tagLoving WivesMichelle's New Profession Ch. 02

Michelle's New Profession Ch. 02


This is a direct continuation of "Michelle's New Profession, Chapter 1." My thanks to Shygirlwhore for her excellent editing assistance.


Saturday morning I made Michelle a nice breakfast of sourdough corn fritters and sausage as a peace offering. We laughed about the night before, but she said she didn't want to do it again for a while.

After breakfast, we checked to see if she'd gotten any responses from her new website. She'd set up an e-mail address specifically for her escort business. She had four e-mails; three of them she deleted because they were simply gross. The fourth, a man named Lee from the UK was going to be in Seattle Wednesday and Thursday nights of the upcoming week, and wanted some female companionship on one of those evenings. He sounded like an ideal guy for her first client so Michelle e-mailed him back, saying she'd be available either night. It made me horny as hell, realizing she was actually going through with this hair-brained scheme. She was going to go out with a guy she doesn't even know and have sex with him for money!

She'd decided to go by her stripper stage name, "Amber", with her clients, to help protect her privacy. She also said that she lived in Seattle. When she got a confirmation back from the guy for Wednesday evening, she was more excited than I'd seen her in a long time. She made a reservation at the Sheraton Hotel, the same hotel she'd stayed in with her first lover, Mike, an eternity ago. Then she took me with her to shop for some new clothes for that night. She knew how much I'd enjoy helping her pick out something sexy for her first time. She found a silky, cream colored blouse and a short, denim skirt as she thought it was sexy to take them off separately. My wife definitely knows how to undress to drive a man out of his mind with desire!

We went to Victoria's Secret for new lingerie, and found a silky pair of loose fitting boy-short panties that he could slip a finger under easily if he was so inclined to at dinner. She didn't plan to wear a bra, so didn't worry about buying one. Helping her buy sexy clothes for her first paying date had made me horny as hell and I couldn't wait for that night. Unfortunately, when we got home, my lovely wife told me that she didn't want to have sex again until her date so she'd be very nice and horny that night. That was what I'd planned Friday night before my plan went awry.

The next few days and nights were long for me. I was constantly on edge, my cock hard and wanting to make love with my wife. I knew she was horny too, but still wouldn't let me make love with her. Tuesday, she spent her day making herself even more gorgeous. She had a manicure and pedicure, and a massage. That night her skin felt especially soft to me when I caressed her. She was groaning, sounding more miserable than I felt when I nibbled on her nipples. I sure as hell hoped it wasn't going to be this way before all of her dates!

Wednesday morning when I left for work, Michelle was naked and filling the tub. I smelled her feminine bath oil and it about drove me out of my mind. I managed to control myself as I didn't have much choice, and kissed her goodbye with a very deep and passionate kiss. She said she'd call and let me know when she got there, then later after her date. I could hardly wait for Thursday night to come when I could finally have her as my wife once again.

Michelle called me about four that afternoon letting me know that she'd checked into the hotel. Lee was supposed to be meeting her up in the lobby at seven. She sounded nervous as hell, since this was the first time she'd ever met a man and taken him to bed on the same night. She said that just thinking about it was making her horny. "I love you sweetheart, have fun with him."

"Oh, I intend to! Love you too. I'll call you later." We disconnected. I knew the next time I talked to my wife, she'd officially be a prostitute.

I went out and bought Chicken McNuggets for dinner, brought them home and sat watching more episodes of The Office. They're always good to take my mind off of what my wife might be doing. In one of the episodes I watched that night, Dwight had purchased the building where the Dunder Mifflin paper company was located and made some "economies" to save himself some money, such as: He'd made a machine to separate the two-ply rolls of toilet paper into two one-ply rolls; disconnecting the air-conditioning; putting all the lights on motion detectors so if there's no motion in the room for over a minute, the lights go out, and so on. Again, there really wasn't a reason to put that in this story except that it shows how easily amused my feeble mind is.

