tagCelebrities & Fan FictionMichelle Trachtenberg Gets Loaded

Michelle Trachtenberg Gets Loaded


It was a typical August night in Edinburgh. Festival madness, tourists, performers, freaks everywhere you looked.

The throng of people wasn't a problem for Seth; originally from the west coast of Scotland, he didn't share the contempt most natives had for the Festival invasion. On the contrary, he always enjoyed this time of year. The opportunities to cash in and have fun whilst doing it were almost limitless, and Seth was hoping to do both tonight.

The bar was just off the Royal Mile, a regular gig for Seth and his band. Every Friday, midnight till 2am, usual fee £200 split 3 ways. Since the bars were always packed during the Festival, he had managed to squeeze an extra £100 from the manager for the next few weeks and the chance to play to a full house of often crazed, drunken foreigners was a pleasant change from the usual apathetic crowd. Just turn up the amps, throw in a few crowd pleasers and let it roll.

After the first set he headed outside for some fresh air and a smoke with Stevie, the drummer. Although he often cursed the smoking ban, it did more or less allow one to smoke weed in the street with impunity. He lit up, taking a couple of long draws before passing it. Seth & Stevie were a somewhat incongruous pair, the drummer tanned, muscular with close-cropped hair, constantly in motion, bobbing & twitching like a boxer on his way to the ring. Seth was lean, with a tousled black hair and pale skin, poised & still as he leaned against the wall, seemingly unaffected by playing for the last hour in the packed sweatbox of a bar.

They discussed the next set, Stevie rapping out ideas for songs, Seth murmuring in agreement or nodding occasionally. "'Brown Sugar' last, man, that always rocks," Stevie said, wiping the sweat from his brow & jerking his head to a rhythm only he could hear.

"Yeah, fine. Maybe start with 'Alabama', make it a good old 70s rock set, eh?"

"Right, right!"

Seth smiled, both at Stevie's enthusiasm and the pleasant buzz he felt from the fresh air & fine smoke. Just then, a voice from behind him intruded: "That smells nice, you mind if I try it?" The voice was young and somewhat low, female & American; when Seth turned to face her he had to use every ounce of self-control to stop the amazement showing on his features. He recognized her instantly despite the funky crocheted wool hat & rather geeky horn-rimmed glasses. "Ah...sure... Miss Trachtenberg..."

"Oh, you can call me Michelle," she said, taking a toke. "I'm supposed to be in disguise... I liked your music."

"Thanks...I'm Seth. This is Stevie. So...what are you doing in Edinburgh?"

"Oh, this film festival. Promo for a new movie, you know?" She handed back the smoke & Seth couldn't help noticing the pale pink lipstick on the roach. "Jeez that is fine," she continued, coughing slightly. "Yeah, some guy at the hotel said this is a good place for live music so I thought I'd check it out."

"Well, we're doing another set in 10 minutes, You should stick around."

"I don't know, I kinda got an early start tomorrow."

"C'mon, I'll play you a song," he said smiling. "Anything you want."

"I'll stay if you got any more of that," she replied, indicating the smoke.


"Well, OK. I'll catch you later." She shook hands with him and smiled before heading back into the bar.

"Jesus," Seth murmurmed, lighting a cigarette to calm his nerves.

"Who the hell is that?" Stevie asked.

"Michelle Trachtenberg? She's Buffy's little sister."

"Buffy the Vampire Slayer??"

"Yeah!" Seth went on, seeing Stevie's look of incomprehension. "Eurotrip? Gossip Girls?"

"Dude you know I don't watch TV. She's cute though."

"No shit. Probably rich as Croesus too. Oh man, I gotta make a move."

"Seth she's probably got some film star boyfriend. Get a fucking grip. Let's do this set anyway, sounds like the natives are getting restless..."

Seth and Stevie joined Cain at the table to the side of the stage. "Cain, you won't fuckin believe this, man. Dawn from Buffy just bummed a smoke off me."

The bassist blinked. "What, the chick from Eurotrip?"

"Yes!" He smirked at Stevie. "See, he knows... She's in town for the film festival and she's all mine, baby, all mine..."

"Get a grip Seth," Cain said, laughing.

"That's what I said," Stevie commented.

"Seriously guys, I think I got a chance. This fucked up weed definitely got her attention; God bless Danny, that boy's a genius with the herbs... OK boys, let's get this over with, I got Hollywood ass to charm..."

The second set went off particularly well - Cain and Stevie were as solid and funky as ever, while Seth pulled out all his tricks and poses, playing guitar and singing as if his life depended on it. By the end of the night the more drunken audience members were dancing on the tables, howling along with the primal blues/rock rumble roaring from the speakers.

Seth smiled triumphantly at the rapturous reception, standing at the front of the stage, milking the applause. Just then he noticed the young actress laughing and talking with...shit - the boyfriend? "Goddamn," Seth muttered. Packing up his gear as quickly as possible, he went outside for a cigarette ignoring the tourists who clamoured to congratulate him, looking only for Michelle. To his surprise he found her outside, smoking and talking to her companion. He was somewhere between androgynous and handsome, perfect skin and hair, pearly white teeth, dark eyes, a Hollywood pretty boy...

"Seth!" Michelle exclaimed. "That was amazing! Hey, this is Zak - he's in this movie, too."

"Great," thought Seth, absently shaking hands with him. "Her co-star..."

"Nice playing buddy," Zak said. "Can't say I knew any of the songs but nice playing."

Seth shrugged, barely managing a grudging thank you and lit up, just wanting to leave this perfect couple to their own devices. Go back to his little flat, drink wine til he passed out... He was roused from his reverie by Zak unexpectedly bidding him goodnight and jumping into a nearby Mercedes sports car.

