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Michelle Wie & Susann Pettersen


Pursuant to the Berne convention, etc, blah blah blah, both are over 18 and mature ladies, etc.

They were playing the final two rounds of the US Open together. Michelle has had a rough year from putting forth the effort to graduate from Stanford with honors. It was a big accomplishment and she was proud of it. However, her golf game has suffered. She has not had a win and her stroke average is the highest it has been since she was ten; she missed several cuts also. From Hawaii, of Korean descent, 6'1",Age 23 on Oct 11, 2012. When Wie was fourteen in 2004, professional golfer Ernie Els remarked, "Give her another couple years to get stronger, she can play on the PGA Tour."[ "My ultimate goal is to play in the Masters"[, She said.

Susann has always been consistently near the top of the leaderboards but has trouble closing the rounds and tournaments in a winning fashion. She has won several tournaments but could win a lot more. Her main problem seems to be that she gets too hard on herself after a poor shot, like every stroke is a life or death event. She is one of the fittest women in golf, with a strict workout regimen, which keeps her strong through each round and to the end of each tournament. The travel is always a grind for pro golfers, especially those from Europe and Norway, where she is from. Like many pro athletes, she has a home in the Orlando, Fla. area and enjoys her time there between tournaments. A winner of 14 tournaments and one major, she is a force in Ladies Professional Golf at 5'9", 150lbs, 31 yrs old. Ms. Pettersen recently built a $40,000 gym in the basement of her Orlando, Fla., home, to keep her body in peak shape year-round.


There was a wait at the 17th tee. Both players had had a chance for a good tournament but their final two rounds had kept them both off the leaderboard and resigned them to the bottom of page two of the leaderboard. There were just too many poor shots and missed putts from each of them.

"It's been fun playing with you for the final two rounds here. Wish we'd played better though." Michelle said.

"I don't know about you but I'm pissed." Suzann replied. "All we had to do is make a few shots, drop a few putts and we'd be at the top of the leaderboard instead of just off it. I just HAVE to make every shot perfect."

"Well, nobody's perfect. I've made too many bad shots too, but we have to forget it and move on, you know?"

"I can't forget it. I relive every bad shot and try not to make the same mistakes again." Susann said.

"Well, I think you get too stressed out. Just relax and only think about the next shot and you'll have better results. For me, since I injured my wrists it has been hard to find the groove again. And there was the graduating from Stanford thing that cut down on my practicing."

"Stanford. Yeah. That could cut into your golf time for sure. You know, I think you may be getting tired later in the rounds. You seem to make more mistakes then. That's one of the reasons I work out so much, to stay strong throughout the round and the week. You should work out more too."

"I'm not tired. I feel fine." Michelle defended.

"That's not what I mean. I mean that your muscles and brain get tired and maybe you stand up a little too upright, or you don't make the best decision for a shot." Susann replied.

"I don't know. I haven't given that much thought, but I'd be willing to try it sometime."

"Great! Why don't you come over to my home next Monday? I'll show you how to do a good workout. I've got that new gym installed, you know? We can do more that you ever dreamed of, OK?"

"OK, I'll check my schedule but I think I'm free then. Love to try it."

And after another bad tee shot, she said, "Oh well. I'll see you at the green."

The following Monday, Michelle showed up at Susann's front door and rang the doorbell, which played a pleasant tune instead of that annoying ding-dong sound. Relaxing.

"Hello, come in!" Susann invited upon opening the door, standing there in only a long white robe robe, extending an arm in welcoming her new friend into her home. "Want some tea? It's really good herbal stuff. Really good for you."

"Sure, sounds good"

They sat in the kitchen while Susann heated the water and brewed tea for the two of them. Her long blond hair was loose and falling all around her face as she went about the task of making the tea. They chatted idly while drinking it.

"I love your hair, Susann. It's so pretty in its natural form, not tied in a ponytail like we have to do on the course."

"Thank you. I like having it free and blowing in the breeze. It's nice being a blond. Hey, I like your new hairstyle too. I see you had it streaked. It looks good on you."

"Thanks. You know, since I graduated, I've been bored, so I got my hair done. It's better than all dark."

"Well, I have something that will take up some time and is exhilarating: working out. Are you ready to go, girl?" Susann asked her.

