feel sweat beginning to form on her face. "It'll be worth it when were done," Peter said trying to be reassuring. "You'll see. You'll have a pair of incredible tits. I'll bet even your husband won't be able to keep his hands off you. He's probably going to like having a whore for a wife."

Why did Peter have to mention that, she thought? Just saying that ignited her mental anguish between being a respectable wife and a filthy slut. He created an instant consciousness about her situation that focused her attention even more on the pain being inflicted by Peter. Mentally she was asking herself what would happen to her breasts? What would they look like by the end of the night?

She saw Peter grab the next syringe. He placed it on the top of her breast right in front of her eyes. He pushed it in. "Oooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu," she moaned out in pain again. It seemed to hurt more watching it disappear into her pretty breast. When he finished that one, the next full syringe was injected from underneath. Michelle was whimpering and crying. The fluid permeating her breast was making it swell up. Her gorgeous boobs were expanding so much it was causing her skin to feel extremely stretched. She wondered how long it would take time for her delicate flesh to get used to their new fullness. And she knew this was far from over too. He still had to do her other breast.

Michelle thought he was done with this one. But she was wrong. Peter grabbed another syringe while he clutched her swollen breast once more. When Michelle saw what he was about to do she began screaming and begging. "Nooooo!!... Nooooo!!.... Please!! Noooo!!.... She struggled against the chains but it was impossible. "Peter... Please!!!.... Not there!!...."

Peter placed the point of the syringe right on the tip of her nipple. He looked into Michelle's eyes saying, "this is what's it like to be my whore." And shoved it in. "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Ahhhhhh...ughhhughhhhhughh..... AAAAhhhhhhhh!!!!!...." Michelle let out a high pitched screamed that continually echoed throughout the room as the long needle dug into her tender nipple slowly piercing the hard outer flesh. Her firmness required Peter to twist a bit and actually gouge it through in order to penetrate her hardened nipple. When it finally punctured the firm outer layer, he forced it in a bit more, through her nipple and into her soft flesh firmly planting it deep in her breast. He then injected the saline fluid right into the center of her already sore and swollen tit. Michelle was screaming at the top of her lungs. The pain was almost unbearable. Sweat was dripping from her forehead.

Peter extracted the needle. Michelle was breathing fast trying to catch her breath. She felt like a prisoner tortured merely for her captor's amusement. She felt so used. Her breast hurt, it ached, and it throbbed in such extreme pain. It felt like it was growing bigger and bigger and like it would burst off her chest.

Another hour past while Peter proceeded to fill her other breast with the saline solution. By the time he finished Michelle was exhausted from the pain and screaming. She hung limp on the chains by her wrists crying and sobbing hysterically.

Peter left the room for a moment leaving Michelle hanging on the chains like a piece of meat. About ten minutes later Peter returned seeing that Michelle had stopping crying. "Are you okay," he asked? There was quite a long pause before she answered. A soft,... "yess... sir....," slowly quivered from her lips. Her reply was still respectful to Peter. "I...." She took a deep breath. "I hope I'm....... pleasing you," she went on trying to complete a full sentence without focusing on the pain? "Are you...." She hesitated a moment a little afraid to ask. "Are you going to.... make me cum tonight?"

"Is that what my slut wants," Peter asked?

"Yes..... Yes Master..... please," Michelle answered still speaking slowly and with broken sentences.

"I need.... to cum."

"I need.... to feel...... that.. my.. pain.. pleases you....."

I cum so good.... when.. I know I'm pleasing you."

"Don't worry my little housewife slut," Peter reassured. "I'll make you cum real hard a little bit later. We still need to make you looking more like the slut I want."

After all those injections into her breasts and the way they were swelling up Michelle wondered what more Peter could want of her.

Michelle had calmed down a lot at this point even with her breasts feeling so full. The skin on her tits seemed so tightly stretched that it almost felt like two inflated balloons inside her chest. And that feeling didn't go away.

Peter began fondling her extremely sensitive nipples while explaining what he wanted to do. "I've always wanted a whore with rings in her nipples. I think you'd look great with them too." He then picked up a couple gold colored nipple rings from the table. At first Michelle thought from the way he spoke that he was asking if it was okay. But then she realized that he was merely making a statement and had every intention of piercing her nipples whether she wanted it or not. Besides, she wasn't in much of a position to question it anyway.

"Will it hurt much," she asked?

"Probably," Peter replied. "Since you asked I'll make sure it does."

Michelle didn't think it could possibly hurt more than those needles being pushed through her nipples and into her breasts. So she just hung there waiting for Peter to begin the next procedure of turning her into the type of slut he preferred.

Peter grabbed one nipple between his fingers and placed this clamp on it. It held her nipple taut, pulling it outward a bit from her breast. "Uhhhh." Michelle groaned a little, as even the simple process of attaching the clamp hurt right through her entire breast.

Then Peter picked up a long needle. It was thicker than the syringe from earlier. Michelle quickly realized that he had to pierce her nipple with a hole large enough to insert the gold ring. As soon as the point touched her sensitive tit flesh, she knew this was not going to be pleasant either. He pushed, jabbing the point against her hard nipple.

"Uhhhh...Ahhhhhhh Ouuuuoooooooooo!!!!" "OOuuooooooooo!!!" "Ouuuoooooooooo!!!"