Michelle called at 12:17 Thursday AM, not that I was paying any attention to what time it was. She was very wide awake and excited. From the tone of her voice, her date had obviously gone well, but I still needed to ask, "How'd it go tonight?"

It sounded like she was jumping all over the place, "Oh God, it was good! He made me come so hard, it was like tsunami waves, one right after another. He must have taken a Viagra or something this evening. I have so much of his cum inside me right now. I should have paid him instead of him paying me."

"I take it he's gone now?"

"He just left a couple minutes ago."

I needed at least a little bit of details. "What were you wearing when he left?"

"Absolutely nothing. We kissed goodbye with the door wide open. He felt so good against my body."

"Are you still naked?" I was so damn hard talking to her!

"No, I have on my robe. Nothing else though."

Damn, she was making me hard! "He did pay you?"

"Yes, fifteen-hundred dollars, plus an extra five-hundred." I've talked numerous times during the last two years, about the bridges we've crossed. We'd now crossed another that can never be un-crossed. My wife was now officially a prostitute.

I didn't know if I'd survive until she got home. She only had the hotel reservation for tonight so I knew she'd be home sometime Thursday. "What time are you going to leave and come home?"

She paused a bit making me nervous. "There's a slight problem with that. He's asked me out again tomorrow night. There's a photography exhibit he wants to take me to. It's part of the reason he's in Seattle now. Is that okay with you?"

NO, it wasn't okay! I needed my wife home. "Sure, I guess." I was pretty sure she could hear the disappointment in my voice.

"Actually, that's what the extra five hundred dollars is for, I don't have anything to wear tomorrow night so he gave me that money for a dress." Then she went on, "I'm sorry honey, I'll be home Friday, I promise."

I didn't know what else to say. I was disappointed it'd be another full night and day before she was home. "Bye babe, I love you," I told her.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to go to sleep when you have a raging hard-on and your wife just told you how hard her lover has just made her come? This seemed so different than the other men she'd fucked. This was a complete stranger, someone she'd never even met before, someone who'd actually paid her for sex...paid her a lot, and then asked her to go out with him a second night.

I guess a perpetual hard-on is part of the price I have to pay for being married to a hot woman. I knew I'd survive, then it'd be more than worth it Friday night.

She texted me a picture Thursday evening, it was of her wearing the dress she'd bought for that night. It was black, which I'd never seen her wear before. She looked incredible in it. It was long, nearly to the floor with a slit all the way up to her thigh. She'd made a point in the picture of exposing her leg through the slit. It was also slightly sheer, I could slightly see her black panties and bra through it. She had on black high heels strapped around her ankle with her welded-on anklet just below the strap. She looked sexy as hell! She attached a short note, "Think he'll like it?"

Umm yeah, a dead man would like it, probably get an erection. "He'll love it." I texted back to her.

"Hope so, he's picking me up at seven, dinner, then the exhibit and I hope back here for more fun." It was six-forty-five when she sent me that text, so I knew she'd be going out with him in just a few minutes.

"Have fun," I texted to her. Another night dealing with that hard-on, this time spending all night thinking about what she was doing with Lee, wondering if she'd be spending the whole night fucking him instead of just a couple hours.

I never heard from her the rest of the night or the next day. I am always a nervous wreck when she's gone and I don't hear from her. I think she does it intentionally to torture me. It's difficult when I have to work and put my thoughts of her aside when I'm dealing with customers, looking at building plans and so on. I've never been great at multi-tasking and it's hard to not think about my wife when she's been with a lover for two nights.

Fortunately for my sanity, Michelle's car was in our driveway when I got home that evening. One thing I always love about Michelle being gone a few days is the kiss at our first reunion. She never disappoints...that night, she wrapped her arms around my neck as soon as I walked through the door and when I felt her tongue probing mine, I was instantly hard. She and I both love to kiss!