"Sure, let's go."

They entered the gym and Susann gave a brief description of what each machine was for and how to use it. There was a whole wall of pulleys and free weights too.

"Wow. This is amazing. You've got so much stuff here. I want to try it." Michelle said in anticipation.

"Now, don't go too far your first time. Use half the weight that you think you could use, and try more different things. Then wait until tomorrow to see how many new muscles are hurting." Susann laughed knowingly.

Standing to face Michelle, she said, "One more thing. I don't wear anything when I work out. Clothes are so restrictive. Besides, we've seen each other in the locker rooms, so this is not so different. And this is my own home. You OK with that?"

Without waiting for a comment or an answer, she loosened the rope holding the robe together at her waist, moved her arms back and let the garment slide off. She hung it on a nearby hook and turned to reveal her completely nude body, except for shoes, ready for a sweaty workout. Michelle's wide eyes took in all of Susann's lovely, strong body, from her pleasant smile down to her firm breasts, lower to her neatly trimmed landing strip disappearing into the "V" of her legs, proving she was a natural blonde, down her shapely legs to her feet, which were wearing shoes, her only bit of clothing.

"Your turn." She teased, not expecting Michelle to take off all her clothes in someone else's home to workout.

"Wow. Really? You work out nude?"

"Really. Clothes rub too much. And you can see your muscles in the mirrors and know exactly which ones you are using when you do certain machines or exercises. You know, that workout outfit you're wearing looks like you just bought it at Macy's on the way down here. Don't get me wrong. It looks really cute on you, but not very practical to work out in. Besides, it is a house rule that everyone who works out here has to be comfortable."

"Wow. You look great. Umm, I don't know. Maybe if I could leave my underwear on this time, would that be OK?" She asked, not knowing what was expected of her by the more mature host.

"OK, for your first time, you can try keeping your underwear on. You ARE wearing underwear, aren't you?" Susann teased her new friend. "That's good. Whatever you're comfortable with is OK with me."

Susann watched as Michelle removed the snug workout pants and top that she thought she would use today, hung them with Susann's robe, and turned to face her, those long legs tightly together and one arm over her breasts. She stood there so tall in only her cute little plain white bra and matching brief boy-shorts covering her private parts, her thin, smooth legs extending a long way to her shoe covered feet.

On her, plain was not boring. Her plain was better than most people's best stuff, as she had plenty of money to get only the best. Her pretty breasts, long legs, and tight bunns were noticed by Susann who gave Michelle a big smile of approval. They stood looking at each other for a few moments until Michelle laughed out loud.

"What? Are you laughing at me?" Susann asked.

"No. I just noticed how we have the same golfer's tans. We look funny like this with white skin all over and tanned arms, neck, and legs."

"Well, you look really good. I'm glad you decided to take off your clothes. I mean, don't you feel freer now, ready to work out? I do."

"I'm ready. Let's do it."

"First, always stretch before and after. Here's the way I do it. You might need to do it different but get everything loose before you tighten it up again to keep the knots out. OK, do this."

They loosened up and Susann showed Michelle many different machines and other devices. She could tell that Michelle's bra was bothering her on some machines.

"Hey, Susann, I heard you were doing a photo shoot for some big sports network. How did that work out?"

"Oh, that was a lot of fun. They were all nude shots, you know."

"Really? Didn't that bother you, being nude in front of all those people with no clothes on?"

"No. I thought it might, but as soon as I took them off, it felt natural. Besides, they were all professional and worked hard to get good shots of me. And I think they did a great job. I'm proud of the way they made me look and I'm happy to show off all the work I've done on this body." Susann smiled, holding her arms out in a showoff pose. "You'll have to check out the pictures"

"Yeah, I will. You certainly do look good." Michelle replied, admiring Susann's sexy, strong physique, pretty smile, and flowing blonde hair. A quick pang of awareness hit her that she just thought of Susann as sexy.

They continued their workout, moving from machine to machine, getting a good workout and even working up a sweat. No, a glow; women don't sweat.

"So, how are the boys up at Stanford, Michelle?"

"They're just boys, ya know? I mean, they're all after the same thing. After studying hard to get those grades and their little jobs in corporate America, most only want to get in their date's panties."