Maybe it wouldn't have hurt as much if it weren't for the saline breast injections making them so swollen. Michelle grunted and groaned and then began screaming in agony. He poked at her delicate flesh making it feel like her nipples were being ripped from her breasts. Peter pushed harder and began twisting the needle.

"AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OOOOUuuuuuuuuooooooooooooo!!!!" She wailed out louder.

Then the needle broke through the hard outer skin puncturing her nipple. "OOOOOUuuuuuuuuuooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!.... She screamed again. Michelle felt this rush go through her entire body. For a moment she thought she might pass out. Then with a slow steady pressure, Peter wiggled the needle through her tender tit meat until it came out the other side. After that he pulled the needle from the opposite end, and as it passed through her tit he slid the ring through. Michelle was panting and grunting with a low gut wrenching moan as her nipple flesh closed up around the metal ring. A little blood trickled down. Peter knew she was truly hurting.

One more to go whore..." Peter commented. "And then we'll have some fun."

Michelle heard what he said. She wondered what that meant. What more fun was in store for her? What other torture could he have planned? But then her mind came back to that of having her other nipple pierced.

Ten minutes later Michelle was released from her chains. Peter decided to leave the ropes on that were tightly wrapped around her breasts. She stood in the center of the floor kind of weak in the knees trying to regain her ability to stand and deal with the pain. Both of her nipples were now pierced. And her breasts were so big, especially the way they bulged out from the tight binding ropes. It even seemed like they were swelling more. They ached and throbbed. She could see that they were also becoming discolored from lack of circulation. Both of them had a pinkish red color. And some areas were already beginning to turn a darker blue. Michelle lightly touched them. The skin had become so tightly stretched that it actually felt straining to contain their new size. And they hurt. They hurt so much. She whimpered out to Peter in a half-crying, half-begging voice as if pleading for him to do something. "Oh Peter...they...they hurt..." Oh God Peter,... they hurt.... they hurt so much..."

Her whole whole chest felt heavier. Michelle couldn't believe with all the fluid he injected into them that they didn't sag. In fact, they stood out incredibly firm. They were huge. They were massive. Yet, both breasts protruded perfectly from her


Peter then grabbed a long thin chain that had a clasp on each end. He attached the ends to the rings in her nipples. "All right,... on your knees slut."

Michelle dropped down onto the floor obeying Peter. She had never felt so abused. Her whole body was the object of someone else's pleasure.

"What's the matter slut. They hurt?" Peter asked reaching down and squeezing her left swollen breast hard.

"Ohhhhhhh....Yesssss," Michelle answered whimpering from the sudden additional pain.

Peter unbuckled his pants and dropped them to the floor. His shorts quickly followed.

His twelve-inch cock was fully erect. It didn't surprise Michelle this time. She knew how aroused he could become when abusing her. He moved right in front of Michelle and slid his cock between her massive breasts. "Push them together... around my cock," he ordered. Even though it hurt, Michelle immediately squeezed her breasts clutching his huge shaft between them. Then he began fucking her tits and moving his hips back and forth to slide his cock over the big soft bulges on her chest. "You nasty bitch," he panted fucking faster. "What incredible tits."

Michelle looked down watching Peter's cock between her deformed breasts. The friction of his hard shaft sent waves of pain through each one. She didn't know if it was the needles, the fluid inside or both, but her breasts seemed completely inflamed and every touch made them hurt. Still, she wouldn't disappoint Peter. She squeezed her aching tits around his cock so he could fuck them.

A few minutes went by. Peter was enjoying his tit fuck immensely. He could tell Michelle was in pain and that aroused him even more. Actually it aroused him so much, that when Michelle whimpered out, that did it. He couldn't hold back any longer. He grabbed his big cock and began spurting cum right into her face. "Oh, that's it. Take it bitch." He stroked it squirting cum over her tits and nipples and then again into her face. Michelle wound up with thick globs of sperm dripping down her chin. "Good.... leave it there," he commanded. Then he pushed the tip of his cock to her mouth making her suck off the last drop. "Lick it slut."

He pulled his trousers back up.

"Do you want me to make you cum now," he asked knowing she did?

"Yes Master,... please. Use me... make me cum hard. I need it so bad," Michelle begged. Even with all the pain and torture Peter had inflicted on her breasts, Michelle was still in his power. She needed to cum. And for some crazy reason, which even she didn't understand, Peter's cruel abuse aroused her. Her whole body felt on fire and that she needed to orgasm so bad.

"Can my slut take more," he asked?

"Yes Master... use me... I belong to you," she whimpered looking up at Peter.

He tugged on the chain pulling the nipple rings and making her tits extend out. She moaned out, "Oh Master... pl...pl...ease... pl.. pl..ease..." He held it there keeping her nipples stretched outward. The pain was almost intolerable. Michelle closed her eyes trying hard not to scream. She kept whimpering and pleading.

"Oh Master... make me cum.... Please!!"

"Does my slut want her new big swollen breasts whipped again?" Peter's questions were forcing her deeper into submission, deeper under his control and further into being a slut begging for more pain and abuse.

"Yesss... Oh, Yessss Master... I need it," she cried and begged. "Whip them.... make me cum.... Ohhhh... Please make me cum!"

You're just a whore, aren't you," Peter asked making her admit how filthy she had become.

"Yes Master... I'm a whore to use.... Whip me... whip my tits... do anything you want to me. I need to cum."

"Anything, Michelle? Is that what you said? Peter kept pushing her further and making her beg. She had reached the point where there were no limits to what she would do.

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