The first thing I wanted to do was take my gorgeous wife to bed. She had other ideas though, asking me if I wanted to take her out to dinner. She said she wanted to go somewhere nice where she could dress up for me a little. I guess that if I couldn't take her to bed that minute, a nice dress-up meal would be a substitute until bedtime. I agreed and Michelle suggested I put on nice shirt and slacks. I did so, then waited in the living room while Michelle dressed.

She took nearly an hour, keeping the door closed the whole time so I couldn't see her getting ready. When she finally emerged from our bedroom, I was once again in awe of my wife. She was wearing the dress she'd sent me the picture of the night before and it looked so much better on her in real life than the picture had. Every step she took, the slit up the side opened up showing her long, sexy leg. In the picture, I could barely see her black panties and bra, but in real life they clearly showed through. Even the butterfly tattoo on her hip was slightly visible. Her brown hair had gotten quite long over the last couple years, hanging down her back, probably six inches or so below her shoulders and was beautiful. All-in-all, she was glamorous and oh-so-sexy!

"That's what you wore last night for your date?"

"Mmhmm, he seemed to like it. Do you?"

"That, my lovely wife, would be the understatement of the decade! I love it, you're so beautiful." Even though Michelle already knew what I'd just said to be true, she still beamed at my compliment.

"Thank you!" She took a moment to look me over and commented that I looked very nice as well. I knew that next to her, I probably looked like a homeless person.

Since she was the one dressed so nicely, I asked if she had some place special in mind for dinner.

"I do, there's an Italian restaurant in Richland we've never been to, Monterosso's. I've heard how nice it is and thought tonight would be a good time to try it."

I've never been to it, but knew where it was. I escorted my stunning wife to the car and opened the door for her like a gentleman should. Also, like a true gentleman, I averted my eyes as the slit in her dress opened up when she so elegantly climbed in. If you believe I actually diverted my eyes, please send me a private message as I'm sure I could also convince you that I own a big bridge in San Francisco, and I'd be glad to sell it to you relatively cheap.

The restaurant was fantastic. We'd driven past it before, but never thought about eating there. It's an old Pullman railroad car that's been restored and sitting on a short section of railroad track, incredibly elegant, showing how the rich traveled in the old days. It's small and quiet with soft music playing in the background.

The food was fantastic and the waitress was helpful and very pretty. Both the host and the waitress complimented Michelle on her gorgeous dress. It was fun watching the host's eyes as he couldn't take them off my wife. Of course, I sympathized with him as I couldn't take my eyes off of her either. I'd have loved it if Michelle had suggested taking him home with us, the waitress as well, but that was for another time.

While we were eating, I asked Michelle about her dates with Lee, but she put me off saying that she'd tell me later. We took our time, casually eating our dinner, which was wonderful. It was hard for me to sit, slowly eating our dinner when all my mind could think of was, "later", knowing exactly what she'd meant by that.

By the time we finally finished dinner, Michelle wanted to take a drive through Riverfront Park. The moon was partially hidden behind clouds, but the reflection off the river was still beautiful. She asked me to stop in a particularly scenic place and leaned over to kiss me. Michelle's lips were soft and so sexy! Her hand went behind my neck and her tongue probed into my mouth. She'd been driving me crazy all evening and this was nearly more than I was able to take. My hands roamed down her silky dress until I found one of breasts and pinched her nipple over the silk of her dress and bra. We both groaned and Michelle pulled her lips away from mine, saying, "I think you better take us home."

She didn't get an argument from me! We drove home and headed for our bedroom. Michelle suggested that I get undressed and lay down on the bed while she went in the bathroom. I lay down totally naked with my proud little, 7" rock hard cock sticking straight up, anxiously awaiting my wife. This would be the first time we'd made love in over a week.

I expected Michelle to come out wearing one of her sexy nighties, but she was still wearing the same sexy dress she'd worn to dinner. She'd put on some more lipstick, brushed her hair out and I could smell her sweet perfume from across the room. She found some music on the entertainment center and stood at the foot of the bed, doing a sexy dance for me.