"I know what you mean. Guys are like that everywhere, but some of them can be pretty exciting, you know?"

"What do you mean?"

"You're not a virgin are you? I mean, you can get something from them too, you know! They have certain assets that can be fun to play with."

"No, I slept with a couple of guys there but it wasn't as exciting as I expected it to be. What assets do you mean?"

"I mean, did any of them have big strong bodies and a big cock?"

"Susann! That's dirty talk. I don't know. They just put it in, came, and left me with a sore vagina."

Just then, the doorbell rang, startling Michelle, causing her to jump in surprise.

"That's Steve, my caddie. He's just dropping off some clubs that I had re-gripped. Hey, speaking of big cocks, play along with me and I'll show you something you've never seen, OK?"

"OK?" Michelle replied with a puzzled look, not knowing what she may be agreeing to be a part of.

Susann ran over to open the door and let Steve in, still not wearing any clothes.

"I see you're working out." Steve stated, admiring her glistening naked body.

"Come on in. I've got a friend here working out for the first time. Come meet her and work out with us a while." Susann told him as she put the clubs down and led him into the workout room.

"Steve, you know Michelle. Shake hands and let's get back to work."

"Hi, Steve." Michelle said with one hand extended to shake his hand while her other covered up her partially exposed breasts over the bra. Although Susann had forgotten that she was in her underwear, SHE had not forgotten that she was standing in front of a virtual stranger, a MAN, almost naked.

"Oh, Michelle, I didn't even think about how you were dressed, or not. Don't worry. Steve's worked out here before so it's ok. Right, Steve?"

"Hi, Michelle. Very nice to see you." He smiled with approval.

"OK, you know the rules. Take it all off."

"What? But Michelle's here and she didn't take all her clothes off."

"This is her first time and I allowed her to maintain her modesty until she learns why it is so much better to work out nude. Now, take it off and join us." Susann commanded.

The girls went to the last machines they were on and continued while Steve removed all his clothes and hung them up. Michelle had to peek at his body and equipment. He was as tall as her, with toned muscularity and, a penis. Well, every guy has a penis, but his was easy to see, even from a distance. It wasn't hard, but if this was soft, well... and her thoughts returned to the reality of the situation. She felt his eyes checking her out when he thought she wasn't looking as they both worked on their own machines. Susann noticed the two checking each other out and smiled as she formed a plan.

She whispered to Michelle, "Now don't freak out. You don't have to do anything if you don't want to, but watch this."

Susann moved next to where Steve was, continuing to do that machine while she thought of the right words to say. Steve had seen her before, but not Michelle, and she could tell that the sight of Michelle's lovely tall form was having an effect on him. She leaned close to speak in hushed tones that Michelle could not hear from across the room.

"She's sexy, isn't she?"

"Yes, so innocent looking in her white undies."

"She's checking you out too. I don't think she's ever seen a real man's cock, like yours."

His penis twitched at the sexy talk and the thought that this younger woman might be interested in his "equipment". Susann noticed. She wanted to interest him beyond any reservations he might have.

"Look at that soft, lean body. Wouldn't you like to touch it?"

His cock twitched up in a definite growth spurt. She had him now.

"Look at that cute little mouth and pouty lips. Wouldn't you love kissing them? Do you wonder what her nipples look like? What her pussy smells like? I do too. I haven't seen them either."

He grew an inch or more at the last comments. Michelle even noticed too, with a sideward glance across the room. 'What was Susann doing?' She thought.

"Imagine her hand on your cock, lowering her mouth to kiss your hard cock with those little lips, and trying to take that cock into her mouth, sucking you to climax. Would you like that?" Susann teased even more, seeing that her plan was working. His penis hand grown into a cock, long and firm, standing up at attention. She stood next to him, rubbing his hips with one hand, seeing that cock throb even more. Her other hand reached to touch and caress his cock, giving it a couple of strokes before lowering her hand to feel and weigh his tightening balls.

Michelle saw but couldn't believe what she was seeing. Was this really happening? She had never seen anything like this before in her short life, and not even in college. There had never been any time for her to get to know about college parties and things like this since all her time was spent studying or playing golf. 'Did people really do things like this?' But she felt a tingle through her body that she recognized as sexual desire.