"He needs his beauty sleep, poor boy," Michelle commented. So, I'm staying at the George Hotel if you wanna come back, roll up a few?"

Seth was stunned - the George was a luxury hotel near the castle, palatial, elegant,grossly expensive... Needless to say he'd never stayed there. "Uh, sure. That's where you're staying?"

"Yeah, it's real nice. Will we get a cab?"

"Ah, might be tough getting a taxi at this time of night. It's just 10 minutes walk if you wanna make a move?"

"God, it's so cold out here. How can you stand there just wearing a t-shirt?"

Seth laughed. "We call this summer in Scotland... Come on, it's not far." He took her hand and led her down towards Princes Street, calling Stevie to ask him to take his guitars and collect the money.

"Don't you do any of your own songs?" Michelle asked as they walked.

"Sure, but the guy who owns that place just wants covers to bring in the tourists. We usually play there once a week, just for the cash." He suddenly felt a little foolish, talking about small-fry gigs in front of this rich, beautiful girl. "Hopefully gonna move to London soon, when the band starts taking off. Or maybe the States..."

"Cool, I'd love to hear some of your songs..."

"Well Stevie's got my guitars but you can check out our website if you want... Look, here we are."

They entered the elegant Georgian hotel, Michelle fishing her room key from her purse. For a moment Seth had an irrational fear that he might be turned away, but before he knew it he was in a tastefully opulent suite, throwing his jacket on a chair, for once unsure how to proceed.

"How about I get some drinks and you do the smoke?" she said. She took off her coat, hat and glasses, leaving Seth to savour the sight of her slim figure as she went into the next room. She reappeared a few moments later with cocktails, padding in on bare feet, wearing just skinny faded jeans and a little pale pink vest top. "Margaritas," she said, handing him one as sealed the joint. "You like?"

"I do," he replied, taking the proferred glass and lighting up. He joined her on the sofa, passing the joint and musing for a moment on the incredible twist the night had taken. "So, what movie are you doing?"

"Oh it's a heist comedy thing - quite funny, they're doing the UK premiere here."

"You were pretty cool in Eurotrip..."

She glanced at him. "You liked that movie?"

"I didn't say that," he smiled.

"Ahh... Well, makes a change from everyone talking about Buffy..."

"Well you were a little too young in Buffy..."

"Right... how about now?" She suddenly pressed against him, kissing him slowly on the lips, running her hand down his chest.

"I don't know what age you are," he murmured, taking the spliff from her and taking a long draw.

Michelle downed her cocktail, gazing at him, those big pale blue eyes glinting. "21," she said. "I thought you were a fan."

"Oh I am... so was that topless shot from Eurotrip real or a fake? You know, when you pull up your top at the side of the road?"

She grinned, accepting another toke. "What d'you think?"

"Hmm, I'm not sure," he said with exaggerated thoughtfulness. "You might have to give me a demonstration..."

Michelle killed the joint, still smiling, then slowly stood up and peeled off her little top, standing before Seth wearing just those tight jeans. He gazed hungrily at her pert little breasts and taut belly as she shook her long dark hair, trying to control himself. "I'd say that shot was fake," he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her onto the sofa. They kissed again before Seth moved down, sucking on her ripe pink nipples, feeling them harden, caressing those succulent firm breasts. "God, I want to fuck you so bad," he muttered as she gave a moan of pleasure. Roughly unbuttoning her jeans, he pulled them off to reveal long slender legs and creamy thighs. He kissed her through little silk panties, feeling her heat and wetness as she gave a little gasp. Michelle soon lost all control as he eased them down and tossed them aside, diving right into her pussy with his tongue, running a finger down from her breasts, over the little strip of dark pubic hair, locating her clit... "Oh God yeah," she murmured as he slipped a finger in, now working her clit with this tongue. It didn't take long: soon Michelle was writhing terribly, arching her back, driving her crotch into Seth's face, almost howling with pleasure...

Finally she lay back, breathing heavily, spent but not yet satisfied. A moment later, Michelle was kissing him again, fumbling frantically with his jeans, her hand snaking inside his shorts onto his cock. "God you're so hard..." she said, gripping his balls. Her manual technique was somewhat lacking, however, and was causing Seth some discomfort. "Hmm, can you suck it for me honey?" he said as she pulled off his jeans and shorts.

Michelle hesitated for a moment, whether through reluctance or inxeperience, Seth wasn't sure. But she brought her lips down to his throbbing cock, tentatively running her tongue up and down the shaft then engorging the head with those full dusky pink lips, shooting a glance up at him. "Is that good?"

"Oh fuck, yeah... this might not take very long..." Seth replied faintly. Michelle became more enthusiastic, switching between slow heavy sucking, then bringing Seth's cock up to her breasts, pushing them together and wanking him off. Finally he could hold on no longer: as she started sucking him off again, hungry now, he shot a great jet of semen into her mouth. Michelle gagged and pulled away but Seth wasn't finished, shooting another load onto her throat and breasts as she finished him off by hand. She giggled, looking down at the mass of jizz on her body and giving him a mock slap on the wrist. "Look what you did, you beast... I think we need a shower."

Both Seth and Michelle were now less than straight; the combination of weed, alcohol and pleasure rendering them both almost incapable. They stood under the shower for some time, caressing one another, letting the hot water wash away the sweat and juice.

Eventually they stumbled into the huge bed, tired and happy. Michelle stretched out, arching her back once again, her little breasts flattening against her body, running a hand through her damp hair. "Why don't you get another smoke going? I don't have to get up until 9."

"Why not?" Seth replied. "It's only 3am, we got all night..."

to be continued...

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