Her hands roamed up and down her body, pushing the slit in the dress aside exposing all of her leg, then reached behind her neck, pulling the zipper down her back. I wondered briefly how a woman did that...zipped or un-zipped a dress on her back, but when she started slipping it off her shoulders, all rational thoughts evaporated.

She stood in front of me clad only in her lacy, black bra, panties and heels. Oh my God, she looked sexy as she continued her sensual dance. After driving me practically insane, she crawled onto the bed between my legs, looked me straight in the eyes with her sexy grin and took the very tip of my cock in her mouth, swirling her tongue around it, spreading my pre-cum with her lips. I couldn't help but close my eyes and groan with her lips spreading out over my cock.

I remember grimacing and my hips involuntarily trying to push myself deeper in her mouth, but she managed to keep only the very tip in her mouth. After what felt like an eternity, I finally felt her lips descending lower, until my entire cock was buried in her mouth and throat. Oh God, I was getting so close when she pulled her mouth away from me and started to scoot further up the bed.

When she lifted herself up and spread her knees apart over my cock, I realized her panties were split over her pussy, letting her slip my cock inside her wet, soft warmth without even removing them. She settled down on me with my cock buried deep inside her and gyrated her hips, driving it deeper. I gripped the bedding with my fists, trying to avoid coming the instant I was inside her.

"Lee liked this too. This is exactly what I did with him last night." OH!, she could have said just about anything but that! She started fucking up and down on my cock and I pushed up inside her, unable to hold out any longer. I'd only been inside her a few seconds when my orgasm erupted. She drove herself down hard on me, telling me, "Lee managed to last a little longer." Then she giggled a little before going on, "Of course, he'd fucked me three times the night before too." I know she was intentionally driving me crazy. I kept coming and coming. Toward the end, I finally felt Michelle's body tense and her pussy tighten around me. She closed her eyes and I saw her face grimace in her own orgasm, which drew out my own a little longer. She was still climaxing when my cock started to soften inside her and my senses had started to return so that I could hear and watch her groans. Her fingernails had left scratch marks on my chest that I hadn't even felt. Afterward, we lay, spooned together, her in front. I'd taken off her bra and was gently massaging her nipple with my fingers when she told me, "He's originally from Scotland and has the sexiest accent. I've never heard an accent like his before, except on the TV." Then Michelle started giggling and went on, "A sexy accent and a huge cock, what more could a girl ask for?" I pinched her nipple and was rewarded with a soft groan before we finally dozed off to sleep.

In the morning after we woke up, Michelle showed me the deposit slip she'd made at the bank on her way home, three-thousand, four-hundred, fifty dollars. She said he'd given her two thousand dollars each night and the dress, lingerie and shoes had cost her five-hundred fifty dollars. She also told me that Lee knew lots of men in the Seattle area who he'd recommend her to. It sounded like she was off to a very fun, successful new career. If last night was an example of the after-effects, I was looking forward to it too.

Michelle didn't plan on going to Seattle the upcoming week because of Jacqui's wedding, but checked her e-mails Saturday morning. We'd decided that if they have the words 'fuck', 'cock', or anything comparably crude in the subject line she'd delete them. She had several e-mails from men and one from a woman inquiring about a date with her the following week. We found it amusing that a woman had answered her ad.

I asked her if she'd ever go on a date with a woman? She thought about it a moment before she answered. "I don't know. I guess we'll have to wait and see." The thought of her having a whole sexy evening with some cute woman sounded like a hell of a turn-on to me!

A couple of the e-mails from men looked interesting, but with Jacqui's wedding the following weekend Michelle didn't think she'd have time to go out that week. She e-mailed them all, telling them she wouldn't be available that week because of a wedding.

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Nice chapter. I was hoping for more reporting other than "he had a great accent and a big cock" when she got hone with him. That is kind of the point in teasing and feeding his fetish, no? Regarding themore...

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