Susann whispered into Steve's ear, "She staring at you now. See that? You want her to suck you? Here, I'll get it ready for her."

She stroked his penis up and down, squeezing his rear at the same time; until she was sure he needed more.

"Want that pretty mouth on your cock now? Can you imagine how it would feel? Would it be like this?"

And she lowered her body down to kneel in front of him, leaning in with her face so that his balls were at her chin and his cock extended across her face, nose, and forehead and beyond. She licked along the bottom of it from his balls all the way to the purple head to taste the first precum on its' one eye. He was fully hard and erect by now, looking down at her in awe, then glancing at Michelle who was rubbing an arm across her own breasts subconsciously and pressing both arms together to make her breasts stick out, trying to answer the feelings that her brain was receiving from them.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Steve asked Susann.

"She's never seen a real cock. And she might even have a virgin mouth. I don't think she's ever even done this." Susann replied, lowering her mouth over the big head of his cock, taking a mouthful of it while stroking the rest of it with her hand.

Steve was well beyond being able to stop anything now, not that he was trying. He had enjoyed her mouth before, and more, but this was way beyond his employment contract. Besides, she was good at it, and today she had gotten him excited beyond the normal with the talk of the lovely Michelle, who was standing and watching them both now, forgetting about her machine or the workout.

Susann bobbed her head over his dick, rubbing and feeling his butt, balls, and legs. She turned an eye up to check on Michelle, hoping she hadn't ran away. She hadn't, and had even moved a step closer and now had one of her hands on her clit through the tight panties and the other rubbing her nipples which were showing firmly through the bra now. Steve noticed too, and was concentrating his vision on the sexy young lady and her lovely body. Susann made a "come here" motion to Michelle with her hand to summon her closer. Michelle hesitated, but like a moth drawn to the hot, bright light, she had to take a step. Before she knew it, she was next to the couple, eyes locked on his big cock being sucked by her friend. It was so much bigger up close. Susann summoned her again with a single curved finger inviting her to come on down and join her.

Before she could move, Steve put one strong arm around her and pulled her body up against his. He leaned his head in to kiss her on those cute little lips. She jumped, then kissed him back, enjoying the electric touch of his manly lips on hers. She slid down his body to join her kneeling friend with her face right next to Susann's and his disappearing cock. She could sense the heat and smell the sweet sweat from their workout mingling together. If THIS was a cock, then no, she had never seen or felt one before. Yes, she had sucked those college guys to get them hard, but none of them were like this.

Susann removed her mouth from the throbbing cock to invite Michelle to join in.

"Come on. Touch it. Lick it. It won't bite. Spit, maybe." She giggled at her joke.

Michelle cautiously reached out a hand and ran her fingertips along the length of his member, sizing it up and down, liking the feel of it twitching under her touch. She felt his tight ball sack. With a resigned determination, she pressed her pouted lips against the side of it, giving him a wet kiss there. It tasted a little salty, but not bad. She kissed it more, then more, up and down, and up to the head, tasting his precum with her tongue on his purple headed opening.

"Are we doing that?"

"Yes, YOU'RE doing that. Like it?"

"Yes, it feels good. What do I do now? Show me."

"Put your hand around it, like this." And she showed her how to hold and stroke it. "Feel free to kiss it any time too."

Susann lowered her head back over the top half of his cock, feeling Michelle's hand stroking the lower part of it. Michelle got her head closer to lick and kiss his balls while she stroked his cock. She put her hand around to his backside so see what Susann was feeling back there. She felt his hard ass-cheeks tightening and pressing forward with every stroke of her hand and bob of Susann's mouth. She knew about guy's cumming and knew it wouldn't be long before he would. She Moved the cock-stroking hand to his balls and her mouth to his cock-shaft, licking and kissing it as much as she could with Susann's mouth sucking and bobbing up and down on it. The girl's faces touched and their lips brushed against each other. Michelle had to get relief from the itching in her pussy. She rubbed her clit, spreading her legs to get at it more easily. She had masturbated many times before. That was a thing she was familiar with but never with a cock being kissed by her and sucked by her friend at the same time. Opening her mouth, she moved up and down its' length sideways with her tongue licking the seam on the bottom of it. It was throbbing to her touch and she knew something would happen soon.

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